AngluarJS has made its mark in the world of web development for a fairly shorter period. It is a solid JavaScript framework created by Google in 2009. AngularJS was created to with an aim of making front-end development simpler for the developers.

The framework is used by many popular companies like Upwork, PayPal, Netflix, and many more reputed brands. Angularjs has also been ranked the second most used technology after Nodejs in 2018. This amazing front end framework offers robust features that help developers to write readable and easily maintain code.

Angularjs an open-source framework managed by a community of developers who love Angular and Google itself. The framework offers myriad benefits to the developers for robust web development. The growing popularity of this amazing technology offers incredible development opportunities to the angularJs development companies around the world. Why you should choose AngularJS over other front-end development technologies to lie ahead in the blog, along with the top reasons why you should choose this framework for your next project.

Let’s dive in to know more about AngularJS.

What is AngularJS?

Offering a wide range of functionalities, features, and benefits, Angularjs is all set to take the top spot between all front-end development frameworks. It is a great framework designed for building interactive web applications. Counted among the top JavaScript frameworks, it is used for developing dynamic websites and it supports MVC programming structure. Developers are starting to embrace anuglarJS which enables them to be productive and creative while developing web applications.

With Angularjs, it is possible to synchronize data efficiently and automatically with a little effort. The framework helps developers to curate the architecture of applications in depth, this is one of the reasons why angularjs has become a demanded framework by the designers and developers. Angularjs framework is packed with enormous features for efficient front-end development, making it a great choice for your next project. 

What makes Angluarjs an amazing framework?

According to a report, close to 45,687 websites are using Angularjs. There are many benefits of using the framework for a front-end development which are listed as:

• Simple to use

• Supports MVC architecture

• Impressive user interface

• Dual data binding

• New module creation

• Simple testing

• Massive community support

• Single page application building

Let’s read in detail about them.

1.Simple to use

Angular is an easy to use framework, as it which requires minimal coding. A javascript development company offering angularjs development as a service can make web applications quicker than the rest of the companies. Less coding saves time and effort of developers, they can develop applications without any hassle.

2. Supports MVC architecture

Unlike other frameworks, Angularjs supports MVC architecture for building web applications. With this incorporation, it becomes easier to make web apps which in-turn save time and efforts of the developers. With Angularjs, it is possible to synchronize data efficiently and automatically with a little effort.

The framework helps developers to curate architecture applications, this is one of the reasons why angularJs has become a highly demanded framework by the web designers and developers. Angularjs framework is packed with enormous features for efficient front-end development and it is a framework that keeps on growing and improving.

3. Impressive user interface

If you want to create an impressive user interface, angularJs should be the top choice AngularJs is a go-to framework with the ability to deliver a good user interface and it allows a developer to make lightweight and user-friendly apps.

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4. Dual data binding

Dual data binding is a remarkable feature of angularJs, meaning that any change in the application will have a direct impact on the user interface and the same would be the case with backend. With the framework, two-way data binding is easy to use because it can be performed with a few lines of codes.

5. New module creation

This is another amazing feature offered by Anguklarjs. Developers have to create some modules for a single application, as modules are independent on each other, there is a possibility of combining them to run the entire application. Angular developer gives a chance to create a new module automatically so that it can be combined with already created modules of application.

6. Simple testing

Testing is a vital part of web development in any domain. If you hire angular developer, he will be able to find errors and code defects easily and finish the project quicker than expected using the technology. Testing is a straightforward process when working on the angularJS. The measurement becomes easier on this incredible framework.

7. Massive community support

AnuglarJS is developed by the tech giant Google, also, there is a massive community support involved in continuously improving the framework. The developers are highly skilled to solve a range of issues related to front end development. This supportive community proves to be very beneficial in finding solutions to minor or major issues in the development process. The community also hosts conferences and invites IT companies from across the world to introduce new advancements and changes in the industry.

8. Single page application building

AngularJS supports plenty of SPA features. it makes easier to create and control online forms and it ensures productive results. Using Angular for a single application simply gives developers more control over form validation abilities. This makes the whole process easier to complete.


Angular has become one of the most popular front-end technologies with an array of features. No doubt, angular is an incredible and vital framework used by many front-end development companies for developing high-quality web applications. If you are wondering is this the right choice for your website?

Look no further, Angular is a robust framework that not only offers many features, but it can also prove to be a very beneficial skill to learn at the beginning of your development career. Angular is an amazing feature-rich framework where a developer can easily work without much depending on third-party software. If you are looking for a framework for your web platform, angular is the right solution for you.

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