One morning you wake up & all of a sudden when you open your social media app, you find out that your account has been hacked! You are unable to access the data, photos, videos, chats, and everything.

And that is exactly the point, where you remember you have even shared so many personal details using this platform. But now what? What action will you take- write a mail to the app support team OR would not install any social media app from now?

Even after hours of thinking, you might not think of what can be done for the loss.

But, big thanks to the MeWe Like apps and social media platform development companies that bring you such apps that never compromise the privacy of their users.

This article aims to help businesses know how to develop an app like MeWe, its features, cost of development, the reason behind its popularity, business model, development process, and what benefits businesses can attain by having a social media app like MeWe. So, let’s begin with:

Reasons to Develop a Social Networking App like MeWe

Why to Develop MeWe

In this virtual world where people are more connected on social media apps rather than in person, the demand for such platforms and mobile app development services is rapidly increasing. These applications are connecting users across the globe. WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the leading platforms that have an extended user base. But with certain changes in the privacy policies, these social media apps have been a part of data privacy controversies that lead to a sudden decrease in the number of users. A large segment of users switched to some other popular social media apps that are much safe from privacy aspects such as MeWe.

MeWe was launched by Mark Weinstein in the year 2016. In such a short time, this app has established itself as the most promising privacy-centric platform with strictly no privacy breaches and zero manipulation in the news feed content. It offers a great opportunity for a social networking app development company to earn higher revenues by developing MeWe-like apps for growing businesses. As per the 2021 data, MeWe already has approximately 18 million members who are currently using the social media platform. Thus, it shows how rapidly users are getting influenced by this amazing app with its advanced and user-friendly functionalities.

Why do Users Choose MeWe over Facebook?

Why Users Choose MeWe over Facebook?

MeWe ranks as one of the leading social media platforms that solve all safety and privacy concerns of the users. Because of its continuously increasing global presence & revenues, businesses are eager to know- how to create a social media app like MeWe. To provide a secure experience while using the mobile apps, MeWe offers a safe platform where users do not need to worry about data leaks, privacy abuses, biased content, online bullying, and hate messages. Compared to Facebook, MeWe tackles misinformation in a much better and more effective way. And because of these reasons, users are more inclined toward MeWe when compared to Facebook. MeWe claims to be better than other social media apps on the privacy factor. It is a next-gen social networking platform that works on an approach of ‘No BS, No Targeting, & No Ads’. This motto of MeWe makes it different from other apps and offers a competitive edge to it.

There are various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube that allow businesses to reach particular groups of masses via targeted advertisements. And that is why big names like Facebook had faced a huge hit on their popularity and goodwill because of the scandal of data leaks as the company sold its users’ private and personal info to Cambridge Analytica. Such issues and scandals made users realize to find apps that can offer them better privacy and a secure & safe social experience. With all this happening around, even businesses are looking to hire mobile app developers who can develop apps with improved security and safety mechanism.

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Business Model of Social Media Apps like MeWe

MeWe App Business Model

The business model helps businesses to understand how the application works and what are its functionalities. To know about the business model of apps like MeWe, we need to get knowledge of how these apps work.

1. Personal Social Cloud

The personal social cloud is used by businesses to organize content. The ‘My Cloud’ is just like a personal cloud that offers an interactive and responsive dashboard. With this dashboard, the posts, or the data shared on the app can be managed effectively. It also empowers the users to remove the content and communication history.

2. Not For Sale

There is a ‘Not for Sale’ approach which is stringently followed that limits the involvement of third parties and marketers. It restricts data distribution and as a result, it improves the safety and security of the users’ info. Such integrations in the business model can increase the cost to develop a social media app like MeWe but from the growth and user’s perspective, it has become a mandatory approach to be followed by the businesses.

3. No Ads

MeWe’s business model distinguishes itself from other social networking apps’ business models as it restricts all sorts of BS, Ads, and targeting. It is based on an approach to save users from any sort of mental harm and psychological hurt. It might increase the social networking app development cost but still, they strictly follow this approach.

4. Paid Storage

The users can buy extra storage to keep their data stored safely and securely. For such services and premium versions, users need to pay a minimal amount as the subscription fee, which can be paid monthly or yearly.

