“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, a popular quote that we all have heard in our childhood but not given much heed. However, the times have changed. With the kind of lifestyle that everyone is leading staying healthy and fit is really important. Now, everyone equally focuses on their health and likes to exercise or engage in some physical activity, especially Millennials. They are too much into fitness.

However, with the growing popularity of smartphones and mobile apps, the idea of health and fitness has changed drastically. There are many health and fitness apps available that people use to keep a track of their fitness. Apps like Curefit, FitBit, Sworkit, My Fitness Pal, etc. are quite popular. The main reason why people love such apps is that they help them stay healthy that too without going anywhere. The growing popularity of these apps has also increased the demand for a proficient fitness app development company in the market. So, if you are also looking to invest in such a solution, you are at the right spot.

In this blog, we are going to talk about everything that is required for you to know about how to get a fitness app developed and how much does it cost to develop a fitness app including the prominent features to include in it.

What Do you Understand by Fitness Mobile Apps?

Fitness apps are referred to small and specialized programs or apps designed to help people to be fit and healthy. These can be installed onto mobile phones including tablets, PC, etc. These apps are specifically created to assist fitness freaks and enthusiasts with different types of exercises, physical training, workout sessions, yoga & meditation programs, and nutrition & diet plans. These fitness apps are just a part of a large group known as health apps. These apps are helpful for users to continue their fitness training even while being at home. If you want to know how to create a fitness app, continue to scroll through the article-

Health and Fitness App Statistics

According to the data shared by Statistics in the year 2019, approx. 68.7 million smartphone users available in the US use at least one health and fitness app once a month. These reports also suggest that this number is forecasted to grow to 86.3 million users by the year 2022. Talking about the global usage of health and fitness apps, it is seen that such apps have been downloaded 593 million times in the first quarter of the last year, i.e., 2020.

Talking about the popular apps among the users, Fitbit ranked the carts in 2018. Around 27.4 million unique users were found using this app followed by MyFitnessPal with 19.1 million users. With the growing popularity of wearable devices and smartphones, the demand for health and fitness app developers has tremendously increased.

Types of Health and Fitness Apps

Before investing in any app development solution, it is always better to understand the market and what types of apps are available there. Not every app can be a success and hence, studying what exactly your user wants is a great strategy, to begin with. 

Investing in a health and fitness solution also requires some research. There are various types of healthcare apps available and understanding your type is very important. Here are a few types of healthcare and fitness apps that you can go for:

1. Daily Activity Tracking Apps

Daily Activity Tracking Apps are highly popular among users these days. Apps like Steps Counter, Google Fits, etc. are some popular apps that fall under this category. Daily activity tracking apps are the ones that allow users to track and keep a record of everything that they do in a day like the number of steps walked, kilometers ran, calories burned, etc.

These apps work on the principle of motion sensors of the phone used by users. Using these apps, users can easily set their personalized goals. If you are planning to invest in such apps, you must launch them on both Android and iOS devices, and for that, you need to opt for professional Android and iOS app development services.

2. Dietary Apps

Fitness can be achieved by eating healthily but how to measure what to eat and how much to eat. To help users achieve their fitness goals, there are many dietary apps available in the market. These types of apps are highly popular among users looking to get fit and healthy. Calorie Counter is one such example of a dietary app that thousands of users use to keep a track of their calorie intake and stick to their diets.  These apps help users in calculating and managing what they eat and also helps them prepare special meal plans to achieve their fitness aims.

3. Workout Apps

With the kind of lifestyle, we all lead these days, it is quite difficult to take out time and go to the gym. However, people, these days are quite fascinated and also determined to follow their fitness regime. And this is where workout apps like Curefit step in. Using workout apps people can plan their fitness regime and choose the exercises based on their goals.

These apps act just like personal trainers where users can choose the type of workout from too many available there. The demand for such apps is quite high these days and if you want to invest in a revenue-generating solution like this, all you need to hire fitness app developers that can understand your requirements and develop advanced workout apps.

4. Yoga Apps

As we say old is gold, yoga is the oldest form of workout, and many people to date prefer doing yoga rather than doing rigorous workout sessions. And to help users in their mission there are too many yoga apps available in the market that not only let you create your goal but also assist in the postures, diet, flexibility, and a lot more.

