Mobile applications have become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives as we use them at every step. From booking a taxi to ordering food to get entertained, we need them every time. Several businesses are shifting their interest towards mobile app development solutions to improve their online presence, seamless interaction with customers, and deliver amazing experiences to them.

Businesses that don’t have any idea about the mobile app development process, still want to invest in this industry are unaware of the term “Minimum Viable Product (MVP)”. Hence, they always end up having a fully-fledged app with lots of features. It is not the right way to enter a market, that’s why the MVP Version of the mobile app came into existence for start-ups and other ventures.

There is always a question that arises in every businessperson’s mind that their app will be successful in the market or not? To alleviate the risks inherent with the mobile app development services, they must go to build an MVP mobile app to get the user’s opinion and market validation for their mobile app project.

Releasing an MVP version of the mobile app first will let the app owners know the shortcomings of their application and they can improve it as per the received feedback. Want to get more insights into the minimum viable product? Keep scrolling-

Get an Overview About MVP

An MVP version of the mobile app simply refers to the core version of the app comprising required features only. It is proving as a beneficial asset for business enterprises that maintains the functionality and productiveness of the app. To get your MVP version developed, you must focus on the essential features and functionalities to add as you can’t integrate all the features into an MVP.

When it comes to MVP application development, you should be concerned about the following questions-

  • What are the must-included basic features of the app?
  • What functionalities will be liked by users?
  • What are the points of attraction that will pull out the user’s attention and will make them install the app?
  • Will your app be successful to make a difference in the market?
  • What are the minimal elements you can provide in an MVP version for users?

Considering these questions when the MVP enters the market after development, it will receive a lot of feedback from users, some good and some bad. Getting inspired from these responses, the development team can work on the app improvement. They can also find out where the app’s performance lacks?

An MVP version also has two options, either you launch it for only your targeted audiences, or you will jump with it directly into the market. Whatever option you choose, always remember the purpose that is getting to know about, “at which point the app needs to make progress”?

Mobile Apps with MVP Version that Got Huge Success!

Various businesses are taking inspiration from popular mobile applications and having MVP development services from a top-notch development firm. What are these apps with great MVP success and the best outcome from their targeted market? Get to know below about these enormously popular mobile applications-

  • Uber

You must not have followed the history of Uber, otherwise, you would have been aware that this app had launched its MVP version back in 2010. At that time, it only comprised basic features and goals to establish a connection between cab drivers and riders. The MVP version of Uber was created with a simple design comprising core features to provide affordable ride-hailing services to people.

With time, Uber has got improvement and added some advanced features to facilitate the users. It has provided a broad list of additional features and functionalities along with better services by working on the user’s feedback. Hence, it is now known as the most popular taxi-booking app.

  • Spotify

While talking about music streaming apps, we can’t forget to mention Spotify. It is an immensely popular music streaming application along with YouTube, and Apple Music. Initially, this app was built for testing purposes. When the purpose was fulfilled and the MVP version got validated by the users, it started expanding in the market by collaborating with more labels that led it to heights of success.

  • Instagram

This popular app launched its MVP version in the year 2009 including only some of the required features along with photo editing filters. Gradually, holding a strong grip on the app market, it has become the most used social media app for users that contains a wide range of advanced features, photo editing filters & effects, GIFs & stickers, direct messaging, reels & stories, IGTV, and others. The MVP version has now converted into a billion-dollar business.

  • Amazon

Choosing MVP web app development services for this platform did magic to it. Firstly, Amazon came with core features to sell books online. They kept focusing on selling the books at a low price than others with basic web design. It took a long time for this platform to get evolved and become the best retail market player.

  • Facebook

Initially, this social media giant was created by Mark Zuckerberg for Harvard University students to get into the directory. Later, it started growing to other universities and colleges including just a single page, ‘messaging and send request’ features. Though this idea was similar to the app ‘Friends Reunited’ but Facebook was liked by the college graduates that led it to the path of success.

Now, it has a long list of amazing features that make users keep using this platform regularly. All the included aspects helped the platform to follow the victory.

  • Airbnb

The main purpose of this app is to cut down the need for middlemen and provide rental services for a short time. Founders of AIRBNB, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky faced various issues while living in a loft apartment in San Francisco and they came up with this idea. They test this idea by providing accommodation to those who came to the town due to the work or for any reason. They both rented out their apartment first and soon they had 3 paying guests. The idea expanded and now, has taken the face of AIRBNB that is quite popular among people.

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Top Benefits of Launching an MVP Version of Mobile Apps

It is significant to know about the benefits of the MVP version as it is the first product received by your target audiences. Whether you are having MVP mobile or MVP web app development services, it helps to validate the chances of survival for the solution. An MVP version also allows businesses to find out the points of improvements in their developed solution. Get to know about the more benefits of MVP mobile app development below-

1. Affordable Development Cost

The main focus behind having MVP development services is to concentrate on the app ideas and including features while consuming minimum development cost. It is the reason why MVP has only required features, not the advanced ones. All the organizations, specifically start-ups get lots of benefits through an MVP.

Ventures that don’t have a high budget can surely have services from MVP app developers within an affordable budget and decided timeframe. It is preferred by businesses as it decreases the overall mobile app development cost by implementing the basic functionalities only.

