Social apps have gained pace more than anything else in recent times, be it social media, video sharing, photo editing, or whatnot. TikTok has been all over the news after a country completely banning its use, emptying the space for an opportunity of a lifetime. While the overall app is simple to use from a user’s perspective, planning and implementing it can be really tough as a business. Most mobile app development companies would promise you to create a TikTok clone, but only a few would focus on creating an app like TikTok which can handle users as per requirement.

ByteDance acquired and merged it with TikTok to improve the app and that’s when it got mainstream. If you are wondering about implementing some more features from any of your other favorite apps, we will do that for you over and above the features of TikTok. We will further discuss the basic and advanced features you would get with the TikTok clone we create for you, along with the cost to get the web developed, customized, or only the source code. When you hire iOS developer or hire Android developers from us, you would not only get a quality app, but also a team capable of scaling it for you.

Reasons to Consider a TikTok App Clone

TikTok proved its mettle in a very short duration, at the peak it saw the 4th rank in the most downloaded (non-game category) list, on both the Apple and Android application stores. Apart from the controversies it faced, TikTok is certainly an inspiration with what entrepreneurs can do with a simple idea.

TikTok Statistics

If you can think of one feature that will make it go viral or are targeting countries that have TikTok banned, you can be lucky to see millions of downloads for your very own app in a very short time. When you hire app developers from us, we will ensure we put in every new feature in sync with pre-existing ones, for a flawless experience.

Basic Features of a Video-sharing App like TikTok

TikTok planned the things that people love and combined them to create something extraordinary. When we talk about why it has earned the fame it deserved, it is mostly because of the features it offered. TikTok’s mobile app developers combined three of the most important features and present them in a single application. People love videos, they love dubbing, and they love music, combine all of them in bite-sized videos and ta-dah, you get TikTok.

But don’t let it seem so simple, it is all thanks to TikTok’s creators who made the app so smooth, you will fall in love with it instantly. You don’t even need to sign up to access videos, they play right when you first open the app, sign up and everything else comes later. Over the top of all of these perfect features, comes the AI of TikTok, which knows exactly what you would like to watch, this is one of the main reasons why TikTok has been so popular amongst users.

TikTok app features

Video scroll

As soon as you open the app, you will be able to scroll through the recommendations when you first open the app, without any registration. This feature is deemed to be one of the reasons for TikTok’s popularity, it enabled users to enjoy videos selected specifically for them by the AI, and most people loved recommendations. It is a virtually infinite scroll which goes on and on till user wants to scroll, with the number of videos that are uploaded, TikTok’s creators made the perfect mix in video scroll to keep users hooked. 

Like, comment, share

Be it the heart like the commenting option, or the share option, we will provide you with all of them in the TikTok clone app we create for you. All these have certain weightage in the AI-based algorithm we will make for you if you want and will directly affect the content displayed to particular users with their particular preferences. The sharing capability allows users to share their creations or the videos they like to their friends on different channels, which could directly help you to gain more downloads.

Re-watch liked videos

There will be 2 different sections in the profile allowing users to see the videos they have created, as well as the videos they have liked. This feature enables the users to backtrack and save the videos they liked within the app, we can also include various other features like the watermark of your app when the user downloads a video. A separate screen would be made to enable this feature and you can opt to further advance this feature with your own app’s flavor. 

TikTok Like App CTA


The app we create for you will support multiple filters of various different types. Users will get to choose the background and foreground subject’s filter when they edit the video they created. We can also include this feature while the users make the videos to ensure they get the result they were looking for. The filter has been hugely popular these days and we will ensure they are as optimized as ever in the app we create for you, as it all comes down to optimization and accuracy. 

Video editor

The app will feature a full-fledged video editor with capabilities ranging from normal cropping to changing complete effects in the video. All the video editing features would also include TikTok’s audio overlap capabilities, so the users will be able to make dubbings and videos. The users will also be able to try out the different filters and edit the video down to microseconds, ensuring they can make the most of their skills.

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Audio catalog

There will be a sperate catalog provided to users where they can find all videos posted on a particular sound. This is one of the most popular reasons why people are continuously attracted to TikTok, most of them love music, so we create a special catalog of videos posted on that particular audio track. We can add more features like videos with similar steps and different music, depending on what you plan to be your own app’s USP.

Hashtag discover 

While it has been over 10 years since this happened and came into existence, it is still very relevant on social sites to find content related to a particular term. We will integrate hashtag search in a normal search and integrate it with a caption like alt tags for videos so that people can search for all relevant videos with a variety of methods. We can also tweak this feature to your liking and add another type of discovering feature for your app if you are planning anything like it. 

Cost to develop a video sharing social app like TikTok

While the ballpark for the average mobile app cost would be about $40,000 for the custom app made per your requirements. In a country like India at an average per hour development cost to be about $15 for quality mobile app development services. We have various different options for our clients to choose from when they plan to hire app developers from us, while we ensure minimum pricing.

TikTok App Cost

People are used to interface and features of TikTok, we recommend adding some on top of them rather than taking them away. Your best bet would be getting the ready-made solution customized. It would take the cost down to about 15,000, and we will implement all the features you wanted to be added in your TikTok like app, while you can ensure early market entry through our rapid app development.

There are majorly three options to choose from when getting your app developed:

1. A white label solution

If you are in a hurry, we can provide you with our white label solution, it is completely ready to use for kickstarting a social video sharing app business. This will set you back about $1500 for the script, a little bit of tweaking and it would seem just like it’s yours.

While this would be the cheapest way to start your business, it would simply mean you entering a market that’s already filled to the brim, without having to offer anything of your own. But you don’t need to worry, as we have options which are much cheaper than getting a custom app developed, for a lot less money we can customize the white label app for you. 

2. A custom ready-made solution

This is simply the most demanded model of entering the business space and is a top choice by most startups. While this model does have its own drawbacks, it can save a massive amount of money, while solving the fundamental problem of white label solutions we discussed above.

This ready-made TikTok solution would be customized and befitted to your brand image, it will cost you about $7000 to $35000. You can have features added, removed, moved, anything you want with the solution we give you, this model offers both reduced time to develop, along with a low app development cost.

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3. Custom-built solutions

This out here can be used to draw the line between startups and established businesses in the space. Looking forward to growing exponentially? Planning to serve millions of repeat users each month? This is the only option that will ensure the app holds up to all that pressure.

This is both the time and cost consuming option, but in the practical world, the above two are for test runs only. This is the option which will give you both flexibilities, and the option of additions in terms of features and brand value. Assume paying at least $35,000 to $200,000 for a fully custom built from scratch TikTok app clone. 


This could be the absolute best time to plan a business that occupies the online social space, especially with the recent ban that surfaced for TikTok. The app was a huge hit, and the space is apparently empty, for new apps to proving their mettle and actually replacing TikTok. TikTok’s app experience and features both combined have led users to love it, and that’s what we will strive for when we create an app like TikTok for our clients.

Anyone would give you the TikTok clone, but our top mobile app developers will consult you with technologies that are scalable to ensure the app holds no matter the increase in the number of users. Our AI research and development department could also help in improving the app functionality, per the features you want in the app. If you are planning to capture the social space, contact us for the best possible quote, compared to other mobile app development companies.

TikTok App Clone