The lives of people have been very fast in this highly competitive world, they don’t even have time for some of the daily house chores and it seems like an intimidating task to them. To make it easier for them and save their time, on-demand laundry apps are in high demand. These applications are becoming popular because people are becoming used to technology and they are being dependent on mobile applications more and more.

Among all the applications, laundry apps are also in huge demand as they help people to wash and dry clean their clothes and it gives extra time to them to do some other stuff. On-demand laundry app development is increasingly becoming popular because people are becoming used to these services and it can be seen clearly that laundry apps are also following the footsteps of other on-demand apps such as grocery delivery, medicine delivery, food delivery, etc.

Seeing at the increased demand for the laundry and dry cleaning apps, if you are thinking to acquire laundry delivery app development services, then this below write-up will help you in so many ways for sure. Read this blog to know about the features and costs involved in on-demand laundry mobile app development.

Overview and Working of Laundry & Dry Cleaning App

Laundry and dry cleaning apps help those who don’t have time for washing or ironing their clothes or don’t want to do it. App users can choose a service provider as per their choice and give them the clothes they want to wash. These apps offer a complete series of washing & dry cleaning services that start from easy sign-up to book, pick-up to drop-off clothes, and choosing the service provider to washing type. It saves the customers to deal with the tedious task of laundry and use this time to do something effective and useful.

How Does It Work?

  • The app user is required to login into the laundry app and schedules a date & time to pick up their clothes by the service provider as per their suitability.
  • They will have to collect all their clothes in one place.
  • The service provider can accept or reject the user’s request according to their availability and then, will go to the user’s house to collect the washable clothes.
  • The service provider will take the clothes to the laundry center to clean and ironed them properly before giving them back to the customers.
  • The clothes will be counted and wrapped before delivering them to the owner. 

Why Businesses Must Invest in Laundry & Dry Cleaning App Development Services?

Laundry and dry cleaning mobile app development services are sharing huge market space with other apps; it is the reason why businesses are showing so much interest to invest in this sector. According to, the laundry care segment has recorded revenue of around $100, 765 million in 2022, and the entire market is predicted to evolve at a 3.785 CAGR between 2022 and 2026. Most of the revenue is generated in the USA in comparison to the worldwide segments.   

As per the sources, the market of laundry and dry cleaning services in the USA is shown in the below representation from 2014 to 2022 that is forecasted by 2025. The retail and dry clean segment of the laundry & dry cleaning services will increase to $5.2 billion by 2025.

Source: Statista

In the below-mentioned graph, the USA laundry & dry cleaning services are valued at $10.51 billion in 2020 and are predicted to rise at a 4.0% CAGR from 2021 to 2028. The increase in the on-demand dry cleaning app development services despite in-house laundry services in the USA is the prime factor that drives the market growth. The coronavirus pandemic globally has also importantly enhanced the awareness among people for keeping themselves clean and self-hygiene.

Some of the Top Laundry Mobile Applications

There are various top market players in the domain of laundry & dry cleaning mobile app development services that you can look at to get an idea about how to develop a laundry app? You can also add some of the advanced features that are not included in these popular apps. These laundry mobile apps are:

Features to be added in On-demand Laundry Mobile App

When businesses hire mobile app developers or a leading laundry app development company, they believe to have an exceptional mobile app with lots of core and advanced features required to make an app successful. If a laundry app will be full of the latest features that lack in other competitor apps, it will be easy for it to stand out in the market and get the attention of targeted audiences. Want to know about those features that can make your laundry app shine out among other ones? Check out these below-

Customer Panel

To satisfy all the expectations of customers, it is necessary to comprise the features they need the most. These features will make the app easy to use and satisfy their high beliefs.

  • Sign-up or Login

People have to sign-up to the app with their email or phone number, they can also use their other social media accounts. The app also has a simple login procedure as the users can log in by using credentials and can save them for next time to log in.

  • Schedule the Order

Any laundry and dry cleaning app development company you hire must provide this feature. Through this, users can schedule the cloth washing and dry cleaning easily, & even the delivery time. They can select the pick-up and delivery time at their convenience.

  • Tracking the Order

Users can keep the track of their order when it is been picked, washed, and then, dispatched to their address. It is the admin’s responsibility to change the order status regularly to eliminate the chances of confusion.

  • Different Payment Methods

It is essential to provide various payment methods to users, be it an Android or iOS laundry app. It will reduce their efforts and provide them direct access to transfer the funds.

  • Order History

Customers can track all their previous orders through this feature. In case of any confusion with the vendor or to check, they have the option to track all their orders. It is the best feature provided by any mobile app development company.

