Isn’t it common to forget some of the items when you are out to do grocery shopping? What about there is something to help you with remembering all the items every time? In old-time, people used to make a long list on paper so that they don’t forget to purchase any item. Now, the time has changed, and technology has come so far that it has turned the people’s life they used to live.

At present, no one is dependent on that old-fashioned notepad or paper to create the grocery shopping list. Businesses have come up with efficient & feature-rich grocery shopping list mobile applications that enable users to make a grocery list in seconds and they can check this list whenever they need it with just by few taps on the mobile screen.

Presently, there are many popular grocery delivery apps in the market intended to save users’ time, hustle, and brainstorming while thinking about the items that they have forgotten. Every member of the users’ family can have access to these shared grocery list apps so that they can add or remove items at their convenience.

Now, you must be thinking about how you can select the best grocery delivery app among lots of apps available on the Google Play Store and App Store. Don’t worry, we have named some of the top grocery list apps below that will help you to choose one. Here are some of the bests with all the details about the grocery shopping list applications:

Introduction to Grocery List Application

A grocery shopping list application facilitates users with ease while saving their precious time consumed in making a grocery list. When they use a grocery list mobile application, it enables them to share this list with their family members and whoever they want, get special offers & deals, and look at the amount of nutrition they are going to purchase. These grocery shopping list apps permit multiple users at a time along with allowing other family members to edit the shopping list accordingly.

Due to the offered convenience and time saving, users are adopting these apps at a large level. In this way, businesses are also interested to capitalize on this sector and acquiring grocery shopping list app development services.

Let’s navigate to the guide about the best-shared grocery shopping list apps. Here you can go through different types of grocery list apps and can choose the most suitable one among them. Check out them below-

1. Kroger

Kroger Logo

Kroger is known as the largest grocery chain in the USA, and it has also launched its mobile app available on both iOS and Android platforms. This mobile app enables users to create a list with required grocery items so that they will stress less at the time of shopping. Be it any situation, you are going inside the grocery store, or you are using pickup services, it will help manage things.

Whenever a grocery item gets out of stock at your home, you can add it to the grocery list made with the Kroger grocery shopping list app. This app also provides users with weekly and monthly coupons, ads, and special deals to get their attention. Here, you can also browse different deals, search for products, make a list, check their prices, analyze fuel prices, and so on. Currently, this app has a huge user base of over 10 million with a 4.7 rating.

App Availability: iOS and Android

2. Flipp

Flipp can be counted as another masterpiece of mobile grocery list app development. This application follows an effective approach for generating a grocery list. The Flipp enables users to search, filter, and browse the best deals for weekly grocery items by linking the local deals with the coupons offered by their favorite brands. In this way, users can have a lot of beneficial deals and can purchase their regular grocery items at a cheaper price.

Flipp is more popular as a paperless coupon master source helpful to save money than any other app. With a good 4.7 rating, this deal-finder app holds an extensive number of more than 10 million users.

App Availability: iOS and Android

3. Todoist

This amazing grocery list app for Android and iPhone can be used for listing the grocery items easily along with the collaborative tasks that make it a complete package for users. There are integrated some animated movements and customized themes to increase the user engagement with the app. If users have set a reminder to buy bananas or something, then they will get a reminder about the due dates. Users can set this task on repeat as well that is intended to be appropriate for regular grocery shopping. This productive app has a huge user base of above 10 million and has got 4.6 ratings. 

App Availability: iOS and Android     

4. Bring!

There is a large segment of users who doesn’t know how to use a complex app or how an app function? Bring has tend to be a perfect app for those as it has the easiest way through which users can create their grocery list on the app. This is the best grocery list app on Android & iOS that allows users to generate multiple lists and items according to the different occasions. Users can easily put the items in well-organized categories and can share the grocery item list with their family or friends.

Bring can be also managed by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and iPhone users can also add items to the list with the use of Siri. Moreover, this app integrates the best recipes and options to import ingredients. Bring can be downloaded for free and is a good app to use with a 4.6 rating and a 5M+ customer base.

