During COVID-19, workplaces have already been aware of online communication tools. Also, the novel pandemic has taught us the importance of virtual collaboration tools in businesses to grow well in the market. In this reference, we all have been hearing about one such popular app called Discord which is known as a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) application and a perfect blend of Reddit and Slack comprising chat, voice, and video call features.

Initially, it was developed for gamers but now, people also use it to text other users across the world. The app is widely popular as there is a large base of professionals and gamers who are using this app. If you are also amazed by the rapid growth of Discord and want to give it a shot by having a Discord-like app, let’s go through this below write-up where you will get to know about the journey of the Discord app, the aspects required for VoIP app development, and how to make an app like discord. Without any further ado, let’s dive in-

Overview of Discord

To own an app like Discord, first, you should know everything about it, from its initial phase to its journey to the current state. Discord has been around for very little time in comparison to other applications used for chat or call, but still, it has got popularity quickly. The app provides free facilities to interact with other people through voice chat, audio, or video call. At starting, it was built to put the gamers around while providing them with the tactics to search each other, organize games, & communicate in-between the game.

But now, along with the gaming, it has also been relaunched as a free-to-use app for text or voice chat with a minimal interface. It comprises servers that provide specific topic-based chat rooms that are occupied by like-minded people who talk about their favorite subjects. This is the reason why businesses are wondering how to create an app like discord?

1. Server-side

While having Discord-like app development services, remember the server-side is the core of any VoIP application. Discord has the option for users to select multiple servers created to discuss topics. In this, the app requires a premium-quality backend that must be built with the help of Ruby, Python, Elixir, and C++. If you are not targeting a wide base of users, then you can hire expert web developers with a specialization in Node.js.

2. Client-Side

For the client-side, the app must be compatible with multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows desktop, iOS, Android, and macOS. In this reference, it would be better to stay more logical and go for a web browser version along with iOS and Android app development services. Also, you must consider what types of devices your target audiences are using?

For Android apps, you can go for Java or Kotlin, and for iOS apps, consider Objective-C and Swift. At last, it depends on your chosen developer which one they have expertise in?

3. Data Protection

When you create a voice chat app like Discord, data protection & encryption are the two most important aspects to look for. It becomes essential to protect your messages when there are a lot of users in a chat, it can be anything including the users’ data or confidential information of businesses. For this, there can be used end-to-end encryption with TLS protocols.

Journey So Far- Discord

Let’s navigate to the journey of Discord- nothing to the most popular VoIP application available for Android and iOS devices that will help you to know about how to make an app like Discord? The app has witnessed a steady growth in its journey but in the current time, it is having a large user base. For the businesses that dream to own a Discord clone app and are interested to know the app journey, we have compiled a step-by-step structure for them below-

Why Do You Need to Develop an App Like Discord?

Before diving into the details of how to create an app like discord and the cost to develop an app like discord, let’s get to know about the popularity of Discord in the marketplace. We are familiar that Discord initially was created for online gamers but since 2020, there have been drastic changes and it has become so much more.

Between 2017 to 2020, there were 300 million users registered on this gaming chat app. This was the result of the COVID-19 pandemic that made people locked in their homes and then, people took the support of these online chat and call applications.

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In the below statistic, we can see that Discord recorded around 150 million active users monthly all over the world in September 2021. This stat is 50 million more than recorded stats in June 2020. Current stats are also likely to increase in the future if we look at the rapid growth of its user base.

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Businesses must have done proper market research before getting involved in voice and video chat app development services as there are various solutions already presiding over the market. It would be better if they can add some unique elements to their apps to make them more interesting than other existing apps. Here are some of the trendiest VoIP apps:

Key Features to Integrate for Creating an App Like Discord

Integration of innovative and attractive features into Discord has made it more popular in less time and now, it is a rising star among all the voice chat & communication apps.

If you are planning to have voice chat app development services, you must consider these below-mentioned features. Let’s discuss-

  • User Profile Creation

Every user on the VoIP app must create a profile after signing up with the app. After that, they can join the other chat rooms or can create one to add or connect with their friends & acquaintances.

