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Machine learning is used to make machines work through a process of learning and creating an algorithm that then commands machines to work, it is actually more complicated and tough as it sounds. Machine learning can omit the need to control machines under any circumstances, and automate task which was unthinkable before.

  • BLE Device Integration
  • Android TV
  • Android Launcher apps
  • Android Launcher apps
  • Android Launcher apps
  • Android Launcher apps

The focus on artificial intelligence has been growing for a decade, and various examples have shown it to be much more complicated than we can comprehend. A full-scale AI application isn’t yet ready for the fact that the system could get Adhoc and dangerous, but most application where AI can be used have already been implemented by our team of experts.

  • Java
  • Android Nougat
  • Android Wear
  • AndroidView Animation
  • BLE Device Integration

Big data is dedicated to the study of ultra huge databases, which has data in all dimensions. Data science is used to gather relevant information from this data, using Big Data, data mining techniques, and data analysis. Our expert Python developers have worked and used data for the various organizational need of our clients, if you are looking forward, send us in your requirements.

  • Java
  • Android Nougat
    Apache Spark
  • Android Wear
    Apache Storm
  • Android Wear

Chatbots are the customer service and interaction of the future. Even though chatbots are being run from a lot of time now, the real potential of chatbots still isn’t tapped into. Chatbots can make smarter replies and conversations than human if implemented properly. Some of our chatbots are good at keeping conversations as long as humans, through our advanced AI approach.

  • AndroidView Animation
    Amazon Lex
  • BLE Device Integration
    IBM Watson Assistant
  • Android TV
  • Android Launcher apps
  • Android Launcher apps


We are fortunate to work with some of the best brands in the industry.

Why Choose semidot for
Custom emerging technology Development?

Customer Satisfaction Rate
Semidot Infotech One stop for all your technical requirements
Exclusive data scientists
Our core data scientists have worked upon all kind of data warehouses to create exclusive knowledge bases around different business niches and their needs.
NDA as per your requirements
We value your decision for an NDA since the idea that’s yours must remain yours. We completely comply with your need for nondisclosure and have special contracts for the same.
Least turn around time
Our developers have extensive experience in the technologies we work in, ensuring the minimum time to develop and get your project running.
Choice of technologies
We work in several technologies to choose from, the best part is we combine technologies to give an unbelievable result you couldn’t have imagined before getting on board with us.
Post-delivery support
All our projects are backed by post-delivery support and maintained the agreement, especially for the emerging technology projects. Since technologies keep on updating, you will be covered by special agreement.
Exclusive developers that work on emerging tech
We have dedicated developers to work on R&D of our emerging tech business. We plan and use technologies in our general development projects too, to take it to new heights.

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For tailored app development, immense research is done by our top ICO developers.

How do you define the best emerging tech development company?

The best emerging tech company is one which doesn’t try to stray too far in the future and use and develop technologies which can aid the society in the coming decade.

Which type of projects do you work for?

We work on all kind of software and web development projects. What differentiates us is how we integrate emerging technologies to our software, to make it even better and useful.

Why is AI been given so much criticism?

AI has been criticized for the fact that it may at some point of time be a threat to our civilization, but we believe that would only happen if we move ahead without an aim.

What is the cost to build a Chatbot?

Building a chatbot cost depending on the cruciality of the chatbot and the use of AI for making the chatbot relevant. Most chatbots you get on the internet can just greet, while ours' can run a conversation.

Is using past data beneficial?

In most business niches, using past data can help on many levels for scaling and marketing your project. Data science gives you insight which no risk management and future analysis can.

Does your emerging technology development company offer after delivery support?

We offer a completely free after delivery support, for all the bugs and errors that may occur on the project. We also offer exclusive packages if you are looking to extend the R&D for your project.

Does it really matter to focus on technologies of the future?

The technologies of the future are here to make business easier and flourish, depending on your business niche, you will probably need one of these to make your business easier.

I just have an idea, can you help?

We can help, but we are going to need a clear vision and idea from your side, along with time to discuss possibilities and milestones. Send us in your requirement for a free consultation and analysis.

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