NFT collections are like other digital assets which need proper marketing for trade and attract customers. Do you also have an NFT collection, but not getting any sales? Creators can build their collections but also need to market and promote the artwork. Having a marketing guide helps increase business. And relax, here is the one.

NFT creation/development and selling are similar to other products and services. Like software/websites, every day several artists are making their artwork and the collections are growing rapidly day by day. Without proper marketing, even your eye-catching artwork is like every second product on the shelf. That means your chance of getting a good response is scarce, regardless of the NFT development company working behind the scene.

For huge attention and round of claps, you need a proper strategy to showcase your products. So far, you have wasted a lot of time and time is always money. However, now it is not good to cry over spilled milk. Let’s have a proper idea of how to market your NFT in the right manner.

But the first most advice before starting the NFT marketing guide is to always try to create extraordinary artwork. The competition is high and therefore it is equally important to have outstanding artwork with an impressive marketing strategy.

Let’s understand every concept in detail:

What is NFT?

NFT aka Non-fungible tokens are the unique data employing the technology which allows the digital collectibles to become authenticated on crypto Blockchains. The wagon primarily started from ERC-721 smart contracts, where each passing day is giving it more momentum. Blockchain development companies prefer ERC-1155. Though the difference between token standards is out of this discussion.

NFT offers the exciting opportunity to trade any kind of digital assets such as land, art objects, gaming artifacts, and many more similar things. The trend is now more than just a trend and is highly popular among collectible creators, investors, and traders. It is more geared up by NFT marketplace development companies.

An Introduction to NFT Marketing

NFT marketing is meant to promote NFT projects and bring in several users. NFT marketing is a conducive way for entering the NFT world and building a solid business model. NFT marketing comprises social media marketing, email marketing, forum marketing, influencer marketing, and content marketing.

What makes your NFT sell best?

The most fundamental of NFT marketing is that the product you are marketing is not homogenous to the other rivals. With the NFT based protocols, the collectible must be in accordance with strong fundamentals and assure the product stands out from the NFT crowd. The brand differentiation can be attained by optimizing the site and bringing an immersive experience to User Interface while making it look appealing. Alongside, the catchy website description is essential to gain user attraction and tell why you started a particular project. Fueling the NFT website development with the huge content is not worth it, rather, sticking to the concept of “less is more”. Explain the features using the small description as possible.

For example, Cryptopunks ticks all the boxes in marketing requirements. The popular NFT collection is really high at its value. You can see that the cheapest cryptopunk 7897, owned by 0xa1fee is up for sale @USD 388,418. Yes, you read it right, it’s the cheapest cryptopunk at the time.

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Why do you need to promote your NFT Collection?

If you are aiming to increase the NFT art price, wants to trade art, and make huge money with the same, then you must market your NFT collection. Everything in the market whether it is amazing or not, or maybe it is a state-of-the-art project, but no one gives a hoot about that. Similarly, you may mint an outstanding art to the NFT, not one will spend so many bucks for the same. You can take the example of Beeple, who is a wonderful artist, but first worked with reputation building over Instagram and got famous for his art. He sold his artwork for USD69 million and is now one of the most popular influencers.

Engagement of Crypto community on Reddit, Telegram, and Discord

After setting up the NFT project, the next most prominent step is to build a community around the project. ‘The birds of feather flocks together‘, The idiom is always right in terms of marketing strategy. The most popular NFT marketplace development services are famous because of their marketing effort which revolves around finding the crypto community or reaching out to a likable audience. Embarking over some social media platforms, you build better relations and get the platform to show your products.  You get the investors, connect with users, receive the audience heed who are willing to listen to your project updates. A healthy discussion on the crypto community platform builds a refined future for the NFT projects.

For setting up a community you can connect on Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Bitcoin Talk, and many more platforms. We can analyze that the crypto community is similar to the Gaming community and therefore discord is a nice platform for the same. Though, you can find wisely what your target area is and choose the platform accordingly. Not only do you promote your product but also get an understanding of the trends.  You can also join the crypto community groups, where industry leaders are connected and deliver the milestone expansion of blockchain development services. For the marketers and stakeholders, it is important to stay abreast with the haps and updates of the industry.