MeWe app has a strong business model that makes it the “future of social media applications”. Therefore, it is evident that demand for MeWe like social media app development is increasing with an upsurge rate and both businesses and users are choosing it as a more reliable and safe option for social networking.

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Essential Features to Include in MeWe Like App

MeWe offers a free platform for users to connect worldwide. To get access to the advanced features, users need to purchase the premium version of the application. Anonymity and collaboration are the basis on which the platform of MeWe is developed. There is a huge emphasis paid to the privacy and mental peace of the users. An unbiased control is offered to users over the data, newsfeed content, and privacy policies. Other than these functionalities, MeWe in its free version of the app offers high-end features that make the business model highly lucrative. Custom group profiles, GIF creation, private group chats, next-gen voice messaging, etc. are some of the facilities provided by MeWe to its users.

MeWe Like App Features

Following are the must-have features of a social media app like MeWe:

  • Creating a Profile

MeWe help users create a profile on the platform. With this feature, the users can enter their personal information comprising their name, birth date, address, mobile number, and email. Businesses and users can add websites that help users to reach them conveniently. On this profile, the users can upload their data like texts, videos, and photos.

  • Authorization

For the privacy of the users, there is a need to have an adequate mechanism for authorization as it is the foundation for data safety and security. Hence, it is one of the most essential features needed to be there in the mobile app. When proper authorization is there, then the users are required to log in with their email addresses and phone numbers. Also, there are several integrations like password recovery, password mechanism, security questions, and others.

  • Messaging

While creating a social media app like MeWe, the next key feature integrated is a communication channel i.e., messaging. Other than just texting, there are other options to communicate with each other including media files, videos, GIFs, audio, and stickers via chat. There are also other features like group conversation calls which can also be added to the app to make it more functional and responsive.

The social media app development cost may vary based on the number of chatting options integrated into the application. If all the options are there, then it may cost you on a higher side. An app with limited options may seem a bit budget-friendly for you.

  • User Interface

Other than the above-mentioned features, the designing component is undoubtedly one significant factor that helps make the mobile application unique. UI/UX design is held responsible for the increase or decrease in the user base. Also, it is a key factor in attaining the long-term success of the social media application. It increases the overall cost to develop an app like MeWe as it is one of the costlier parts of the entire development process. While designing the user interface of the app, the developers must create an attractive and highly responsive app with soothing visuals and colors so that users can have an aesthetic experience of using the application.

  • Search Function

To make the application easy to use for the customers, it is necessary to have a search function in the app. This feature helps users to search for other people and connect with them. It allows access to the profile and posts of their friends to make the platform more engaging.

  • Effective Control over Permissions

This feature offers good control over the data. The users can manage and control who will see what data. The users even have the option to remove their names from the application’s search directory. They can hide from other users whether they are online or not.

Revenue Generation for MeWe Like Apps

Businesses are eager to have MeWe-like apps and the reason is not only to capture the social networking market but also for various revenue-generating options made available through this app.

Following are some of the ways to generate revenues through a social media platform like MeWe:

  • Businesses can earn if users purchase the premium version. There is a monthly subscription fee that will be charged; hence it generates a regular income feature for the businesses.
  • There are also various additional features that can be added. But for this, premium enhancements need to be purchased by the users. There is a monthly payment for MeWe journals, Live voice, and extra storage features. When users purchase these premium enhancements then it generates revenue for the app owners.
  • MeWe’s sibling subsidiary, MeWePro is available on platforms such as desktop, iOS, and Android. It has a direct competition with Slack & offers a seamless experience by eliminating the performance issues and internal mail bottlenecks. The businesses also earn if users subscribe to MeWePro.

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MeWe Like App Development Process

This section will help you to understand how to build an app like MeWe. Following are the steps involved in the development process of a social media networking app like MeWe:

Step 1: Market Research

This is the first step that involves market research and analysis to know which features need to be there in the app to make it highly responsive, functional, and competitive. A detailed analysis of the competitors’ products is also performed to know how a competitive edge can be gained by adding some unique features.

Step 2: App Designing

Once market research is completed, now is the time to create a blueprint for the entire app development process. It includes majorly designing part where the developers create a technical architecture. The success of your app depends upon how effortlessly and seamlessly users can use the application. The UI/UX design must make sure that the app is user-friendly, intuitive, and highly interactive. There is a better user engagement if the app development company uses polished UI/UX designs.