App Availability: iOS and Android

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5. Listonic

It is one of the best-shared grocery list apps that is easier, smarter, and faster to use. It comprises some pre-defined catalogs and users just need to include the items for creating a grocery list. They can generate more than one shopping list according to their needs. These created lists will be linked with each other so that users can modify them instantly whenever needed. This app helps users to provide smart suggestions depending on their recurring shopping items leading to calculating the cost and saving the users’ money. This popular app has a user base of over 5 million with a 4.6 rating that makes it desirable to give a shot.  

App Availability: iOS and Android    

6. Mealime

Businesses must hire a top grocery list app development company that can provide them with an app like Mealime with all the features. This app allows users to get a meal plan by including a wide variety of pre-created recipes stored in their database. Users just have to enter the information about how many members are there in the family and the app will suggest to them the personalized and healthiest meal plan according to the users’ preferences.

This app also comprises a built-in tool to help users with the nutritional information such as calories, micros, & macros of every single recipe. Users can experiment and cook exactly what they want from vegan to gluten-free to paleo with the help of this minimal-waste meal planner. Due to its advanced features, the Mealime is having 1M+ customer base that has provided it a 4.8 rating.

 App Availability: iOS and Android      

7. Out of Milk

While having grocery list app development, businesses are choosing to include the sharing feature so that users can easily share the grocery list with other people. The app ‘Out of Milk’ is also having the same feature along with permitting users to make an interactive and fun grocery shopping list. Out of Milk includes a unique feature so that users can create a personalized to-do list and keep the track of their home pantry inventory.

It has a cart feature that lets the users know what has been purchased and what is still left to pick up. It tends to decrease the chances of you forgetting grocery shopping items. This online grocery shopping list app also has the ability to scan the barcodes and after scanning, it will automatically add items to the list without typing. Users can also add the price of the items in the list to see the final cost of the shopping. ‘Out of Milk’ is compatible with multiple platforms & devices and can be operated with Alexa & Google voice assistants. These attractive features have provided an extensive range of 5M+ users to this app with a 4.3 rating & good reviews.

App Availability: iOS and Android

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8. Google Keep

This is the best app for grocery lists that enables users to make the lists, take notes, and add voice memos through Google’s voice assistant. The app is synced with Google’s cloud services and users can even create their grocery shopping list by including images, drawings, and recordings. Users can also have the background color of their grocery lists according to their choice. They can have access to the shopping list via any device, be it a PC, mobile, or tablet.

The list can be shared and edited in real-time, and along with it, this app has this super cool feature where users can set a reminder for the shopping list by considering location, date, and time. Here, users won’t get missed out on any of the grocery items. Google Keep has users of over 1 billion including a 4.1 rating that automatically makes it the most used & popular worldwide.

App Availability: iOS and Android     

9. Cozi Family Organizer

It is an essential application that helps to keep all the members of a family coordinated, up-to-date, and synchronized with each other’s activities. It consists of features like a to-do list and a shared family calendar that helps users to go along with the chores such as grocery shopping. After creating a grocery shopping list, users can access & edit it from anywhere. In the list, users can also have different categories such as fruits, dairy, vegetables, etc.

If you are looking to try some specific recipe on the weekend, you can add it to the app, and it will help you to include ingredients for it. Cozi allows app access for up to 12 family members which makes it easy to use for modern families. The app has recorded audience support of more than 1 million to the date comprising 4.7 ratings.

App Availability: iOS and Android     

10. AnyList

It is one of the finest and ideal examples of amazing grocery shopping app development solutions as it helps in quickly managing the grocery list by different categories. It has a user-friendly & simple user interface that has helped the app to gain over a 500K user base with a wonderful 4.8 ratings.

