Nowadays, classified ads have changed their way to reach people starting from newspapers now to internet platforms, it is helping people in every way possible. Within the last few years, Internet classified app like Dubizzle has caught people’s attention and driven businesses to utilize this time to buy and sell products on these marketplaces.

With these platforms, it became easy to target potential customers, and for users, it became easy since such platforms started providing them with all services in one place. They also provide different categories to browse from clothing, electronics, car, and rent or buy and sell the house, users can scroll through and choose from them.

Dubizzle App

Many successful classified apps have attracted people the buying and selling of their goods and services online. With the increased interest of the users, Businesses are taking interest and utilizing this opportunity to get a top-notch solution by taking classified app development services from a trusted classified app development company.

To Launch Your Own Dubizzle Clone, it will be really important to understand what is Dubizzle. Features to include, Process to develop such an app to enhance your understanding for a clearer picture.

What is Dubizzle App?

Dubizzle is a famous UAE-based classified app. From Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or any other emirate, you can easily download the Dubizzle app. The Dubizzle App was launched in 2005 to help users with buying & selling goods and services. The Dubizzle App is available to be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

What is Dubizzle App?

The app put forward the ability to chat with potential buyers or sellers to get information and negotiate the price. Dubizzle is a well-known app for people looking to buy or sell products & services in the UAE. To create an app like Dubizzle, you need to have good knowledge about the Dubizzle app. Knowing that you should read more below.

To launch an app like Dubizzle, let’s understand the working of the app. Given below

In general, to understand how to build a Dubizzle-like app, it is important to know the work which is simple and convenient for the users. Once you understand the work given below, you can get your app developed with a popular mobile app development framework such as React Native, Flutter, Xamarin and any other as well as also get some advanced features including a chat feature, and a search/filter feature with an attractive user interface.

  1. User Registration- The user needs to download the app which is available for free on the App store. To use the app, users need to register and create a profile.
  2. Buying Items- If you are looking to buy any item you can easily search from the search bar, once the result appears you can scroll through them to pick one within your budget.
  3. Listing items for sale- it is important that to sell an item the seller needs to create the listing in the app. After uploading the photos of the products or services, write a description, choose your price, and select the categories in which the item belongs.
  4. Searching for items- Users looking for any item can search for their requirements from the search bar by using keywords or browsing different categories. You can even refine the search using price range, location, and other parameters.
  5. Contacting Seller- Once the user chooses to find the item they want to buy. They can contact the seller with the given chat feature that will help them to negotiate and seal the deal.
  6. Completing the transaction- Now coming to the other part the buyer and seller can arrange a meeting to discuss further & complete the transaction. Dubizzle doesn’t take responsibility for the payment and delivery of the items. For that, Buyers have to meet with the seller to check the item, complete payment and pick up the delivery by themselves.
  7. Leaving Feedback- After the transaction is completed, the work is not over. It’s time to leave feedback for them on the app to provide information to more and more people. This helps other users to make a proper decision while buying or selling any item on the app.

We know Dubizzle is quite famous, but what is the reason behind its popularity that has made the platform huge success? Well, Dubizzle has caught the eyes of users within a short period by offering buyers and sellers a wide range of categories for the trading of items and services. Here are some statistics that demonstrate Dubizzle increasing popularity and provide you with enough motives to get an outstanding app like Dubizzle from an experienced custom software development company.

  1. According to stats, this market-leading classified app “Dubizzle’’ is active in over 40 countries with more than 330 million monthly users all over the globe.
  2. In 2019, Dubizzle was reported to have 4 million active monthly users as well as facilitated over 22 million visits with 180 million page views on its platform.
  3. As per Reports, as of February 2022, Dubizzle has been ranked as the 12th most popular website in the United Arab Emirates on Alexa and 22nd place on Similar Web.
  4. Reports say that Dubizzle has been so famous on different social media platforms and recognized with different awards such as Dubizzle is ranked as the #1 category for the eCommerce & Shopping Classifieds.