These are a few popular types of health and fitness apps that are available in the market and based on what you want to get into and the market demand, you can choose any one of them or the mix of some of these types of apps as your business plan. Now let’s move on to the cost and features of developing a fitness app.

Top Fitness Applications to Look at in 2022

While thinking about how to create a fitness app, you must keep in mind that there are already various existing fitness apps in the market that appeared to be tough competitors for your recently entered app. If you are planning to outshine them, then you must get proper knowledge first. They are the following-

Top Fitness Applications

Prominent Features to Include in a Fitness App

While getting any app developed one of the main things to focus upon is the features to include. Health and fitness apps are too much in demand but also there is high competition in such apps as there are too many of them available both on Google Play Store and Apple Store. And hence, you must choose the feature wisely and try to include everything that a user might require while using the apps.

Here are a few features that are a must-have if you are planning for health and fitness app development. However, to make the app simple and easy to use, we have divided these features into three panels:

User Panel

Fitness app user panel

Get an understanding of essential features to add to the user panel in a fitness mobile app like MyFitnessPal. It must include-

  • Easy Registration Using Email: Users can sign up for the fitness app via their email, phone number, or social media accounts. They must provide their details such as name, age, gender, height, weight, medical history, etc. to create an app profile.
  • Social Media Integration: Via this feature, users will be able to share their workout achievements and goals with their followers and friends on social media platforms. It will also expand the app’s online search.
  • Live Chat Sessions With Trainers: Beginners can get benefitted from this feature as they will get guidance from the experts via live video tutorials.
  • Select The Workout Plan: Users can choose a suitable workout and meal plan as per their body and targets.
  • Choose The Trainer: There must be several options to choose the trainer for users according to their budget, requirement, and personalized targets.
  • Set Reminders For Sessions: In case users forget about their session timing, this feature helps to remind them about it.
  • Maintain Records: The app must allow users to keep records of their previous plans, sessions, meals, etc. they have taken for future reference.
  • Simple Subscription: If users want to unlock the advanced features of the app, they must subscribe to the app by paying specific fees.
  • Many Payments Modes: There should be integrated multiple payment modes to provide users ease when it comes to paying for app subscriptions, trainers’ fees, etc.
  • Helpful Filters: This feature will let the users find appropriate meal plans, workout sessions, and trainers by applying filters about budget, timing, medical details, requirement, etc.
  • Rate Trainer’s Option: When users have chosen personalized trainers, they can provide a review about them whether they had a good experience or not.
  • Buy Merchandise: The app must show users relevant advertisements so that users can buy the products they want.
  • Diet Plans: Users can get the meal and diet plans as per their body goals and target including weight gain or loss.

Trainer Panel

Fitness App Trainer Panel

Read out what are the features to comprise for trainer panel into a fitness mobile app. Check out them-

  • Plan Workout Sessions: Trainers can plan or schedule their workout sessions according to their availability and suitability.
  • Management Of Trainees: This feature help trainers to manage all their trainees, their payments, workout & meal plans, etc.
  • Design Diet Plans: Trainers must plan different meal plans for different trainees as per their requirements.
  • Upload Diet Plans: Creating diet plans is not enough, trainers must upload them for the users. They can take the help of this feature.   
  • Manage Attendance: This feature is advantageous to keep track of the presence of trainees during workout sessions.
  • Live Chat: Trainers can contact learners via live chat or message while taking sessions. 
  • Video-Chats: Trainers have the option to video chat with the trainees while providing them with training or workout sessions.
  • Set Reminders: This feature enables trainers to save all their meetings, workout programs, and classes to get a reminder about them at the exact time.
  • Easy To Use Interface: The app should have easy navigation so that it would be simple for trainers to use the application.

