Often unexpected expenses or emergencies knock on our door without us being prepared. In times of need, we frequently run out of money before payday, which sometimes puts us in an embarrassing situation too. Well, if you face a similar situation then let us tell you, you’re not alone.

But, in these desperate times, there are several readily accessible cash advance apps available to assist in times of financial need including same-day cash advance apps, and easy cash advance apps, According to reports 79% of US people at least once in their lives have taken online loan services.

cash advance app

With the increasing demand, the number of cash advance apps also grew in the market, and more and more businesses want to utilize this to get a feature-rich platform from a reputed mobile app development company in the USA like SemiDot Infotech. Now, with the availability in the market, you must be wondering which one is the best in the list of cash advance apps.

We have prepared a brief mobile application development guide to developing cash advance apps that provide wide-ranging services to their users. These easy and quick cash advance apps include low-interest rates and flexible repayment terms. We have carefully selected the best cash advance apps that cater to your needs. Let’s explore some options available to help you borrow in your emergency.

What is a Cash Advance App?

Within the last few years, cash advance apps have caught the attention of people and are being used rapidly by them. But before going further, it is important to understand “what is a cash advance app?”

A cash advance app is a mobile app that assists users to borrow money from their smartphones quickly and safely. These apps usually offer short-term loans to users with a no to a nominal fee. In times of urgency, people often borrow cash advances from these apps which should be repaid within a few weeks.

When unexpected financial needs arise, you don’t have to run here and there. Just by simply activating your account on these cash advance apps and providing complete information about your name, address, bank account details, and income, you can borrow the amount you need for a limited period.

Apps that give cash advances also provide various facilities such as budgeting tools, money management or saving accounts, and many more. Fortunately, businesses are recognizing the importance of top-notch and fast cash advance apps.

To help people in urgency, businesses can opt to hire dedicated developers who have some experience in building cash advance apps.

To make their name and be successful in the market, businesses can utilize the experience of these developers and build a highly functional app that addresses people’s needs and provide a seamless experience through the app.

List of Best Cash Advance Apps

In the market, there are various apps available with quick and easy access to funds. However, with so many options, it is natural to feel confused and unsure about which app to choose.

To alleviate this confusion, we have compiled a list of some apps that can assist you with your needs. Even as an entrepreneur, when considering developing a similar app, you can take the help of the features of these apps.

This will give clarity and ensure proper allocation of resources as well as mobile app development costs in getting a feature-rich app within budget.

  • Chime
  • Dave
  • EarnIn
  • Empower
  • Klover
  • Albert
  • Cleo
  • Brigit
  • MoneyLion
  • Branch App
  • B9
  • Line
  • FloatMe
  • Gerald Wallet

1. Chime App – Mobile Banking


Chime is a popular name in legit cash advance apps. It is a mobile app that offers a paycheck advance service called SpotMe. They offer up to a $200 cash advance limit without any interest. The app is available to Chime bank account holders and requires no credit check.

Users can apply for an advance and can receive it in five days. To stay ahead, they also have included various financing and management tools to help users manage their finances. You can easily transfer money to your friends, make payments on your bills and submit your cheques.

Features of Chime App-

  • Provides better interest rates on a savings account.
  • No extra fee is charged if used abroad.
  • If linked with your security amount, then you can get access to your wage two days in advance.
  • Chimes ATM network features 60,000+ fee-free ATMs.

2. Dave App – Banking & Cash Advance


Dave is another cash advance app that helps to solve financial problems by providing cash advances of up to $500 to cover unpredicted expenses between paychecks. The amount will be advanced on some information given by you including the estimated income, and transaction summary of the last two months, as well as some other vital factors.

The app also offers features such as accounting tools, tracking your expense, and notification alerts for upcoming calls. Not only this, but the app can also create a budget for you, once you link an external debit card. Dave charges a $1 monthly subscription fee. Developing a cash advance like Dave will surely help people with their finances and businesses to earn good revenue.

