Do you own a pet? If yes, then you must have been aware of the responsibilities stick to having a pet. This job is not easy for those who do a regular 9 to 5 job or stay out for a longer time as pets need affection and care most of the time. Along with it, pets require regular health check-ups and time-to-time vaccine drives to keep them safe from any kind of disease. Now, here the question arises how do pet owners manage all these things while working? Let us answer your questions.

Mobile applications have spread their wings in all sectors, even though no industry can even think to grow without the use of these mobile apps. The same goes with pet care, there has been a huge demand for on-demand veterinary mobile app development services. These vet mobile apps help pet owners to get all the details about their pets including their health check-ups, vaccine period, food habits, and other details according to the breed.

These vet mobile apps work as a bridge among pet owners, professional vets, and healthcare systems. It also helps all of them to stay in touch round the clock in case of any emergency. In the below blog, we will discuss how the vet mobile apps can change your efficiency to handle the pets and will make you able to better take care of them.

It covers all the essential details including vet on-demand app development, its workflow, market overview, must-have features, revenue model, benefits, development process, and involved cost. Let’s start-

What is On-demand Vet Mobile Application?

Vet On-demand Mobile App

On-demand vet mobile app enables pet owners to communicate with the veterinary doctors easily regarding the health of their pet. They can consult with the healthcare professionals anytime they want without going to their clinic. The veterinary app is almost similar to any other healthcare or medical application as it also facilitates users with the functions such as keeping records, disease management, symptom tracking, and more. This app also contains seamless interfaces, a search bar, chat, and video call options, and IoT/AI tools to improve the app services.

How Does On-demand Vet Service App Work?

First, users must download and install the veterinary application on their mobile phones to use it. Then, users can create their profiles by signing up for the app. They must add all the details about them and their pet so that their chosen healthcare professional can consider it for the treatment. After this, the user can consult with the best veterinary doctor via texting or video call accordingly.

In the user interface, important notes for clients, pets, prescribed medicines, etc. all will be synced as well. Users can pay the fees to the vet doctor online via using different payment service providers such as credit or debit cards, GPay, etc.

While talking about the Veterinary doctor panel, they must sign up with a particular device. Then, they can create their app profile by entering all the information about them and their specialty. Through the app, they can treat patients off-site by using dynamic data.

Along with these all, modern veterinary telemedicine apps offer two major communication choices for app users. They are-

1. Texting

This communication feature is used by pet owners mostly to get immediate help from their veterinarians who have diagnosed their pets earlier as well. Pet owners can consult them by using messenger to elucidate the medications, diet schedules, or in an emergency.

2. Video Calls

Video call is a new and most interactive way of communication for pet owners as instead of going to a vet, they can book an online appointment. This option facilitates vets to diagnose the pets with the help of a mobile camera.

A vet telehealth appointment app should be developed in a way that it must follow the regulations and compliances related to pet care. Below, we have enlisted some of the specific laws and legal regulations that need to be followed by the veterinary telemedicine app development company.

  • Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) of the USA
  • The Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

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Why there is a Need to Develop a Veterinary App?

Businesses that are going to get on-demand vet service app development solutions don’t use these apps as a way of amusement, but they use them as a medium of solving the challenges occurred in taking care of pets. With time, various enterprises have started believing in the vet mobile app and investing in this sector as well.

Do you want to know about the benefits due to which they are showing their interest in this particular domain? Here are they-

1. Rapidly Increasing Market Size

It is one of the most important benefits businesses consider before investing in an industry. The veterinary software market is increasing fast with the time and between the period 2021 to 2027, it is predicted to have significant growth.

In the below representation, we can see that the vet software market value was recorded at around $292 million in 2020. On the other hand, the vet software market value in research labs was approx. $70 million. It is forecasted that these market stats will reach almost $500 million by 2027.

Chart, bar chart

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Source: Statista

2. Get Services from a Licensed Vet

A standard vet mobile app must include this feature as it allows pet owners to get services from an experienced vet who has a license for their practice as well. Online consultation helps users to not be worried about their pet’s health as they will get immediate treatment if anything serious occurs.

