Progressive Web App development for your business

Reasons to consider Progressive Web App development for your business

PWAs are one of the greatest additions to web and mobile web development space, they have already taken over a huge chunk of market dependability in fairly less time. Progressive web apps are really good at passing the hassles of longer wait times of downloading, and installing a native application, while being small in size, ensuring minimum download size and install time.

As a top progressive web app development company, we ensure that the clients’ demands are completely fulfilled in the PWA solution we create for them. It’s hard to make a list of businesses that can benefit from using PWAs, but in our experience, almost all businesses can benefit on some scale, if they adopt the technology. It has been a hit in both the desktop web department as well as the mobile web department.

We know the size capacity of the phones and desktops are increasing, but no one really wants to spend their time in downloading and installing large apps. We can create a perfect solution, befitting your business requirements, ensuring all your users love to keep coming back to using your web app. Even though PWAs can’t fully replace a mobile app, they can prove to be one of the best early market entry strategies.

Our Progressive Web App Development Services

Our PWA solutions will include everything you expect out of a quality progressive web app, it will fill all requirements set by Google, and would be very cost-effective for your business, all while fulfilling all your business requirements.

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Need for PWA Development?

Web apps have been taken much further with progressive web app development, things which weren’t possible before, are now achievable, thanks to quality progressive web app development services.

Easier installation

PWAs are installable from the browser itself, just tap the “+”icon in the URL bar and it will be ready to use.

Offline availability

We create optimal PWAs, available to be used offline, while ensuring the quality of code is top-notch.

One app for all

PWAs are capable of running on multiple platforms, thanks to its cross platform capabilities.

Reduced cost

One app for all platforms can reduce the cost to develop, while reducing development time.

New possibilities

Being free from the limitations of app stores, the PWA we create for you will be adopted widely by more people.

Future proof

Updating the PWAs is easier than versioning or making changes to a website, making it future proof.

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Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.

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Industries We Serve

We have created PWAs for various business types, a few of the industries are listed below.

What makes semidot the right choice for progressive web development

Our developers are the ones most responsible for it, apart from that it’s the wide range of quality services that we offer.

Technical Knowledge

Our development teams are well versed in all technologies of web and mobile app development.

Competitive Pricing

We keep our prices low so that more businesses can partake in the technological revolution.

Custom Solutions

Custom PWA development is one of our most demanded solutions, thanks our PWA experts.

User-centric Apps

It is essential for a PWA to be user-centric, our developers and designers both know it very well.


NDAs aren't a problem on our end, we will provide you a hassle-free NDA contract if you require one.

Free Post-delivery maintenance

Our post-delivery maintenance extends to three months after project delivery.


We offer progressive app development solutions ranging from building robust web apps for different businesses, here are the most asked queries about PWAs.

Native apps are the ones that are built specifically for a particular operating system. PWAs are called progressive web apps, they can be used and installed on any device capable of running web browsers, they neither need a lot of space nor a stable internet connection, to work. These were the fundamental differences between the two, but there are a lot more differences when it comes to practical usage.

Making a PWA would cost slightly more than creating a generic web app, the main factor which affects it is the need to hire developers and designers who excel in creating PWAs. But, since the price difference isn’t so steep when compared to web apps, we suggest PWAs over both Native and web apps, for most businesses, looking forward to great performance on a budget.

Yes, the website to PWA migration is very popular and time-saving. We can take your complete website, redesign components and design elements, and then proceed to migrate your website to create a brand new PWA. The PWA we will create which we will create will be much faster, engaging, and smaller in size, to ensure all-around consistency and usability.

The cost to hire a PWA developer would be almost the same as hiring web app developers, especially in a grand scheme of things. The cost varies on the experience of the developers, only a few companies like ours, have a mix of experts and executives to give you an average cost for making the product. Expect to pay a tad bit higher than web development, as many components of PWAs requires expertise, to still keep the meaning of the name PWA.

When considering a PWA development company one of the best in PWA development, many things are to be calculated. What makes us one of the tops, is in fact, the enormous support that our team of developers and designers provides. We essentially have some of the best of the best PWA developers, they will ensure every project is built to perfection.

There is absolutely no limit to however you want your PWA to be scaled, although the servers, and the databases, need to upgrade accordingly. We have built PWAs that are used by millions of users every month, and yet doesn’t break a sweat, in the end, it all comes down to the quality of code the PWA is built with.

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