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Decentralized apps are the ones which don’t have a central authority and rather run on the basic principles of blockchain. Each node has equal authority and power to approve or reject a transaction, unlike the old classic centralized systems with one main authority.

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  • Android TV
  • Android Launcher apps
  • Android Launcher apps

Initial coin(or token) offerings are done by companies for gathering public funding in exchange for their decentralized currencies or tokens. These token hold real value, however, aren’t backed by commodities like fiat currencies. ICO is something which will help your company get the extra cash, it’s like going public, but globally.

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Smart contracts are another major implementation of blockchain, it solves the problem of involving third parties for a contract. Smart contracts will help you maintain discrete transactions, along with no involvement whatsoever of any third party to manage or maintain the contract.

  • Java
  • Android Nougat
  • Android Wear
  • Android Nougat
  • Android Wear
    Hyperledger Fabric

They are like the generic stock markets but better. As we told you about the ICOs, they are listed on these exchanges to be bought or sold using other cryptocurrencies. In most cases, people who choose to have their own ICOs, also want their own cryptocurrency exchange.

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    Bittrex API
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    Binance API
  • Android TV
  • Android Launcher apps
  • Android Launcher apps
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Semidot Infotech One stop for all your technical requirements
Exclusive Dapps prototypes
Our approach is transparent and giving you a fully capable prototype is our top priority, we ensure every requirement of yours is fulfilled and then proceed.
NDA as per your requirement
If you require an NDA for your project, we support your decision to the fullest and will support you with keeping all the details confidential and so will our developers and team.
Least turn around time
Our developers are well versed with developing all kinds of decentralized applications, they ensure the least turn around time to develop your Dapp.
Exclusive blockchain services
We offer services which you won’t find anywhere else with another blockchain development company, we would even assist you for your own ICO.
Post-delivery support
Our decentralized app development packages include at least 6 months of free maintenance package with every Dapp that we develop.
You can sign a special agreement to work with us in the future for a fork. According to your timeline and tentative needs, we can also make a future timeline based on your project.

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For tailored app development, immense research is done by our top ICO developers.

How do you define the best blockchain development company?

The best blockchain development company is one which can comprehend your idea and implement it on the decentralized systems, send us your requirements for a free evaluation.

Which type of Dapps do you build?

We build types of Dapps depending on your business niche and your requirements, we build games, exchanges, tokens, and are keen on developing everything you have in mind.

What is the difference between Dapps and generic apps?

Dapps are completely based on decentralized systems, the one with no central control. These apps are focused on nodes and not the servers unlike how the other apps work.

What is the cost to build a cryptocurrency exchange?

Depending on the number of currencies you are looking forward to being traded on your exchange, and if you want a token for your exchange too, the cost varies.

What are smart contracts for?

Smart contracts are those which gets working on their own, no third party involvement needed. Various implementations can be performed through smart contracts.

Does your blockchain development company offer after delivery support?

We offer a completely free of cost after delivery support, for all the bugs and errors that may occur. We also offer exciting deals to those who are looking forward to future forks.

Does it really matter which technology do I target?

Even though blockchain is the buzzword right now, there are lot more decentralized technologies in works. We will choose the one which best suits your project requirements.

I just have an idea, can you help?

If your idea requires a Dapp or token to be built, we will walk you through the process. We have implemented many exciting blockchain projects for our clients, just send in your requirements for a free consultation.

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