Features of Dave App-

  • Predictive alerts for forthcoming expenses.
  • Very less subscription fee.
  • Can receive funds early by paying a small fee.
  • Prepare budget plans for your earnings and spending.
  • You can tip for their services.

3. EarnIn App – Your Money in Advance


EarnIn is among the famous cash advance apps which help you to access the money before payday. EarnIn allows your users to take out $100 per day and up to $750 per pay period. EarnIn doesn’t charge any interest, but users can choose to tip for its service usually up to $14.

EarnIn also offers other helpful features such as paycheck loans, direct deposits, and financial protection against surprising bills. It also has a great function which is the Balance Shield feature, it sends you a notification to prevent an overdraft.

Features of EarnIn App-

  • it doesn’t charge any interest or fees.
  • Balance shield feature.
  • Tracks hours worked.
  • Easy and quick access to earned wages.
  • Enjoy rewards on purchases through a linked debit card.

4. Empower App – Instant Cash Advance


Empower is a personal finance app that offers a cash advance service called “Auto Advance”. The feature permits users to their way to $250 of their next paycheck before payday. Empower is another instant cash advance app that lends money to users, once they link their bank account with the app or open one with the app.

Empower charges a nominal fee of $8 after 14 days trial as a subscription fee and offers functions like budgeting tools or other financial features. Once you receive your paycheck the platform withdraws the amount borrowed by you with all the fees you agreed on. The company has a positive reputation and has funded over $500 million in cash advance and also has ratings of 4.8 out of 5 stars in the Apple App Store.

 Features of Empower App-

  • Lends cash with no interest or fees.
  • Eligibility criteria without checking credit.
  • Offers credit service.
  • Will alert you timely with push notifications.
  • Financial monitoring tracks spending habits.

5. Klover App – Instant Cash Advance


Another famous name among apps for cash advances is Klover which helps you to access up to $200 without any zero interest or late fees. Klover is a good choice for people who have regular paychecks and need money in between them.

You can easily sign up in the app using your name, email, or phone number and by linking your bank account. Moreover, you can track your monthly expenses by category, look over your budget and acquire instant cash with the Klover app. The application promises the safety of data and doesn’t share your information with anyone.

Features of Klover App-

  • Free for the basic plan.
  • Zero Interest or late fees.
  • No credit checks.
  • $2.49 for a monthly membership fee.
  • Enjoy advances before payday.

6. Albert App – Banking on you


Albert is a cash advance app that spots you up to $250 by preventing any overdraft fee. The platform doesn’t charge any late fees or interest on the amount. The app helps you to automate savings, build your custom investment portfolio, accomplish your budget, and more.

The aim of Albert has always been to be a one-stop solution for your financial needs. Without worrying about the cost to develop an app like Albert, you can easily get an app to help organize your finances.

Features of Albert App-

  • Helps in Automatic savings.
  • Uses a high level of security.
  • Insured by FDIC.
  • Requires just $1 to start investing.
  • Discounts and Insurance choices.

7. Cleo App – Budget & Cash Advance


An AI-integrated cash advance app that assists in taking control of your finance by analyzing your saving and expenses. Cleo offers cash advances among $100 but maybe if you are the first user your limit can be $20-$70.

Building a cash advance app like Cleo with the latest technology and trends will be surely helpful for your business to stay in the market. Cleo is helpful for people who want to break the chains of unwanted expenses and spend smartly.

Features of Cleo App-

  • No credit checks.
  • Doesn’t charge any interest on cash advances.
  • Advanced features to help you with building better credit.
  • No minimum timeframe to repay.

8. Brigit App – Borrow & Build Credit


Another name among the top cash advance apps that have caught the attention of people is “Brigit”. Brigit can spot cash advances up to $250 at 0% interest. There are two plans including the basic plan which is a free and paid plan which is $9.99 per month.

The free plan offers help with financial advice and monetary help. The paid plan will unlock new features such as overdraft coverage, cash advances, and credit tracking.

