Marriage is a pure bond that keeps two souls attached forever. It is the belief on which we all are agreed upon. People become very selective when it comes to finding a partner for the wedding. Different people have different expectations for their future spouse and to fulfill all of that they take the help of matrimonial apps or websites. They think they can find a suitable mate there who can be as perfect as their thoughts are!!

Well, they are not at all wrong here as many of them went lucky and have found a true companion via these matrimonial platforms. In the present time, we can see that there are a lot of popular matrimonial apps and websites used by people to find their partners. Businesses still seem interested to invest in Matrimonial app development services and gain all the associated benefits to it. In the below article, we have brought a complete guide of the Matrimonial app development process, its estimated cost, and features along with the benefits to provide an advantage to the interesting ventures.

Introduction to Matrimonial App/Website

In layman’s words, it is a one-stop destination for those who are looking for a perfect partner as per their requirements. People must enroll themselves into the app or website by making an effective profile and then, can start the process of finding a partner. To get the specific and exact result, users can also apply filters or fill their requirements. There will appear results as per their preferences. Users can also explore more functions of the app, if they want.

Matrimonial apps include a wide range of people’s profiles who are finding a suitable match. They can send requests to each other by clicking on the “connect” button. Users also have the option to chat with the other person so that they can know them better before choosing them to marry.

Market Statistics and Growth of Matrimonial Apps/Websites

Time has changed and people are using Matrimonial apps and websites to search for a partner rather than applying old ways. At first, people didn’t believe in this concept, but now there is a huge demand for these matrimonial apps.

As per the current stats, the online matrimony market revenue is predicted with a high value in 2022 in comparison to the value in 2017. The market is forecasted at $0.26 billion in 2022 that is quite higher than $0.11 billion in 2017.

Source: Statista

These stats show that the matrimony business is growing at a fast speed in the present time, therefore it is expected that it will grab a large base of audiences in less time than expected. It is a perfect time for businesses to invest in this sector without thinking about the Matrimonial app development costThe investment from top-rated companies has seen evolving by 25 to 30% each passing year. Increasing penetration of mobile internet has been very helpful in this growth.

Benefits Offered by Matrimonial Mobile Apps/Websites

Not one, two, or three, there are a lot of benefits linked with the matrimonial apps or websites. These types of apps have lessened a load of people to find a partner as they can connect with hundreds or thousands of different people at a time. Along with providing several options as per your choice, it also improves the decision quality. Here are some of the benefits involved with matrimonial apps/websites-

  • People can apply filters to choose a suitable partner based on caste, religion, city, and many more.
  • It is a powerful source of advertising & marketing for businesses.
  • Confidentiality and high security are offered to the created profiles on the app.
  • An increased base of audiences can be gained in less time.
  • Users can filter the appropriate options among all the options as per their suitability.
  • Users can find their future partners by checking them on the parameters such as compatibility and similar mentality. If you are seeing someone good enough, you can go and check out their profile.

With the rise in the demand for mobile apps in the past few years, we can see significant growth in matrimonial app development services. Businesses prefer to hire a leading Matrimonial app development company to have a feature-rich platform for attracting users. Let’s check out some of the current popular matrimonial mobile apps below-

Top popular matrimonial apps and websites

Top Features of Matrimonial App/Website

Be it any company, a Matrimonial website development company, or an app development company that you picked to build a matrimonial platform must be experienced enough to know about the industry trends and provide an efficient app for you. They must include such salient features into the app that can bring a lot of traffic and earn high profit. Here are the needed core & advanced features-

User Panel

Users are those who are mainly responsible for the app revenue, they will come back to your app again and again if they find it interesting enough. It is your responsibility to provide them such features that can impress them and gain their loyalty. Have a look below-

  • Registration or Login

Like users, the admin must create a profile before using the app. At first, they get registered and then can log in to the app. If the admin wants to use the social media account, he can do it by linking it to the matrimonial app.

  • Creating Profile & Choose Preferences

Users must make an attractive profile including all the required information as people will approach them by visiting their profile. They should also put their preference for the future partner to get the best results. 

  • Checking Profiles

Users can search and visit profiles of other users as well; they can also put the filters on to search better. Although they can see anyone’s profile, still they need premium membership of the app to see some of the specific profiles.

  • Accept or Decline the Request

While searching, if the user likes someone’s profile, they can send the connect request to the other one. Now it depends on the other person if they want to accept the request or not.

