Are you skimming to gain more eyeballs on your website? For many of your audience, video is a preferred and most preferable way to learn about your brand online. Producing video content and marketing them well is a great method to bring people to your website.

However, running a comprehensive and wider content strategy is crucial to get the most benefit. Learn some promising ways to use video content to bring traffic to your business website.

The content era has shifted from traditional blogs to engaging video content. Almost 50% of customers want to consume more video content from the chosen brands. Video marketing is an ever-growing marketing strategy, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, encouraging people to increase their appetite to consume more video content.

Video platforms like YouTube alone cater to around 2.6 billion worldwide users. Hence, using the right video marketing strategy, you can grow your brand and bring a massive audience to the website.

If you haven’t tried video marketing yet, don’t worry about it. Here, we will show you how to use videos to drive more traffic to your business website.

Why Focus on Video Marketing to Gain Website Traffic?

Businesses that use video marketing with other marketing strategies have a better return on investment from the marketing campaigns. Generally speaking, when you create high-quality, engaging, and data-driven videos to help your audience, people start watching these videos and follow your business profile on various social channels. 

Moreover, videos are easy to digest and interact with potential customers effectively. 

The Marketing Charts report shows that video marketing has increased ROI by 7% more compared to other marketing strategies. Secondly, videos have over 1200% higher social shares than social images and texts. 

Businesses land more paying customers through customer referrals or brand authority social shares. On top of that, a HubSpot report says almost 55% of people watch videos attentively. Mobile users also prefer watching videos online, especially on YouTube and Facebook.  

According to a report from Cisco, 80% of internet traffic to your website will be linked to video marketing in the upcoming days. Most marketers are considering it as a form of marketing because these are easy to create and market online. Many video editing tools can be used to create stunning videos. 

Hence, you can see how people are shifting more to video content, which is becoming a crucial strategy for online brands.

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How to Increase Traffic to Your Website Using Video Content

You have learned how video content helps you get more eyeballs on your website. Now it’s time to understand how to use video marketing to get results. 

Step 1: Use Different Social Channels to Market Video Content

Let’s say you need to create a product video and use it to entice readers and get their attention. In that case, you must ensure that the right audience sees your video content.

For this, it would help if you shared the videos on multiple social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, website landing page, and even emails. These are owned media channels that are easy to use for effective video marketing. 

However, you can not only depend on owned media channels to gain results. You also have to work on paid media and earned media.

 Paid media includes running search ads, social ads, native ads, and paid influencer marketing. Earned media include reviews, publicity, and also endorsements.

 Using all these channels, you can generate lots of leads and convert them into paying customers.  

Step 2: Use Video Content for SEO Strategy

Like your website content, your video content should also be optimized for SEO. To optimize your video for more reach and effective results, you can start with keyword research that will appear within the video, its description, title, and even caption if you share it on social media. 

Also, if you use YouTube and other similar sites, you must ensure your description guides the audience on what they will learn in the video. Keywords should also appear in the transcript to get more traffic. 

Titles are the powerful part that can instantly grab the attention of viewers. So, you must ensure these are unique and include key phrases while writing headlines. 

Link building is also crucial for video content marketing, as it helps make your marketing videos SEO ready. For this, you can get high-quality links for the video from reputable sites in the relevant domain.

The Sitechecker tool can help you build backlinks. Using this tool, you can check the backlinks quality and find opportunities to get new backlinks by analyzing the link profile of your competitors. This will help you optimize your videos for search engines and increase website traffic.

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Step 3: Create and Publish Personalized Video Content

Customers like purchasing products or services that are customized as per their needs. Video marketing is not an exception; it also has to be customized based on the needs and wants of the audience. As a marketer, you must understand what your customers are looking for and how your video content can tailor to them best.

Personalized videos have high engagement rates from the targeted audience. Moreover, personalized video content generates more ROI as viewers know the product/service will solve their problem. 

You can even add CTAs for the client or end user. It can be anything from downloading a free ebook or subscribing to your email newsletter. You can even ask your prospects to visit your website for more information. 

In short, by creating video content and editing it in an online video editor, you must remember that your content revolves around buyers’ or prospects’ needs. So, your marketing video can generate more leads and get attention from several people online.  

Step 4 : Create Multiple Types of Videos and Market them Properly

As a business or owner marketer, it’s important to publish various marketing videos. You can create many types of videos, such as explainers, live streams, how-to, and even gated videos. 

Explainer videos are great for explaining your product or services to a prospect. Most customers shopping online are lazy and prefer explainer videos to know the product and brand. To attract a new audience, it’s crucial to post some quality explainer videos. 

Live streaming videos are useful for engaging prospects and solving their queries. According to a report by 50 Wheel, retailers and eCommerce businesses that implement live video streaming get a 30% increase in their conversion. 

If we talk about how-to videos, they help the audience solve their problems, like how they can use a particular product or its features. When they see a demonstration, they know exactly what the product is like and how it can help them, leading to an increase in interest and purchase. 

Gated videos are video content that helps you nurture leads. These videos are mostly educational and ask prospects to sign up for newsletters to get future updates.  

Wrapping Up

Video marketing is a very efficient and ever-growing marketing strategy. It’s a great way to attract existing or new leads and nurture them to convert into paying customers. If you are also struggling to land new customers for your product or services, it’s good to implement a wider video marketing strategy correctly. 

Make sure you respect viewers’ time and offer personalized video content to solve their common problems and offer solutions. Also, personalized video content gets high engagement and 30% more conversion. Using such videos, you can drive these prospects to your website and generate more sales. 

Follow the techniques discussed above and enhance your video marketing strategy now!

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