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Chatbots are artificial systems meant to make interactive conversations with the users. Chatbots help the user to get the information they are seeking when a real person is not present at that moment. Most chatbots work upon simple commands, but if you are looking for a custom solution, you have the option to add complex features in it.

SemiDot is one of the leading chatbot development companies in the USA, and globally. Here we offer highly advanced chatbot development services, that can be used in multiple industries like e-commerce, customer support, food, etc. We make use of technologies like NLP, AI, and ML, to develop highly advance and smart chatbot solutions for your business. Every business is now moving towards chatbot solutions to extend its support to the users. Our bot development services focus on solving queries of your users in personalized ways.

Our chatbot solutions are capable of doing for all tasks one can imagine, even for the most advanced and demanding users. We have a team of highly experienced chatbot developers, who have worked on multiple projects and helped our clients in successfully integrating these solutions into their businesses. Whether you are looking to build smart bots, IVR bots, or online chatbots, our developers will make sure to offer the best services to make your business reach new heights. Chatbots are changing the way how businesses interact with their customers. Chatbots are old technology, but mastering it is still work in progress, and that's for the fact that chatbots are the technology of the future.

Our Chatbot Development Services

As a leading Chatbot development company, we offer multiple bot development services that can be implemented across various industries

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Need for Chatbot Development Services

Need for Chatbot Development Services?

Using chatbot solutions simplifies your business operations and offers an engaging user experience. They will not only make your customer service an easy task but will also, help in providing it even in the absence of a real human. Chatbot development services are gaining popularity in multiple industrial sectors due to their endless benefits.

Make customer service easy

Integrating chatbot solutions into your business will make customer service an easy task.

Create Branding

Since chatbots work 24 x7 they can offer unlimited solutions to users at any given point of time.


Chatbot’s simple user interface makes it easy to use for the users thus increasing engagement.

Reduced cost

Chatbot development services cost much less as compared to hiring an actual human.

Mobile marketing

Having chatbot solutions for your business is a great mobile marketing strategy to gain more users.

Offer control

As chatbots work on a pre-programmed set of questions, it offers optimal transparency and control.

Our Recent Works

Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.

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Industries We Serve

We have extended our chatbot development solutions to multiple businesses, a few of them are listed below:


The reason we were chosen as one of the best chatbot developers by our clients, is because we prioritize their requirements.

Technical Knowledge

Our chatbot development services focus on creating advanced solutions using the latest technological trends.

Competitive Pricing

We develop highly smart and intelligent chatbot solutions, that too, at the most competitive prices in the market.

Custom Solutions

Our bot developers are skilled in developing custom chatbot solutions based on your business requirements

User-centric Apps

We create user-centric chatbot solutions and make sure that they deliver the most engaging user experience.


At SemiDot, the client's requirement is our priority. If you want to sign an NDA, we do not have any problems with it.

Post-delivery Support

To ensure that our clients face no issues, we offer three months of free support and maintenance services.


For custom chatbot solutions, immense research is done by our top chatbot developers.

Whether you should go for pre-built chatbot development services or should select custom chatbot development services depends entirely on your business niche, when you submit your requirements, we can guide on the same, its free of cost. Mostly the businesses where customers are looking for products prefer pre-built chatbots, and those offering services and are customer-centric prefer custom chatbots.

Yes, we have expert developers who can make and customize chatbots for every business type and niche. We have a dedicated team of chatbot developers that can create chatbots to engage users and solve all their queries just like a human would, and still be relevant to both parties. We offer smart and intelligent chatbot development services that can make a meaningful conversation with your users.

The cost to hire chatbot developers completely depends on the chatbot solution you are looking for. We at SemiDot, offer both services like custom chatbot development and customizing pre-built chatbots. Obviously, building custom ones is comparatively expensive, as we do everything from scratch, but it all depends on your business needs.

We believe chatbots are an intricate piece of art, as they require the skill of an actual human conversing. Depending upon your business requirements, you may require a simple chatbot solution or a highly advanced chatbot solution, and we have highly experienced chatbot developers to help you by analysing your requirements, Our developers have successfully worked for many of our clients, which makes us one of the best chatbot development companies in the US.

No, there is no limit to the number of users that can chat with your bot. Our chatbot development solutions allow you to have full administrative control over your chatbots so that you can define supported AD domains, number of users, and authorization. Whether your business is a small scale or a large scale, these chatbots will help interact with your users efficiently and effortlessly irrespective of the number of users.

We strongly believe that chatbots will evolve to be stronger as time passes and their usage increases. SemiDot provides a comprehensive set of features to ensure that chatbot administrators have full control over the behavior of the bot. You can at any time modify or add the relevant questions to improve the efficiency of your bot and keep it updated.

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