  • In-built Chat

Integration of in-built chat can increase the cost to develop a matrimonial app like It helps the users to chat and know each other better. They can exchange texts with the person they liked or want to get married to.

  • Flexible Payment Options

To provide ease and convenience to users, the app provides multiple flexible payment gateways to users so that they can process the payment the way they want. These options are more secure and confidential.

If users are searching for partners and they find a match, they can also save it to see later. Users can also save their favorite profile among all. 

  • Real-time Notifications

If users have put across their preferences and choice in their profile, the app will send them notifications about their suitable match. Users also get alerts about coupon codes and profitable offers.

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Admin Panel 

Admin is the person who manages overall operations related to the app and monitors every activity occurred within the app. Businesses should hire mobile app developers who can integrate such features into the app that can make the process easier for them. Let’s get details of the provided features to the admin-

  • Registration or Login

Like users, the admin must create a profile before using the app. At first, they get registered and then can log in to the app. If the admin wants to use the social media account, he can do it by linking it to the matrimonial app.

  • Dashboard

Admin is given a dashboard from where he can manage all the activities on the app and can monitor the users. The dashboard involves the required features and their rights are owned by the admin.

  • User Profile Verification 

All the user’s profiles must be verified by the admin and if he finds anyone suspicious or doubtful, then the admin has the liberty to reject it. 

  • Rewards & Invites Management

Admin decides the users who deserve to get a reward or discount based on their regular activities on the app. This thing helps the app to maintain its customers for a long time. 

  • Handling the Membership Packages

App membership packages on a monthly or yearly basis are taken by the users, all are managed by the admin as he takes care of whose package is going to end, and hence, he suggests those users about new packages through emails or text.

  • Data Reports & Analytics

Reports related to the user’s profile, payments, app membership, and many more, all will be sent to the admin in the end. He has all the records of data & analytic that can use anywhere.

  • Notifications

Admin can send users custom notifications regarding the new deals, offers, or the perfect match for them.

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Advanced Panel

After having a look at the features of the user & admin panel, let’s get details about the advanced features that will help to make your app shine more among the competitors in the market. Select wisely as the integration of advanced features will bring a hike in the complete cost to develop an app like 

  • Real-time GPS Location

This feature enables users to find their perfect match nearby their area or their preferred locations, therefore, makes the user’s search easy. Users can also search for a partner in a particular city.

  • In-app Camera

It depends on users if they want to send their current or previous pictures to each other. They can use the in-app camera to click instant pictures and can upload them from their phone.

  • User Privacy & Block Feature

The app ensures to provide privacy to the app users, they can also block another user or their activities, if they want to. It will help them to prevent unnecessary disturbance.

  • Biodata Creation

Sometimes, users don’t have any idea about how to create a biodata for marriage. The app helps them to generate it, users must enter their details only and the app will make well-structured data for them but the integration of this feature will fluctuate the mobile app development cost.

  • Third-party Integration 

If the app comprises any third-party integration such as multiple payment methods with multi-currency support, in-app chat, or any other thing, it will give your app a competitive advantage. 

  • Document Scanner

It provides users an extra benefit that users can easily scan their essential documents such as Horoscope, Kundali, biodata, and others to send to the other party. It will add extra value to the matrimony app.

  • CRM Integration

Taking care of customer’s needs should be the first thing for any business as delivering them the best results will keep them loyal to your app. An efficient CRM will help in things like customer data collection, multichannel marketing, data analytics, etc.

Monetization Strategies for Matrimony App or Website

Whether it is Matrimony app development cost or Matrimony website development cost, every business person wants to know about them. But the other thing they all are interested to know is monetization opportunities offered by these matrimonial mobile apps. Let’s dive into details-

1. App Membership

On the matrimony app, if a user wants to have the best results and only genuine ones after filtering all the results, then he can take the paid subscription. Although, it is a common technique but the most used one as well. This way, businesses can earn money and have steady growth in high revenue.

2. Wedding Vendor Promotion

What else can be better than promoting wedding vendors on a matrimony site? Apps and websites can get a good amount of fee by listing vendors like wedding decorators, wedding invitation firms, caterers, and more. It works in both ways; vendors get business and it keeps users engaged as well.

3. Business Ads

The app can display advertisements of other businesses also to get extra revenue. App owners can permit other products and services to promote their selves as it is a well-known tactic that guarantees benefits to your business. 