Overall, Dubbizle popularity in the UAE can be due to various reasons including well-crafted features, an app developed with the best mobile app development tools, a user-friendly platform, and a growing trend of buying and selling in the region.

You can get feature-rich applications from an experienced company, but first research more about the requirement of the users and examine the cost to build a classified app like Dubizzle.

Why To Build An App like Dubizzle?

Before you try to wrap your mind around “How to build an app like Dubizzle”. It is important to understand the reasons to get such an app for your business. Let’s understand through some points the values that building an app like Dubizzle will provide to your business. Let’s dive in-

  • Reach your target audience
  • An Entrant to Build a Thriving Community
  • Better Customer Engagement
  • Helps with the brand image
  • Increase in the sale

1. Reach Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience means connecting with those people who are most likely interested in buying and selling. They will be more engaged with your app which is a good way to earn revenue. By focusing on your preferred group, you can increase user engagement for your app. With the help of marketing strategies, you can bring them to your app and enjoy commission and profit. Now, all you have to do is hire classified app developers and get a feature-rich application.

2. An Entrant to Build a Thriving Community

Once you get to build an app like Dubizzle, you can get a loyal customer base for your business. Apps act as a one-stop solution through which users can get information or see updated service from anywhere at any time. With the help of push notifications or customized messages, you can encourage people to get involved with your app and build your community of users. Now, all you have to do is to get iOS or android app development services from a reputed company that can provide you an advantage over your rivals and helps you in building a loyal customer base.

3. Better Customer Engagement

To interact with your potential customers, the app plays a significant role. An app like Dubizzle has many advanced features, as well as it also has a messaging feature that helps to connect users to solve their inquiries. In creating an app similar to Dubizzle, you can also increase the interaction, clear their doubts and keep in touch by getting the messaging features that will improve your business visibility and helps your business in establishing itself among your customers better.

4. Helps with the Brand Image

People are constantly in search of such classified apps that help in connecting with the right businesses and finding what they are looking for. Once your user downloads your app, you can remind them of your presence timely through customized messages, mobile apps make sure that your users remain aware of the brand at all times. Pop-ups and messages can act as a reminder for them to visit your app which can be very effective to spread brand awareness. The design also plays a crucial role in improving brand image by getting quickly identified by users. You should get an intuitive design, attractive visual graphics, appealing images, etc. for your app. While doing so, consider mobile app design cost so that your budget won’t get higher.    

5. Increase In the Sale

Buying and selling any product becomes more convenient with the help of an app. The best thing about the classified app is it provides various services and products to buy from one single place. For sellers, it can save time and cost as you want to start an e-commerce business, you can take baby steps by selling your products on classified apps which will help you in growing your business, making money as well as saving e-commerce app development costs. With wide-ranging products and services, it becomes easy for users to sell and buy via an app.

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Top Categories Dubizzle Covers

Dubizzle provides a variety of categories that helps users to scroll, list, sell as well as buy To have the best experience as a buyer and seller Dubizzle provides a variety of categories that helps users to scroll, list, sell as well as buy according to their requirement.

Dubizzle categories

Once you get to know about these categories you can get them embedded in your app which can contribute to your mobile app success factor. So, Let’s dive in-

  1. Motors– They have numerous categories of vehicles such as old and new cars, boats, bikes, and other different vehicles.
  2. Jobs- Another section is ‘Job’ which helps recruiters and job seekers by landing the right opportunity for both of them. Employees can find suitable jobs and recruiters can find a suitable employee at the right time and the right place.
  3. Property for sale– Paying brokers can be heavy on your pockets, so to avoid that you can easily scroll the section and list your properties so that people can buy and contact you directly.
  4. Property for rent-To rent your apartment, you can easily find the right tenants by uploading your properties on the app. Those people who are searching in a similar place and budget can take get benefitted from that.
  5. Community- When it comes to the community section there is a list of different activities, services, and much more happening around listed in this category. People also list their services as well as household services like repairing, plumbing, wash services, cleaning services, etc. are also listed.
  6. Classifieds- Another section that has listed a variety of items from selling your old stuff to accessories, chairs & tables, and others can be listed and found in this category.