3. Knowledge About the Pet’s Breed

While having pet care app development services, businesses are integrating these most important features into the app that helps users to get whole information about their pet’s breed. It includes pets’ weight, their food habits, nature, requirements, height, health issues, and others. With these, pet owners can better take care of their pets.

4. Keep Track of Pet’s Growth

It is always good for pet parents to keep an eye on the growth of the pets. They can do it efficiently by using on-demand vet mobile apps as they can set a milestone to track the pet’s progress according to those benchmarks.

5. Healthcare Data at One Place

Vet on-demand apps are advantageous for users to store all the healthcare information and medical data in one place so that it would be easy to find them in case of emergency. These medical records help to investigate the problems for finding out better solutions to treat them fast.

6. Finding Out the Nearby Vet

Vet healthcare mobile app development has facilitated pet parents with multiple benefits and easily finding a nearby vet is one of them. In case of an emergency, pet owners can search the nearby vet or an animal hospital to their home by considering their reviews and ratings.

7. No-hassle Appointment Schedule

The vet app users can easily schedule an appointment with an experienced veterinary doctor. In this way, they don’t have to leave their work in the middle just to get an appointment.

Vet care app development services CTA

Before diving into the domain of vet mobile apps, it would be beneficial to enterprises to know about the market conditions and competitors. Different on-demand vet mobile apps existed in the market that is doing very well and are tough to give competition.

Hence, businesses must come up with an effective vet mobile application with some amazing features if they want to take place of these already popular apps. Here is the list of some famous pet care applications you must take into consideration:

Popular On-demand Vet Apps

Monetization Model to Apply for Veterinary Mobile App

The main motive behind the mobile veterinarian app development is not just to provide benefits to end-users, but it is also developed to make money and earn revenue for businesses. It is why these vet apps apply money-making strategies that are described below:

Vet App Monetization Model

It is one of the effective monetization strategies to apply for the vet application. The vet service providers including individuals and brokers can have benefits from this option to enhance their sales via promoting their on-demand vet-related services on the app’s homepage. Featuring a service on the homepage of the vet app can attract a lot of audiences’ attention and can lead to an increase in sales.

ii) Commission Fee

It is the most common monetization model where the app will charge a particular fee from the user, whenever they will make a transaction. Whether it is paying a vet or purchasing something, both parties will be charged a certain amount of fee.

iii) Integrating eCommerce

Whether businesses are having vet Android or iOS app development services, they can take advantage by integrating eCommerce into it. They can offer pet-relevant services, products, food, accessories, or anything else so that pet owners can purchase them. It can be a great way to earn revenue.

iv) Advertisements

Isn’t it common to see relevant services’ advertisements while scrolling an app? Most apps are applying this strategy to gain extra profit. Owners of pet care apps can allow other businesses to show their advertisements on their vet mobile app and in exchange for that, they charge money from those businesses.

v) App Subscription

On-demand vet care app development solutions are integrating a monetization model in which pet owners have to get an app subscription in order to unlock some of the amazing app features. The app users must submit a fee to get the app subscription.

Must-have Features in a Vet Mobile App

Vet Mobile App Features

Every vet mobile application launched in the market is stacked with the special features that help pet owners and veterinarians to use the app efficiently. As a business person, if you are keen to acquire exceptional pet care mobile app development services, you must go through these below-described features. Have a look:

Core Features

Integration of exclusive core features doesn’t affect the overall mobile app development cost. Here are the features to include in a vet application:

  • Creating a Profile for Pet

A vet mobile app must allow the users to create a pet profile including their details such as name, picture, age, weight, medical data, food preferences, allergies, and others. It will help vets to treat them better as they have all the information about them.

  • Searching for Nearby Doctor or Hospital

The veterinary application should include this feature to facilitate the users finding their nearby veterinary hospitals or vets’ clinics. Users can find the specific vet according to their expertise, review, ratings, etc.

