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Increase in the cryptocurrencies market cap has also increased their demand tenfold, people are always looking for the best places to purchase these cryptocurrencies. This has provided a strong base for the various Cryptocurrency exchange development to rise.

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Cryptocurrency exchanges are the online platforms which provide the users an interface to exchange or purchase cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies or with fiat currency. These exchanges can either work as stock exchanges providing cryptocurrency in exchange for fiat money or as currency exchanges providing the users with options to exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Exchanges charge a small fee for all the transactions. Before develop crypto exchange or providing any kind of exchange or purchase, every exchange requires users to register either via their phone number or email address or via both and some even require a KYC if you are dealing with large numbers. These are the things you should know before using Cryptocurrency Exchange Development.

Types of cryptocurrency exchanges

Regular Cryptocurrency Exchanges

These are the exchanges which act as the traditional exchanges where the users trade (buy & sell) cryptocurrencies as per the current prices of the cryptocurrencies & exchanges working as the middleman facilitating the platform for the exchange.

Direct Trading Exchanges

These types of exchanges provide user to user trading between buyers and sellers. These exchanges do not work over the market prices. Usually, the prices of the cryptocurrencies are set by the sellers themselves.

Cryptocurrency Brokers

These types of exchanges are the website-based cryptocurrency exchanges allowing the customers/users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the prices set by the broker which include the market price as well as a small premium implemented over it.

Apart from these types of exchanges, we also have cryptocurrency funds and bitcoin booths (bitcoin booths are limited to the bitcoin currency only) in order to buy cryptocurrencies.We, at SemiDot Infotech, believe in providing a quality product with customer satisfaction. That proves to be the driving force and we have successfully delivered various types of exchanges to our clients and implemented them over live server which is working successfully as desired.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Toolkit

Below is our current toolkit for Cryptocurrency Exchanges which materializes your ideas into a reality.
Besides these, Project managers and QA are involved throughout the span of the project.