  • Rating & Reviews

For every service provider who has provided good services, customers can give good feedback or review to them. It will help them to improve their service ranking among other competitors. Users can also create a section of their favorite laundryman to pick their service easily.

  • Push Notifications

Users will be informed about the great deals, offers, their order status, order cancellation, real-time order status, and many more things with the help of this feature.

Service Provider Panel

Just like the user panel, service providers must own a panel comprising suitable features. Although, these included features in the service panel can surely affect the laundry app development cost.

  • Sign-up or Login

Service providers also must register into the app via using their email or phone number. It will help to verify them. They can also login into the app with the given credentials and they can also save them permanently.

  • Service Management

If your chosen laundry delivery app development company provides you with this feature, then business owners can easily arrange their offered services for users. Any user who wants a specific service and if you are providing it; then this feature will connect you both.

  • Order Request

It entirely depends upon the service provider to accept or deny the service request from the user. They can accept the request if they have time or it is convenient for them and if not, they can refuse it.

  • Order Management

This feature in the on-demand app development service helps owners to manage their orders. It will keep the record of all the previous orders, running orders, and pending ones so that it will be easy to complete them on time.

  • Feedback & Reviews

This feature will help service providers to know about the reviews and feedback from the customers and they can even display them over the app. According to this feedback, service providers can improve their services and make their working environment more productive and convenient for the employees.

  • Delivery Management

This feature will help the service provider to track the delivery person while delivering the order. Through this feature, they get to know how much time they are taking to reach the destination. It will help the provider to measure the performance of their employees.

  • Discounts & Coupons

The service provider has access to all kinds of coupons and discounts offered to customers as per their service demands. It is necessary to provide to get customer’s loyalty and retain them for a long time.

Admin Panel

It is the most significant panel to be included in home service app development to get control over the functions of mobile applications. Here are the must-have features into the admin app-

  • Dashboard

The dashboard has all the access of the data of employees and delivery persons that can only be accessed by the system administrator. This feature permits for great personalization, all kinds of booking information including material type, number of clothes, and the decided booking date.

  • User Management

Admin accesses all the requests from users using this feature and he/she can also keep a record of the reported service providers to check if they are working well or not, if not, they can take action against them.

  • Category Management

Various categories are managed by the managers leading to the processing of users’ requests for their laundry. Admin keeps an eye on the laundry’s each department and properly manages them.

  • Real-time Analytics

The admin panel must have this feature to display the real-time statistics and keep the track of delivery personnel based on week, month, or year using it. It will let the app owner figure out how the laundry app is performing?

  • Notifications

Admin can send real-time notifications to both service providers and customers using this feature. This feature included in laundry mobile app development services helps the service providers to complete the tasks and customers get to know about new offers and deals.

  • Payment Management

Although, having this feature for the laundry app will differ the cost to develop an app like Laundrapp, Cleanly, Rinse,, etc. It includes various ways of payment and directs users to a convenient payment gateway. Customers can also send their issues regarding payment.

  • GPS Tracking

Admin will be able to track the delivery person through this feature and provide updates in real-time to the customers about the route of the delivery person and service providers about the services.

  • In-app Chat

Admin can chat directly with the customers by using this feature regarding any issue they are facing or about the services they want to involve in their enterprise. Customers can also contact the admin or support person via this feature.   

Laundry & Dry Cleaning App Business Model

Running a laundry business is not as easy as it seems, there are a lot of aspects to deal with such as the cost to develop a laundry app like Rinse, FlyCleaners, DRYV, Clothespin, etc. activities to do, workforce, challenges to face, and many more. Despite it, the on-demand laundry app development process is very tough when you want a feature-packed laundry app as you have to follow a systematic approach.

Currently, all the laundry delivery app development companies have been very prominent in the market and they are following two laundry app business models that are as mentioned-

1. Aggregator Model (Marketplace)

This business model is more appropriate for start-ups that don’t have their own resources. Through this model, they can create a platform where users can connect with the distinct laundry services. All the transactions will be managed by the marketplace operators. In this, the operators will gather data about the user’s preferences and location and will arrange the delivery to the partnered laundries accordingly with the platform.

2. On-site Model

The model tends to be more appropriate for laundry businesses that are established and looking for its growth. It would be good for them to get a website or a mobile application for business development as they can enable the users to place their orders easily for laundry pickup and delivery according to their time at an affordable price.

Monetization Opportunities Offered by Laundry Apps

Adding a monetization model to the app is an efficient way to bear the Laundrapp like app development cost. Different monetization ways or money-making techniques help businesses to get good revenues and maximize profit.

Here are some of the monetization ways-

1. In-app Advertising

The on-demand laundry apps can have great revenue by advertising-related services and products within the app for the customers, for example- washing powder, cleansers, soaps, and others. It is a way to keep the app customers engaged and app owners charge a specific amount from other businesses to showcase their products.