  • Schedule the Doctor’s Appointment

Scheduling the appointment can be tough when you want to have it from a specialist. The vet mobile app would be helpful in this case as pet owners can easily book an appointment whenever they want. They can also have the facility to choose between multiple time slots as per their suitability.

  • Managing the Medical Documents

This feature is the same as included in health & fitness app development solutions. In this, users can upload their important medical documents, images, videos, and others using the app. The vet mobile apps also enable users remote access to medical data. It will also help vets to go through the pet’s past medical history before treating them.

  • Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows pet owners to get consultations from the vet with the help of a mobile camera. The vet can put a video call request to the vet if they have an emergency. The vet would accept the request and provide a prescription after checking up on the pet.

  • Instant Messaging

Pet owners are allowed to send direct texts, pictures, and files to their vet for having their consultation in particular situations. The vet will prescribe the necessary treatment and medication for the pet after analysis.

  • Pet Health Tracking & Monitoring

Pet care mobile apps integrate health tracking and monitoring feature to keep an eye on their pet’s health. This feature allows pet owners to record the changes in their pet’s health and maintain the diet chart and calorie table accordingly. It is similar to any on-demand doctor app that comprises this feature to monitor the patient’s health consistently.

  • E-commerce Integration

Vet mobile apps can integrate the e-commerce function so that pet owners can shop for their pet’s food, accessories, outfits, and more while maintaining their health and fitness.

  • Medical History

Including the medical history of a pet in their app profile will let the vet know if they have any kind of allergies or problems in the past. It will help them to diagnose the pets appropriately.

  • Push Notifications

Sending alerts or real-time notifications to the app users, be it pet owners or vets would be great to remind them about the scheduled appointments, vaccine drives, medicines, pet feeding, changes in the sleep cycle, or any other essential activities. These notifications also tell users about different discounts and deals on pet-relevant products.

Advanced Features

Adding advanced features can vary the complete cost to develop an app but these can be helpful to get the attention of audiences and augment the app’s usability. The addition of IoT, AI, AR/VR, etc. makes these advanced features more impactful. They are:

  • Cloud-based Data Storage

Cloud-based data storage in a mobile app not only provides users convenience but also ensures safety. It makes sure to not worry about the space to store the users’ data.

  • Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are run with the permission of app owners. They use the loyalty and referral program to make audiences stay connected with the app for a long time. Users can bag different vouchers, discounts, and other gifts from the app via using this feature.

  • Pet Pairing

It has been easier for pet owners to pair their pets with the other pets within the same location via this feature. Pet pairing is used to connect the pets easily with the same breed. 

  • Google Map Integration

Google map integration enables the pet owners to find the location of the vet’s clinic and reach there by using the map without taking the help of others to ask for directions.

  • In-app or Multiple Payment Services

The vet mobile app allows users to use the in-app payment feature to make the payment process simple and convenient for them. Along with it, the app also comprises other different payment methods such as eWallet, credit or debit cards, etc.

  • Performance Reports

App owners can view the reports about the app’s performance stats so that they can take the required action and appropriate measures to improve the app’s working and usability.

Development Steps of an On-demand Vet Mobile App

On-demand Vet App Development Process

It is essential to follow a step-by-step procedure while getting on-demand vet service app development services. Get ready to build a scalable and feature-rich vet mobile app by sticking to the below mentioned stages:

Step 1: Market Research & Conceptualization

Before getting into the vet mobile app development process, it is significant to analyze the market to know the audiences’ requirements and needs. The market research helps in app conceptualization and forming the business strategy to create an effective vet service application. Based upon the collected data from market research and analysis, we must create a business plan to match the end-users expectations.

Step 2: UI/UX Design of the App

At starting, designers will develop an app prototype and will send it to get approved by the app owner. If he/she approves it, then the app design will start. Creating a complex app design will lead to increased vet on-demand app development costs and it will be hard for users to use the app. Hence, keep the app design simplistic with attractive UI/UX and attractive elements.

Step 3: MVP Development

Integrating exclusive features and smooth functions into an app is not the guarantee of the app’s success. To make your vet mobile app successful in the market, launch its MVP version first to get the feedback of target audiences. You can improve the app in a better way according to their experience with the app. This stripped-down app version will only include the basic features and functionalities to get approved by the end-users.

