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Get partnered with SemiDot Infotech to get advanced Blockchain development services to perform more sustainably in the tech realm. From inventory or money tracking to boosting secure transactions to thinking-driven evaluation, our created Blockchain solutions with a technology-agnostic approach have it all.

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Blockchain DevelopmentServices

Leverage the rich experience and expertise of tech geeks presented at SemiDot Infotech who will help you get progressive Blockchain development services. Our experts specialize in a wide range of Blockchain services such as DApp creation, smart contract development, NFT marketplace, and so on.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

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    We provide secure crypto development services for mobile and web. Our firm has expert Blockchain developers to create empowered crypto exchanges with customizable trading features & security modules.

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  • NFT Marketplace Development

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    Our customized NFT marketplaces enable users to induce their unique holdings into NFTs. We have specialists to create secure marketplaces for both non-technical & technical NFT users to shape the future.

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  • dApps Development

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    Being a top Blockchain development firm, we deliver dApps developed by our skilled developers. Harness the power of Blockchain technology to get immutable smart contract powered decentralized Blockchain platforms.

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  • DeFi Development

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    Unleash the thrilling world of DeFi development by obtaining translucent decentralized finance services. At SemiDot Infotech, we provide avant-garde DeFi solutions consisting of crypto wallets, Smart Contracts, and so on.

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  • Tokenization Platform Development

    Obtain our secure Tokenization platform development services to overhaul your business irrespective of its complexities. You can hire Blockchain developers from us and we ensure you swiftly achieve your business goals.

  • Metaverse Development

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    Redefine the ways users connect with each other with the help of Metaverse development. Our Blockchain-enabled Metaverse development solutions help with social interactions & reforming gaming.

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  • Blockchain Supply Chain Development

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    Streamline your supply chain with our custom Blockchain application development solutions. As a leading Blockchain firm, we offer supply chain solutions with a validated distributor ledger with every network contributor.

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  • Smart Contracts Development

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    Our Blockchain app developers help with secure smart contract development solutions customized to your project’s needs. From exceptional design to deployment, we carry out an automated process for smooth interactions.

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  • ICO Development

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    As a pioneer in the industry, you can obtain initial coin offering platforms from us. With our rich experience in Blockchain development solutions, we can help you deliver ICO platforms to assist crowdfunding and more.

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  • Custom Blockchain App Development

    Being a top-notch custom Blockchain development company, we provide different custom solutions including dApps, smart contracts, token creation, & so on. These solutions include the utmost security and transparency.

  • Blockchain Technology Consulting

    We specialize in providing professional guidance for Blockchain software development. Our seasoned experts also offer custom Blockchain development solutions along with suggesting the right technologies & tools.

  • Decentralized Exchange

    We have created decentralized exchanges with the fastest matching engine following a proper Blockchain design & development process. Users can now experience unmatched privacy with our advanced decentralized exchanges.

  • Blockchain Wallet Development

    Facilitate yourself with a user-friendly & customized Blockchain wallet enabling you to make, analyze, & trade virtual currencies. With multi-platform accessibility, we have made it easier to manage all cryptocurrencies.

  • Enterprise Blockchain Development

    Take leverage of advanced Blockchain functionality with our disrupting enterprise Blockchain solutions to scale up your business. Our experts empower enterprises with effective and fast-performing Blockchain applications.

A Great product requires a team of enthusiasts, and these guys delivered exactly what I hoped for. Thanks to our common passion towards Blockchain. Semidot Infotech is a complete package, low prices combined with top quality.

Bobby Singh

Founder, Luxury Ledger

Different Blockchain Networks We Assist

Being a Blockchain application development company, SemiDot Infotech works with different Blockchain networks such as public, private, hybrid, or consortium catering to different business requirements and use cases.

Public Blockchain Networks

Public blockchains like Ethereum & Bitcoin are permission less, open & come with little or no privacy allowing users to participate in & validate transactions. We at SemiDot Infotech are here to help you to convert your vision into reality.

Private Blockchain Networks

Private Blockchains are constrained to authorized participants only due to control and privacy. If you want to protect your business workflow, go with our provided advanced decentralized peer-to-peer network to share all the internal data securely.

Hybrid Blockchain Networks

We combine the features of both public and private Blockchains while creating a Hybrid Blockchain app. Our solutions help businesses to have controlled access and data privacy along with a decentralized consensus mechanism.

Consortium blockchains

We follow an effective Blockchain development process to create a consortium blockchain so that multiple organizations can collaborate to authorize transactions. It is preferable to ensure scalability & security.

