Our company offers many services which are based on R&D and development. We are working on some of the most prestigious technologies in the world, including machine learning and AI. Our expertise in Python and R has made it possible to call ourselves one of the top machine learning development companies in the world. The major players in the scene are only focusing on frameworks that make web development easy, while we are focusing on employing experts that know the basics of all programming languages. Our clients are ones who like us, believe in automation and data science. Our Ai related projects have shown the world how things can be implemented and should be implemented with AI, rather than hiding from the iconic tech.

We have also worked widely on huge databases, taking out relevant information that goes across dimensions, and our algorithm pinpoints just what you require. While our focus is on mobile and web development along with mobile app development, we are taking our full stretch to research more and more on emerging technologies. Our chatbots are being used by major conglomerates, they are capable of keeping the conversation relevant as long as humans can. The AI tech used in chatbots is our proprietary and we are continually developing the technology to take it to new heights can continue improving our AI and chatbot tech.


The different kinds of emerging tech solutions we provide are possible through our expertise in every emerging technology.

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We have mastered various emerging technologies to deliver great results.

Machine learning is used to make machines work through a process of learning and creating an algorithm that then commands machines to work, it is actually much more complicated and tough than it sounds. Machine learning can completely omit the need to control machines under any circumstances and automate tasks that were unthinkable before.

  • TensorFlow
  • Weka
  • PyTorch
  • Python
  • C++
  • Java

The focus on artificial intelligence has been growing for a decade, and various examples have shown it to be much more complicated than we can comprehend. A full-scale AI application isn’t yet ready for the fact that the system could get Adhoc and dangerous, but most applications where AI can be used have already been implemented by our team of experts.

  • TensorFlow
  • Python
  • C++
  • Java

Chatbots are customer service interactions in front of the future. Even though chatbots are being run from a lot of time now, the real potential of chatbots still isn’t tapped into. Chatbots could make smarter replies and conversations compared to a human if they are implemented properly. Some of our chatbots are good at keeping conversations as long as humans, through our advanced AI approach.

  • Amazon Lex
    Amazon Lex
  • IBM Watson Assistant
    IBM Watson Assistant
  • dialogflow
  • Java
  • Python

IoT has widely improved upon both industrial operations and our common daily lives. We don’t need to get off the bed to turn the thermostat on, or even make effort to make our coffee, we can set it to be done automatically, or do it from our phones, thanks to IoT. Our top IoT developers ensure that the devices are always calibrated and compatible while ensuring smooth UI/UX of the app.

  • LORA
  • Sigfox
  • NB ioT
  • Zigbee
  • RPMA
  • LTE-CAT M1
    LTE-CAT M1

Industries We Serve

Our emerging technologies expertise extends to many popular industries, you can find a few of them below.








Real Estate



What makes us different from the competition

The reasons we were chosen as a top emerging technology development firm, and are still a top choice by our clients, is because we put them first.

Top data scientists

Our core data scientists have worked upon all kinds of data warehouses to create exclusive knowledge bases around different business niches and their requirements. No matter how complicated your data is, our data scientists can make all sense of it.

NDA as per your requirements

We value your decision for an NDA since the idea that’s yours must remain yours. We completely comply with your need for nondisclosure and have special contracts for the same, just let us know in the beginning or mention it in your requirements.

Least turnaround time

Our developers have extensive experience in the technologies we work in, ensuring the minimum time to develop and get your project running. We know the technology could be the need of the hour, we will put an extensive workforce to make it work for your project.

Choice of technologies

We work in several technologies for you to choose from, the best part is we combine these emerging technologies to give an unbelievable result you couldn’t have imagined before getting on board with us, along with improved operations and business.

Post-delivery support

All our projects are backed by 3-month post-delivery support and maintenance, especially for the emerging technology projects. Since technologies keep on updating, you will be covered by a special agreement that is only signed for cases like these.

Exclusive technology stack

We have dedicated developers to work on R&D of the emerging technologies we offer a part of our business and service offerings. We plan and use technologies in our general development projects too, to take your project to new heights, and to ease operations.


The most popular queries by our clients converted to FAQs for ease of understanding.

The best emerging tech company is one that doesn’t try to stray too far in the future and use and develop technologies that can aid the society in the coming decade. The best company is certainly the one which focuses on R&D of these technologies and keeps finding new ways to aid business processes or daily lives, by using these technologies in some way or the other. 

We work on all kinds of software and web development projects. What differentiates us, is how we integrate emerging technologies to our software, to make it even better and useful. So, we don’t choose the type of project, we choose the technology or technologies that can be used to improve or at least revamp the processes of it.

AI has been criticized for the fact that it may at some point in time be a threat to our civilization, but we believe that will only happen if we move ahead without an aim. Artificial intelligence would be as good as we make it, we know it would be capable of self-improving after a point of time, but we ensure it improves in only the right ways.
The cost of building a chatbot depends on the cruciality of the chatbot and the use of AI for making the chatbot relevant. Most chatbots you get on the internet can just greet, while ours' can run an entire conversation with you. We have made several different chatbots, the meet and greet one’s cost on the lower end, while the conversation keepers cost much more.

In most business niches, using past data can help on many levels for scaling and marketing your project. Data science would give you insights, which no risk management and future analysis can. So yes, in simple words, using past data and gathering knowledge by applying algorithms to it can be really beneficial for your business.

We offer a completely free after delivery support, for all the bugs and errors that may occur on the project. We also offer exclusive packages if you are looking to extend the R&D for your project. We usually offer 3 months of support for every web and app project that we make, but for emerging tech, we offer more free maintenance and support for some of the technologies.

The technologies of the future are here to make business easier and flourish, depending on your business niche, you will probably need one of these to make your business easier. Different technologies will ease different things on different fronts, we won’t only help you with building your project, but would also consult you about which technology would best suit your business.

We can help, but we are going to need a clear vision and idea from your side, along with time to discuss possibilities and milestones. Send us in your requirement for a free consultation and analysis, and we will get back to you with emerging technologies that can change your business and take to a whole new level.

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