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We, SemiDot Infotech, are a premium software company which delivers truly outstanding products. We provide top-notch web and mobile app development services by using latest technologies that are out there. Anything coming out of Semidot is of the highest quality and second to none. Our clients love us as we have a handpicked team of professionals who always believe any task can be done in a smarter way and any existing system can be challenged and ultimately improved. We prefer experts rather than Jack of all trades making us a one stop mobile and web development company.

Why Semidot? We are a top web development company and provide the exceptional web application to our clients. Our services are delivered through our offices in US, UK, Australia, and India. We have established ourselves as a premium Mobile Development Company in North America by delivering outstanding Mobile applications to our clients. Our client base comes from various parts of the globe and works culture, so in order to meet their expectations our support team is available for you throughout the year. So no matter you are an early riser or a night crawler, we are always available to assist. We love to be a part of the next big thing so if you have a unique idea and ability to sustain that idea then we can be your trusted technology partner and materialize that into reality. Just Contact Semidot with your web development requirement.

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Crypto Four

Crypto Currency Exchange creation

Exchange your currency crypto

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ERC20/ Coin Delivery

Add your Bitcointalk Forum id and
Delivered wallet address

Crypto Three

Crypto Wallet development

Ensure your wallet development

Crypto One

ICO Launches

Pre ico launchers

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We have expert hold over core PHP as well as all its popular frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend and Symphony 2. PHP is the most popular choice among small to mid level companies.

We have proven team of Rails developers who can transform your dream product into high performing MVP. Ruby on Rails framework provides excellent solution for products where the user base is above average.


We have created a wide array of iOS and Androdid apps and we are ready for iOS 11 as well as Android Oreo. We are also working on the new Augmented reality feature and can also optimized your existing apps for iPhone X.

With Javascripts frameworks getting better every year we prefer to work with latest and greatest. We have extensively used React JS, Angular JS 2&4, Node JS, express JS and Polymar.JS etc.

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