Features of Brigit App-

  • Helps you in avoiding overdraft fees.
  • Have features like credit monitoring and credit-builder loan.
  • Offer budget tracking tools.
  • You can extend the due date up to 3 times.
  • Alerts on overdraft.

9. MoneyLion App – Go-to Money App

moneylion app

In case, you are struggling to make it through and need cash up to the next paycheck then MoneyLion is for you. MoneyLion is a well-known instant cash advance app that helps you to spot up to $250 per pay period.

There are features like a mobile banking app, a finance tracker, and more offered by MoneyLion. They don’t go for employment history but rather check on a positive balance. MoneyLion aims to streamline the financial problems of people by lending them advances during need.

Features of MoneyLion App-

  • Customizable Investment portfolios.
  • No credit card is required.
  • Monitor your credits.
  • Provide higher advance limits for Instacash.
  • Promotes cryptocurrency trading & prizes.

10. Branch App – No Wait Pay

branch app

If you are looking for an instant cash advance app in need of cash then the Branch app can be a valuable option to augment your finances. Branch Pay is a feature that can be used without paying interest or fees. The amount you can withdraw solely depends on the size of your paychecks and your spending patterns. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is $150 for a day and $500 for a pay period.

To leverage Branch Pay, you need to have a supported bank account and a two-month history of paychecks. The branch charges no extra interest as well as offers flexible refund options. Once you’re qualified for advances, you have two options to get the amount either by paying a fee or to wait three days for free advance.

Features of Branch App-

  • No membership fees.
  • No bank account or credit card is required.
  • Instant access to cash just paying some fee.
  • Low-entry barrier.
  • Unified amalgamation with most U.S. banks.

11. B9 App – Cash Advance Early Paycheck

b9 app

B9 is another cash advance loan app that provides instant and quick same-day cash advances app providing up to $500, with no interest. B9 offers a free virtual Visa debit card linked to Apple Pay for enjoying the online or offline experience.

It is a membership-based advance service where you can get an advance on your paycheck up to 15 days early by paying a small fee. If you are looking for a cash advance app for Android or IOS, B9 is a good pick. It has 4.3 stars out of 5 in the Apple App Store and 4.1 stars out of 5 in the Google Play Store.

Feature of B9 App

  • Receive the complete amount of your paycheck in advance.
  • Without any extra fee, you can transfer unlimited money.
  • No overdraft fees.
  • Insured checking account with FDIC.

12. Line App – Instant Cash Advance App

line app

While talking about quick cash advance apps, Line is a well-known name and gets up to $1000 in instant cash. If eligible, the users can borrow $20, $100 to $1,000, and receive these funds quickly. You can withdraw the amount in your bank account, debit card, or gift card of your choice. Users are always in search of such apps that help them in their time of need.

Features of Line App-

  • Users can file income tax hassle-free.
  • The plan offers credit monitoring, credit alerts, Dark web monitoring, Identify theft protection, and many more.
  • The app supports Gift Cards, Visa, and MasterCard Prepaid Cards.
  • Individuals can link credit or debit cards and enjoy up to 20% cashback.

13. FloatMe App – Get Paid Early

floatme app

FloatMe app is one of its kind among the best instant cash advance apps that allows users to borrow up to $50 without interest between pay periods using the feature “float”. FloatMe membership charge around $1.99 a month.

The platform connects user accounts to analyze income and spending patterns to determine the amount that can be borrowed. No interest is charged on the repaid amount, the membership fee is $1.99/month.

Features of FloatMe App-

  • Offers account monitoring and financial insights to help users manage their money.
  • The amount repaid is automatically repaid on payday.
  • No credit checks.
  • There are no interest or fees.
  • Lends money quickly.

14. Gerald – Cash Advance App

gerald app

If you are stressing over how to pay your bills before your payday arrives. There’s a solution to ease your worries. Introducing Gerald. It is a cash advance app that once connected with your billing account notifies you of cash shortage & lends you a $215 overdraft rapidly to make sure your bills are paid on time.

