Remember those old good days when we didn’t have to care about our medical condition, sleep cycle, and any other mental state. These days, things are no more in our favor and most people are dealing with poor mental health and even worst conditions. Things have gone so out of control that now 5 out of 10 people use the meditation apps like Headscape, Calm, Meditopia, and others to keep a check on their amount of stress to maintain healthy day-to-day and work-life balance.

After the coronavirus pandemic, people have become more attentive towards their health and began to take it seriously. However, some of them were active even before the pandemic but now, even businesses are helping them by providing advanced & feature-rich meditation apps such as Headscape. It is a golden opportunity for both businesses and users to get benefits. Want to create your own meditation app? Then, what are you waiting for? Get to know everything about meditation or fitness app development services, then this below guide will provide you a lot of help to know about the cost & required features to include. Keep scrolling down-

Meditation Mobile App- The Overview

There are some people for whom meditation brings peace but they need someone to help them in this, therefore, they take guidance from meditation applications. These apps facilitate users to calm themselves from their monotonous and super-hectic regular life with just a tap on the screen. The easy process of these meditating apps is the reason why it is in high demand by the users and businesses to earn good revenue.

We can predict the popularity of these meditation apps by looking at the market stats of the Headspace app as it has over $100 million revenue annually. Apart from this, all the self-care apps are having a good and profitable time in the industry.

Is it Profitable to Invest in Meditation App Development Solutions?

Of course, it is profitable to invest in the healthcare and wellness industry right now. With the increasing popularity of meditation and yoga, there are lots of people who use apps for enjoying peace and practicing meditation. These people are embracing the concept of using healthcare apps to achieve a healthy lifestyle and positivity.

The number of businesses adopting meditation app development services is also rising day by day. If we talk about the Calm app, it was the most downloaded meditation app worldwide in April 2021. It has recorded an app revenue of around $7 million in its forecasted period. After the Calm, Headspace is the second-ranked app that earned almost $4.9 million in-app revenue.

Source: Statista

There are many more apps on the list such as Flo Ovulation Period Tracker, Fabulous, Sleep Cycle, Epocrates, and others. Among the rise of these meditation apps, it is reported by the NCCIH (The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health) that 18 million adults in the USA are using meditation apps to maintain their health and mental state. By looking at these stats, we can estimate that this market is expected to have higher growth in the upcoming future and it would be beneficial for ventures to invest their money in this sector.

Benefits Offered by An App like Headspace

Investors and businesses hire mobile app developers from a leading firm to get all the possible benefits from meditation apps. Get to know about these benefits below-

  • Different Monetization Opportunities

Businesses need to apply popular monetization strategies such as in-app ads, app subscriptions, and many more to have good profits. Almost 49% of the developer’s community choose to integrate an in-app ads strategy to maximize their gross.

  • Maximizing Revenue

The main reason behind acquiring the meditation app development services is the high revenue gained by using these apps. With the right use of meditation apps, businesses can have a large base of users that can bring increased revenue and lots of profit to them.

  • Secure Market Position & Stability

Investment in a consistently growing or well-established industry is always worth doing. When you spend in such industry, your venture or firm automatically holds a secure position there, your business gets a steadiness that is enough to grow easily.

Undoubtedly, various in-demand meditation apps are used by people in 2021 to keep their selves calm, happy, and stress-free. These some of the most successful applications help them to do this via the comprised features & functionalities. What are they? Know about them below-

Top Popular Meditation Apps

Top Features to Include in a Meditation App

Features come to the second position after the app design that is responsible to increase or decrease the users base. The overall meditation app development cost highly depends upon these features, therefore you need to be selective when it comes to integrating them into the app. Here are some of the impressive features that can make your app shine out from others, have a look.

User Panel

Meditation App User Panel

You need to comprise a lot of useful features for users to grab their attention. The more comfort and flexibility the app will provide to them, the more they will stick to it. Here are some of the salient features to include-

  • Generating Profile

Users can create their profile by signing in to the app and they can enter the necessary information about their health and mental state to have suitable meditation courses. The app will ask them if there is any need for additional information.