2. Accurate Way to Test the User’s Perception

Before starting the mobile app development process, every business usually has fear and confusion that their app will be successful in the market or not? To get rid of this dilemma and know the market situation, they first go with the MVP version of an app. It helps them to distinguish the values provided to the end customers via the MVP version. Launching an MVP is the easiest way to test the developed solution in the market and get an idea of how users are finding it useful.

Capable MVPs are a necessity to measure market traction and collect the user’s opinions. Hence, app owners must focus on comprising the important features and functionalities to provide a better experience to users.

3. Technical Performance Evaluation

It is not only about finding market opportunities, but an MVP version is also about evaluating the app’s performance based on the technical aspects. Here, the development team will assess whether the app is technically right or not after entering the market.

Thus, it is necessary to hire mobile app developers who have rich knowledge about the latest technologies so that the MVP version of the app would be capable to pass the technical test. According to the user’s feedback, businesses can find out whether their mobile app has been successful to solve the user’s problems or not? It determines the app’s success rate that further leads to saving time and money.

4. Faster Time-to-market

Most businesses assume that it is easy to launch an app in the market and make it adopted by the end-users. Hence, they go for creating a full-fledged app loaded with a lot of features and releasing it in the target market. However, the app does not get success due to some of the reasons, be it technical or others.

Developing an MVP solution helps ventures to save cost & time as well as validate their services, app ideas, and products at a fast pace. Businesses can get a lot of benefits by speeding up the time-to-market as it leads to improved revenue margin. Start-ups can also have diverse kinds of MVPs for different metrics to provide users with what they want with the app viability.

5. Better App Security

Nowadays, users just do not only go for app features, but they also see if it provides security to their information or not? Be it about online payments or personal data, they want security & regulation about every aspect. While launching the MVP version of the mobile app, your chosen mobile app development company will be able to find out the security loopholes in the app and resolve them as soon as possible.

If all the bugs and errors will be fixed at the beginning, the app will deliver impressive performance and an amazing user experience. It enhances the chances of app success.

6. Launching Advanced Version of the App

Furthermore, after getting feedback from users, app owners can measure if the app is good enough to fulfill the user’s expectations? If the app has not achieved any kind of recognition in the market, then businesses must re-assess the whole app idea along with resuming the mobile app development process to re-develop a better version of the app.

Steps to Develop a Minimum Viable Product

Are you thinking to develop a minimum viable product? Do you have any idea about how to develop an MVP? The below steps will provide you a better understanding of the MVP development process, have a look-

Step 1: Market Research & Business Needs

What if the ideas you are working upon will not go as per the market needs? Hence, it is better to first get knowledge about the current market, trends, and target users’ needs. You can conduct surveys and polls to get the information, it increases the chances for app success. Keep an eye on the competitors as well including what they are offering and what are their weaknesses and strengths?

Step 2: Visualizing on Value Addition

What are the values and offerings you are adding in your solutions matter a lot, since it will be a whole new solution? What kind of benefits it will provide to users? Why will users find it useful? These are some questions that must be answered before launching the MVP version in the market. MVP must be created as per the outlined user’s needs.

Step 3: Set Out the User Flow

The MVP design process is an important stage, from start to end. The user flow makes sure nothing will be left to add while developing the solution for user satisfaction. All the stages of the development process will be decided here to achieve the main objective. Focus points will be basic functions such as registering, ordering, buying, selling, payment services, etc. The integration of the app’s features will be started when the design process of these functions will be ended.

Step 4: Focus on MVP Features

Businesses must prioritize only required features in this stage to make the app worth using for targeted audiences. To make it easy, you can categorize all the features into three categories as per the high priority, medium priority, and low priority. Then, arrange these all as per your preference and users’ needs. Consider that features are the most important part to grab the audience’s attention, otherwise, it won’t be able to make it among the competitors.

Step 5: Developing the MVP

After deciding the user flow and required features, it is time to develop the MVP. Always keep in mind that MVP is a basic version but doesn’t have lower quality than a final solution. The main motive behind creating it is to satisfy the user’s needs. Through an appropriate MVP, it will be easy to engage the audience.

Step 6: Scope for Improvement

Adopting MVP application development services always gives you scope to improve. Once a business has decided to go for an MVP version, it can make changes according to the user’s preferences and market trends. They can add advanced features and security aspects time-to-time.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have penned down all the details of why MVP is necessary for mobile applications? But before making any final decision about having an app or MVP development services, you must get details about the cost of app development. Although, the MVP development cost is always lesser than the app development cost. MVP is a core version of any mobile app, and it is created to know the market situation and response of targeted audiences. Businesses can assess their expectations and elevate their app ideas by launching an MVP version of the app.

Make the right utilization of cost and time by hiring a prominent mobile app development company that can provide you with MVP development. Whether you want to develop an MVP or a full-fledged mobile app to make it longer in the market, SemiDot Infotech is always here to help you. Our team of skilled and professional developers has all kinds of expertise as they have tried their hands on different projects. We assure you to provide innovative solutions that will deliver an amazing experience. If you have set your mind to take MVP development services, Contact Us Today!

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