In urgency, household expenses, handling your money, and much more, Gerald can help you. Signing up for Gerald’s bill autopay, can aid in managing your expenses and bring them on track. As an entrepreneur, you can take notes to add such an expense tracker to make your cash advance app successful and enhance your user experience.

Features of Gerald App-

  • There is no certain timeframe to repay a loan.
  • No credit checks.
  • No hidden fees or interest payments.
  • Overdraft protection.
  • FDIC-insured checking account.


Cash advance apps are experiencing a surge in popularity due to their convenience and speed in providing people with much-needed cash. When selecting the right cash advance app for your needs, it is essential to consider some factors such as funding time, repayment facility, and low rate of interest.

Whether you require funds for urgent matters or to clear old bills, these cash advance apps are a practical and proven solution to all your needs. Also, if you are someone who receives paychecks on time, then you can even avoid interest rates and manage your finances on the go.

Undoubtedly, these cash advance apps are not only attracting users but businesses too. If you are looking to develop a cash advance app, you don’t have to look further. SemiDot infotech, your trusted mobile app development company is fully prepared to provide you with expert assistance to build a cash advance app. With a dedicated team of expert mobile app developers who possess extensive knowledge, we specialize in developing apps that meet both the unique needs of clients and their user base. By partnering with SemiDot Infotech, you can rest assured that your app development requirements will be fulfilled with expertise and professionalism.


Below we are sharing some FAQs related to cash advance apps-

  1. What are cash advance apps?

    Cash advance apps are those applications that lend you money for a short period. These apps help the user in meeting their unexpected financial surprises arising before their paychecks. There are a lot of successful cash advances apps such as Dave, Cleo, Line, B9, and many more.

  2. How much does it cost to build a cash advance app?

    The cost to build a cash advance app can vary on various factors such as the complexity of the app, features, the platform it is developed for, the experience of the company and location of the company, and other additional expenses. But, on average it costs around $20,000 to $80,000. The cost may vary according to your requirement, so it is advised to consult with an experienced mobile app development company like SemiDot infotech to get a more accurate estimation.

  3. Are cash advance apps safe?

    Cash advance apps can be safe for users. but, it is required for them to do a thorough analysis of the apps that safeguards user data and are reputable in the industry. While sharing your information you need to take proper precautions before handing your information. Only use those applications that are trusted by other users.

  4. How much can I borrow from cash advance apps?

    The amount you can borrow from cash advance apps varies depending on the app including your income, credit score, and many more. Usually, cash advance apps allow you to borrow a small amount of money such as $100- $1000, or maybe less too and more too in case you have a stable income and get regular paychecks.

  5. Do you develop cash advance apps?

    Yes, we have experience in developing cash advance apps. We have worked with many businesses by developing top-notch applications. Now, with years of experience and expertise, we are compatible to work with any requirement that can help business to grow.

  6. How do cash advance apps work?

    Cash advance apps are applications that allow users to borrow a small amount of money for a short period. Once the user provides basic information and links bank account. Once the requested amount is approved, the loan is then deposited in the bank account. That is to be paid within a duration.

  7. What is the minimum requirement to borrow money from the cash advance app?

    The minimum requirement is the user must be 18 years of age and have a regular paycheck and an active bank account. Some apps are only available to a particular place or have certain credit score requirements, sometimes the conditions may vary depending on the app.

  8. Are There Any Cash Advance Apps That Don't Require Plaid?

    Yes, some cash advance apps don’t require plaid or bank account verification. These apps may ask you to fill up information manually or by submitting bank account details. Apps like B9 Advance, CashMaster, Line, DailyPay, Dave, and more.

  9. What’s the Difference Between a Cash Advance App and a Payday Loan?

    Cash advance apps and payday loans are both short-term loan options for people who need cash quickly. The cash advance app is easily accessible to people through mobile apps and may have lower fees. Payday Loan, whereas are available through storefront payday lenders. Payday loan APR is higher than the Cash Advance app APR.

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