Check Out the Blockchain Platforms We Work On

As a reliable Blockchain app development company, we have worked with different Blockchain platforms to create hundreds of projects across varied industries. Our team has worked on the most popular Blockchain platforms for both startups and enterprises.


Create consistent, scalable, and secure dApps with the most well-known decentralized network to have safe & trustless digital asset transactions with validated smart contracts.


We offer full-stack Blockchain software development services using the Solana network to handle thousands of transactions efficiently with POH (proof-of-history) system.


Develop progressive Blockchain solutions collaboratively rendering rigorous business workflows and transparent transactions in an accountable, secure, and immutable way.


We at SemiDot Infotech use this highly secure and scalable Blockchain network with Proof-of-Stake timestamping for providing Blockchain smart contract development services.


Our skilled team goes for this easy interoperable and user-friendly decentralized network that comes with low transaction fees, the highest security & scalability.


Using Avalanche as a preferred Blockchain network helps us to blaze fast transactions and higher scalability along with the consensus protocol to create dApps.


Get scalable and secure custom Blockchain solutions built on a Stellar network by our proficient team that brings efficiency & transparency to financial transactions.


We prefer this fast & decentralized Blockchain network using a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) to process secure transactions administrated by Hedera Governing Council.


An open-source platform used by our professional team with a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for security, scalability, & efficient smart contract execution.


At our firm, we use this decentralized Blockchain platform to create high-performance dApps enabling fast and fee-less transactions via delegated proof-of-stake.

Our Applied Blockchain Development Process

At SemiDot Infotech, we apply a step-by-step Blockchain application development process that is less time-consuming and has scope for improvement. Our expert team of developers ensures to tailor the process as per the growth of Blockchain technology.

Our Recent Works

Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.

Semidot Infotech

Luxury Ledger

Blockchain meets Luxury Retail Space

Semidot Infotech

Danger Rangers

The NFT for Endangered Species

Semidot Infotech

Super Creators

First Conscious NFT of this calibre

Semidot Infotech


Digital Art Marketplace

Semidot Infotech

Satoshi's Index


Let’s take this growing relationship to the next level.

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Advanced Technology Stack Used for Blockchain Development

Our expert Blockchain designers and developers use different frameworks, programming languages, and tools to create a proficient Blockchain solution that aligns with your business needs.

Back-end Languages

  • Solidity
  • Python
  • Java
  • C++
  • C#
  • Golang
  • Ruby

Blockchain Platforms

  • Avalanche
  • Corda
  • Ethereum
  • Solana
  • Cardano
  • Polygon
  • Bitcoin
  • Hyperledger
  • Binance

Smart Contract Frameworks

  • Truffle
  • OpenZeppline
  • Infura
  • Ganache
  • Quicknode
  • Pinata
  • Chainlink

Front-end Languages

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • HTML5


  • CouchDB
  • The Graph
  • MongoDB

Blockchain Cloud

  • IBM Blockchain
  • Amazon Managed Blockchain
  • Oracle Blockchain


  • Metamask
  • Binance
  • Trust Wallet
  • Coinbase
  • WalletConnect

Our Expertise with Blockchain Across Different Industries

As a top-rated Blockchain development firm, we provide cutting-edge services across varied industries such as finance, banking, eCommerce, healthcare, and so on. Be it Blockchain web development or app development, our team follows purpose-built architectures, technology-agnostic methods, and transparent development processes.

Supply Chain & Logistics

We offer Blockchain-powered solutions for the supply chain & logistics industry to offer immutable, transparent, and decentralized data management. These will help you to reduce product recalls, improve visibility, & in business process automation.

Banking & Finance

Blockchain integration enables the banking & finance realm to develop an effective digital ledger, simplifies money management, and strengthens fraud prevention. We plan to provide purpose-driven solutions while fixing any finance-related challenge.

Education & eLearning

We create Blockchain-enabled solutions for the education and eLearning industry that help to foster trust between students, employers & institutions. These solutions also ensure collaborative learning opportunities, content authentication, etc.


Being a well-known Blockchain development company, we provide Healthcare solutions integrating Blockchain to help professionals to manage and share patients’ data securely while addressing the occurring challenges including IoT, cyber security, and so on.

Energy: Oil and Gas

Following the progressive Blockchain development process, our developers deliver oil & gas software solutions to resolve conceptual and operational issues via feasible architecture, and clear communication between peers, suppliers, and customers.

Media & Entertainment

Blockchain app development for the entertainment & media industry can unlock various new opportunities and unique digital experiences for users and concerned ventures. These solutions ensure the fair evaluation & removal of the intermediaries.