  • Servers & Channels

Servers and channels are the media through which groups and other users communicate, Discord comprises more than 500 channels backed by servers. Users can add each other by sending invitations. A confirmation level is set by the server admin to protect users from dodging spammers and bots.

  • Roles & Permissions

Admin will allocate roles for users and can modify the permission within all the servers and channels. Changing roles & responsibilities will be also feasible which makes it the most attractive feature of the VoIP app.

  • Screen Sharing

This feature is used for sharing ideas and communicating visually with each other more conveniently. It will be easier for others to get what you want to convey.

  • File Sharing

Social media app development companies must include this feature, it allows VoIP app users to share files in all formats such as audio, video, and text files. Talking about Discord in this reference; it offers a Nitro subscription where users are allowed to upload a file of up to 50 MB.

  • Push Notifications

Notifications are helpful for users to know about things instantly such as messages received, about a new server or channel, special mentions, etc. It also provides an option to mute or partially mute the notifications.

  • Integrations

It will be an add-on if your app would integrate with other accounts or services in any way. It permits app users to link their accounts with other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Private Chat

While gathering details about how to make an app like discord, it is essential to consider that it has its prime focus on the users’ data safety. Therefore, it offers an option to create a private chat room to talk about confidential things. This feature follows the standard security protocols to provide a unique experience.

  • Message History

With an app like Discord, users can check their old messages whenever they want. This VoIP app doesn’t automatically delete the old messages; hence, businesses can review their old chats in case they need them.

  • Augmented Voice Calls

This enhanced voice call feature allows users to get benefited from a clear and uninterrupted voice exchange and communication. This feature is backed with auto settings and noise cancellation.

  • Live Streaming Services

Whether you are opting for Android or iOS app development services, don’t forget to add a streaming service feature to your Discord clone app. It will enable the users to broadcast the videos recorded through a webcam and to share the screen with others.

To include all these features into your Discord-like app, you must prefer to hire mobile app developers from a leading firm that can provide you with a proficient app.

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How to Develop an App-like Discord?

Because of the remarkable success of Discord, it has been counted as one of the examples of success. This is the reason why most businesses want to know how to create an app like discord?

Here we are answering the question with the below-discussed points. We hope you will get along and will have a clear idea of your thoughts.

Step 1: Market Research

In the first step, try to know your audience in-depth. It will help you to provide them with what they want. The moment you will get to know about the market trends, customers’ demands, occurring challenges, etc., you will get a clearer picture of your future solution. Conducting deep research and analysis will also provide you with an idea of how much does discord cost? This market research can be segregated into two parts demographics and behavioral trends.

Demographics– It will comprise of analyzing the users’ location, age group, and the devices they use to surf the web.

Behavioural Trends– It will include what users like and dislike. What do they search and what do they avoid?

Step 2: App Development Professionals

It is the second most important thing to be done. After marketing research, you will get to know about your requirements to develop a Discord-like app. To complete the entire mobile app development process, you will require different professionals for every specific phase. You must hire a mobile app development team that has expertise in modern-edge technologies to offer efficient app development services. The team will include the below roles-

  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Mobile App Developers (Android & iOS)
  • QA Experts

Step 3: App Designing Phase

While getting knowledge about how to create an app like Discord, designing is one of the must-considerable aspects. One must have high expertise along with enough experience in providing mobile app designing services comprising app diagrams, wireframe creation, and a complete design model. The developed design should be enough attractive, intuitive, and responsive according to the interest of the target audiences to have a great impression on them. Whether it is Android or iOS apps, both must be designed effectively. However, custom app designs consume additional mobile app development costs, but you will not regret it as an eye-catching app will open the gateway for a large customer base.

Step 4: App Development Phase

In this modern era, users always go for the easiest way that can satisfy their demands and provide desired services. Hence, when it comes to how to make an app like Discord with advanced features, you must implement the latest development tools & tech stack. Selecting the updated & newest technologies will help you to run the app for a long time.

However, integration of the newest technologies can increase the Discord-like app development cost, but it will be worth it to make your app stand out from the crowd.

