WordPress is globally recognized as one of the topmost leading and profitable content management systems that help users to build and host their websites. It is beneficial both for individuals as well as for businesses to grow their reach with WordPress. For a decade, there has been realized a massive growth in the number of businesses using the WordPress platform for their online operations. At present time, big businesses don’t have enough time to develop a website by themselves, and thus they choose to have WordPress development services from any reputed web development company.

As per the research, WordPress tops in CMS usage distribution in the top 1 million sites with 36.46% and it makes WordPress, the leader of the global website development market. Looking at this number, the demand for web development services has been increased dramatically. For any business, WordPress proves to be the best CMS and if you are looking for services like developing a new website or reinventing your existing one, then you must hire WordPress web developers who have good expertise and knowledge to handle your project with utmost efficacy.

Tips to choose a WordPress Development Company

There are several factors and aspects that are important to consider before choosing a WordPress development company. Build a scalable and reliable web platform by taking care of the below-mentioned points during the final selection of the agency:

1. Technical Competencies and Experience

While hiring any WordPress development agency, you first need to analyze the actual requirements and focus of your business. Because once you have data of the prerequisites then you can check the technical competencies of the agency and see if the capabilities of the agency fulfill your requirements or not. Businesses can also look for previous work samples to get an idea about the agency’s experience in the field of web development.

2. Beyond the Portfolio

The portfolio of any WordPress development agency is of high importance, but the entire decision should not be made based on the portfolio of the agency. Businesses should have lenses to perceive the capabilities of the agencies beyond their portfolios. There are several questions you can ask from any agency that can help you know in-depth about the agency. You can ask whether the company can provide you with case studies or not, you can ask them to make you understand your role and participation in the development process, or about the duration, outsourcing, or SEO-friendly aspects, etc. Hence, these questions will help you in getting a clearer view of the capabilities and experience of your chosen WordPress development company.

3. Strategic Vision

As a business owner, you might have a certain vision and approach to carry while performing any task. Similarly, you might be looking for an agency that matches your vision or work according to your approach to deliver the most appropriate and suitable outcome. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear website strategy that can help your business grow and flourish. You must check aspects like content, structure, format, and also appearance. If the ideology of both parties matches, then only you should go ahead otherwise not. You need to create a balance between the business needs and the WordPress development agency approach for better results.

4. Cost vs Value

While hiring a WordPress development company, the most important factor that causes a great impact upon the overall development of the website is the cost or the budget allocated for that project. Numerous companies offer services at a very much lower price in comparison with others. But it is not always a matter of price but also quality. A web development company might be charging a few pennies more but if it is well established and have a wide experience then it is a good deal overall.

5. Validate Timelines

If you are strict with deadlines and your project is highly time-sensitive, then this factor is significant to check upon. You must ask the WordPress development company about the duration of the project. Few agencies take a lot of work but at the time of delivery date, they are unable to share the web solutions. Therefore, discuss a fixed timeline with the agency by keeping some room for uncertainties and unseen challenges. You must be in touch with the WordPress development agency from time to time so that there are no loopholes left in the successful completion of the project.

6. Agency Availability 

Before the final call, make sure who all will be associated with you for the completion of your project. It is necessary to take details about the team members working for you as whenever the project demands any sort of changes, the assigned person will be available to accomplish that. Regular meetings are highly important for the successful and effective completion of the project. Make sure you are always in the loop between the WordPress development agency and the developers to know every minute detail of the development process.

7. Communication

Effective communication is one of the most vital aspects needed to be considered while selecting a WordPress development agency. During the first meeting with the development agency, you must evaluate the way they communicate with you and listen to your requirements. If you find any sort of breakdown, then it is the right time to give a second thought to your decision. Therefore, having a sound and effective communication channel is a must to be established between the client and the WordPress development agency.

8. Size of the Agency

There are so many large-scale, mid-size, and start-up companies that offer WordPress development services. But the question is – what should be the size of your WordPress Development Agency? The key factor you should keep in mind before hiring an agency is the size and requirement of your business.

If you are operating a large-scale business then you might require an agency that has access to a suite of custom enhancements and can add much more worth to your project with its experience and advanced technologies. If your business scales at a mid-size level, then the agency you choose must have enough experience to help you survive the business’s most crucial stages and take you towards higher growth and an extended user base. And lastly, if you are a start-up owner, then you need WordPress development agency that can help your business establish its roots and scale to the next level with some new and differentiated features.

9. Location

With the increase in the total number of web development companies, similarly, there has also been a significant rise in the different geographical areas of establishments. You have two options, either you can hire a local web developer or you can also look for offshore companies. If you select a local web developer then you can have plenty of benefits such as a similar time zone, no language barrier, and face-to-face meetings. And if in case, you select the offshore development agency then you can reap advantages like access to low-cost alternatives, experts who have the experience to deal with global clients, and a high probability to find more experienced specialists.

10. Reviews

Businesses and clients that have previously worked with the WordPress development agency are the key sources for taking reviews and feedback about the work experience they had. To evaluate the agency’s performance, you can also check the testimonials. Companies with better reviews, positive feedback, and high customer ratings are much more reliable to work with. After performing a comparative analysis of different agencies based on certain factors such as cost, experience, location, duration, reviews, etc., you can select a specific WordPress development agency.


For more than the period of 18 years, WordPress is providing a great platform to users which had undoubtedly made it the most popular CMS across the globe. Building a website on the WordPress platform has immense benefits for businesses and if that website has high-tech functions, then it can surely help your business to flourish. However, the crucial part is to choose the best WordPress development agency that can provide diverse solutions such as health care, education, eCommerce development solutions, etc., at an affordable price.

To complete your vision of owning a fully functional website, you must check the factors mentioned in the article and also calculate the cost to develop a website before picking any WordPress development agency. Aspects such as choice of web development platform, geographical location, the experience of the web developers, agency size, etc. are some of those key aspects that can fluctuate the cost of development drastically. SemiDot Infotech is a leading mobile and web development company that can support your strategy and vision and can also provide you with services that can help attract an extended user base.

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