Traveling Solo or Travelling with your Partner!

Traveling with a Group of Friends or Travelling with your Family!!

No matter how you are traveling, your major concern would always be Where should I stay…?

This is one of the most common concerns of travelers worldwide. To resolve this issue, several applications have entered the travel industry and helped users to find the best places for their stay.

Airbnb is one of those popular platforms that have a great market share and users across the globe. Investing in the traveling sector is a good investment idea from all aspects.

Seeking the growing demand for such travel websites and apps, if you are also looking for suck kind of website or mobile app, then this guide can surely help you in numerous ways.

Presently there are so many mobile app development companies that can help turn your dream project into reality. All you need is to hire a mobile app development company, share your idea and budget with them and begin developing one.

Today we are here to share details on how to build an app like Airbnb, the cost, and features to develop an Airbnb clone app, global stats, the business model, and other related aspects.

Let’s begin:

Airbnb: The House of Success

What is Airbnb

Airbnb has been a household name everywhere across the world. People dream to travel so many places but at the same time, they want to save money too. Airbnb app has fulfilled the dream of traveling inexpensively. It is a platform for initiating trade between two groups.

This is a non-linear form of business where there are hostesses, hosts, and producers. Anyone that has some free space, or any open room can start this business and become an Airbnb producer. It is a decent way of earning extra income with very less investment and minimal effort, varying from setup to setup.

Airbnb has always been one of the leading platforms for stays across the globe. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of this platform hit hard with huge losses. But still, by the year 2021, it slowly gained its pace back.

As per the data, there was $5.9 billion of revenue generated by the business in the year 2021 with an approximately 73% upsurge year-on-year. There were almost 300 million bookings that were recorded on the platform with an overall 55 percent increase from the year 2020. A total of 4 million hosts and 7 million property listings are there on Airbnb across the globe.

What are the Main Competitors of Airbnb App?

While you are looking for how to build apps like Airbnb and enter this giant market, it is necessary to look at the existing players and your future competitors. These are some of the leading market giants that give tough competition to Airbnb:

Top Competitors of Airbnb

What are the Business Model of Airbnb App?

In the process of learning how to create an app like Airbnb, it is also required to understand Airbnb business model and how does Airbnb work. Airbnb offers a platform to people (hosts) who have extra or spare space available for rent. By using these platforms, travelers (visitors) can book a room, flat, villa, house, etc. for their stay.

Business Model of Airbnb

Airbnb works as a mediator between the two where it gives a platform to let the host and visitor trade. It is a globally available platform and through its mobile app or a web app, one can make bookings. Some fixed fees are applied for various tasks that we would be discussing in our next section i.e., the revenue model of Airbnb.

What are the Revenue Model of Airbnb App?

While you make an app like Airbnb, it is essential to know in what ways you can make money. This section will help you in understanding the monetization model of vacation rental applications like Airbnb, here are some revenue models list you can check below:

1. Commission

There is a fixed commission fee i.e., approximately 3 percent that is charged from the hosts on every booking. In the maximum of bookings, guests are required to pay around 6 to 12 percent of the non-refundable service fee. This percentage is changed based on the type of listing. Thus, while you go for hospitality or travel app development, the first and foremost monetization idea is through commissioning only.

2. Transaction Charges

Whenever a booking is complete and the transaction is done, there is a fee or charges that are received by the travel accommodation app. This is also a great way of making huge revenues for travel apps.

3. Listing Charges

In the development of tour and travel app like Airbnb, the next revenue model that can help businesses grow is the property listing charges. For every listing on the app, there is a fee associated with it.

4. Ads

This is the most common way of earning as several brands want to display their advertisements in the app while the users are using it. Therefore, for promoting these brands a fee is charged.

5. Property Verification Charges

To verify the properties that needed to be listed on the application, there are some charges for that too. The property owners are needed to pay this fee so that the property can be verified for stays.

6. Top Listing (Promoted)

Some hosts want their properties to be viewed at the top of the search list. Thus, there is a fee for promoted listing. In this way, the app can earn a good income to keep different properties at the sponsored listing.