Step 4: Quality Assurance

After being done with the vet mobile app development and the coding part, it is time to test it through different testing cycles. This stage is important to be sure about the app’s quality and performance. It will be helpful to alleviate all the issues and potential errors while improving the app’s functionality.

Step 5: App Launching

Now, it is time to launch the app on the chosen platform and see what are audiences’ responses to it. Even after the deployment, the app will be monitored by the authorities and will get updated time-to-time to maintain its performance. It will be promoted on different social media platforms to get a large customer base.

Tech Stack to Integrate for Vet Consultation App Development

Choosing the appropriate technology stack is the most crucial task in the on-demand vet mobile app development process. You must consider picking the right set of modern technologies and tools to build a feature-rich vet mobile app. Check out the below tech stack:

  • Front-end Technologies: Vue.JS, Angular.JS, and React Native
  • Back-end Technologies: Django, Laravel, and Node.JS
  • Programming Languages: Swift, Python, Kotlin, and Java
  • Frameworks:, CodeIgnitor
  • Databases: MS SQL Server, My SQL, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Real-time Analytics Tools: Spark, IBM, Apache Flink, Hadoop, and Cisco
  • Cloud Environment: Google, AWS, and Azure
  • Push Notifications: Twilio and
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Stripe, E-wallet, and Braintree
  • Monitoring & Log Maintenance: AWS CloudWatch
  • Storage & Backup Solutions: Amazon S3
  • Real-time Communication: WebRTC, WebSocket

Essential Team Structure for On-demand App Development

Hiring a top-notch vet on-demand mobile app development is not enough to get an appealing vet application. You must hire an experienced and professional mobile app development team as well. While firming the team, consider that it should not include unnecessary people as it can affect the overall cost to build a veterinary app. Below, we have mentioned the suitable team structure you must have a look at:

Estimated Vet On-demand App Development Cost

After getting through all the details you required to know about the vet mobile app, now you must be aware that it is similar to having any doctor on-demand app development solutions. Do they have the same cost estimation as well? To evaluate the cost to build a vet mobile app, you must take a lot of different aspects into consideration. These aspects are the list of multiple features, complexities in the application, integrated technologies and tools, number of team members, different charges by developers from different regions, and many others.

Want to know about the charges applied by developers belonging to different countries? They are as below:

  • Eastern Europe: $40 to $70 per hour
  • North America: $50 to $100 per hour
  • South America: $40 to $80 per hour
  • Asian Countries: $30 to $80 per hour
  • Middle East: $40 to $80 per hour
  • United Kingdom: $50 to $70 per hour
  • Australia: $40 to $70 per hour

By analyzing the above factors, we can say that European developers charge more than the Asian developers, hence it would be beneficial to hire mobile app developers from Asian countries. We suggest that businesses should outsource the project’s development part as Asian developers have got some good development skills that would be advantageous for the app development.

Coming to the cost to develop a vet on-demand app would be around $15,000 to $25,000. Though it is just an estimation, the actual cost can vary as it depends on the requirements of the business and end-users. The factors we have mentioned above are considered to maintain the overall cost. Also, you can consider the resources used in market research, project launching activities & promotion, and so on. Getting both on-demand iOS and Android app development services with advanced features would also surely take up the cost higher than estimated.

Summing Up

As we all know pets are proving to be a true companion of humans in this fast-running life but are humans able to provide them the care they deserve? Pet care apps have helped a lot of owners to take care of their pets in terms of their health, vaccines, medicine reminder, vet consultation, etc. In the above article, we have provided all the details required for urgent care vet app development.

We have also mentioned that the global pet care market is increasing fast and businesses are realizing the true worth of this industry. There is a possibility that we might see more and more vet mobile apps entering the market. If you also find this sector a lucrative one, get in touch with SemiDot Infotech. We are a leading mobile app development company that will help you to get a feature-rich veterinary mobile application.

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