Admin Panel

Fitness App Admin Panel

To control and manage the app activities, the admin panel must have these features mentioned below-

  • Managing Trainers: Admin manages all the trainers or app users including their verification on the fitness app. 
  • Managing Trainees: This feature helps the admin to keep track of individuals who use the app to get training and workout programs.
  • Managing Promotions: It includes the addition of cashback, coupons loyalty programs, and referral programs by the admin.   
  • Managing Reports: Admin manages all the data analytics, statistics, & reports to manage business reports and measure the progress.
  • Adding/Restricting Features: Admin can remove or add any features into the app according to the requirement.
  • Push Notification: To update app users about any kind of exclusive promos, discounts, coupons, deals, workout sessions, etc., the admin can send them notifications.
  • Managing User Subscriptions: This feature helps to maintain the record of subscribed users on the app including the date when their subscription ends.
  • Manage The Merchandise Store: It helps to keep track of merchandise stores associated with the application.

These were just the basic features that one must have, however, apart from them there are a few advanced features that you may ask the company offering mobile application development services to include in your health and fitness app.

Advanced Features

After discussing the core features of different panels in a Fitness app, it is time to know about the advanced features. It depends on you whether you want to have them or not. It is the main point of concern when it comes to ‘how much does it cost to create a fitness app’. You can decide after reading about them. Let’s scroll-

  • Easy Login

One of the most important features that users look for in any app is the simple and easy process for registration. Apart from going with email signup, you must also plan to include social media integration so that users can easily use the app.

  • Detailed Information

No one likes to add the information again and again and while using any health and fitness app, recording personal information is important. Hence, you must include a feature where users and even trainers can add detailed information about them. Detailed information of a user helps keep a track of their weight, height, fitness goal, etc., while the information of a trainer helps the user to find the best match for themselves.

  • Push Notifications

Another important feature that cannot be ignored is, push notification. Push notifications help users to stay motivated during their fitness game. With the busy schedule, people often forget to workout and often miss their sessions. Push notifications are a great way to remind people of their sessions, diet plans, water intake, and a lot more. However, not all users like too many notifications at a time, and hence, users must be given the option to opt for these notifications.

  • API Integration

Whether you are going for iOS or Android app development solutions, API integration is a must. Third-party APIs like social media integration, multiple payments integration, etc., make your app simple and easy to use.

  • Integrating Latest Technologies

To make your app stand out from the crowd, you have to do something different that no other app has. Integrating the latest technologies to make the app easy and helpful is important. Technologies like AR, VR, AI, Chatbots, etc., not only make your app advanced but also popular among the users. These technologies make the fitness app more interactive and fun to use.

  • Creating Goals

Every user that is on the app has a different purpose for using it. Not everyone aims for the same goal. If you are planning to invest in some daily activity tracker or dietary apps, you must allow users to create different goals per their requirements. You must hire app developers that are both skilled and experienced in creating such apps. If you allow users to personalize the app, the chances of them using it increases.

  • Wearable Device Compatibility

There is a huge demand for wearable devices in the market. People who love to train on the go prefer using wearable devices to track their fitness levels. Fitbit is a popular brand that has launched its fitness bands that help users to track their activity via a watch. And hence, while launching your app, you must ensure that they are compatible with multiple wearable devices available in the market.

  • In-App Chats and Calls

In-app chatting and video-calling feature is a great option to offer. Using this feature, users can easily connect with their trainers and solve their doubts as and when needed.

  • Cloud-based Apps

Data storage is the biggest problem these days and to avoid it, you must opt for cloud storage. There are various types of cloud storage provides available in the market and based on your requirements you can go with any of them.

Monetization Model: How to Make Money from Fitness Apps?

Fitness App Monetization Model

Enterprises always look for minimum fitness app development costs along with maximum profit out of the solution. Though the cost can be maintained via having only the required functionalities but to maximize the revenue, they must adopt some effective strategies. Read about them here:

  • In-App Advertising

This revenue stream is the most useful and accepted by businesses to earn money. In this, they can show the advertisement of some other businesses or products on their app. In exchange for showing ads, businesses charge a specific amount from the other party.

  • In-App Purchases

This money-making strategy is one of the effective ways to cover the average fitness app cost. The app can show relevant products, workout programs, training videos, guides, lessons, advanced features, etc. so that users can buy them, and businesses will get profit from it. This way, ventures can keep their app free to get a new user base as well.    

Many fitness apps are available free to download by users, but they come with limited features and functionalities for a specific time. When users get paid subscriptions or upgrade to the pro version, they unleash some advanced features of the app. It provides huge benefits to the app owners and hence, it is worth the investment.   

How to Develop a Fitness App?