7. Photography Charges

To increase the demand for stays, Airbnb has photographers that click high-resolution pictures of the properties. Therefore, if the hosts also use this service, they need to pay for it. Therefore, it is a great way of making money if you develop an app like Airbnb.

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Features of an On-Demand App like Airbnb

Integration of features plays a significant role in Airbnb-like app development. Following are the must-have features of an Airbnb app based on three panels:

Guest Panel

Guest Panel of Airbbnb Like App

This section highlights the required features in the guest panel while you build an app like Airbnb. Let’s check:

  • Registration

It is the primary step for using the Airbnb similar apps as the travelers need to log in through their contact number, email ids, or social media accounts. Once an ID is created, the users can start using the travel application.

  • Account Set-Up & Update

With this feature, users fill, edit, and update their details comprising date of birth, contact number, address, gender, etc. Here, the password created for the account can also be changed.

  • Push Notification

There are notifications for every new update, offer, and other information that is sent to the customers. These notifications are sent regularly to keep the user informed and encourage them to use the services.

With this feature, the users can search for accommodation facilities as per their choice and preferences. They can use the filters to get customized results. These filters include price range, location, room type, dates, various amenities, and many more.

  • Interact with Host

Even before the final booking, the users are allowed to interact with the property owner or the host through in-app chat. The travelers can contact the host for fetching information about the stay and other services.

  • Wishlist

There is an option where the users can add some places to the wishlist if due to unavailability, or high rates, they were unable to book the place. It helps to save users time in again filtering out places and travelers can directly check if these are present on their wishlist.

  • Payment Gateway

There are various payment methods integrated for the convenience of the users. Payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, UPI, etc. can be used for paying for the place. There is complete transaction history and even the users have an option to change the currency type.

  • Coupons & Discounts

To fetch the attention of the potential users, there are various discount coupons and offers given so that an increased conversion rate is attained. There are even referral codes that are given to existing users.

  • Booking History

This feature allows the users to get complete data of past and upcoming bookings done from the user’s account. They can get the timing, dates, and all other information related to the bookings.

  • Maps

For better navigation and to help users to reach the exact location easily, maps are integrated while developing apps like Airbnb. It also suggests the available rental options near the location the user wants to stay at.           

  • Support

This feature helps to provide customer support to the users. If in case the users face any issues during the booking, checkout, and stay, then using this feature, they can contact customer support for a quick resolution. They are available 24*7.

  • Reviews & Rating

This feature allows users to give ratings and reviews for their experience. If they were happy with the host, they can write reviews for their services and rate them. Such a feature helps to increase the popularity and goodwill of the places and it is most likely that people book a place with higher ratings only.

Host Panel

Host Panel Airbnb like app

This section highlights the features that needed to be integrated into the host panel while you go for the development of apps like Airbnb:

  • Registration

The hosts need to register and log in through their contact numbers and email ids. Once an ID is created, the host can start using the travel application for listing their property.

  • Profile Management

Several details need to be filled in by the host. With this feature, they can link their social media accounts, add, or change numbers, change passwords, etc.

  • Property Listing

With this feature, the hosts add property-related information such as images, amenities, prices, and other data to help the user find the property. Even it can be edited, and new pictures and information can be added. This is usually the most important feature while you go for a travel on-demand app development.

  • Booking Listing

It helps the host to see all the past, present, and future bookings done by the travelers. It helps to check which dates are free for bookings and how much is the traffic.

  • Request Acceptance or Rejection

When the users request a booking, it is solely in the hands of the host whether they accept or decline the booking. As per the availability of the stay, they can reject or accept the request through this feature.

  • In-App Chat

With this feature, hosts can have an in-app chat with potential visitors. They can answer their queries and can provide information related to their bookings and stay. It is one of the most significant features as travelers like to discuss things using the in-app chat at the time of booking the place. To add this feature to the app, you need to hire mobile app developers who have experience in developing apps with 24*7 chat support.  

  • Guest Rating

Like user experience, host experience also matters in the travel industry. Here, the hosts can rate the customer as per their behavior and conduct at the time of stay. It helps other hosts while confirming the booking requests of those guests.

  • Payment Gateway

The hosts can add their accounts in which they want to get the payments for bookings. It can be edited at any time by the host. They can add multiple accounts, wallets, and UPI ids for receiving payments.

