Hiring and Engagement models

Choose the one that suits you the most.

Our exclusively crafted hiring models ensure minimum investment and maximum growth of your business.

Flexible hiring models for the benefit of our clients, choose whatever you think fits your business requirements, and your budget, and we are good to go.

From small to large, we have a model that suits every scale of business, and every business type, that you can imagine.

Hire dedicated developers for your project

We have teams of dedicated programmers and developers for both mobile and web development, and all the popular technologies within them.

Portability is but a necessity, which makes mobile apps a need for every business.

Website and web apps built per your requirements, to take your business to new heights.

What is the process to hire a developer?

We ensure a simple hire process, to ensure maximum feasibility, and starting the project at the earliest.

Send in your requirements

Choose the engagement plan which suits you

Meet & greet with the team

Induction of the team

Getting started with your project

Top reasons to hire a top developer

Here are the various benefits of hiring dedicated developers.

Better engagement

Apps could be said to be specially made for this very purpose, everything associated with using an app or website, instead of going to visit a business, is more engaging.

Added Capabilities

A great developer can add various unthought-of capabilities to your website, to ensure maximum user satisfaction and conversion, no matter your business niche.

Lovable UI/UX

Our dedicated developers and designers will ensure that the UI/UX they create, whether for your app or website or web app, is loved and appreciated by your users.

Multi-platform reach

Through the expertise of our Hybrid and Cross platform developers, we can create a fully functional multi-platform app for your business, which runs on all OSs and devices.

Improved RoI

With a wider reach on the internet, you can expect a great RoI. We charge some of the lowest prices when compared to the rest of the world, to maximize your RoI even more.

Repeat customers

With an app that is loved by a user, you are sure to get more and more lifetime customers, no matter if you provide a service or a product, they would love to use your platform.


Finding and hiring good developers can get tough, here’s a list of most asked questions by our previous clients.

Hiring developers for mobile and web apps might seem very different, but it is not usually the case a lot of them would be proficient when it comes to migrating either into another. Also, you need to focus on your choice oftechnology, especially if you are not planning to hire from a complete development company like ours. As people tend to guide you about the best technology based on their developer availability, while we would guide you about the one which would best suit your app and business requirements.

We work according to 3 different time zones, the US time zone, the UK time zone, and the India time zone, so your time zone is sure to fit in either. Also, our developers are highly experienced, so even if the working hours of the one you want doesn’t fit in your exact time zone, he would have no problems switching to a different work shift. We compensate our developers accordingly if they are working in the night, we pay them more, to ensure maximum throughput for your project.

Our favorites are Slack and Skype for keeping in touch, along with E-mail for more important things like task allocation. Also, we will hold bi-weekly or weekly video conferences with you and our entire team, you can keep in touch with everyone personally. One of our BAs will always be there for you, 24 hours a day if there’s an urgent issue you can simply call them, and they would get on the task to get it solved on priority.

Yes, we are completely comfortable with signing NDAs, as we have done it in the past, and completely understand your concerns regarding the same. Apart from all the other things we offer, you can be assured we have a stringent NDA check within our team, no one would ever disclose sensitive information about you or your project to anyone. And obviously, we won’t be using your project as a part of our portfolio, so from our part, you can be well assured the identity or our app’s developer would always be confidential.

Sure, even though we only choose the best fit for any given project, we can share with you their portfolio, so you can know their working styles’, and choose who you think, would be the best fit for your project. But if you want us to create the perfect team without our team members, especially for your project and particularly for specific requirements, we have no problems in doing that.

In a simple answer, for some engagement models yes, for the others no. It’s however, all up to your business requirements, and if you want, we can assemble the team for you, if you want either of them, you are free to hire developers separately. Also, you will only be charged on the number of hours the developers or the testers or the designers work, and if you take our fixed cost package, we manage everything to significantly reduce the whole project cost.

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