Establishing a start-up is not easy. There are too many things to be taken care of especially when looking for a perfect software solution. Not only just finding the right development team is important but also choosing the right technology is vital for the success of the website or your app. Since start-ups have a limited budget to work upon, they must cautiously consider various factors like the development time, technology, hourly rate of the developers, software security, modules, libraries, and many more. It is thus that your smartest choice will be to go for a powerful and already established technology like Python.

Python is in the market for nearly 30 years now as it was first released in 1991. Scalability and security are two of the most prominent features of this language that not only attract entrepreneurs but also many Python developers towards itself. As per reports shared by Github and Google Trends, Python is still the most popular programming languages of 2020, beating Java and JavaScript in this race.

And also, Statista reports suggest that Python is among the top five most used programming languages of the year 2020 after Java, HTML/CSS, and SQL. These reports and researches clearly show that Python web development is still in demand and also is among the top programming languages that are preferred by most web development companies and entrepreneurs around the world for their web development projects. 

Here is a list of some of the most popular website developed using Python or are using elements of this development language:

Things to Consider while Choosing the Right Programming Language

Every business has its own set of requirements in terms of the user base and the goals, and this is the main reason why choosing the right language is so important, as each language comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Not all languages suit all kinds of businesses, and hence, an entrepreneur must be very cautious while picking up this right development language for their project. It becomes all the more important in the case of start-ups, as there are too many risks involved, and you cannot afford anything to go wrong.

Here are a few questions which you must ask yourself before choosing the technology for the app or website development of your start-up app.

  • Can your language adapt to the changes required?
  • Can it simplify the process of web development? 
  • Would you be able to find the best web development company to work on this technology?
  • Is this language scalable and efficient?
  • Does it offer an agile web development process?

And if the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are on the right track of choosing the best programming language for your business. Entrepreneurs are mostly confused in choosing the right language, and most often the confusion is between the most popular languages i.e. Python vs. PHP vs. Ruby. But for start-ups, Python seems the obvious choice as it not only answers all the above questions but is the most budget-friendly among the lot. 

What makes Python Different from other Languages

Each programming language is different, and it is their features that make these languages differ from each other. So, let us know what makes Python so different from the other programming languages to understand the reasons why entrepreneurs should opt for Python development services for their start-up. 


Graphical User Interface is one of the most prominent parts of any programming language since it can add style to code and make the outcomes more visually appealing. Python upholds a variety of GUIs, which can without much of a stretch be imported to the translator, subsequently making this one of the most loved dialects for the web developers. 

Object-Oriented Approach

Also, Python follows an object-oriented approach i.e this programming language perceives the idea of class and object encapsulation permitting projects to be productive over the long haul.

Smooth Integration

Dissimilar to many programming languages that are available in the market, Python is entirely smooth with regards to integrating with other languages or modules. This allows Python development companies to easily combine and integrate this language with Java, C++, and many more to create smart and innovative solutions. 

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Backing Test-driven Development 

Python is well known for its test-driven development process. As simple as what it’s worth for website developers to make models with it, they can later change over them into a completely working application by basically refactoring the code and can test it in a split second. 

Wide scope of standard libraries

Despite the fact that the rundown of why Python is rapidly climbing the stepping stool of popularity is monotonously long, this is one of the essential reasons why. The simple accessibility of standard and vigorous libraries is the thing that pulls in Python developers and new businesses towards Python. 

Great for ML and Big Data 

AI and Big Data are two of the rising innovations that have obtained eyeballs of numerous foundations internationally. The two of them come favored with huge amounts of bolted potential, something we are taking advantage of gradually. Among different sorts of uses written in Python, you can likewise create applications incorporated with these innovations including a wide scope of AI advancements too, as it has numerous powerful libraries to help the development process.

Now that you are aware of some of the prominent features of Python, let us move on to the reasons to hire Python developers for your start-up.