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Considerable Things to Create a Matrimonial App or Website

As an entrepreneur, if you are still in dilemma how to create an efficient matrimonial mobile app or website? Look at these below steps to know about it in-depth. The app development process depends upon varied factors that affect the cost of matrimony iOS and Android app development services

Below, we have discussed some of the accountable stages for matrimonial mobile app development, check them out-

1. Selecting the Right Platform

If you want a mobile app, then you must choose between the Android and iOS platforms. If you want a larger users base, you can have cross-platform app development services compatible with both platforms. Businesses who want a matrimonial website should ask for making it well-functioned & responsive with all the different devices and browsers. 

2. Platform Designing

Whether it is an on-demand matrimonial app or website, both need to look attractive and eye-catching to users. Matrimony website design cost is not higher than app design cost, hence businesses can get a striking design in their budget. An impressive UI/UX app design will help you to get a wide range of audience base. Just pick the amazing features & functionalities with the wonderful design for the matrimonial platform.

3. List of Features

Specific features & functionalities in the matrimonial platforms are responsible for the app size as well as increasing the overall development budget. Businesses must choose these aspects very carefully in matrimony app or website development.

4. Experience & Location of Developers

Experience brings expertise, one must choose a leading development firm to have web, Android, or iOS app development services. While hiring skilled and dedicated specialists, consider their geographical location as well. It will impact the overall development cost.

5. Third-party API Integration Services

Integrating third-party APIs like payment gateways, in-app chat, or others should be smooth and work hassle-free. These offers bring unexpected benefits to the business. 

Preferred Team Structure and Tech Stack

With the right technology stack and skilled team of developers who have all the knowledge about industry trends, it is much easier to develop a matrimonial platform. You need a suitable team of expert members to transform your thoughts and ideas into reality. Let’s have a look at the perfect team of required members below-

  • Project Manager
  • Team of Business Analysts
  • Front-end Developers- UI/UX developers, Angular JS developers
  • Back-end Developers- Developers of PHP, NodeJS, .Net
  • Android, iOS & Web Development Experts
  • QA Engineers 

An appropriate set of advanced technologies is the next important factor after the team structure that helps to determine the complete cost to develop a matrimonial website like or even, an app like Let’s get details-

  • Push Notifications–, Twilio
  • Database– Hbase, MongoDB, Postgress, Cassandra, MailChimp Integration
  • Realtime Analytics– Spark, Hadoop, Apache Flink, BigData, IBM, Cisco
  • Cloud Environment– Google, AWS, Azure
  • Payment Services– Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Netbanking, eWallets
  • Voice, SMS, and Phone Verification services– Twilio, Nexmo
  • Back-end Technologies– JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Cost to Develop a Matrimonial App or Website like

We have gone through all the required aspects of developing a matrimonial platform. Now, it is clear enough that the general matrimonial app development cost or website development cost depends on the different requirements of the business. Following are some of the factors that can affect the general cost of the matrimonial platform-

  • Choosing the Platform (Android, iOS, or Web)
  • Platform UI/UX Design
  • Preferred Features & Functionalities 
  • Team Members 
  • Required Technologies 
  • Developer’s Location

Considering these factors, we can estimate that the cost to develop a matrimonial app like would be around $15,000 to $25,000 with all the required features. Also, the cost to develop a website like would be the same, now it depends upon your needs, what you want?

Apart from these, if you want to have a mobile app compatible with the iOS and Android platforms comprising all the required features, then it might cost you a little bit higher in comparison to the estimated cost. You can also start with having an MVP version with less cost to see the review of your target audiences, then you can improve it as per the feedback of users to maximize the revenue.

Bottom Line

Among all the massive number of opportunities to evolve and expand, businesses are still picking the matrimonial app development services as it is rising as a promising sector. In this era of digitization, it is essential to pick the right & lucrative industry for investment. Keep in your mind that you must hire app developers who are proficient as well as skilled in creating the best mobile app development solutions.

Above we have mentioned in detail the matrimonial app or website development cost & essential features but we would suggest you have the mobile app development service rather than developing a website by looking at people’s preferences at this time. Nowadays, when people consider social distancing while tying the wedding knot, what else can be better than providing a suitable matrimony app to them to find matches by sitting at home? Hurry up and grab this opportunity before any other business has it!

In this reference, if you are looking for a leading matrimonial app development company with experienced app developers, SemiDot Infotech would be a perfect match for you. Here, you will get the assistance of skilled professionals that will help you to get a suitable solution to reach your goal.

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