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CakePHP is an open-source PHP framework used to develop web apps that are fast and simple. Being loosely based on MVC- architecture, CakePHP offers some amazing functionality for the development and deployment of web apps. It has some novel traits that help streamline difficult tasks. CakePHP is very much loved by PHP developers, as it allows the development using fewer code, which reduces the cost of development. It also makes the process of both website and app development a lot easier and more practical.

SemiDot, being one of the top-rated CakePHP development companies, focusses on offering solutions that are really unique in terms of design, innovation, and compatibility. We house some of the best CakePHP developers, having a deep knowledge of various CakePHP frameworks. Our PHP experts are best known to develop outstanding web apps using the components of CakePHP. Our main aim is to offer some of the best CakePHP web development services that can help in taking your business to all new heights.

As a CakePHP development company, we offer innovative solutions to our clients. At SemiDot, you can choose and hire CakePHP developer, which you feel is the right fit for your project. Our PHP experts are known to build simple, easy to use, and robust web apps, with some amazing features, without going beyond your budget.

Our CakePHP Development Services

Our CakePHP website development services are majorly focused on integrating various features in your app using the latest versions of the CakePHP framework.

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We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire SemiDot Infotech, you get a reliable partner for all your software development needs.

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Why CakePHP Development?

CakePHP, being an open-source framework, facilitates a smart and simple development process. Most PHP developers love working on this framework, as it allows them to develop unique solutions, with minimal coding, which saves a lot of time and effort. CakePHP offers some great solutions for both start-ups and large enterprises.

Reduced Codes

CakePHP comes with many plug-ins, which reduces the need for writing the source code again and again.

Easy to Understand

CakePHP framework uses very simple code which makes it quite easy to understand for the developers.

Fast and Flexible

Since it requires fewer codes to create web apps, CakePHP makes development fast and flexible.

MVC Architecture

CakePHP follows MVC architecture, which can help speed up the entire development process.

Safe and Secure

Websites and web apps developed using the CakePHP framework are highly safe and secured.

Rapid Development

CakePHP comes with built-in features that not only save time but also make the customization easy.

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Hire CakePHP Developers

Hire CakePHP Developers

Looking to hire CakePHP developer? At SemiDot, we have a dedicated team of experts having years of experience in developing websites and web apps using the CakePHP framework. It has been more than 10 years since our CakePHP developers are successfully working on developing solutions for start-ups, mid-scale, and large-scale businesses.

Our CakePHP experts are always updated with the latest trends and technologies and use them to make your web app look attractive and engaging. You can hire CakePHP developer, who you feel, is the right fit for your project requirement, and can help you in expanding your business. Our experts strive to offer innovative solutions, following all the coding guidelines that are free from any bugs and are of high quality.

Industries We Serve

Our CakePHP development services are focused and used by many popular industries, a few of them are mentioned below.

What makes SemiDot the right choice for CakePHP development

Being a top-rated CakePHP development company, we have worked for many different industries and have a strong portfolio to confirm it. Our CakePHP developers have extensive knowledge of the intricacies involved in CakePHP development.

Use of Latest Technology

We have a team of certified PHP developers who are well versed in the latest technologies.


If you want to keep things confidential, we do not mind signing an NDA with our clients.

On-Time Delivery

We have a dedicated team that works round-the-clock to ensure that the project is delivered on-time.

Post-delivery support

Our CakePHP development solutions include 3 months of free maintenance and support services.


Our solutions focus on providing best-in-class services in the most competitive prices in the market.

Certified Developers

You can hire CakePHP developers and be assured of the quality as we have highly proficient experts.


Do you have some questions in mind? Here is a compiled list of the frequently asked ones.

The portfolio of a company is the best way to judge its capabilities. A top CakePHP development company will have a diverse portfolio showcasing all the work it has done. Also, the skills and experience of the developers matter the most as they are the ones who will be working on your project.

At SemiDot, we offer post-development support to our clients. This is to ensure that the solution developed is free of any error and works smoothly. Still, if you feel that you want to make any changes to the web app or get it modified, we will be surely helping you with the same. We have a separate team of PHP developers to help you in making changes to the web app according to the latest version and updates.

The more the experience of the developer, the more he will be able to work on the intricacies involved in developing the website, and web app for your project. One must always hire a top developer as he is the one responsible for turning your vision into reality.

Yes, being the top-rated CakePHP web development company, we have a team of experts who have worked on developing highly responsive and engaging websites. We strive to develop custom templates to attract more users, and make your website stand out from the crowd and outshine amongst your competitors. CakePHP allows the developer to create website or web app using minimal coding, which makes the website or web app fast and responsive.

Yes, you can opt for our CakePHP migration solution, where we help our clients to migrate their existing website to the CakePHP framework. We have a team of experts who have successfully migrated many websites of our clients using the components of CakePHP. They have been successful in restoring the data loss and web traffic to avoid any revenue loss for your business. Apart from migration, we also help our clients in adding advanced features to their website and make it more attractive.

CakePHP is one of the most popular options for the development of scalable web apps. We have built, both simple and complex web apps, for start-ups and even large-scale enterprises. We have experienced teams having expertise in building apps and websites with complex features. CakePHP has some outstanding features, like minimal coding, security, and flexibility, which allows the developers to create engaging web apps per your business needs.

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