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SemiDot Infotech houses some of the best video streaming app developers that have expertise in live video streaming app development for both iOS and Android platforms.

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Our Video On Demand App Development Solutions

We not only aim to create intuitive video streaming app design that is loved by users but also focus on creating high-performing live streaming app development solutions that not only offers impeccable user experience but also can drive revenue.

To enhance the user experience

We created 2 different panels with customer centric features

  • Upload a single video 
  • Upload multiple video
  • Prewatch video
  • Add Videos and albums
  • Delete Videos and albums
  • Edit Videos and albums
  • User Management
  • Create Ads
  • Manage Memberships
  • Push Notifications
  • Unlimited video streaming
  • Create video playlist
  • Download videos
  • Like and share videos
  • In-app purchase 
  • Search videos
  • Search by artist name 
  • Play videos in the background
  • Create users' profile
  • Multiple filters
  • Push Notifications

Online Video Streaming App Development Features

All our live video streaming app solutions are full of outstanding features that ensure maximum engagement and user retention.

Intuitive Design

Intuitive Design

For both android video streaming app development and iOS streaming app development, we create highly intuitive designs.

Social Media Integration

Various Categories

We have thousands of categories included in our video streaming app for users to find their favorite videos and enjoy watching.

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

An advanced settings menu that facilitates users to change and set the app settings according to the preferences they like.

Easy Registration

Push Notifications

In-app notification to inform users about the new shows, videos, and even the latest deals and discounts on their subscription.

Download Videos

Download Videos

For users to download their favorite videos and watch them later anytime they like is a great feature to have in your app.

Deals and Discounts

Deals and Discounts

If you are planning for media streaming software development giving users deals and discounts is a must-have option.



Allowing users to create their own profile and secure their login credentials with a one-time password can ensure security.

Prime Memberships

Prime Memberships

You can also offer two types of memberships: basic and prime and give different services to them, prime having some additional benefits.

Cloud Computing Integration

Cloud Computing Integration

To make your app run better and faster, you need to solve the issue of data storage and what better than cloud computing solutions.

Template Customization

Template Customization

Users love customizing their app based on their preference allowing them to do so is a great feature to offer in your video streaming app.

Child Lock

Child Lock

This is a must-have feature these days as there is a lot of content that is available online, which users do not want their children to watch.

Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters

Allowing users to search their favorite shows and videos by the name of the artist, category, or even music is a great feature to offer.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a great feature as it makes video streaming much easier, especially for online learning or any video related to tutorials.

Comments Section

Comments Section

Our Video streaming app development solutions have a comment section for users to express their views on the video they watched.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Integrating AI in your live video streaming app development allows your app to suggest users' videos based on their history and mood.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Users love sharing their favorite videos and songs with their friends, and this feature lets users share them via social media channels.

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Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.

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Why Choose Us for Live Streaming App Solution?

We house some of the best developers having expertise in both iOS streaming app development and Android streaming app development and can create the apps the way you want.

Video Streaming App like YouTube

We have expertise in creating an app like YouTube so that users can not only view videos but can also upload them.

Video Streaming App like Vimeo

We have developers who have experience in creating apps like Vimeo for users to enjoy high-quality video streaming.

Video Streaming App like Netflix

Apps like Netflix are a huge hit these days and we have a perfect video streaming app development team to create such apps.

E-commerce Live Streaming Development

Looking for the functionality of live video streaming integration into your e-commerce apps, we have a skilled team for this.

Live Video Streaming Apps like Amazon

Amazon Prime has everything that users want to see these days and we can help you in creating an app like Amazon Prime.

TV Streaming Apps

Users like watching their favorite shows on these video streaming apps and we create feature-rich, high revenue apps like these.

VOD App Development

There is a huge demand for on-demand video streaming apps these days and we have a dedicated development team for this.

Video Streaming Apps like Apple TV

Our developers can also help you in developing video streaming apps like Apple TV for users to watch high-quality videos.

Video Streaming Apps like Hotstar

We have expertise in creating apps like Hotstar that not only allow users to watch their favorite videos but download them too.


To let you enjoy the benefits of live streaming app development, SemiDot offers various engagement and hiring models.

Engagement and Hiring Model

Onsite Hiring

This model lets you get everything done right from the customization or even getting your app developed, right in front of you.

Offsite Hiring

Do not want to take the burden of getting everything developed at your office, using this model you can outsource the developers.

Hybrid Hiring

Enjoy the benefits of both the onsite and offsite business model and get the video streaming app developed the way you want it.

Fixed Price

Running short of time? This model will allow you to get your live video streaming app developed in a fixed budget and time.

Dedicated Hiring

Hire dedicated video streaming app developers who will be specifically working on your project to ensure speedy development.

Hourly Basis

One of the most preferred models, you can hire live streaming app developers and pay only for the number of hours they work.

Discuss Your Project with Our Specialists

We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire SemiDot Infotech, you get a reliable partner for all your software development needs.

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Most popular questions by our clients, we decided to make a list for easing things at all ends.

The cost evaluation of a video-on-demand app development solution depends upon a lot of different factors and according to them, it can be estimated that the overall cost will be around $15,000 to $50,000. However, it can differ as per the app complexity, location, features, and so on.

Yes, you can integrate live streams into mobile apps by having some of the essential things including selecting an appropriate programming language, having a CDN, choosing the best hosting service, and media processing software.

If you don’t want to hire video streaming app developers, then here are the steps to follow to develop a live video streaming app- go for an online video host, download SDK for Android and iOS both if you want both apps, load the SDK to the mobile development software, and just begin the app development by including essential features.

Yes, there are different APIs such as Node.js for adjusting server logic, DaCast’s APIs and SDKs are for feature integration in ready-made streaming into the app, and Wowza for optimizing video bitrates. Twilio helps premade entities to provide a live chat option along with users and messages that are also used by developers in our video streaming app development company. 

The majority of the people online and prime US TV channels love to upload videos as they are earning more and more with the subscription, paid apps, and other live consultations. These video streaming apps have become their main source of income.

These live video streaming app Development solutions act as a medium between streamers and audiences. It is popular because users can ask their queries and get quick feedback too. Streamers also get a large base of audiences easily with high-quality videos and users get a chance to enjoy their favorite content.

Global Recognition

We have worked with some globally recognized brands and created perfectly scaled web and mobile apps for them.

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