Let’s have a look around and see how the world has been changed? Remember when we use to run to libraries or pull out the books from shelves to get answers to any question? But the current time is to go digital and find out all the solutions via using the internet.

At first, people used to look out for Wikipedia to get the answers but now, they have found a new question-and-answer (Q&A) platform called ‘Quora’. It has become a new favorite way for internet users to get their queries solved. Let’s take a deep dig through this complete guide about Quora like app development process, involved costs & features-

What is Quora?

Quora is a famous question & answer application that facilitates users to have the answers to any query along with asking, editing, & sharing them into multiple groups. It comprises a large ocean of enriched data on different topics and fields while managing each query efficiently. It also has multiple spaces related to different industries where people with similar interests can share their experiences.

In simple words, it is a web platform where any user can ask questions and can write answers to the questions asked by other people. Additionally, it has a goal of sharing the required knowledge or information along with the source link so that users can get reliable data for their immediate requests.

The popularity of Quora is increasing day by day due to its relevancy to the answer and immaculate quality of user-generated content. Now, many entrepreneurs are looking to have Quora app development solutions by looking at the benefits.

How to Use Quora App?

  • People must sign-up or log in first to use the app through their email or phone number. 
  • Users can make a profile on the app and manage it properly by putting up their details. 
  • They can ask any questions by posting it on the feed and then, it will be visible to other app users who are searching for something similar to that context. 
  • If the app users want to have the answer to any of their questions, they can search about it in the search bar and the app will show them relevant answers. 
  • Users can also join multiple groups called ‘spaces’ related to their fields. To get their posts published in these spaces, they must get approval from the admin.
  • By posting an answer, users can get views and upvotes on it. They can share this answer with the spaces they have joined.

How Quora Clone App Development is Profitable for Businesses?

Some numerous sources and statistics show the fast growth of the Quora app in the market. This app got immense popularity in a few months after releasing as the developers of this platform created content themselves for Quora. Following data analytics & user statistics are collected from foundationinc that will help you to get a meticulous understanding about it.

It will show you if you invest to develop an app similar to Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, StackOverflow, Research Gate, etc., there are several benefits you can get along with maximizing the revenue.

  • Despite the huge user base, Quora has been reached 300 million monthly active users in 2018 that is higher than the 200 million recorded in 2017. Have a look at the below graph displaying the growth of Quora between December 2015 to September 2018. 
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Source: foundationinc.co
  • As per Alexa.com, 35% population of America use the platform Quora. It refers to the opportunity that businesses can present their services and products to over a third part of the Americans. 

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  • As per Alexa.com, around 63% of visits to the Quora platform come from online search engines like Google. It reflects that people who are searching for answers on Google see Quora in the top searches. If your answer has good information, it can appear in Google results. 
  • Nowadays, people spend most of their time on the internet by scrolling various social media platforms including Quora, Instagram, Facebook, etc. According to the reports, people spend 4:11 minutes on Quora. 
  • Talking about the young population, there are 32.5% of the user on Quora are of the age group between 25 to 34 years. It is the second-largest group that are preferring Quora. 

Top Most Used Q&A Apps in the Market

Not only Quora but several Quora-like applications are ruling the people’s hearts for so long. Do you know about them? Let’s have a look below-

Essential Features to Comprise in Quora Like Mobile App

Let us introduce you to some of the core and advanced features that can be added to the Quora app. Choose carefully as it will directly impact the cost to develop a platform like Quora, Answer.com, Ask.com, WiKiHow, Reddit, etc. Following is the set of features to contemplate for the Quora app-

User Panel

Here are the features to consider for the user panel of the Quora application. Have a look-

  • Sign-up or Login

To explore the app to a great extent and create a profile, people must need to sign-up for the app. They can do it via entering their email and password or by linking it via any other social media account such as Google, Facebook, etc. After sign-up, users can create their profile on the app by putting up the display picture and other details.

  • Dashboard

This feature will help the app users if they want to make necessary changes to their profile such as details, messages, given answers, etc. Users can also view their previous interactions on Quora. 

It is the basic feature you can add without much affecting the cost of mobile app development. This feature facilitates the users to search about any other user, famous personality, topics as per their interest, question, a certain idiom, etc. 

  • Follow Users or Other Topics

‘Follow’ feature enables the users to get every update or follow other users they find interesting. Users can also follow the topics of their choice or any subject that was written by a specific person so that they can find out the answers to all their questions. 

