Full-stack developers are in great demand in the IT industry. A full-stack developer is capable of developing a full-fledged web application and they are well versed in technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, Angular JS, etc. They are engineers who can work on databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. Deep knowledge of both major front and back end technologies makes one a full-stack developer.

Demand for a full stack developers is high as they have mastery over foundational technologies which makes them capable of finding smart solutions to the most development issues. A good full stack is someone who can create and manage the front-end and backend of a website. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a company, hiring a full stack developer is the right decision as they can also fill the shoes of the technical head in the project. Further in the blog, you will learn about the skills to look for, in a full stack developers.

What is a Full-stack development?

It refers to the development of both the front and back end of websites. Full-stack developers have the skills to design web applications and websites. Knowledge of the front end, backend, database, and debugging are the key skills of these professionals. You can consider taking help from a full stack web development company for the big projects.

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

A full-stack web developer is a professional who can manage all the components required to run a web application. That involves front and back end as well as other developing activities. These developers are capable of handling everything on a web development project and prove to be a great asset for a start-up. As you are looking for a developer, it is important to keep in mind that no two full-stack developers are the same.  They are different in two ways regards to the knowledge of a specific technology and the command of specific layers of stack.

Major technologies in full-stack development are:

Front end development

It refers to a combination of the hypertext mark-up language, CSS, and JavaScript, all of them together are used to design the front end or layout of web pages. It requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to be called a good Full Stack developers.

Back end development

It refers to the server-side development of web applications and focuses on the functionality of websites. The back-end part of a website is designed using some libraries, frameworks, of different development languages like PHP, C++, Java, Python, and more.

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Skills to look for in a full stack developer 

A full-stack web developer is a jack of all trades, the king of none. A good full-stack developer knows everything about website development from the database to the user interface. He or she possesses expert command over both back-end and front-end technologies.

1. Expert knowledge of one language

A full-stack developer needs to have a grasp on a few major technologies. He or she should be well versed in a single language, and knowing other languages is an added skill. You can also ask the developer if he excels in any area of full-stack development such as front end or back end and use that skill as a top priority.

2. Back end and front-end technologies

A full-stack developer performs amazingly, both on the back end and the front-end. He should be comfortable with the required technologies which lay the foundation of the web development project. The developer must know JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and should be expert in any of the back-end development languages.

3. An active member of an online community

The developers need to be an active member in the community. You should count on someone who is already a part of the developer’s community and well versed with the industry’s trends. As the owner of a company, you should also join these active communities or social media groups to upgrade your knowledge about the industry.

4. Relevant experience

In the end, experience matters, it is all about creating a good product and hiring someone who has worked with companies offering a range of website development services. Becoming a full stack-developer takes time, it is more than learning major technologies, it’s about getting an understanding of these languages and work in sync with both the technologies. Hence, look for someone who has worked on large scale projects with good experience in the industry.

5. Previous work

An experienced developer must have a good portfolio of previous projects, ask him to show the work samples so that you will have an idea about the skills. It does not mean eliminating inexperienced developers, they are starting in the industry and willing to learn more on the job. Also give importance to the skills set they are offering as a full-stack developer.

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6. Additional qualities

A full-stack developer will be working on many projects, he or she must have adequate knowledge and understanding of the business needs as well. Besides knowing technical terms, a full-stack developer knows how to handle clients, which helps in sorting out client’s doubts and queries. 

7. Open to talent

Now you might have an idea about the skill set and expertise of a full-stack developer. Never limit your search as more and more professionals are now upgrading their skills and aiming to gain command over multiple languages. You can prefer developers who are apt in popular web development technologies like PHP or Python or has experience in working with a Python or PHP development company, as they might bring their specialized knowledge to the table on top of their skills. 


The full-stack developers are the masters of front end and back end technologies. For hiring a full-stack developer, gain a better understanding of your project or you can take help from an expert in the industry for the task. There are many different types of developers in the industry, so look out for one who is a perfect fit concerning your requirements and budget. If you’re running a start-up, consider hiring a full stack developers in your team, do proper research, and understand the requirement of your business before finalizing the candidate.

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