  • History

This feature allows the users to check all the bookings, payments, and information about the guests who have stayed in past. Also, it is a means to check upon the calculation of the revenues earned by the property owner.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel Airbnb like App

This particular section will share the features that are a part of the admin panel while you are looking to make an app like Airbnb:

  • Dashboard

It allows the admin to check all the registered users that comprise the hosts, travelers, and photographers. All these can be managed through the dashboard only.

  • New Listing Management

With this feature, all the new properties that come for listing are managed. They need to get verified first and then be scrutinized for various other aspects before getting listed on the application. The admin holds the right to list or de-list the property as per the policies and rules of listing.

  • Handling Complaints & Feedback

There are times when the travelers and hosts have a dispute or there is a complaint or ticket raised by any of the parties. In those situations, the admin handles those feedback and complaints and resolves them with the best possible resolution.

  • History

This feature helps to manage each, and every booking that was done through the platform of the travel app. The admin is allowed to edit, delete, or update these bookings if required in any scenario. Also, the current status of the bookings is updated by the admin.

  • Cancellation & Refund Management

There are many a time when the travelers cancel their bookings and even sometimes the hosts also cancel the bookings of the visitors. In those cases, the admin manages all the cancellation and refund generation. There is a fixed service fee that needs to be paid even if the cancellation request is made to save either party from bearing unnecessary losses.

  • Stats & Analytics

This feature helps to make reports on the bookings and the time when there is high traffic. Also, the admin is allowed check up on the visitors’ tendency towards booking cancellation, properties for which demand is high, and many other aspects.

  • Offers & Discounts

To increase the traffic and to have more number of bookings, there are various offers, coupon codes, and discounts that are given to the users while booking. It is a way to encourage travelers to use the app services to get the best deals.

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Tech Stack Required for Airbnb

Following is the tech stack required for Airbnb like app development:

  • Application Framework:  Ruby on Rails
  • Programming Languages: CSS3, Ruby, HTML5, JavaScript
  • JavaScript Framework:  React.js
  • SQL data Storage:  PostgreSQL
  • Automation Frameworks:  PhantomJS, Capybara, RSpec
  • Global Payment:  Braintree
  • Cloud Storage:   EBS, Amazon S3
  • Communication & Messaging: Twilio
  • Phone & Voice Verification:  Nexmo
  • Cloud Hosting: Amazon EC2

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Airbnb?

This section will help you to get insights into Airbnb like app development cost. While you develop any application, it is important to check its cost so that you can decide the budget accordingly. The following are factors that can impact the overall mobile app development cost:

1. Team Size

For every project, there is the formation of a team that includes a project manager, developers, designers, and analysts. These people together create an app like Airbnb.

2. App Platform

Depending upon the market reach and budget, you choose a platform for the app. You can choose a single platform i.e., either Android or iOS, if you target a limited set of audiences. And if your target market is bigger, you can go for cross-platform app development as it offers better reach.

3. App Complexity Level

The number and type of features integrated into the app decide upon its complexity level. If your app has basic features, then the cost to develop an Airbnb clone app is on the lower side. But with advanced features, this cost tends to go on a higher side.

4. App Designing

App design plays a vital role in calculating the cost to develop an Airbnb clone app. What visuals and tools are used can affect the total cost of development. If the design is standard, then it would tend to be budget-friendly but if there is customization and a unique design, then it can level up the overall cost.

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Taking into consideration the above factors, the average cost to develop an app like Airbnb ranges between $20,000 to $30,000. However, if you choose cross-platform then it might reach $45,000 to $55,000 as you need to hire dedicated developers too.


The online travel sector is continuously growing, and the entry of Airbnb has taken this industry to new heights. Several existing players are earning good with constant demands. But still, there is a huge potential for new entrants too.

If you are also looking to develop an Airbnb clone app, then the primary requirement is to have a scalable and responsive application and for that, you need to hire an experienced Software Development Company.

SemiDot Infotech is a globally recognized mobile and website development company that builds solutions taking into consideration all the needs and ideas of its clients. We have a team of expert developers that make applications that can fetch the attention of the masses. You can surely contact them for your next project if you want an application that can earn huge revenues.

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