Cutting-edge technologies have always influenced the evolution of mobile apps. The most talked-about technology in 2023 was augmented reality. So, in 2023, mobile app developers must start focusing on building their expertise in augmented reality app development as the AR apps will dominate the new year.

Here are the industries that will benefit the most from AR apps in 2023.

1. E-commerce

E-commerce is already blooming with augmented reality applications. And, the use of augmented reality will increase further in e-commerce apps because AR enhances customer engagement. So, let’s find out how AR will benefit e-commerce in 2023.

AR gives extraordinary pre-buying visualization of products in e-commerce apps. This store-like experience in the app attracts more and more customers to switch from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping.

Moreover, AR-empowered, interactive product manuals are smarter and more exciting for customers. With the use of AR, e-commerce apps now allow customers to check detailed product specifications with ease. And the real-like customer experience encourages them to make a purchase.

E-commerce apps are capable of giving a more personalized experience to the customer, irrespective of the peak season loads. When the customer feels valued, he gets attached to your brand emotionally. Believe me, most of the success of e-commerce businesses can be attributed to effectively managing customer emotions, and AR facilitates that well.

With the use of AR, the customer can use his phone camera to try the product with its overlay on his image. This virtual product try-on is quick, easy, and doesn’t even require the user to go through the hassles of visiting his favorite brand store, which is located in another state.

Customer engagement is not just difficult to achieve but more challenging to sustain. Customers get bored easily with the same products and stores; they start demanding something new and exciting too soon. So, the app developers must keep generating innovative app ideas. AR technology gives customers that extra fun element that keeps them glued to your app.

2. Travel

Aha! This is how your customer feels when he thinks of travel. Obviously, who doesn’t love a vacation that gives a break from the routine?

But all is not good with the vacations, especially when the user is traveling to a new land with very different food and culture. So, after a lot of planning and spending, when the customer finally travels, he is disappointed with the choice of destination!

The travel industry has always been vulnerable to unrealistic expectations from the customers. And, despite all efforts, travel businesses could not do anything to prevent this until recently, when they started using cutting-edge technology in their apps!

Your travel app can become more customer-centric by helping the hopes meet the expectations with the use of AR. You can show the customers a real-like preview of the different destinations. He can get a variety of options to choose from, simply with a finger-swipe.

AR-based apps give customers access to all the details about the places they are planning to visit. And, during the travel, they help the customers understand the destination better. It will give them information about the most popular tourist points, the historical monuments, museums, restaurants, and other utility services.

The biggest benefit of AR-based travel apps is that these will help tourists navigate safely and conveniently in a new land. This will address all the concerns and apprehensions of the tourists, and ultimately help the travel businesses reach new heights!

Augmented Reality in 2020

3. Education

Gen Alpha is going to decide the future of your apps! So, think their way and build apps that would satiate their cravings for innovative self-learning. They are accustomed to using apps, and they don’t need any training for accessing the app features. But, any app would not do the trick. An education app, to be successful with gen Alpha has to be different, exciting, and interactive!

So, in the education sector, AR adds experiential learning. Moreover, the AR-based app removes the barriers of time and location. And, it gives practical learning facility at the convenience of home.

With AR-based apps, the role of educators has evolved to that of resource facilitators. And, the students have become smart, self-learners. They can access resources remotely. The interactive audio-visuals have made learning more impactful, experiential, and interesting too.

4. Healthcare

Healthcare is a crucial sector across the world. People are becoming more and more aware of the importance of health and are willing to go that extra mile.

Doctors, over the years, have struggled to make the patients understand their illness and the cause of it. Patients are not very conversant with their anatomy, which is a cause of anxiety and apprehensions in them during treatment.

The AR-enabled apps will be used by doctors to make patients aware of their medical condition. It will show 3D visualization of the ailment. AR-empowered healthcare apps will help curb patient anxiety by showing him a preview of prospective surgery. The detailed procedure information is presented in such an interactive manner that the apprehensions and queries are addressed effectively. AR-based healthcare apps help patients with guidance on post-discharge routines.

To summarize, there is so much that an AR-based healthcare app gives. It shows a real-like visualization of surgeries and allows access to procedure information in 3D. It also makes patients, as well as doctors, more informed and aware. AR-based healthcare apps are also used for the training and development of healthcare professionals through case-based simulations.

AR-based healthcare will also help doctors in so many ways. These can give access to real-like case studies of the latest major successful medical procedures. This can take the medical profession to the next level by increasing awareness and confidence. It will also shrink the world and make healthcare accessible to countries that cannot afford high-level healthcare facilities.

Wrapping Up!

AR will transform the future of mobile apps across sectors and industries. But, every opportunity comes with its own set of challenges. Nevertheless, the top developers are prepared for all the new challenges and will strive to bring high-quality AR-based apps for their customers.

If you want a high-quality app for your business in 202, do leverage AR. And, if you don’t know how AR can make your app successful, hire AR app developers now!

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