Top Features to Include In an App Like Dubizzle

To develop an app Like Dubizzle and make it successful in the market, App features play a crucial role. Do you want to know why? Well, the features determine the usability and functionality of the app which directly affects the user experience with the app.

Dubizzle like app features

You need to work on providing the best features which are intuitive and easy to use for users. So, here are a few features that are a must for your app.

  • Social Media Login
  • Profile Management
  • Preferred location
  • Upload Images
  • Choose Category
  • Selling
  • Buying
  • Connecting with Buyers
  • Progressive Searching
  • Push Notification
  • In-app chat
  • In-app Payment
  • Wishlist
  • Social Media Integration
  • Reviews and feedback
  • Analytics and reporting

1. Social Media Login

Social Media login is an important feature that you can’t miss. This will aid your customers in login into your app and allow them to sign up with multiple social media such as Facebook or Instagram which will be surely time-saving.

2. Profile Management

Users need to have control over their profiles so that they can modify and update their profiles accordingly. Numerous modification details such as profile pictures, number, description, chat and block option, and other vital detail should be made available.

3. Preferred Location

Users must have access to manage their location by entering it manually or changing it with the help of map pointers and they should be able to edit their location manually.

4. Upload Images

Another salient feature of creating an app like Dubizzle is to add an easy upload image feature. Photos are important for the buyer to know about the product and for the seller to provide information with visuals. So, to make it happen the process to upload images should be made convenient for users.

5. Choose Category

When you create an app from scratch, you need to manage the is important to have a variety of services and product options including jobs, properties, furniture, and many more.

6. Selling

It is necessary for a seller to put forward detailed information including photos, videos, descriptions, and pricing to help users to get complete info that makes them take easy decisions.

7. Buying

It is not easy to buy products for users without any certified details. Filtering profiles can help them to go for authenticating products and services with complete information that will help them in every way possible.

8. Connecting with Buyers

Whether you want to build a website like craigslist or Dubizzle or build an app & make it profitable, the platform must have more and more visitors. For that, it is necessary to connect the seller with the buyers to present their goods and services more directly, resolve their queries, and even schedule a call or meeting as per the requirement.

9. Progressive Searching

Customers must have the alternative to search or change as per their preferences and choices like if they want specific products or services, the nearby area, or according to budget.

10. Push Notification

To make Dubizzle-like app, you need to keep sending your users new notifications related to any update, a product they searched for, payment, and product queries.

11. In-app Chat

In case of any queries, it is better to provide this facility to make it easy for both parties to chat and clear their confusion. it will be more convenient as there will be no need to share numbers until they decide to do so. So, Dubizzle Clone Solution must have In-app messaging that aids both parties for further and efficient communication.

12. In-app Payment

Multiple payment transactions will take place; it is important to keep track of the user’s payment. To make a marketplace app like Dubizzle, you must get multiple payment gateways integrated into your app to ease users to make In-app payments.

13. Wishlist

Offering your users “Wishlist items” can be an applaudable feature to get from a trusted classified app development company. It will give them control to put goods on their Wishlist. So, they can keep eye on those items which are currently not required but can be bought in the future.

14. Social Media Integration

To be more visible and increase your brand presence, it is important to integrate social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other apps in your online classified marketplace so that your users can share products with friends and family on their social media pages and get reviews.

15. Reviews and Feedback

To build an application like Dubizzle, Reviews are important to understand more about your customer satisfaction. Reviews of products and services as well as for the app can improve the reach, and increase user engagement and downloads which is why reviews and feedback should keep coming.

16. Analytics and Reporting

Well there are already many classified apps that are working in the market that too with new mobile app development trends to stay ahead in the market. To stand out, it is required you to have a clear insight into your classified app with filtered data. This information can help you stay strong in the market and deliver according to your user expectation.

