Undoubtedly, hiring the right developer is the most tedious task for a website owner. It is pointless to say how important is to find the right candidate for running a project flawlessly. If you are a non-techie business person who wants to hire a PHP developer for making a website or app, then below is the brief guide for you. But before that have a glance at the responsibilities that are generally assigned to a PHP programmer.

Key Responsibilities of A PHP Developer

It is absolutely true that entire web development runs on the programming skills of a programmer. Beyond everything, he is the only person who is responsible for turning your thoughts into reality. Isn’t it?

After involving in a brainstorming session with our development team, I came across the idea behind describing the key role of a developer. It was an eye-opener for me as the developer is responsible for performing so many tasks and duties.

When you hire a PHP developer then he is responsible for generating and implementing a range of Web-based products by using technologies like PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and Ajax. He develops back-end components, connects them with other web services & helps front end developers by integrating their work with web or app.

Read the key-responsibilities that are assigned to a PHP developer:

  • Code Analysis
  • Development & Database Optimization
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

PHP Developer prepares and maintains all cutting-edge applications utilizing quality development tools. Other than this, there are many other tasks that are taken care of by a developer. For example- Writing technical and non-technical specifications, reviewing product’s needs, providing technical related consultation, and many others. Here are the categories of a PHP programmer that are segregated below.

Categories of PHP Developers

We have three types of PHP programmers which are following.

1. Beginner or Entry-Level

We say such type of developers as fresher, in a casual way. These are the programmers who don’t have any work experience in developing a PHP project. They have just completed their PHP programming training & while working on big projects they play an important role. Companies hire these entry-level PHP developers as trainees and start supervising them under a senior developer.

2. Mid-Level

They are professionals who have little experience working on PHP projects. But they have a caliber to develop a website or app solo. Nowadays, they have become hot choices for WordPress development services as they charge less hiring prices compared to the hiring cost of an advanced or senior-level PHP developer.

3. Senior-Level

Plan to succeed! Hire a senior-level programmer. These are masters of PHP programming who have rich experience in building PHP projects. They are dedicated to serve a full-stack PHP project to the client and ensure to get a custom PHP web project that perfectly matches your business’s needs.

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Where To Hire PHP Developer

  • PHP Groups

This is a tighter community that acts as a communication tool between PHP user groups. Search a PHP user group near you. Plan meetings and contacts to draw information about all other PHP users. Collaborating and sharing such group may return you a contact of a solid PHP programmer. Start wandering!

  • Freelancing Websites

In today’s world, it is easy to hire a remote developer from all across the globe. There are many web portals from where you can freelance PHP developers for your venture.

Upwork, People per hour, Simply hired and Toptal are few popular websites that are aimed to provide a platform for remote jobs.

  • Renowned Web Development Company

These are top certified offshore companies like us which provide various top-notch PHP development services to the clients. Once you hire a PHP developer from one such company then they ensure you get a premium web product with interactive and dynamic web pages.

5 Useful Tips That One Should Know Before Hiring A PHP Programmer

1. His Work Experience

Just like the culinary skills of a chef improve with time. Similarly, a developer gets polished with time. Therefore, the first thing that you should notice in the resume of a candidate, is- total work experience he has in his career.

2. His Portfolio

Check his portfolio. It shows how efficiently he has handled the PHP based web projects in the past. Seeing it, you can know his proficiency in specific technology and language. Which in return, let you decide his role in your project.

3. Technical Knowledge

Know what core technologies are that your aspiring developer has in his armor. Like HTML, XHTML, AJAX, Zend, MySQL and CakePHP. Analyze whether his core technology suits your current project’s needs or not.

4. Interpersonal Skills

Self-confidence, collaboration, communication, and positivity are a few interpersonal skills that are much in demand today. We actively look at these skills in the candidate so that he can communicate effectively and work collaboratively with the team and with clients, too. It doesn’t matter how much technical knowledge a developer has. If he lacks in communicating things to others, then he may fail to develop a desired website or application.

5. Flexibility & Adaptation At Work

Although the workspace always needs employees who are flexible at work. It helps the employer to improve productivity & efficiency. As a flexible developer who performs different tasks, you can be assured that he can effectively take more responsibilities.


It’s very important to follow these guidelines while hiring the right talent for the job. Hopefully, this comprehensive guide helped you to find the right PHP programmer for your project. After reading this guide, we are hopeful that you are able to Hire PHP developer who best suits your project requirements.

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