Along with creating a grocery item list, users can add information such as category, price, quantity, and pictures. Though the basic free version has enough features but having a premium app plan will facilitate users to reap the benefits of advanced AppList features such as recipe web import, passcode lock, meal planning calendar, themes, etc. supported by Mac & PC. Among all the features, the app also includes this feature where users can take notes for individual grocery items.

AnyList provides built-in recipe storage so that users can add grocery items to the list from the recipe itself. Users can share this created list with their contacts, close ones, and family members.

App Availability: iOS and Android     

11. Our Groceries

Our Groceries

Enterprises must analyze popular grocery shopping list apps before getting involved in how to create a grocery shopping list app. ‘Our Groceries’ is one of the most famous shared grocery applications with more than 1 million installations that have provided this app 4.7 rating. This app has both free and paid premium versions for the users. It allows users to provide voice instructions via Google Assistant or Google Smart Speaker so that they can create their grocery list. A barcode scanner can be used to add the items to the grocery list and when users finally check the list and cut off the items the last, the app adds them to the separate list so that they can cross-check before deleting them permanently.

Similar to other apps like AnyList or Out of Milk, users can also add information about the grocery items as well including category, quantity, and pictures. This app has no ads and offers users premium themes.

App Availability: iOS and Android

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12. List Ease

Businesses that are looking for how to develop a grocery list app must have a look at the List Ease app. It is a simple, easy-to-use, and scalable that makes budget shopping a smooth task and helps users by observing their money-spending habits. The app also alerts users by sending notifications whenever someone purchases from their shared grocery list. Users can keep track of their grocery costs in this way.

The List Ease is doing fine with the grocer stock as it lets the users know when they are running low on some grocery items. It has got a 4.7-star rating with over 500K downloads worldwide.

App Availability: iOS and Android

13. BigOven

This app enables users to do a lot of things such as check out food recipes, create grocery lists, and get an idea about preparing the next meal with the help of BigOven. It is the best way that eases the cooking process by including over 350,000 recipes. It has support from the home cook community that helps solve queries faster. Users can have the app’s pro membership if they want, otherwise, it is available for free. This app has got 3.7 stars and has gained an audience base of more than 1 million. To get an app like this, businesses must hire mobile app developers with rich experience and skills in this field.

App Availability: iOS and Android

Useful Benefits Provided by Grocery List App

Isn’t it great to have a mobile app that can help you to create a grocery list along with facilitating you with various advanced features? In this modern time, when people have a specific mobile app for every single task, businesses are also going for grocery store app development, grocery delivery app development along with building a grocery shopping list app.

Do you want to know what are the benefits offered by the shared grocery list app? Lookout at the below section:

  • Create an Organized Grocery List

Businesses get to develop a feature-rich grocery list app from a leading mobile application development company to enable users to create a well-organized to-do list for grocery shopping. These lists can be categorized into multiple aspects such as kitchen specials, grocery items, vegetables, fruits, etc. Included customized dashboards act as a great relief for app users when it comes to creating an impressive and automated shopping list.

  • Easy to Access, Edit & Share

Created lists with the help of shared grocery shopping list apps are simple to use. These can be easily edited according to the changing needs of grocery by the user. The most important benefits of these apps are that the generated grocery list can be shared with the app users’ contacts. This way users can save themselves from the hassle of discussing every item on the list with their family members.

  • Personalized Recipes

Various on-demand app development companies include the option of personalized recipes in grocery shopping list apps. It allows users to do multiple tasks at a time. They can generate personalized recipes, diet plans, meal plans, and others for the users’ convenience.

  • Cost-effective Shopping

Be it on-demand grocery delivery app development or grocery list app development, businesses must provide users with an app that enables them to have a budget analysis before buying the products they have added to the grocery list. It will save users to have only required items that too on a limited budget.

  • Check the Nutrition

To gain the audiences’ attention, businesses try in every way possible. In this reference, they also provide them with apps that help users to check their level of nutrition, water constraints, and health benefits.