2. Features Listing

It is one of the most used & effective techniques that can help enterprises to generate huge revenue. In this model, laundry app owner charges extra fees from businesses to feature their services on the top section of their app. The reason behind it is the maximum sales received by the businesses that occupy the space on the home page. It is the primary source of income for some businesses.

3. Commission

This technique provides the right to the laundry app’s owner to ask a certain commission whenever they sell something via the order placed through their app. This method is used by a lot of popular laundry apps such as   

Required Team Structure and Technology Stack

An appropriate app development team with required and expert members with the right knowledge of the latest tech stack is significant to create a scalable and robust laundry app. Check out the essential team structure and technology stack below:

i) Team Structure

The number of team members directly impacts the laundry app development cost; hence it would be better to have a limited & proficient team of designers and developers that can help you to have the best results.  

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX Designers
  • iOS/Android Developers
  • QA Experts

ii) Tech Stack

Implementing the right and modern technologies is necessary in order to have an efficient and fully functional laundry mobile app. Here is the standard technology stack-

  • Front-end: React Native, XML, Angular JS
  • Back-end: ASP.NET, NodeJS, PHP
  • Database: HBase, MongoDB, Postgress, Cassandra, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment: Firebase Development, AWS, Azure, CloudFirestore
  • Push Notifications:, Twilio
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo
  • Payment Services: Stripe, Braintree & PayPal, EWallets
  • Real-time Dashboards: Custom-development, PubNub
  • Navigation: Google Map

How to Develop a Laundry App like Laundrapp?

To enter the market, you need a feature-packed and high revenue-generating laundry mobile app like Rinse that can assist you to satisfy the user’s needs. The laundry delivery app development company you chose must complete the development process step-by-step. Here are some of the basic steps to follow while building a laundry mobile app-

Step 1: App Ideation

Before beginning the development process; there must be proper communication between the client and chosen tech partner. It will provide a clear idea to the service provider what are the client’s requirements about the app? After that, the project team will do the market analysis and research by using their experience and expertise in the specific domain to develop a unique and creative laundry app according to the market trends.

Step 2: Create a Simple App Design

The design of any application is solely responsible for creating the first impression in the user’s mind. And so, the app development company must make sure that the laundry mobile app design services they offer are powerful, interactive, and responsive enough to target the audience. These are not the days to include complicated visuals or exaggerated buttons, the app design needs to be simple with a slight personalized touch. As well, the app functions should be easy-to-navigate and understand.

Step 3: App Development

For the coding part, you must have a qualified and skilled development team that has experience and knowledge of emerging technologies and tools that are going to be used in laundry app development. The programming phase will include the back-end development of the app comprising the creation of admin, customer, delivery, and laundry panel with advanced features by writing the code.

Step 4: App Testing

After getting done with the app coding, it is necessary to test and check if the code is working properly or not? Users have always preferred the high-quality app over anything, therefore there should be no error or bug in the app if you want it to perform well and systematically to make sure all the client’s needs are addressed.

Step 5: App Launching & Marketing

If the app testing procedure is completed successfully, then it’s the right time to launch it on the different platforms to get the users’ attention and their feedback after using the app. To launch the app, we will help you throughout with the required data and documentation & will take care of all the formalities. You will be required to do proper marketing of the app to make it successful in the market.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop A Laundry App?

Basically, the laundry & dry cleaning app development cost is not fixed for every mobile app as it differs according to the features & functions needed to include in the app as per the business requirements. Determining the cost to develop an app is the most important aspect to consider before starting the development.

There are some of the factors that are accountable to fluctuate the overall laundry app development cost, such as:

  • The Chosen App Platform (Android or iOS)
  • Location & Hourly Rate of App Development Company
  • App Complexity
  • Features to Include
  • Team Structure & Technology Stack

The estimated cost to develop a laundry mobile app would be around $25,000 to $50,000 with the core features. This estimated cost can vary depending on these above factors, so you must decide upon these considerable things to have a final calculation for overhead costs.

End Line

As we all know on-demand applications are intended to offer valuable and convenient services to app users directly just by tapping some of the screen buttons. This is the reason behind the great popularity of these on-demand laundry delivery app development services that are providing effective service in users’ day-to-day life.

There is high competition in the market with the increasing demand for laundry mobile applications. If you are willing to enter this market, you must have an advanced and high-performing laundry app with rich features and SemiDot Infotech can help you in this for sure. Being a top laundry & dry cleaning app development company, we own a team of highly professional developers that has experience in building efficient mobile apps. Come to us with a guarantee of assisting you right from app ideation to its launch in the market.

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