  • Basic Course 

The reason why meditation app like Headspace is famous because it provides introductory courses for their users to give them a fresh start and understanding about how mindfulness and meditation procedure works in their favor.

  • Session Sets

A meditation app includes multiple sessions that are a significant part of the app and also vary the Headspace like app development cost. These sessions help users throughout the procedure of gaining temperament and relaxation. This process or session lasts between three minutes to an hour as it relies upon the user’s state that is being targeted.

  • Gamification

people of every age want some excitement in their lives, it is the main ground to add gamification in the meditation app. It also provides a kick of competition to users and motivates them to finish their sessions in less time. Like Headspace provides badges to their users if they finish the sessions on days 1,3, 10,15, and so on in a row. This strategy makes the users visit the app regularly.

  • Push Notifications

These notifications lie under the app retention strategies and provide users necessary updates and information. It reminds all the users to visit the app by sending them daily reminders about their health track.

  • Activity Tracker

The meditation app provides users an activity tracker that helps them to get updates about the improvement they are having via providing sessions. It will display to them how many stages they have crossed along with the data from start to end.

Admin Panel

After getting to know about the features to add to the user panel, now we are here with the admin panel features that will be advantageous to manage the app activities. Check out them-

  • Mediation Program Management

Admin has the responsibility to manage all the meditation programs and sessions assigned to users. Which program is given to which users and for how long it will be valid? Admin keeps all the records via this feature.

  • Audio & Video Management

Some users have taken the sessions including audio and video in the background for meditation programs, admin manages all those audio and videos that will be played during the sessions or programs.

  • Reports & Analytics

all the app data reports and analytics are managed by the admin. He has reported about the number of users, all the sessions and programs, how many programs have been taken by a user? and other things. It helps the app authorities to have the entire data in one place. 

  • Ratings & Review Management 

The healthcare app development company you have selected for app development, always ensure to add this feature into the app as it is beneficial to maintain the app reputation. Good reviews and ratings by the users have a large impact on the app. The app can get this by providing wonderful service to the users and these all are managed by the admin.

  • Managing Discounts, Subscriptions, and Offers

Discounts & deals offered to users are handled by the app administrator. It is given to the regular users and visitors on the app and sometimes, users can get some offers due to their daily activities within the meditation application. Via this feature, the admin also manages users who have app subscriptions on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Advanced Features

As an entrepreneur, if you want to manage the cost to Develop an app like Headspaceonly add essential features into the app. Integrating advanced features into meditation apps can make you beat your competitors in the market but these can higher your app development cost for sure, hence choose accordingly.

  • Audio & Video Playback

Playing audio or video in the background of the meditation session or programs adds excitement to them. Users have the option to record their intonation voice or their video log to see the improvement in their breathing from day one to now. 

  • Activity Boards

Activity boards on the dashboard of the users help them to keep track of their eating habits, steps, depression, BP, weight loss, etc. It is mandatory to have goal trackers for the app so that users can maintain their regular diet and routine.

  • App Wearables

There are available a lot of smart wearables in the market that connect the device to the app. Users can see the alerts and notifications through the device without opening the app. These fitness trackers and smartwatches benefit the meditation applications as well. 

  • Efficient CRM 

Integrating CRM into the app is a smart move by the businesses as it helps to maintain the customers and solves all their issues timely and accurately that bring long-term customer loyalty to the app. It benefits the app in all possible ways. 

  • Payment Gateways

Hire mobile app developers who can provide you an app with the most secure payment gateway services. Users love to use the app with safe and multiple payment gateways that support different currencies so that users won’t have any problem paying within the app for their subscription or any other thing.

  • Loyalty Programs

every customer on the app likes to be treated in the right way and get offers and discounts for their loyalty towards the app. Through this feature, the app can provide different gifts, vouchers, and deals to their loyal and regular customers. 

How Businesses can Monetize the Meditation App?