Process to Develop a Fitness App

When enterprises step up for fitness app development, they must get a complete understanding of how to create a fitness app. There should be a step-by-step development process to follow in order to build a high-performing app. Have a look at these steps:

  • Conduct Market Analysis & Research

In this first step, it is necessary to know the requirements of clients for their business. It will also include the app’s purpose; hence business analysts will conduct meetings with the app owner to know the app details and their vision. There will be paid full attention to the market research and app goal including details about competitors, target audiences, required features, monetization strategies, and more. Many businesses have a concern about the question ‘how much does it cost to build a fitness app’, they can also determine the overall app cost based on the research.    

  • App Wireframing & Prototyping  

App wireframing refers to a schematic representation of how the app is going to work in the future. This sketch will only include links, buttons, forms, etc. If wireframes get approved by the client, then the fitness app designers will work on the app prototype which is a preliminary visualization representing how the app will look and feel. It will also provide an idea of how the app users will react to the overall UI/UX design.  

  • Mobile App Design

Mobile app design is the crucial step of the mobile app development process. If the design of your app is not good enough, there are high chances of app failure. A good mobile app design attracts 23% more users than an averagely designed app and hence, more and more mobile app development companies invest a good amount of time in app design. Talking about the total time and investment, to design a mobile app nearly 15% to 40% of the total budget goes. This percentage is dependent on the design elements you chose. If you chose to go with a complex design with high animations the price will be more.

  • Mobile App Development

Now that the design of an app is done, the next step is to bring the idea into functionality. The major amount that one has to spend on health and fitness app development goes into this process. Here the health and fitness developers that you have hired, work on both the front-end and back-end of the app making it both look beautiful and fully functional. Approximately, 40-60% of the total fitness app cost will be used here depending on the consumed time.

  • App Testing

Testing an app is equally important as the design and development. If the app developed is not tested well for bugs and errors before the launch, it might turn into a disaster and all your efforts may go in vain. A good workout app development company always keeps somewhere around 20% to 30% of the total budget for the testing process. Here quality analysts and testers use the best methods to check the app functionality right from the design to speed and performance.

  • App Maintenance

It is always advisable to keep some amount reserved for app maintenance and update. Over time there are too many changes that are needed to be done in an app and for that, you will need to allocate some budget. Nearly 15-20% of the total budget must be allocated for version control and app maintenance.

Technology Stack for Health and Fitness Apps

Now that we have seen the feature, let us move on to see the technology stack used by a proficient fitness app development company to create a scalable and feature-rich fitness app.

  • Front-end development: HTML, CSS, AngularJS, JavaScript
  • Web App: Vue.js
  • Android app development: Kotlin
  • iOS app development: Swift, Objective-C
  • Back-end Development: Ruby, PHP, Python, Phoenix
  • API Integration: RunScope
  • GPS: Core Location, Google Location API, Google Maps Android IP, MapKit
  • Push Notifications: Twilio, Google Cloud Messaging, Apple Push
  • Payment Integration: PayPal’s SDK, Stripe, Apple Pay

How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Fitness App?

Now when you are aware of everything that is required to create a scalable and robust health and fitness app, you might be thinking of the cost to make a fitness app. However, the cost to create a fitness app is not fixed. The overall Fitness app development cost is dependent on various factors like:

  • App Type
  • App Platform
  • Technologies used
  • Team Structure
  • Location of app development
  • Hiring Model
  • Time Required
  • Hourly rate of the developers

So, considering all the factors mentioned, the cost to develop a fitness app will be around $10,000 to $15,000 with the basic functionality. However, if you are looking to get an advanced solution developed, the cost to develop a fitness app may go somewhere near $20,000 to $30,000 with above based features & functionalities included.

Final Words

Now, when you are aware of the Fitness tracker app development process and how much does it cost to make a fitness app, it is the right time to adopt the trend and step into the industry. Seeing the current trend and craze for fitness, investing in a health and fitness app development solution is a great option. Especially after this pandemic, more and more people realized the worth of being healthy and fit.

There are already too many apps available in this sector, but there is always room for the best. This is just the right time to invest in a solution like this, and for that, all you need is a professional team of health and fitness app developers that can help you in turning your app idea into reality.

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