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SemiDot Infotech provides robust and efficient media & entertainment app development services. Our developers create as we deliver mobility solutions aligned with customer needs.

Top Technologies to Leverage Tech Advancements

Being a top media & entertainment software company, we have experts to recognize the exact needs of businesses and create solutions as per that. Our delivered solutions are leveraged with the latest technologies to help businesses in making effective impressions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Our expert developers provide media & entertainment software solutions incorporated with AI used for content creation and its translation. It is also beneficial for improving efficiency and getting the highest revenue. AI-driven solutions empower smart data streaming to provide instant data and assist in a better consumer experience. Enhancement in ad sales via targeted ad insertions is also a part of it, as it impacts everything, right from the customer experience to content creation.


Blockchain Technology

Blockchain integrated media software development services alleviate the need for content aggregation and help in copyrighted resources & royalty distribution. Keeping records of royalties and streamlining royalty payments are easier with it. with these blockchain-based media solutions, owners will be able to fulfill the demand for a personalized content consumption experience by app users. Micro-cent payments can also be made cost-effective in the media & entertainment industry with the help of blockchain solutions.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing integration makes the solutions easier to access from anywhere with consistent growth provision. These solutions have less maintenance & protections costs and are easy to handle the high rush. Cloud computing solutions in the M&E sector offer immense opportunities for containing technology and storage costs to maintain the increased costs in other regions. It provides high flowing performance with less downtime & delays that led to a better user experience.


AR/VR Technologies

Media & entertainment IT solutions incorporated with AR/VR technologies offer real-life experience and interactive gaming fun to users. It also helps in efficient training and decreasing development costs. Talking about entertainment purposes, AR/VR-based solutions have been used in marketing & PR initiatives effectively for TV, motion pictures, and other media channels. These modern solutions address all the requirements of the entertainment business along with boosting interaction with customers for sales/processes/operations and deliver them immense experience.

Features of Our Media & Entertainment App

  • Simple Register & Login
  • Live Streaming
  • Real-Time Content Feeds
  • Multilingual Support
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • IoT Integration
  • Image Filtering
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Audio/Video Streaming
  • Genre-Based Inventory
  • In-Built Message Services
  • Search Bar & Filters
  • Push Notifications
  • Content Upload
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Customization
  • App Subscription
  • GDPR Compliant
  • In-App Purchases
  • Localization
  • Show Reminders
  • Show Recording
  • Credit Management
  • User Management

Get next-level user engagement with our Media & Entertainment software solutions.

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Benefits of Our Media & Entertainment Apps

SemiDot provides media & entertainment app development services incorporated with up-to-date technologies & advanced features to stand out in the competitive market. There are many more benefits provided by media & entertainment solutions.

Better Customer Reach

Our developed media & entertainment apps help businesses to improve their online presence so that they can be searched by a large base of potential audiences. It provides vast market opportunities and doubles customer trust.

Online Revenue & Sales

Enable your business to deploy services on the web with our well-developed and full of modern features app, website, or software solutions. We apply advanced UI/UX standards to our offered solutions to help users in exploring products.

Leveraging Social Sites

SemiDot has a skilled team that helps clients to promote their services on the web via social media channels. For this, they follow a standard method to improve the integrity of the media & entertainment business with the help of social media marketing.

Amplified Performance

Business performance in the M&E industry can be improved automatically with the increased user engagement and online sales. Our built solutions have technology innovations and cutting-edge features to boost performance.

Reduced Operational Cost

With the embracement of the latest technologies and streamlining the operations, we help the M&E industry to reduce overall operational costs. Identification of inefficiencies and removing the unused services are also helpful in decrease the cost.

Accessibility & Data Sharing

Our developed Google cloud media & entertainment solutions have cloud integration that makes data access and data sharing easy for media and entertainment organizations. They can give access to their data to any third party without any problem.

Who Can Get Benefit with Our Event App?

We develop media & entertainment industry app development solutions for different industries irrespective of their niche. Our developed solutions provide businesses a competitive advantage to stand among the competitors.

Music Industry
Music Industry
News & Magazines
News & Magazines
Media & Reporting
Media & Reporting Businesses
Amusement Parks
Amusement Parks
Theaters & Multiplexes
Theaters & Multiplexes
Sport Industry
Sport Industry
Filming Industry
Podcast & Radio Channels

Why Choose SemiDot for On-Demand Entertainment App Development?

Being a leading entertainment & media app development company, we provide high-quality services with advanced technology integration and quick response. We have skilled developers who build profitable solutions to maximize the ROI by considering the client’s budget & needs.

Great UI/UX Experience

Our company has an amazing team of knowledgeable and proficient UI/UX designers who provide entertainment mobile app development solutions with responsive and interactive user interfaces to attract a large base of users.

Latest Technology Integration

We offer the best entertainment app development services by applying advanced technologies such as AR, VR, AI, ML, and others, along with the web acceleration technologies comprising HTTP optimization, and its implementation.

Data Privacy & Security

At the time of media & entertainment software development, we ensure to protect client’s valuable data. For this, we follow all the required standards so that we can provide data security and access to selective information.

Inclusive Software Development

Get over all your worries after approaching SemiDot Infotech for media & entertainment industry app development services. We apply end-to-end development processes including research & analysis, designing, development, delivery & deployment.

Compliance & Best Practices

Being a prominent media & entertainment app development company, we comply with all the ethics, apply strict rules and best practices to protect the client’s idea. We also sign an NDA with the client for proper declaration.

Skilled Development Team

We have experienced and certified entertainment app developers & designers at SemiDot InfoTech. Our team members are the most dedicated to their work and adjust their work hours and timing as per the client’s time zone.

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We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire SemiDot Infotech, you get a reliable partner for all your software development needs.

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To take the confusion out of the air, we decided to make a short list of the most popular FAQs by our clients.

Of course! Start-ups need media & entertainment app solutions to establish themselves and better reach the audiences. These solutions will help your business by providing amazing features such as notifications, report & sales tracking, content update, and many more to streamline the process.
Being an entertainment app development company, we have hired a dedicated team of developers who copes up efficiently with clients in a different time zone. We also manage our work hours as per the client’s convenience.
Our media and entertainment mobile app development solutions integrate a lot of benefits for business, right from improved user engagement to maximum ROI. These digital solutions are helping businesses with the right business model and attracting audiences.
It completely depends upon your business requirements and targeted user base that what kind of app is more beneficial for you. Although, all the apps are profitable and if you still have doubts, you can consult with our experienced entertainment app developers to make a decision.
The overall cost of on-demand Media & Entertainment App Development is based upon the app type you want. Along with the app type, there are also other factors such as app complexity, features, locations, and so on that are responsible for affecting the cost. Depending on these, the general cost of media & entertainment solutions will be $20,000 to $100,000.
SemiDot Infotech is a top-notch media & entertainment app Development Company that has dedicated and skilled developers and designers. They have rich experience and lots of knowledge that will help you to have a competitive entertainment & media app. We also help our clients post the development by providing maintenance and support.

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