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Reasons to consider An ICO development Agency

Many people want an Initial Coin Offering for their business, however, they are often confused about how to launch an ICO. To successfully launch an ICO token, one must have a knowledge of blockchain, and also how we can implement his idea over the blockchain. Which must be logical and solve a major purpose as per the Blockchain core concept.

These days, there are a very limited number of ICOs whose actual idea is based on the blockchain concept. There can be multiple rounds of the ICO services to offer more coins or token. Until the ICO’s desired amount is raised. The ICO can increase their coins or tokens if they require more funds and based on these tokens/coins, they can start another round of ICO.

If we talk about how to launch an ICO? Semidot has helped many startups with their ICO Launch services and helped them successfully raise millions. We help in each and every step of ICO development, whitepaper creation, managing bounty programs, and managing & developing the backend. Our ICO company also have developed many new coins/tokens for many of our clients and help them to contribute to the blockchain community. We are a top blockchain development company with blockchain maniacs who wanted to support many startups, which can contribute to the blockchain community.

Our ICO Development Services

Our Blockchain developers are highly skilled in ICO development for various implementations and purposes, surrounding the decentralized space. No matter the scale of your ICO, we will prepare it in the least possible time, and the least possible cost.

  • Tamperproof
    Token Sale
  • Anonymous
    Airdrops & Bounty Programs
  • executive
    100% Execution Rate
    Features of
    an ICO
  • settlement time
    Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  • highly customize
    Minimum Paperwork
  • Unbiased
    Minimizes Failure Risks

Our Recent Works

Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.

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Let’s take this growing relationship to the next level.

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Industries We Serve

Our ICO developers’ expertise extends to many popular industries, find below, a few popular ones.

What makes SemiDot the right choice for ICO development

ICOs can easily be called as the next big thing for crowdfunding. It requires true expertise to develop an ICO, and only a top Blockchain development company can achieve quality ICO development and launch.

Exclusive Tokens

We excel at creating new tokens for your business and integrating them with your business needs.

NDA as per your requirements

ICOs particularly have special NDA requirements, and we will fully take care of them on our end.

Least turnaround time

We will have your ICO sale ready in the least possible time, as we know exactly how important timing is.

Exclusive Blockchain

We can create and exclusive decentralized system for your token and ICO, to unleash its maximum potential.

Post-delivery support

Every bug or error comes under the free support provided by us, from delivery to 3months after.

Multi-currency support

The token we create would support multiple exchanges and cryptocurrency conversions.


Decentralized systems are new, and so are ICOs, here are the most popular enquires by our clients.

Our top blockchain developers have been working in the technology for over 10 years now, that’s why you should choose us for your ICO development services, our expertise, and knowledge of the industry, is far beyond our competitors' wildest dreams. We have successfully implemented different tokens with different functionalities for clients’ ICOs, we will take care of everything that’s associated with your ICO.

ICO i.e. Initial Coin Offering is a new sensation, but it quickly becomes popular in the Blockchain community. Through our ICO development agency, you can launch coins for the exchange of Bitcoin or Ethereum and raise funding for your company. To fund crypto startups, ICO cryptocurrency came into the picture. So, if after the proper and successful launching of ICO company, the value of tokens and coins is increased and can be easily sold and start trading on the cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Our developers are deeply experienced in ICO crowd sales so Hire ICO developers from us today.

It particularly depends on the kind of ICO yours’ is, and its requirements. We come in to create the actual token for you, inform you about the crypto community best practices, make a marketable website, and whatever else you expect on the development part. We will also help you with everything surrounding the ICO development, ranging from strategy to perfect timing to airdrops and bounties.

Our ICO team will always be a call away, according to your schedule of the crowd sale, we will make sure our developers are free to take your queries and problems on a priority basis. We will fix the issues if any, and make sure the crowd sale isn’t affected in any way. We know how high priority a crypto sale is, and we will make every effort to make it work flawlessly.

We create the best token possible and make sure the website we develop for you is as marketable as people love. We assist you during the sale by keeping our developers checking the sale status and any bugs that you may encounter during the sale. A prototype would be ready for you to use much before the actual sale, so you get to make it just as per your liking and business requirements.

ICO developers are tough to find, and even if you do, they too need the support of a good Blockchain development company to get things moving. A lot of factors come to play when making a token sale successful, we suggest you only go with the ones who are previously experienced in this. You will also need to look up your country’s policy before announcing a sale, so to make sure that you are not going against the crypto regulations of your country. The cost will vary a lot on who knows about all these factors and who doesn’t, we suggest you choose only the best even if it cost a tad bit more.

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