Emerging Technology

Emerging technology is nothing more than the new name used for the latest technologies. There are many new emerging technology in the development arena, hence it is really important for us to keep working on the emerging technologies , so that we can come up with the best for the people who really matters that is “you – our client”.

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We help you create a seamless experience for your web applications on handheld devices using responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3.

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We help you create a seamless experience for your web applications on handheld devices using responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3.

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We help you create a seamless experience for your web applications on handheld devices using responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3.

The famous emerging technologies worldwide include the following:

VR(Virtual Reality)

VR is the new face of technology driven web and mobile applications. The teams working behind VR development are skilled professional who come along and work together to create an application which will gives real life experience. Let it be the apps for a game, or the one which entertains general public. VR can create magical stories to horrible experience all at once. These advanced technology is exactly how a picture sketch becomes after filling it with colors, the same a simple application give real time experience with a virtual reality tech background. Interested, give us a chance to serve you and you will enjoy being into the fictional world of reality.

AI (Artificial intelligence)

A truly powerful framework is one that can learn without anyone else. We're discussing neural systems from any semblance of Google's Deep Mind, which can make associations and achieve implications without depending on pre-characterized behavioral calculations. Genuine AI applications can make you awesomely intelligent all at once, thanks to the technology which rises the basic material from average application to specially integrated applications which are used by security official such as FBI, CIA etc. Our development experts can ensure delivering you the best app related to the games, speech recognition, and vision (for visually challenged people) and diagnostic applications.

Block Chain

Block chain technology is used to create various agnostic applications which keep things in private mode. We have developed many such applications where the privacy network had been on the top of any block chain network. The vision of most of the block chain application is to improve development efficiency and workflow functionality. Our expert developers have been successful creating many block chain applications using Ethereum, Hyperledger, IPFS and many other platforms, so that a secured Block is created to meet your requirements without any further hassle. Block Chain applications are designed especially to create resource-oriented URLs and various HTML response codes via which in case an API error happens can be reported. Major applications are resource-sharing applications which allows the client side to access it using open source application. Semidot InfoTech specialize in creating such applications with ease, so that you can relax and concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Big Data Analytic

The main job of getting Big Data Analytic done is to create a secured, database with proper record systems. Machine data can be said to be the most important aspect of Big Data as it contains a definitive record of the transactions recorder, various customer behavioral concerns and feedbacks, different readings and much more. These are encrypted data, which is rarely understood by everyone. We at Semidot make sure that the analytic is done properly on the machine crypted data so that it can be used easily for the enhancement of the company’s growth.

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