Getting a website developed is a long journey, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And we all know well, how web development requires intricate planning, and hiring developers and designers to implement that plan. And if you are not aware of the technical nitty-gritty of website development, it gets all the more difficult. Having a website is one of the most important things these days, as it takes your business to a large number of users, even globally. It is one of the most important online marketing tools and can help you increase your sales by a significant amount.

But to find and hire website developers can sometimes be quite challenging as there are too many website development companies in the market, but very few of them deliver what they actually commit. Our blog today will focus on everything you need to know to hire web developers for your project.

There are multiple ways to approach web development some of them are DIY too. You need to figure out which way suits you if you are looking for proper customization, drag and drop builders like Wix won’t work. Here you could do a whole lot of customization in WordPress and Joomla, and then there’s a fully custom CMS. But not everyone is tech-savvy and knows everything that is required to use these CMSs. If you want a website that stands out and attracts more and more users then you must reach out to a top website development company and hire web developers, as they are the ones who know every bit and piece of website development.

We know, why should I hire web developers for my project, is a question that most business owners have and today, we are going to answer this question first and then will move to in revealing an ultimate guide, which will help you in choosing the best website development developers for your business.

Reasons to Hire Website Developers

As discussed earlier, if you are looking for an outstanding website with too many pages and features, website builder tools won’t suffice the purpose. You would require a top-notch web development services, to get a website of your dreams developed. Not just that, website development is a complicated process and if not done by experts, there are a lot of things that could go wrong and instead of benefitting your business, it can cost you a lot, both in terms of money and the business. So, here are a few reasons why you must hire web developers for your project.

1. Saves Time

Now that you have decided to get a website for your business, why not hire experts to do it on time. Creating a website that has visually appealing elements and is liked by all, requires years of practice. Hiring web developers for your project will not only ensure early market entry but will also, brings in that technical expertise that is required to create an astounding website.

2. Technical Expertise

Website development is a complex process and has many layers to work upon. You need an expert for both front-end development and backend development. There are a lot of frameworks and tools that are required in creating a website, especially when you plan to get your website developed from scratch. Custom web development solutions require technical expertise and only those who have experience in creating websites know what goes well with what. This is one of the main reasons why most business owners prefer hire dedicated developers rather than doing everything by themselves.

Creating fully-functional websites is what web developers do. They are the ones who know best about the latest trends and technologies prevailing in this department. They know the intricacies of the web development process and what users like. If you are looking to create a website that is simple yet attractive and has a modern look and feel, then hiring web developers is the best choice.

4. Post-development support

Website development is not a one-time thing, it is a never-ending process, wherein you need developers to keep your website up and running. Having a website development company by your side ensures that you will never have to search for new people to add new features, or any additional pages, etc. Just like any other thing, you need someone to maintain your website, and only then it can function well.

5. Search Engine Ranking

The main purpose of creating a website is to mark an online presence. You want your business to be visible to users on digital platforms, but for this, your website must rank good on search engines like Google and Bing. If your website is not fully optimized as per the SEO guidelines, it will not show to users and in this web developers really help. Hiring website development experts will ensure that your website is fully optimized, the images are optimized, it has a good loading speed, and a lot more which is required to increase the search engine ranking and also, user experience.

6. Focus on other tasks

While you plan on launching your website, this is the half battle won. There are a lot many other tasks which need your attention like marketing, competitor research, etc. If you will yourself immerse in web development, then there will be no one to look after those things. Hiring experts will give you enough time to focus on website marketing and creating new business strategies.

Now that you know the benefits of opting for professional web development services for your website development project, let us discuss some tips and tricks on how to find the right web developer for your project. Our ultimate guide on how to hire web developers will put things in perspective, please note that the points can be implemented in any order, but it would be great if implemented chronologically.

So, let us begin with our complete guide to hiring web developers.

1. Define your project

Before going on hiring developers, you need to pen down and plan, to avoid improvising on your project. Having the perfect plan is the first step to achieving a great website. You will need this as a basis for planning how things need to be done, of course, you will need to make a list of what needs to be done when.

Even if you plan to use a drag and drop website builder like Wix down the road and develop your website the DIY way, you will still need a plan. Knowing what to do and how longs things will take will give you a head start over competitors. No matter the scale of your project, this step will always help you propel further if done correctly.