  • Home Feed 

‘Home feed’ facilitates users to view all the relevant things in one place. It provides an inscribed view by displaying all kinds of questions & answers and posts of users relevant to the user’s search.

  • Put Up the Questions

It is why Quora is famous? Users can ask whatever questions they want by posting them on the feed. They can also request other users to answer these questions. It is the main feature to add while developing an app like Quora with the help of social media app developers.

  • Provide Answers

Through this, users can add answers or can reply to a question asked by another user. Here users can also provide answers to the questions they found while scrolling their feed or using the search feature.

  • Editing the Questions & Answers

Quora platform provides users the alternative to edit their written questions and answers. This feature is beneficial for increasing the visibility of the content on the Quora platform as it helps the app users to update the content with time. 

  • Upvote, Comment & Share

It works the same as the like, comment, and share buttons on other social media sites. Users can upvote an answer if they found it beneficial, or they can drop a comment if they want other users to know something relevant to that answer or can share that answer to other social platforms.

  • Hide the Identity

It is an optional and less-used feature in the Quora app. It helps to hide the identity of the user and keep his/her anonymous while responding to an answer. If you want it, you can ask your chosen mobile app development company to add this feature to your application.

  • Push Notifications

This feature is mandatory to notify the app users about anything relevant to them. It helps to attract, connect, and keep the users to the app. It can be anything like alerting them about new visitors, requested questions, followers, upvotes & comments, etc. 

  • Data Analytics & Stats

Social media app development is not only about creating an app but also providing users the facility to analyze the performance of their profile from time to time via examining the stats & analytics. They can have proper details about the upvotes and comments they are getting on weekly, monthly, or yearly. Users must do it as they can have their marketing plans based on it to get quality results.

Admin Panel 

While taking Quora clone app development services, make sure the admin panel has effective features so that he/she can manage all the app users easily. Get to know about them below-

  • User Management 

While managing the users, and targeted audience base, the admin also takes care of tactics and strategies applied in the market to bring profits.

  • Ads Management 

Ad management is helpful for admin while handling the in-app advertisements. It attracts a large number of audiences with different interests to the app. 

  • Posts Management 

All the posts including questions, answers, and topics put by the app users are handled by the admin via this feature. He/she has the responsibility to have only a related post with clear reflectivity & communication that has better marketing and results.

  • Notification Management 

All the notifications and alerts sent to the app users are planned by the admin as he/she perfectly knows how to use this feature while scheduling the retaining approach in a non-interrupting way. 

  • Filter 

This feature is much beneficial for admins in order to filter out the most suitable topics to attract more users. This way, they can find out the impartial and sensible topics as well. 

  • Analyzing the Stats 

How the app is going, its performance in the last week, month, or year, etc. are important to acknowledge by the admin. Real-time data and complete insights are a way to show how the content and applied marketing strategies are performing. It will help to plan the appropriate strategy for user engagement in the future. 

Advanced Features

Despite the core features for the user and admin panel, there is a need to integrate some advanced features as well to make the app worth using. However, it will directly affect the question-answer app development costKnow about them below-

  • Cloud Storage Integration 

User data security and integrity is the demand of today’s time. Hence, you need to take assistance from a top rated software development company to get this feature as it provides secure cloud storage to collect the information or data across the app. 

  • CMS Integration 

There is nothing better than comprising a content management system (CMS) within your app. Question-answer apps are already based upon the content and these can properly manage the whole content with the help of this system. 

  • PWA, APP, & Website

Developing your app in a way that users with any of the devices can use it efficiently would be an ideal option. Create a platform like Quora in the form of PWAs, websites, & mobile applications so that users can access it by using desktop, PCs, laptops, or mobile phones, etc.

Different Ways to Manage the Q&A Website or Application

Before thinking about the development process or cost to develop a website like Quora or an app like Quora, you must think about how you will manage a question & answer platform. The success of an app fully depends upon the management, that’s why here we have brought some of the great approaches for managing the Quora like app or website-

1. User Engagement 

Getting a huge Audience or user engagement is the key to making your app successful. Although, you must apply different strategies to turn the visitors into users, and providing good content is one of those ways. Here are more-

  • Quora provides easy search to users as it has its own search engine to simplify the search process.
  • Via observing the user’s interest in answers and topics, Quora recommends them content such as questions and answers. It shows the answers with high upvotes first to provide the best answer to the user.
  • With the purpose to deliver high-quality content to valuable audiences, Quora provides suggestions to the users about their content. However, users have the option to accept or reject those hints. It also has an option to report the answer that is spam or incorrect.
  • Quora users can invite their other friends as well to join the platform by seeing contact suggestions. 
  • The platform has a multi-language feature that makes it flexible for users from different regions. It includes languages such as Hindi, German, English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and many others. 
  • Quora has multiple programs for quality writers, and it also provides a badge ‘Top Writer’ and some gifts to the best writer. It is a way to encourage the writer’s community and keep them for long along with gaining better ROI. 

