The web app development industry is booming at a striking rate as nearly every sector across the globe has been digitized and choosing innovative web development frameworks to create efficient applications. With the Laravel framework, developers can build complex apps in a comparatively short time. It offers features that are efficient enough to build robust web applications. The article will highlight some of the key reasons behind the increasing popularity of the Laravel framework.

Introduction to Laravel Framework

Laravel is a PHP-based open-source framework that supports the development of highly responsive web applications. In the digitized economy, businesses prefer to have adequate Laravel development solutions to grow and make huge revenues. The Laravel framework works upon MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. There are in-built development features in Laravel that help deliver efficient results without letting you face any sort of distractions.

With this framework, you can also access elements for authoring such as Yii, CodeIgniter, Symfony, and Ruby on Rails. To get a reliable Laravel development solution, the best you can do is to hire a Laravel development company that has substantial experience in this field and can help you get the best framework as per your business model.

In the past few years, Laravel has been worldwide recognized as one of the leading PHP frameworks because of its advanced features and functions. The short learning curve is another key reason behind the popularity of this framework. The primary factor that makes Laravel a reliable framework is its effective performance, MVC-based architecture, and object-oriented approach.

Following stats show which backend development framework tops the chart currently:

Presently Laravel has approximately 67,902 repository stars from users which indicates the popularity of Laravel in the web application development market.

Reasons to Choose Laravel

To assess before investing is the principle needs to be followed! Thus, businesses should have enough knowledge of the frameworks before taking a final call. There is an increased number of businesses that are looking for PHP development services and so they are choosing Laravel as the most reliable framework for PHP web development.

Seeing the popularity of Laravel, some companies have initiated providing Laravel development services across the globe. But if you are in a dilemma to choose the framework, the following are some of the key reasons to choose Laravel that can help you analyze and make a correct decision:

  • High-End App Security

The security of a web app is extremely crucial as it has a lot of data and information stored in it. And the businesses cannot risk users’ data at any cost. Thus, it is essential to have a high-end security system that is reliable. Laravel framework offers an excellent security system for PHP web development and it also saves users’ data from any sort of hacks and privacy breaches. Laravel enables data encryption, authenticated login, path protection, and sound password management as its security measures to protect the users.

  • Community Support

There is a wide community of developers across the globe that enjoy Laravel. There is also a particular team of expert developers that work productively to keep this PHP-based framework on top. This community offers help whenever there are issues faced during the development process. So, whenever any changes are made, they are executed effortlessly because of the availability of helpful resources.

  • Efficient ORM Management

Businesses prefer Laravel over other frameworks because of its improved and efficient performance. Laravel has an in-built ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) named Eloquent that makes the framework interactive and enjoyable. There is present a “Model” in correspondence with each database to enable interaction with that specific table. Even when compared to many other frameworks, Laravel stands strong in the faster web app development factor. Also, Laravel provides decent support when it comes to caching systems.

  • Open-Source Framework

For multiple sectors and industries, the open-source feature acts as a boon. This showcases that there will be high-end transparency at the time of the development of codes. It will help in the faster resolution of bugs and the addition of new features. With the use of advanced Laravel features, businesses can not only scale but also attain high-level flexibility in their functions that will ultimately lead to the path of growth.

  • Object-Oriented Libraries

There are various object-oriented libraries as well as pre-installed libraries that are already a part of Laravel. One of the pre-installed libraries named Authentication Library allows you to use multiple features like checking the no. of active users, secure CSRF, password reset, and Bcrypt hashing. For in-depth knowledge, you can discuss with the Laravel website development company about other pre-installed libraries and their usage.

  • Support Multiple Languages

Laravel offers solutions to an extended user base as it supports multiple languages and thus the development of web apps in different languages is possible with Laravel. People from a diverse set of geographical locations can access the web app because of the multilingual feature of this framework. The companies that provide Laravel development services allow users to select their preferred language so that their target audiences can conveniently use the solution.

  • Traffic Management

Once the web app becomes popular, it experiences high traffic and that may cause some issues in the webserver. Therefore, you need to spend additional hours on web hosting services to help eliminate data loss. But with Laravel, you are safe from such trouble-making situations as there is an integrated message queue system for handling web traffic smoothly and efficiently. As well as there are various other Laravel benefits such as it supports the maintenance of data integrity as well as improving web app speed.

  • Laravel Template Engine

Blade is a powerful and highly efficient template engine of Laravel which allows you to use plain PHP code. A class-based component can be developed with the use of in-built templates of Blade. It also produces views through compiling models into plain PHP code and stores them for efficient results.

  • Data Migrations

Database migration is one of the most complex and trouble-making jobs when it comes to web development. Developers need to check that there is sound database synchronization among the machines and systems and with Laravel, data migration becomes a much more convenient and simplified process. Hence, you must contact a reputed and well-recognized web development company that can help you provide efficient solutions.

  • Unit Testing

After the development phase, there is a need for web app testing so that minor bugs and errors can be identified and the web app can be launched after passing the testing phase. But with Laravel, there is no need for performance testing as it lets you run different unit tests that work simultaneously, and thus it makes the process faster and eliminates the testing phase.


Once you are aware of the several benefits of Laravel, the very next thing you need to consider is to choose a Laravel web app development company so that you can initiate the development process. There would be plenty of questions in your mind such as whether to outsource or hire in-house developers, total budget, timeline, etc. To get answers to all your questions and queries, you can contact a good web development agency that can serve all your needs. If you are looking for a high-quality Laravel framework, you can hire a Laravel developer from SemiDot Infotech, a leading web and app development company to get your project done in the best-way possible.

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