All About Grocery Shopping List App Usage in the USA Market

Grocery shopping list mobile app development services are touching the sky with the rising number of users across the world. US consumers who use these grocery list apps made better food decisions and have a healthy diet in comparison to others. The below stats represent the results of a survey held by the Food Marketing Institute in the year 2015.

The graph has shown the grocery shopping list usage in 2015 among the USA consumer based on the generation. The highest number recorded was 80% of the boomers (51-69 years) who use these apps to create their grocery lists.

Source: Statista

Comprised Features and Cost Estimation of Grocery List App

Every business understands that it is the need of the hour to integrate the desired features by their audiences into the app. It also higher the chances of the app’s success in the market. At the time of grocery app development, it is essential to focus on what is needed for the app, be it core or advanced features.

Grocery list App Features

In the below section, we have proposed some of the significant features that will make the grocery shopping list app shine out among the crowd.

  • Ability to share
  • Customized Categories
  • Estimation of Budget & Cost
  • Enabling Voice Assistant
  • Quick Suggestions
  • Spending Tracking
  • Loyalty Programs & Coupons
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Grocery Shopping List Reminders

Now, let’s jump onto the cost evaluation of the grocery shopping list app development. Here we would like to bring your attention to that the development process is not a single facet to determine the overall cost. The cost assessment comprised of a lot of factors from choosing the appropriate app platform to including necessary features in the development steps. A little bit of variation in the aspects such as list of features, native or cross-platform app platform, development time, developers’ charges, app designing, and so on can differ the complete cost of a shared grocery app.

If enterprises pick an experienced grocery delivery app development company to develop a grocery list app for Android and iPhone, it will cost them between $15,000 to $40,000 with the required features. The aspects we have mentioned above will play a significant role in this and this estimated cost can vary based on these.

Things to Consider While Finding a Good Grocery List App Development Company

The main purpose of developing an app is always to make a good profit out of it. It is the reason why ventures keep looking for the best mobile app development company with high potential when it comes to getting a feature-rich and scalable application.

Here, while we are talking about the grocery shopping list app development, we have written down the most considerable things that will help businesses to find out the best firm that can deliver them the best.

1. Feedback and Reviews

It is the most important thing that businesses must consider the reviews and feedback of previous clients before picking a mobile app development firm. This way they can make a better decision if the company is suitable or not for their business goals.

2. Signing NDA

Choose a company that provides you assurance about the safety of your app idea. As we all know that every mobile app idea is unique itself and it can be leaked if your selected grocery list app development company doesn’t follow appropriate security measures. Therefore, businesses must pick a company that signs NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to make the app idea secure properly.

3. Agile Development Process

As a client, businesses have all the rights to review the development process and put the necessary feedback according to their business requirements. The agile development process allows developers to make changes in the ongoing development process as they don’t have to wait for the process to end. Instead of having the whole development done, this interactive approach divides the process into various small iterations and then, gets each part done.

4. On-time Project Delivery

There is no point in choosing a leading grocery list app development company if they are not capable of timely delivering the project. You must hire a company that keeps you updated with every project detail or say, it must have a transparent development process. They should have clear communication about the project’s growth and its requirements so that they can deliver it on time.

5. Ability to Customize

Businesses must have chosen a company that has the caliber to provide you with a mobile app that suits your requirements. Businesses have always got changing requirements with the time; hence it is needed to hire someone who can understand it and can provide you with a customizable grocery app.

Last Words

Well, here ends our list of top grocery shopping list applications of 2023 that are ruling in the market. All these described applications are compatible with both the platforms iOS and Android. These apps are famous among audiences due to the ease and comfort they provide while creating a grocery list. Impressive UI, smooth functioning, and wonderful features are the reason why these are preferable by a large segment of people worldwide.

Businesses who are keen to invest in this sector are paying extra attention to grocery app development. To fulfill all their requirements, SemiDot Infotech is proving as a helping hand in delivering these ventures their desired product or solution. Hurry up and get an efficient app to expand your business!

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