Step 3: App Development

This step needs dedicated efforts and attention from the social media app development company. In this phase, the developers begin with coding, and all the work is done based on the details mentioned in the SOW i.e., Statement of Work. The more efficient way this phase is accomplished, the better solutions will be developed. Based on the business requirements of the client, the expert app developers work on the architecture. It is also checked what all tech stacks would be required to accomplish the project.

Step 4: App Testing

When the app development phase is accomplished, the next step is app testing. In the entire app development process, this is the only phase that shows how efficiently or badly the work has been done. The solution needs to clear the testing phase successfully to get approved by the clients. In this step, there are app testers who analyze how the app is performing and identify any sort of existing errors and bugs present in the application. The MeWe social media app development company needs to again work on suggested changes and amendments to make the app bug-free.

Step 5: App Launching

Once the solution has passed the testing phase with no bugs and errors, it is time for the app to get launched on the decided platform. Once the app is released, users’ feedback is another significant thing that to be paid high attention to. It is essential that strict maintenance and monitoring are performed so that the users do not face any sort of issue while using the app. A user-friendly platform for your app can help rank it high among the other apps in the market.

Technology Stack Required for the development of an App like MeWe

Frontend FrameworksBackend FrameworksDatabase Development     Programming Languages
ASP.NET  CodeigniterSQLiteJavascript & HTML5
AngularDjangoMySQLJava & Kotlin For Android
Ruby On RailsPhalcon  NoSQLReact
Express-JsLaravelPostgreSQLObj C & Swift For iOS

Cost to Develop a Social Media App Similar to MeWe

If you are also ready to enter the market of social networking and want to have an app that gains the huge attention of the masses, then firstly you need to understand how to create a social media platform like MeWe and the cost of its development. For correct cost estimation, it is necessary to check which factors can influence the overall cost of development. Thus, the following are some of the key factors that needed to consider while calculating the MeWe app development cost:

1. Type of Application

This is the primary factor to consider while calculating the cost to develop an app like MeWe. The businesses need to decide which type of app they require i.e., a basic version, data-driven app, hardware-based app, on-demand solution, IoT-based app, or an authentication app. The cost of development keeps on changing with the choice of application type. A more integrated, advanced, & strongly featured app puts more pressure on your budget.

2. Development Team

If you hire social media app developer from a reputed and established app development company, then it may cost high at once but there is a surety that you will get the best of services with years of experience. But hiring developers that have limited knowledge can impact the working of your app. Thus, the development cost is based upon the choice of developers for your project. Other than the developers, the team also includes testers, people for client support, designers, and a project manager. There is also a huge mobile app development cost associated with the hiring of all these people.

3. Geographical Location

The next factor that plays a vital role in defining an app development budget is the geographical location of the developers. The cost varies with the change in the location of the app development service providers. There is a huge difference between the charges of a mobile app development company in Asian and European countries.

4. App Designing

The cost of MeWe clone app development is minimal if you choose a simple design with limited elements. But the cost is increased if there is some unique and customized design with advanced features. In-app designing, there needs to be highly interactive UI/UX to fetch the attention of the users.

5. Choice of Platform

In social media app development, choosing the platform on which businesses want their application to be launched is a significant factor that can determine the cost of development. If the app is only for Android, then the cost is on the lower side whereas if the app is for iOS or for both the platforms then the overall cost goes on the higher side.

By considering all the above-mentioned factors, the average cost of developing a social media app like MeWe for a single platform ranges from $15,000 to $25,000. But if you want an app with advanced features, multiple platforms, and customized functionalities, then the cost will go up to approximately $30,000 to $50,000.


MeWe is a leading social media app that tops the chart with its top-notch privacy policies and structured business model. The app is not just a platform to connect and share images. Rather it is an app that helps both businesses and users to have wonderful opportunities to earn money. In the coming time, when there might have increased reports of privacy breaches and data scams, people would think of switching to more secured and safe platforms for a better social experience, apps like MeWe will gain a huge market share.

Seeking the opportunities this industry has, if you are also keen to have an app like MeWe, you can contact SemiDot Infotech for developing one. We provide you with the most scalable and proficient solutions using the most advanced technologies and functionalities.

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