Meditation App Monetization

Every business has a sole purpose that is to earn money and lots of profits. Healthcare and meditation apps also provide various monetization opportunities for ventures, they are as follows-

1. In-app Purchases

With the help of your hired mobile app development company, you can integrate the in-app purchase to get profit. In this, app users need to pay some amount of money to use specific kinds of content such as some session packs, meditation programs, and advanced features.

2. App Subscription

Almost all mobile apps use this popular strategy to make money. In this, users are required to pay to use the app after getting a free trial for some time. When the trial period ends, the app asks them, whether they want to have a weekly/monthly or yearly subscription. After getting the subscription, they are eligible to use some of the features as well. 

3. Showing Ads

It is another most used monetizations strategy by the app. App owners can display the ads of other businesses to their app by charging some amount to them. It works in the favour of the app owner to get money as they have a large number of regular users.

4. Product Integration

Some of the apps integrate the eCommerce products to their app to sell and earn money through it. It is a great monetization strategy that helps businesses to earn maximum revenue.

5. Pay Per Download

There are only some applications that use this strategy to earn. In this, users are charged a fee from 25% to 30% of the overall app cost to download the app from the Play Store or App Store. An app like Buddhify uses this technique to make a profit.

Required Team Structure & Tech Stack

The expertise, experience, location & size of your chosen meditation app development companyand what are the latest technologies they are going to integrate into your app are necessary to know for businesses. Look at them below-

Team Structure

Team structure or size is one of the factors to get knowledge about the Headspace app cost if you want an app like this. This factor highly varies the overall app development cost. Check the suitable team structure for app development here-

  • Project Planner or Manager 
  • Business Analyst 
  • UI/UX Designers 
  • Android App Developers (1 or 2)
  • iOS App Developers (1 or 2) 
  • Back-end Developers
  • Quality Testers

Technology Stack

Programming languages, Tools & technologies and others comprised into the meditation app also have an impact on the developing cost of the Headspace clone app. Have a look at the following tech stack to add-

  • Push Notifications: Firebase SDK
  • Customer Analytics or Support– Facebook Mobile SDKs
  • Payment Processing– Stripe
  • Programming Languages– Kotlin, Java, Swift, Rust, HTML5
  • Utilities– Stripe, Google Analytics, Twilio, Mailgun, SendGrid, Optimizely
  • Business Tools: G Suite
  • DevOps: Parcel
  • Other Tools & Technologies– Xcode, Sketch, Google API, Android Studio, Swift iOS, Mean Stack, Google Webmaster, etc.  

How Much Does it Cost to Develop An App like Headspace?

Before getting the answer to the question “how much does the Headspace app cost”? let’s talk about some of the essential factors accountable to differ the complete cost of meditation app development. These are the following-

  • App Development Rates on Hourly Basis
  • list of App Features
  • Number of Platforms
  • App Designing
  • Experience of the Hired Company

These are some of the aspects that can enhance the meditation app development costDespite it, aspects like where your chosen developers are from, and their hourly charges can also vary the development cost. If you hire meditation app developers from European countries, it will charge you more but hiring developers from Eastern countries will keep your budget within the limit.

Consequently, the cost to develop a meditation app like Headscape or Calm will highly depend upon all these aspects. Hence, we can estimate that the cost to develop a meditation app would range between $15,000 to $40,000 while developing an advanced app compatible with all the platforms and different devices would cost you much higher. 

Summing up

To conclude, this article will help you to figure out how much does meditation app cost? And what are the essential features to comprise in the app? This article will be beneficial for both enterprises and users to know about the meditation app process. Currently, the meditation app market has a lot of applications with different qualities and sizes. If you want to make a successful app, you need to pay attention to its marketing and design. Both aspects can make your app shine out among competitors.

Nevertheless, it is required to know about the cost to develop an app at first so that you can manage the entire process accordingly. Ensure to never compromise in the app quality due to the cost and contain all the required features to catch the attention of your target audiences. Picking up a prominent meditation app development company like SemiDot Infotech will provide you an advantage to have an efficient solution developed by skilled and expert developers. Our team of professionals will provide you guidance, be it about cost estimation, consultation, features, or development services, we will be happy to help you out. Just drop a message to our team!

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