Process to Develop an App Like Dubizzle

Developing and making a successful app like Dubizzle requires you to have a complete understanding of what is Dubizzle app to its mobile app development process.

Dubizzle like app development process

This knowledge can be utilized by you will help you understand the progress of your app at each step.

  • Market Research
  • App Designing
  • App Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • App Launching
  • Support and Maintenance

1. Market Research

To get knowledge of your customers, you need to have a clear picture of them which is only possible through an extensive and in-depth market survey and research. With the study, you can know more about your targeted audience, their choice, and preferences. Before you decide to build your online classified app like Dubizzle, you need to know who is your targeted audience, their problems, and how your app can help them as well as whether you need to target a newer audience than your competitors or not.

2. App Designing

Designing your app is a crucial step toward the success of your app. It helps in increasing customer engagement in a way that helps to reach customers wherever they are. You can take help from the best designing software available in the market, from where you can pick one among numerous attractive templates. Since users are particular to choose about the app they want to use and if it’s not appealing enough for them, they easily leave it too. To keep users active on your app, you need to enhance their experience and develop & designing the app with the help of a mobile app development company who have a skilled and experienced designer, who can provide you guidance over various market trends that can help in your app growth.

3. App Development

Apps are a one-stop solution for users. From interacting with your business to increasing your brand presence all can be achieved by an app. Developing an app by taking android or iOS app development services from a well-known company can be the best way to communicate with your users. Your chosen company will work on the finest tech stack and trends that help your app with future aspects too. Considering that we must say that the best step for your business is to build Dubizzle-like Marketplace with ongoing trends and technologies that make noise once you publish it.

4. Quality Assurance

Once you get your app developed using the best mobile app tech stack, next you need to make sure the app is exactly what you projected it to be without any bugs and flaws. Quality assurance will assess all details of the project from unit testing, performance testing, usability, security testing, and many more. The application needs to be tested to catch any issue beforehand so that it can be fixed before the final release of the product.

5. App Launching

Now comes the final and foremost part of the process which is app launching. You will submit your app-on-app store for approval once the app store approves your app and it gets released, your work doesn’t end here. You need to keep your eyes on the users and their interaction with your app to know about their feedback which will surely help you in improving your app more. This is also the stage where you need to market your app and advertise it on social media platforms to make it reach more and more people.

6. Support and Maintenance

Right after the app launch next important step is app maintenance. It is needed for you to make every move to make progress and detect the status of your app. With the help of support and maintenance, you can fix bugs, or any other app issue to make sure it is working properly.

How An App like Dubizzle Earn Money?

If you are thinking to get Dubizzle clone app development but don’t know how the app makes money? Well, we will tell. Dubizzle is a popular classified platform that has made its name among users by providing that easy availability of items through their apps such as property, automobiles, and job and household items.

Dubizzle app monetization model

The platform earns through various means, including-

  • Advertising
  • Subscription Services
  • Transactions Fees
  • Partnerships

1. Advertising

Dubizzle earns profit through advertising. The platform displays various ads related to their search history and preferences when these users click on the ads the app makes money. You need to build an attractive app with the latest technology and get on-demand app development solutions to grow more and more users on the app.

2. Subscription Services

Another way the Dubizzle app earns money is through subscription services. This is available for businesses and individuals. For example- Businesses can pay extra to receive more features such as managing multiple accounts, showing their services at the top, or for job openings. Once you make a marketplace app like Dubizzle you can generate revenue by providing alluring and advanced features through subscription services.

3. Transactions Fees

Once the seller successfully sells an item and closes the listing. The app charges a particular percentage as a fee for the final sale price. The fee may differ relying on the category of the item being sold. By getting a classified marketplace app, you can also charge a small fee to the seller.

4. Partnerships

By building a good relationship with other companies, Dubizzle partners with them & generate third-party ads on their app. Once you launch A Dubizzle clone, you can also earn through partnerships such as associating with real-estate companies to help them offer various financing services, or as a real estate manager to manage properties.