Moreover, it is important to spread the reach of your project on social media platforms, which could be your organic growth. Find what suits your project the most. What could be your best audience? What could be the most convincing platform to attract users’ attention? What could be the most conducive platform for your marketing strategy? NFTs are high deals, therefore never dupe the customer. Shilling your project could be bad for business health, just offer more than what you charge for.

Here are some top telegram chats with the wider community, majorly followed by NFT development companies:

  • OpenSea –
  • Rarible –
  • Unique.One –

NFT Discussion Groups:


For NFT enthusiasts, NFT artists, NFT collectors, and NFT investors, Discord servers are amazing to join. Let’s join below discord servers:

  • NFT Community
  • NFT
  • OpenSea
  • Vee Friends
  • MekaVerse
  • Ninja Hideout
  • NFT Now
  • Mutant Cat
  • Rarible
  • Larva Labs
  • Cool Cats
  • Enter

Best Twitter accounts that can give you nice information and keep you in the amigo circle:

  • Matty
  • Deeze
  • Brett Malinowski
  • Cantino. eth
  • Beanie
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Packy McCormick
  • Real Miss NFT

Different NFT Marketing Campaigns

Before starting this section, I want to mention that the upcoming marketing strategy is the most fundamental form of marketing and is majorly followed by every level of business. NFT marketplace Development Company offers the new platform to the creators and investors, often first most attract an audience with some sort of freebies or giveaways. NFT giveaways are often available on Twitter. Giveaways build brand recognition and increase awareness for your product.

Furthermore, for NFT marketplace marketing, the giveaways gear up the sign-ups. You can claim to give a particular NFT upon creating an account. Thus, giveaway brings in new users and promotes your platforms.

1. Calendars

NFT Calendars are the calendars where creators can connect to buyers by listing their eye-catching drops, tempting events, and latest releases. NFTCalendar is the first most calendar. 


You can list your exciting drop to the calendar and create a craze among the community. 

2. NFTs over Social Media

Twitter is the most professional and reliable social media platform. Instagram is also no less in promoting the NFTs. For the brands to gain success on social media, first, you need to understand the targeted audience, and followers. Afterward, it comes to converting the audience to paying customers. For different social media platforms, there are different ways of the marketing process. A perfect social media strategy can help you in cracking the nuts.

  • Things you can do on social media:
  • Create and deliver the high-quality content
  • Join the community and share the art
  • Use twitter spaces to spread product awareness
  • Call giveaway campaigns
  • Connect with the community
  • Know the target audience
  • Bring motivation to deal in NFTs

3. Telegram Marketing

Telegram is a cloud-based message app that has large files transfer mechanism and multimedia access. Telegram plays a vital role in effective audience management and efficient response. Through telegram, it could be impressive advertising and 24/7 customer assistance. It can encourage better engagement. 

4. Influencer Marketing

The most upbeat marketing strategy is influencer marketing. Influencers are more connected to people and they can build a strong relationship between brand and customer. Influencers are usually well-known personalities, but now even professionals from different areas of life are also working as an influencer. Through influencer marketing, it is really easy to connect with your audience and build a reputation. 

5. Email Marketing

This is a high time strategy that focuses on the potential customer reaches, relation-building with stakeholders and investors. Timely newsletters, industry updates, and announcements can build a well-informed business relationship, that can eventually turn out sales.

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6. Crypto Search Engine Optimization

For NFT Development Company, Search engine optimization works efficiently. Search engine optimization works with the content strategy to attract google searches on your NFT website page. You need to stay in touch with the marketing trends, analyze the success of the marketplace and keep yourself updated with the latest update of NFT places. This all is required to deliver the right SEO strategy to your business. Specific NFT trends are highly recommended to be followed because using upbeat keywords diverts the prospective customers to your website and enhances curiosity.