2. Content Relevancy 

If users get relevant content, it will not just only lower their efforts but also bring back them to the platform in less time. Next time, they will prefer your platform to search anything for sure. Another way to retain the users is to organize the content properly.

It refers to that you must put the most relevant content on the top so that users don’t miss anything essential. This way, the Q&A platform will get more traffic through referrals and shares. 

3. Emails or Newsletters 

It is Quora’s strategy that once a week, it sends a letter to every user including the topics of interest and preferable questions. The app can also notify the users via emails inserting the links of the related questions. If there is a mobile app, then these emails can be replaced with real-time notifications to update the users instantly. 

Monetization Model Applied by Question & Answer Platform

Although it is necessary to control the cost to develop Quora like a website or an app, still there are some monetization techniques as well that will help you to bear the overall cost. Have a look below-  

1. In-App Advertisements 

It is the most used monetizing strategy by applications and websites. In this, platforms provide relevant advertisements on their app that are visible to users and users can go to that site by clicking on the link. On the other hand, this platform only supports good answers but not sponsored content. 

2. Paid Premium Features 

The platform can offer users some of the additional features that they have to purchase by spending money. These features can be anything despite the already included features of the app. This way, businesses can earn high revenue easily.      

3. Google AdSense

There are two tools for advertisement provided by Google- ads and AdSense. With Google AdSense, businesses can place ads on the Q&A platform and get paid through them. It is the most profitable way for them. In this, when a user clicks on the Ad, Quora gets profit. 

4. Donation from Users

This monetization technique is mostly used by Wikipedia. In this, the platform can request money from users to aid the project while providing them the quality content. The platform must provide multiple payment gateway integrations in this process.

Required Team Structure & Tech Stack

When it is about“how to develop a platform like Quora”,there are multiple things to consider. Team structure and technology stack both are the most important aspects in the development process and deciding the question-answer website development cost or app development cost. 

  • Team Structure

The development team must include the associated composition of committed professionals who are willing to work hard and strive to deliver the better results as desired:

  • Project or Business Manager
  • UI/UX Designers
  • iOS or Android Developers
  • Backend Developers 
  • QA Testers
  • Technology Stack

Integrating the right kind of technology stack is necessary to create a quality app that can give tough competition to its rivals. See what a proper tech stack is to include-

  • Utilities– SendGrid, Google Analytics, Zepto, Amazon Route 53
  • Application & Data– MySQL, Nginx, Python, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon SQS, Memcached, Amazon EBS, Zepto
  • Business Tools– Zendesk, G Suite, HipChat, Asana, AnyPerk
  • Programming Languages– Python, Java, Kotlin, C#, C++ 

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App like Quora?

There are a lot of aspects that must be deemed at the time of deciding the cost to develop a Quora-like app. These aspects include app development timeframe, team structure, list of features, app complexity, tech stack, location & experience of the chosen firm, etc. Considering all these aspects, the overall cost to develop an app like Quora will be around $15,000 to $30,000. This estimate comprises both Android and iOS versions including designing and backend processes.

Final Words

Quora provides a better vision and understanding of one’s perspective while facilitating them with the best search results and excerpt information in a comprehensive manner in comparison to any other platform. However, in recent times, several community-based question & answer platforms have come into the knowledge of people, but no platform allows users to pose their information requirement in the form of questions and acquire the answers from the app users only. Above, we have pinpointed everything that you need to know while developing a Quora-like app or knowing the cost to develop a Quora-like website.

If you are looking around to go for a trustworthy website development company to develop a Quora-like website or mobile app, SemiDot Infotech is just here to assist you anytime. Our company has expert developers and designers who have skills and years of experience in developing complex apps and websites, therefore you can trust us to have a quality solution. Come to us with your business idea and we will do the best for you!

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