In conclusion, Dubizzle earns pretty good revenue through various modes of earning such as premium listings, advertising, subscription services, transaction fees, and partnerships. Dubizzle Like Classified App can be the ideal solution to market valuable products and services to users as well as generate income. By offering numerous kinds of services, your platform can make a good profit as well as attract users.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop An App Like Dubizzle?

Dubizzle is a classified marketplace that has grown tremendously within a few years due to its numerous features. Estimating the cost to build a marketplace app like Dubizzle depends on several factors such as the features and functionalities you need in your app. The operating systems you want to target such as iOS, Android, or Web. Somewhere on average, the cost to make an app like Dubizzle is around $50,000 to $80,000.

But the cost may vary for various reasons such as the type of app you want to get

  1. The cost to develop a horizontal app with basic features is $25,000-$30,000.
  2. The cost to develop a horizontal app with extra features is $45,000-$50,000.
  3. The cost to develop Dubizzle vertical app with essential features is $8,000- $11,000.

Moreover, the support and maintenance including fixing bugs and updates can differ in the prices included. Therefore, it’s recommended to consult with an experienced and trusted company to get a better idea about the cost to get developed the Dubizzle app.

Why SemiDot Infotech is the best choice to develop an app classified app like Dubbizle?

 Getting the Dubizzle clone app is not an easy task, It surely requires expertise and experience to do so. SemiDot Infotech has more than a decade of experience in building top-notch solutions according to business requirements at the global level. We have a team of dedicated developers, designers, business analysts, marketers, and other IT experts to give life to your dream. We make sure to provide top mobile app development services to our clients and maintain trust & transparency by updating them about the progress timely.

Despite experience in creating the best solutions in the market, they have wide-ranging services and all in an affordable range. From ideation, designing, development, and launch, they bring up-to-date complete information and provide complete support & maintenance to their client.


To launch an app like Dubizzle, you need to have a proper in-depth knowledge of the market needs and recent trends. Dubizzle has made its name within a short period by providing a platform that caters to the need of users with a variety of products and services. Its easy-to-navigate and attractive user interface are some features that have to assist users in easily looking and finding what they are looking for.

The development process for an app like Dubizzle involves a variety of stages including market design, development, and testing which is why you are required to consult with an experienced company like SemiDot Infotech to get a responsive and scalable app that can handle large volumes of traffic and securely make payments.


Let’s get to know about some FAQs to understand the concept better.

  1. What is a classified marketplace app?

    The classified marketplace app is a platform that allows buying and selling of goods and services of various categories such as real estate, jobs, electronics, and more. The seller can post classified ads from which potential buyers contact to make a purchase or for any query. There are many famous classified marketplace apps such as Craiglist, Dubizzle, OLX, and more.

  2. How to make an app like Dubizzle?

    To make an app like Dubizzle, get a clear picture of the app’s features and design, choose a company, get build the front and back end, implement a verification system, incorporate a payment gateway, test the apps, and then publish the app.

  3. How much does it cost to make an app like Dubizzle?

    The cost to make a horizontal app from basic features to advanced features varies from $25,000 to $50,000. The cost to make a vertical app with basic features varies from $8,000 to $11,000. The cost may vary depending on the features and complexity of the project.

  4. How does Dubizzle app work?

    Dubizzle is a marketplace app that connects buyers and sellers. Once the user downloads the app, they can sign up and then scroll through various categories to buy or list as a seller. In case of any query, the user can contact the seller for further information. if everything goes right, the buyer & seller can meet to make payment and pick up the delivery.

  5. How to make money with an app like Dubizzle?

    To make money, several ways adopted Dubizzle including premium listings, advertising, subscription services, transaction fees and partnerships with third parties helped them earn a good amount of revenue.

  6. The Dubizzle app is so popular in Dubai because of its user-friendly interface & easy to use features that helps users to easily navigate through the app. It also provides wide-ranging categories such as automobiles, real estate, jobs, and others. Over time they have grasped the trust of the users and reliability by protecting them from any kind of fraud.

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