Grocery Delivery App Development Solutions

Hire grocery delivery app developers from us and have a different kinds of efficient grocery delivery app development solutions to manage your business. Our provided grocery app solutions will help you to handle everything with ease.

To deliver optimum experience for buyers and sellers

We created 3 different panels with customer centric features

  • Fleet Management
  • User management
  • User verification
  • Driver whereabouts
  • Discount calculation
  • Live location access
  • Wallet Integration
  • Support management
  • Schedule order delivery
  • Order management
  • Warehouse management
  • Inventory management
  • Easy profile creation
  • Profile management
  • Connectivity with warehouse
  • Map integration
  • Payment information
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Total time setting
  • Availability setting
  • Easy registration
  • Live order tracking
  • Live driver tracking on map
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Instructions for packing
  • Various Payment options
  • Apply promo section
  • Refer a friend option
  • Multiple filters
  • Multiple sorting options

Features you will get

All our Grocery delivery apps comes loaded with features, they will ensure maximum ease of ordering, while ensuring maximum manageability.

Multi-Language support

The multi-language support feature in the Instacart clone app we develop for you will include over 60 languages. With this feature, users will face no language barrier while using the app.

Multi-product support

Our product catalogue is designed to be loved by both the admin and the user as it has easy to use interface. Users will feel more connected this way and more people will get attracted to it.

GPS integration

Users can gain insights about the live location of the driver who is bringing them their groceries. Businesses can hire grocery delivery app developers from SemiDot to integrate this feature.

Simple interface

It allows users to order groceries that they have ordered before or if they have them in the list of favourites. We ensure to provide an interface that is easy to access and facilitates users.

Document verification

Both restaurants and drivers go through a document check to sustain transparency. This feature can prevent grocery apps from fraudsters while doing money transactions.

Stock management

Our grocery delivery app development services are integrated with this feature so that users can see every item that’s available in the stock. Users can see the stock edits made by you.

Bug reporting

Users can report any bugs directly using the feedback feature and it will be solved on a priority basis. This feature is integrated to make the app reliable and prevent users from any issues.


Push notifications are a must-have for on-demand grocery delivery apps as users need to be notified about the new offers, & discounts. It also informs them about the status of their order.

In-app calling

We implement this feature into our provided grocery delivery app development services to provide users and riders facility of phone number masking. A lot of privacy issues have been solved by integrating this feature.


Buying habits of your targeted users will go directly into analytics to recommend the products they would like. Further, you can provide them the customized products & services as per their choice and preferences.

Easy CMS

You can manage the warehouses, users, drivers, and various others with utmost ease through an easy CMS. You can hire grocery app developers from us to have efficient services integrated with such CMS.

Payment Integration

Multiple as well as secure payment gateways are essential for any app to ensure a smooth flow, that’s why we integrate into the grocery delivery apps developed by us. Users can use any of them to do the payment.


We make the app optimized to be used on multiple platforms, be it desktops, mobile, or any other platforms or device. Our efficient team of developers provides this feature to facilitate users with compatible apps.

Rating Track Algorithm

The users can rate the items and delivery personnel along with rating the stores to help others. It will help other users to know the product’s quality and, to store owners to improve their products & services.

No internet booking

There is a special ‘call to order’ option, in which users just call the app support and they can place the order. Users can get benefit from this advanced feature when they have no internet or slow internet issue.

Advance ordering

Users can order groceries in advance, and the app will process them when the time arrives. In this, users will not have to remember to order home groceries weekly or monthly and they can order them all together.

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With the help of our developers, we can build a Walmart clone grocery app for less than a sixth of what it would usually costs, thanks to the demographics of our India office.

Innovative Designs

Our grocery app designers create attractive, and engaging apps, customized per the client’s requirements. These apps help to provide businesses with enhanced sales and user engagement.

Effective Communication

Our project manager will be the communicator between our development team and client to pass any information about the project. Clients can discuss with them any requirement they want.

On-Time Delivery

Being a top-notch grocery delivery app development company, we always deliver all the projects on time. We will be updating you every week about the progress to never miss the pre-decided delivery date.


When you hire grocery app developers from us, you will get to know about the creative app services we provide. Your app will be made in such a way that will keep your business’s language intact.

Flexible Hiring Models

To make things simple, there are six different hiring models offered by us. Clients can choose any model as per their requirements and budget. Different kinds of models provide different services to you.


Our NDA contract is simple, just let us know you want one, and you will get one, there would be no questions asked. It will protect all the rights & details related to the project along with the project confidentiality.

Engagement and Hiring Model

We offer various hiring and engagement models, to keep the prices and the development time in check while fulfilling all your requirements.

Engagement and Hiring Model


The onsite model is famous for the peace of mind of the client it provides, you will have it all, just the way you want, in the comfort of your office.


You can outsource your complete project to us, we will get it developed in our India office, to keep the prices much lower than the competition.


Competitive pricing, all while you get the same peace of mind as with the onsite model, this what the Hybrid model has on offer for you.

Fixed Price

In this model, everything will be done as when we make the complete project on our own, testing, service and maintenance, all will be included.

Dedicated Hiring

Dedicated hiring would be a model to choose when you are managing the project on your own want to outsource a few tasks to us.

Hourly Basis

It is the most loved model for the value it offers in case you need maintenance, or have particular components, to be outsourced.

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We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire SemiDot Infotech, you get a reliable partner for all your software development needs.

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Most popular questions by our clients, we decided to make a list for easing things at all ends.

Our grocery delivery app developers integrate various striking features to develop grocery delivery app stand out from the crowd. These features include in-app wallet, scheduling, cart, SOS, safe payment transactions, notifications, and many more.

Of course. Whatever the client needs is our priority. We can provide you different payment gateways that comprise Stripe, Paypal, PayU, PayFort, and others. All these are completely secure.

The prime source of monetization is the sale of the food products, other than this, there are delivery fee charges, membership fees, commission on store price, paid listing, ads sponsorships, and many others.

On-demand grocery delivery app development can be done for Android, iOS, and Windows. For this, we use technologies such as Java, C++, SWIFT, KOTLIN, HTML5, Linux, and others. Some of the emerging technologies are AR, VR, AI, and ML for enhanced user experience.

Being a prominent grocery delivery app development company, we provide ready-made solution like white-label apps that businesses can use for unlimited customization, branding & promotion, to make a position in the supermarket, and to smoothen their business operations.

Grocery delivery software development solutions are beneficial for a wide range of grocery stores that can change into big-level mobile grocery marts, in which users place the order after selecting the items and get the delivery at home. Different panels including admin, user, and store will help to understand and monitor all the processes.

The overall cost of grocery delivery app development would be around $10,000 to $30,000. This cost is just an estimation, not an exact one as it can differ due to your requirements and factors such as app platform, complexity, features, tech stack and team structure, location & experience of the hired company.

Global Recognition

We have worked with some globally recognized brands and created perfectly scaled web and mobile apps for them.

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