  • Client-side Programming– Java, Kotlin, Objective C, Swift, Flux, React
  • Server-side Programming– Golang, Ruby, Python, C++
  • Encryption– DTLS for voice over browser, TLS for Text chats
  • Business Tools– Zendesk, G Suite
  • Communication Protocols– MQTT, XMPP, WebSockets

If you are not sure about the app’s efficiency at first, it is strongly recommended to go for an MVP (minimum viable product). It will help you to know the technical and functional capability of the app along with the users’ response to it. Then, you can improve the app according to the feedback and can re-launch it.

Step 5: App Testing & Launch

Before deploying any app on the broad platform, it must get through different types of testing to check its performance and functionalities. If the app qualifies all the phases, then it is entitled to launch in the market, but this process will be continued until it gets perfect in terms of every aspect like performance, speed, etc. When it comes to app launch, your chosen mobile app development company will help you to deploy the app on the preferred platforms. It would be good if you launch a marketing campaign to promote the app before launching the project for target audiences.

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How to Make Money via VoIP Apps?

While developing an app like Discord, you might exactly follow the Discord app but when it comes to monetization, there is no need to stick to each monetization strategy it applies. Unlike so many competitors, Discord doesn’t use advertisements to make money as it believes users don’t like the ads in-between their conversations.

If you want, you can add this strategy to make more profit and revenue. Here are the more ways through which VoIP apps can generate revenue:

1. Subscription Model

Two paid plans fall into Discord’s subscription model including Nitro and Nitro classic. The first one costs $99.99 annually or $9.99 monthly to users involving features such as server acceleration, HD video quality, and a high downloading limit. In the second one, it charges $49.99 annually or $4.99 monthly to users for providing them privileges for basic chat such as using emojis and uploading a GIF avatar.

This model is going well with Discord’s working and other businesses that want to acquire a Discord clone app can also apply it for better results. It is seen that these subscription-based models are more sufficient to get the attention of tech investors due to the predictable and steady returns.

2. Funding & Investment

Voice chat app development costs can be reimbursed a lot through this method and Discord-like apps are raising a lot of money from investors. In 2020, Discord got around $3.5 billion amount via funding. Other voice chat apps can also use it as a common monetization strategy.

3. Merchandise

It is one of the newest monetization models by Discord where it sells its merchandise including T-shirts, hats, socks, and scarfs. This works as a side business to earn profit along with the marketing of the app.

4. Freemium Model

Apps like Discord are free to download and use but still, these provide some paid features that can be enjoyed after paying for them. They can use the in-app payment options to pay for it.

What is the Cost Evaluation of Creating an App-like Discord?

Are you interested to know about the Discord app development cost? Here you will get the answer to all your questions. You must have got an idea about the overall cost before creating VoIP applications such as Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, etc. Once you are sure about entrusting the development of your VoIP app to a leading mobile app development company, take the scale of your app and a suitable platform into consideration as these are the most important factors when deciding the cost of mobile app development. Some of the other crucial factors are-

  • App’s Complexity
  • The Chosen Mobile App Platform
  • App’s Features & Functionalities
  • Region & Charges of Developers
  • Team Structure & Tech Stack

While looking at these above-mentioned aspects, the cost to develop an app like discord would be around $20,000 to $30,000 holding the core features only. If you want to have a custom app, then the estimated price can fluctuate. While adding more features and functionalities or if you want a cross-platform VoIP app, then the complete cost would go higher for sure.   

In a Nutshell

It is concluded that the VoIP app development is not considered to be an easy task as it contains a lot of things such as robust & secure servers, data protection, solid back-ends, efficient features, etc. In this article, we have presented the solutions to your most obvious queries including features, market position, monetization techniques, the development process, and the most important “cost estimation” of a Discord-like app.

If you have made up your mind to hire a VoIP app development company to built-up the solution, then SemiDot Infotech is always here to help you as our expert app developers create mobile apps for both Android and iOS operating systems at an affordable price. Come to us to get a solution built according to your business needs.

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