When hiring NFT developers for the NFT marketplace, you need to start thinking creatively. The marketing strategy is not any particular pill. Rather, every project requires customized marketing. But the core fundamental of building the SEO ground is always the same in every kind of project. Keep your project fueled with the relevant search keywords, target LSI searches. For NFTmarketplaces, a balanced trading volume is also important. The user can sell their NFTs without standing in a queue.

A rich social media bio always works well in introducing your customers to the work you do. Twitter also works well with hashtags and links, which can direct the links to your website.

7. Cross-promotions

You can promote your NFT marketplace through other marketplaces. There are already many marketplaces, where you can buy and sell NFTs, where you need to choose from, what service you offer.  Let’s have look at the most popular marketplaces:

a) OpenSea

One of the most popular NFT marketplaces, OpenSea has a valuation of $1.5 billion. The platform is the obvious choice of creators and investors. OpenSea works as Peer to Peer NFT trading marketplace, where users can mint NFTs, buy and sell their tokens. The detailed operations are listed on OpenSea’s blog.

b) Rarible

Rarible is a somewhat similar marketplace to the OpenSea and both serve a capable marketplace to creators for trading NFTs. The most interesting part of Rarible is its amazing user interface. The User Interface of Rarible is impressive and appeasing with the immersive experience of P2P NFT trading. From an investor perspective, hiring a blockchain developer for building a marketplace like Rarible is a good investment. It can make you stand out of crowd. If you are a creator, you will definitely like Rarible.

c) SuperRare

SuperRare, as the name suggests, features NFTs which are actually rare. The NFT marketplace is more focused on offering a wide variety of NFT and artwork, instead of sticking to the generic. The NFT dashboard page consists of 3D animations. Blockchain development companies find SuperRare suitable for showcasing unique designs, eye-catching artwork, and exciting projects, where people come to explore the variety.

Above are the most famous NFT, marketplace websites, where creators can market and promote your work. If you are an NFT development company, you can build your strong profile over there and attract a specific kind of customer out of a particular niche.

8. Crypto Advertising Networks

Google does not allow to market the of crypto service products using advertising services. What else can you do? Remember, you are selling a product that has its own customers. A simple advertisement will work too little. Therefore it is always advisable to utilize targeted campaigns on coin tracking websites. You can choose the top popular coin tracking websites and achieve a moderate ROI.

Here is a list of top Crypto Advertising networks:


9. Forums and PRs

There are many FT forums in the market. Through active participation in business, forums leverage the customers.  With loyal forum users, you can carry forwards your trade and increase the sales ratio. The main role of the forum is customer retention. Alongside, being a creator you need to update your customers with the latest content creation. When you hire NFT developers, you must have some strategy to keep the audience in touch with the product update. Keeping the audience in touch, you can get some new ideas and could also create a sense of craze about the upcoming project. Remember, marketing starts with the very first idea of the project.

10. Setup the Strategic Partnership

Cross promotions of NFT projects are also possible over the other NFT projects. Pick the basic customer mindset, and build the strategic partnership accordingly. The key of marketing is to find out like-minded people and then build a wide-scale partnership that can work beyond the NFT.  Big brands companies are easy to tie up with and you get a whole bunch of customers.

11. Host AMA Sessions on NFT

Conducting the regular Ask Me Anything sessions around your project can solve customers’ queries regarding your project, and they may get more connected with your NFT work. You need not win the pockets, you need to win their minds. Show, how the product is helpful to them.

Finalizing the Marketing Efforts

NFT development companies often find the fundamental digital marketing ideas not so worthy. Apparently, the basic structure of digital marketing does not suit the latest and most sophisticated technology. The marketing weapons are not lacking, rather this is the rotten strategy that is the culprit. NFT marketing comprises two kinds of marketing. The first is through NFT related channels and revolves around the latest platforms, NFT tools, marketplaces, and listing sites, whereas the second kind of marketing is digital marketing which really works with a proper strategy.

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