You will also get a tentative idea if you will need designers down the road, or would developers be enough. It will also give you an idea about the workforce you will need, the effort it will require, and a tentative budget for the entire project. It will also weigh in the need for support and maintenance, which is essential for some niches. The developers hired should then be thought of as to be retained for support and maintenance, ahead of project completion.

2. Choosing how to do it

As we told you above, the popular ways to do it are through CMS, drag and drop website builders and custom website development. Know that they can be used in conjunction, you can just take the theme from WordPress and add functionalities through plugins or by developing your own plugins. Everything’s possible, keeping it on a budget too, but you will only get either two, quality, low price, and development time.

If you are seriously on a budget or simply want a website for your portfolio, you should seriously consider Wix or WordPress vs. Wix could be a perfect debate for such cases, however, like always there is no clear winner to this debate, but does offer much more customization options. However, you should consider Custom web development, whenever medium to large projects are concerned.

Custom web development will require an array of web developers, depending on the size of your web project. You will either need a combination of Front & Back end developers or must hire full-stack developers for making this work. Like we said above, there are multiple ways in which things could be done, choosing this wisely will be the first step to success.

3. Front & Back end vs. Full-Stack developers

We have discussed the Difference Between Front-end, Back-end, and Full-stack Development thoroughly on our website already. You need to understand the choices you need to make for your project specifically. You can either go the Full-stack way or have a combination of Front and Back end development. Other ways are to customize front end on top of a pre-made CMS, or use drag and drop builders to make a front end and create custom functionalities in a pre-built CMS.

Both PHP and Python custom web development are widely popular these days, it’s no wonder why PHP and Python rule the world of web development. It’s quite simple actually, especially when considering these too, you want scalability, you choose PHP, you want faster development, you choose Python. But don’t get too flattered by these two, there are so many more technologies, and so many frameworks within them to choose from.

RoR web development has gained recent popularity too by how fast it gets a website up and running, as we said, you need to weigh in top requirements to make a choice. This step is important because knowing exactly how you are going to do your project is surely required to go out and hire web developers. Choose the way you want to proceed and then going on hiring developers is the way to work it out.

hire web developer

4. Planning a budget

Planning a budget won’t cost a fortune but can certainly save one from going to waste. Drag and drop website builders will get you up and running in the least possible time, but good luck with scalability if you plan to use them. If you are looking for a solution to a complicated problem, you will need to either think of using WordPress Web Development or custom web development.

Before even beginning to think of hiring web developers, you need to budget your project. Breaking the project in parts and budgeting each part specifically will help you with an even better project lifeline. Think of it as recklessly hiring people you don’t need vs. hiring specifically those who will get the job done. You might have already thought about the technology you are going to use, dig in deep, and choose the framework too.

Web developers these days aren’t into learning core basics anymore, they learn particular frameworks. Frameworks will get things done faster, without putting pressure on the web developer. After planning your budget, you will also get an idea if you can afford in-house developers or have to make do with remote ones.

5. Where to find the developers?

People might tell you a million places and none of them would make sense to your particular project or niche. To actually find developers, you need to look for places where they visit, not places where you go looking for them. For starters, you need to ensure visiting top forums, people who have a real passion for coding always try giving back to the community, and reach out to them if they hit a wall. 

Another fabulous option is using freelancer websites to hire web developers. You need to learn to manage remote workers if you need the job done, they will cost less and do more. The other way to do it is hiring from freelancer websites for specific contracts, and later absorb them as permanent employees in your organization.

Hackathons are also a great option if you are looking for developers for large scale intricate projects. You can both hold and visit hackathons for networking with great developers. It will also help you get a change of perspective and for you to come up with better solutions and new ideas. On the flip side, you can hire web development companies for areas that may seem too complicated, and pay them for the part of the project they complete.

Wrapping up

Any big internet project requires planning, as much as they require resources(developers). Plan first, and hire after, is the best way to do it. You will need to think about the budget before going on a hiring spree, each developer will cost you by the hour, if you don’t budget, you will burn out without accomplishing anything at all. A web development company may charge you the same price you would pay to freelance developers, but each has its own pros and cons.

As we mentioned above, the steps above are not necessarily to be followed chronologically. You always have the option of choosing how you proceed, for example, hiring a project manager would be certainly helpful with managing all these steps, that’s if, you will actually ever need one. On top of all that, a project manager you hire without proper research may overlook the technology which should be used, and go with the one they are expert in. Think before proceeding, and invest well in risk management and mitigation, that’s the best way to succeed.

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