Reasons to Hire Python Developers for your Start-up

So, when looking for a programming language for your website or app development, the first thing you see is the scalability and whether or not that language can fit into your entire requirement that you have from your website or your app. If you are not from a technical background opting for some proficient web development services may help as they have in-depth knowledge of creating efficient web solutions for both start-ups and big scale enterprises.

So here are a few reasons, which might intrigue you to hire Python web developers for your start-up.

Agile development process

Being a startup, there are many people who have eyes on you and for you, it is very important to get everything developed on time. You have to release your website in the market before any other individual does it. The reason why most start-ups prefer reaching out to a Python web development company is that Python offers an agile development process. Also, being a start-up you need to present everything in front of the investors and if the development is on time only then you can timely present your idea.

Python facilitates fast development by allowing web developers to do easily make changes as and when required. It is the pre-assembled modules and bundles of Python that render it the capacity to speed up the development as compared to the other programming languages available in the market.


While looking for a web development solution for start-up scalability is one of the first things which you must consider. Python is one such language known to create highly robust and scalable solutions that can suffice all your needs of a growing business. As a business develops, its clients develop as well. Under such occurrences, it would turn into a need for any business to have a website or an app that can handle the growing users and meet all their demands.


Python is one such programming language that can be combined with most of the other languages and can be used to create solutions for every business, irrespective of its size. Also, this language can be used to create solutions for any operating system be it Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Apart from the programming language, Python gels really well with the latest technologies like Big Data and Machine Learning. So, if you are planning to move towards digitization, you must consider to hire Python developers as they can create a customized solution based on your business requirements. This language is highly capable of creating apps from gaming to social media to anything you could imagine for.

Integrated language

Python is an amazing language and known for its integrated nature. This is because unlike other languages where the whole code is processed at a time, the code in Python is executed line by line. This makes Python really easy and simple to use and also reduces the run time as, during the code execution process, the code is converted into byte-code.

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Converting code in Python is really easy and this is all because of the portability that this programming language offers. This feature is absent in most of the languages available but is an important feature when looking for a solution for a start-up. You do not want to invest in technology, which is not portable. Every time you need to create a solution for any platform, the whole code needs to be written. In Python, if you create a solution for Windows while getting the same developed for MacOS, you need not write the code again, the same code can be reused.


While looking for a perfect language for your start-up, you must look into this factor. There are millions of websites and apps already available in the market. Until and unless your idea is not exceptional and unique, having an attractive and innovative app is very important in order to capture user’s attention towards your business.

As per the top Python development company, this language is known to create a simplistic yet innovative website that can fulfill all your requirements in terms of captivating user’s attention. Also, this language is quite easy to learn and write. Python experts find it extremely easy to write codes. Also, since this language is user-friendly, you can easily find and hire Python web developers for your start-up business.

Large Community of Developers

Another extraordinary thing about the prominence of Python is that there is an enormous and dynamic network of developers who are constantly working upon improving this language. Actually, Python’s developer network is one of the absolute best among others, and you will be unable to discover another network as far as reaching and committed as Python’s.

This means you will effectively discover full and promptly open help for an unpredictability you experience during improvement. There are in a real sense countless developers and allies everywhere on the globe devoted to improving the language’s center highlights and functionalities.


Now no one can deny the fact of having a safe and secure website or an app. It is all the more important to build customer’s trust that you opt for a language that can create a highly secure solution for you. Talking about security, Python is obviously much secure than many other languages like PHP.

It is a result of systems, for example, Django that comes stacked with worked in security highlights shielding the application from numerous security dangers prowling on the web. This system is fit for concealing the website’s source code from direct review by powerfully delivering site pages and utilizing layouts sending information to internet browsers. It can create some really complex solutions and still maintaining the security of your business.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have seen the benefits of using Python for a start-up, Python will absolutely be a phenomenal decision in a lot of utilization cases. Python is allowed to utilize, has all the libraries you might envision. This language has some amazing features and opting for Python development services might suffice your purpose too.  Python is easy to use, adaptable, well known, steady, versatile, and is one of the absolute best choices out there when planning for digitization. Python ends up being one of the best choices for not only start-ups but many big scale companies too.

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