Python has been the choice of everyone from the novice to seasoned developers. That’s something we owe to the simplified syntax of Python, and to the iconic frameworks which are developed to make it easier for all of us. The main reason why Python is so popular, instead of not being used as an Android development language is the scalability it has on offer. Python web development company creates Python-based applications which are used in almost every place that requires you to scale the app for usage by millions of user, and everyplace you require clean and shortcode.

The frameworks only add up to all of it and add all those extra features to the iconic coding language. There are frameworks for everything from website building to building complex machine learning applications, and complex data mining and sorting algorithms. Every framework has a fair amount of developer support and many are working on it each to bring in new versions with fewer bugs.

The Python web frameworks are categorized into 3 segments, depending on the niche they are used into.

1. Full-stack frameworks

Full-stack frameworks, as the name suggests, completely comprehend the full-stack design ideology that covers both the front end and the back end. These frameworks are completely capable of enduring the power to develop and customize both end of web development. Full-stack web development frameworks also allow databases to be inherited and used as per the convince of the developer.

2. Microservices frameworks

Microservices architecture is based on the architectural pattern which depends on small but relevant services to work collectively and for a product. This architecture focuses on things like adding small and separate functionalities that can easily be added and removed as per the convenience of the developer. It eases a lot of a load of integration, as the framework takes care of it with you doing anything special.

3. Asynchronous frameworks

Used for writing high-performance web applications, async frameworks support high concurrency using a single thread. These are used to maintain the highest possible throughput by using single threads instead of relying on the multi-thread architecture. Through Async servers, concurrent actions can be performed in a single thread, increasing the efficiency by multiple times.

Now that we have a basic knowledge of types of frameworks in Python, we can officially get started on the top 6 Python development frameworks.

i. Django

Type: Full Stack framework

This particular framework has ruled the space for many years, for its sheer capabilities. Django offers maximum capabilities while least compromising on the repetition of code, it follows the write once and never repeat the approach. Instead of prompting users to add libraries to add functionalities, it includes all great functionalities as functions. Django really does make coding in Python a lot easier than the bare and does take productivity to the next level.

The native support for Object relationship management and popular databases in the market makes it the top choice for full-stack Python development.


Type: Asynchronous framework

AIOHTPP is an Asynchronous framework, these are famous for allowing concurrent transactions to be performed on a single thread. AIOHTTP is a two in one server and client application framework based on async, taking Python to the next level. Along with maximum functionalities offer as an async server, it also creates to be one of the best client-side frameworks, making it the framework of choice in case of Async frameworks.

It is based on Python’s asyncio library, and by far is the best of all async frameworks out there. Its extensive support as a client-side framework helps it to take this position.

iii. CherryPy

Type: Microframework

CherryPy is one of the oldest and greatest Python web development frameworks in the league. It is first rolled out the shelves in 2002, and slowly and steadily became one of the most reliable, and top Python frameworks amongst the competition. CherryPy is completely free and open-source, allowing you to solve problems through community help and is being updated and worked upon continually.

CherryPy is highly suitable for small and medium-scale applications, and much like we love to say it, it is as capable as Django for the same.

iv. Turbo Gears

Type: Full Stack framework

Turbo gear is a combination of three of the world’s greatest technologies, it combines Turbogears1, Django, and rails. It includes all functionalities of the above and makes a package for web development solutions like no other. It supports multiple databases and native support for javascript, taking it levels above other Full-stack development Python frameworks.

Turbo gears were built with one thing in mind, to make the best of full-stack frameworks. It delivers but does lag a bit behind Django, which places it at the 4th place in best Python frameworks.

v. Dash

Dash is based to solve the problem associated with data analytics and does it quite well. It is specially designed with data analysts in mind, meaning they may not know anything about web app development but can still master Dash easily. It offers extensive support of databases and security, making it the number one choice for data analytics related work. The Dash deployment services add the cherry on the cake.

What makes Dash better than everyone is its error handling ways and a high degree of customization, putting it above and beyond the rest of the competition by far.

vi. Bottle

Type: Microframework

Bottles work very differently than other frameworks, it creates a single file for the web app you make with it. Initially, Bottle was designed to create APIs, the reason why it stays a micro framework. The thing to notice is other than Python’s standard libraries, Bottle has no other dependencies what so ever. The built-in HTTP server makes it easier to implement prototypes and piloting new apps idea to life, the reason why it is popular in Startup culture.

The bottle allows you to get closer than ever to the hardware, giving you complete control of the situation. The URL mapping is also one of a kind and gives you complete control of the flow.

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