A React Native app for your business

Reasons to consider A React Native app for your business

React Native is an emerging technology, known for its capabilities through which developers can create native-looking cross platform apps. It solves much hassle, as the app made through React Native is capable of running on multiple platforms.

React Native has seen widespread adoption across companies. Some of the popular companies like Instagram, Skype, UberEats, have used and experimented with React Native for app development in recent times. The big tech giants need to update their applications every 1-2 weeks, with the efforts cut in about half, using React Native, the possibilities are endless, and that’s probably what drew the attention of everyone to React Native development services. Creating possibilities of regularly releasing updates to apps, is exactly where React Native shines. Apps built with React Native are fast, and secure, all while staying truly cross platform.

The pool of React Native Developers in the world is increasing rapidly, but the good ones are still scarce and hard to find. Our company has finest and highly experienced developers from around the world, you cannot compare them to the crowd you would find, when you go out to hire React Native developer. What makes React native app development complicated, is the fact, that it needs extensive research and experience to create high quality and high-performance native-like Cross platform apps. Only the highly experienced developers can handle it, we suggest you put in extra effort when choosing a React native development company for your project.

Our React Native Development Services

With years of experience of creating both cross platform and Native mobile apps, we ensure to fit your business requirements perfectly, in the apps we create for it.

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Why React Native application development

Why React Native application development?

React Native has paved a way to faster and simpler mobile app development. Using React Native, a development company can cut down the development time by a huge margin, while keeping the project cost considerably low. With React Native, you get apps for both the popular operating systems, with the effort to develop them being cut down significantly.

Huge platform

Millions of users look for apps on the AppStore and Play Store, presence on both is a necessity.

New world necessity

Gone are the days of mobile web, high-performance cross-platform mobile apps have taken over.


If the app is built right, no other mobile web platform can be compared to its RoI and possibilities.

Comprehensive solution

React Native apps make more of an all in one solution when compared to other mobile solutions.

User satisfaction

The reason why people loves apps developed using React Native is the native feel associated with them.


A potential to be used by millions of users on both iOS & Android makes it a highly cost-effective solution.

Our Recent Works

Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.

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Industries We Serve

Our React Native developers’ expertise extends to many popular industries, you can find a few of them below.

What makes SemiDot the right choice for React Native development

Our portfolio would say a lot about that, but apart from that, our client-centric approach has been a favorite amongst our former clients.

Exclusive prototypes

Creating a prototype for both Android and iOS is our way of going the extra mile to make our clients happy.

NDA as per your requirements

We have signed a lot of NDAs in the past and would not have any problems if you require one.

Least turnaround time

We will assure your app is live on both the AppStore and the Play Store in the least possible time.

Exclusive Cross platform apps

We can create a React Native app that fits your business needs, customized just the way you require.

Post-delivery support

We offer 90 days of free maintenance services with every React Native app that we develop.


Version control is a must for any application, it helps your app reach, and stay, at the top of the charts.


Everyone has questions, so we compiled a list of the most asked ones.

Per the feedback of our clients, it’s been our intricate design language and approach towards complex cross-platform solutions, that make us a top React Native development agency. Also, the experience of the developers really matters when we talk about things like a company being a top React Native app development company, so we suggest you look at the portfolio of a company to see if the company is what they claim to be.

We will help you with everything, we have packages which include version control for all applications we make. Apart from basic modifications, we have a special development in phases package, with it, you get the option of rolling out the app in a series of updates, with added or new features in each of the updates.

Cross-platform apps are all about optimization and intricate design, only the top React Native developers have the experience required to make good cross platform apps. Also, our React Native developers have made a lot of Hybrid apps too, in case you are looking to get an app developed for both OSs, on a tight budget.

Yes, we will also help you with choosing the best technology for the app you require, React Native is best for cross platform app development, so if you are looking for things like early market entry, that too on a budget, React Native will be a great option for you. Again, it’s really hard to speculate when the factors to be considered are too many, and we don’t have your exact business details and app requirements. If you want, you can send your requirements in, and we can provide you with a free consultation.

Our expertise and experience are what make us stand out from the rest of the companies out there. We are always keen on improving our ways, through which all the clients’ requirements are kept as a priority, leading them to be as satisfied as ever.

The cost to develop a React Native app varies on a lot of factors, and it is really hard to answer in a bite-sized FAQ. What we can do is, we will guide you with everything once you share your requirements, that way you can have at least a good idea about the cost of the app you are planning, and worry not, the consultation is completely free of cost.

We use the various tools for developing React Native applications, it includes, Expo-cli, React native-cli, web storm, vs code, Xcode, and more. We are keen to stay updated about the latest development languages we work in, this way we can ensure we are doing the absolute best we can in the projects we work upon.

We have been working in React Native since its inception, so we have worked and developed apps for pretty much all business types. You can check them out in our portfolio section for a comprehensive review, some of our clients required an NDA, we respect that and that’s why we cannot list all the apps that we have created using React Native.

We are working in the industry for years as a prominent react native development agency, hence we understand all one size doesn’t fit all. We have different pricing models for different clients’ preferences. They are:

• Fixed price model

• Pay per unit/pay as per use model

• Mixed-mode pricing model

• Time and resources pricing model

Yes, we do. Before providing react native app development services, our team ensures to protect your app idea and project, hence we sign NDA to maintain confidentiality.

Our designated project manager and development team will be in the contact with you continuously. Other than that, we also provide you with credentials of the development server so that you can see the project’s progress anytime.

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