Travel & Tourism

Our provided decentralized Blockchain cloud solutions help businesses to augment the travel ecosystem while easing the activities between service providers and customers. Overall, Blockchain helps to improve processes and advance this industry.

Retail & E-commerce

As a pioneer in the Blockchain industry, we provide efficient retail & eCommerce solutions with smart contracts to reduce frauds & issues, secure transactions, and increase traceability. Personalized marketing also gets empowered by safe data sharing.

Reform your business with our Blockchain Expertise

Embrace our advanced Blockchain solutions with innovative features to harness the power of modern-edge technology.

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Why Business Choose SemiDot Infotech as a Top Blockchain Development Company?

Discover new opportunities in the Blockchains sector with the help of SemiDot Infotech. We have been in the industry as a pioneer and over the years, our team always pays attention to your enterprise specifics while providing Blockchain app development services and creates incredibly scalable & yielding solutions.

Industry-certified Team

Take assistance from an industry-certified Blockchain development team of SemiDot Infotech with proven expertise in cryptography, smart contracts & dApps, and related certifications to have an efficient implementation of the Blockchain project.

Technology-driven Solutions

We provide scalable and tech-driven Blockchain solutions including smart contracts for automation, interoperability protocols for cross-chain compatibility, and consensus algorithms like DPoS or PoS to improve efficiency & consumption.

UI/UX expertise

Creating a user-friendly interface is an important part of Blockchain application development. For this, we have skilled UI/UX designers to enhance the complete user experience by providing them with responsive design and seamless interaction with solutions.

Agile Methodology

While providing Blockchain development services, our team follows an Agile methodology involving incremental and iterative approaches to create innovative solutions. We are also open to making changes as per the evolving business needs.

Post-launch Support

We support our clients not only during the Blockchain app development process but also after the development. Our post-launch support involves bug fixing, maintenance, security updates, & addressing user feedback to ensure smooth functioning.

Track Record

With the help of different Blockchain development frameworks & technologies, we have maintained our track record by successfully delivering hundreds of Blockchain projects ranging from dApps to smart contracts to consensus algorithms across industries.

Hire Expert Blockchain Developers with SemiDot Infotech

Competent, skilled, and experienced are the words that best describe the development team at SemiDot Infotech. If you are looking to hire Blockchain developers from a top-rated Blockchain agency, you can end your search with us. Our team of designers and developers is focused and dedicated to delivering cutting-edge Blockchain app development solutions to address the real-time challenges faced by SMEs and start-ups worldwide.

We aim to provide services that are simple, efficient, and highly customized according to your preferences and organizational requirements.

Hire Blockchain Developers


Tying loose ends regarding Blockchain is tough, but to give you some clarity, here are the top FAQs by our previous clients.

The best blockchain app development company is one that can comprehend your idea and implement it on the decentralized systems, it seems easy but it much difficult due to the decentralized system’s general nature. If you are confused regarding anything, you can send us your requirements, we will get back to you within 24 hours with a free evaluation.

We offer a completely free of cost after delivery support, for all the bugs and errors that may occur. We also offer exciting deals to those who are looking forward to future forks, so you can have peace of mind under any future circumstances. We believe it’s the least we can do for the clients that trust us for building their projects, so 3-month free support is on us.

Even though blockchain is the buzzword right now, there are a lot more decentralized technologies in works. We will choose the one which best suits your project requirements, other than that, it’s the implementation you are looking forward to, for Dapps, Blockchain tops in popularity, while for smart contracts, Ethereum does. So, we will have to go through the implementations you are looking forward to, to tell you if the technology you target matters.

If your idea requires a Dapp or token to be built, we will walk you through the entire process. We have implemented many exciting blockchain projects for our clients, if your business requires decentralization as any of your services, we suggest you go ahead with it. Just send in your requirements for a free consultation, we will let you know the feasibility, as well as, the cost associated with the Blockchain application you are looking forward to.

Blockchain is known as a system of data stored in a way that no one can easily access, alter, or hack. It is a decentralized digital ledger presented on several computers simultaneously. All the information is stored within the chain of blocks including a different hash value; hence it makes the data modification impossible. Acquiring Blockchain development services provides a lot of benefits such as a more secure & transparent environment, better ROI, remote areas penetration, etc.

Semidot has an expert team when it comes to providing custom Blockchain development solutions. Different Blockchain platforms we work upon are Ethereum, Avalanche, Hyperledger, Ripple, R3 Corda, etc. Among all these platforms, clients can choose any of them.

There can be an estimated cost for Blockchain app development services but not the exact one. The overall Blockchain app development cost is based upon diverse factors such as app complexity, number of app stakeholders, industry compliances, and many more. We can provide you with an estimation after analyzing these factors.

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