Enterprise mobile app solutions are the future of enterprise solutions. The world is moving fast towards portable devices, for both leisure, and for work. So, what’s the answer to making things truly portable? Mobile apps as enterprise solutions. With the power our handheld devices hold these days, mobile apps can tackle almost everything we throw at them.

Our top emerging technologies are the top contenders to make trends for enterprise mobile apps. Top enterprise mobile apps will strive because of the progress we are making on our emerging technologies. We have a new way of how we looked at networks, new ways to see and perceive things, and new devices to keep everything connected. There is so much more we can do with enterprise mobile apps while making the enterprise work truly portable.

We know you have an about the technologies we are listing below, but we assure you, you haven’t seen them with our perspective yet. We know why mobile apps fail, and leaping bounds of pre-made notions isn’t the case, it is going in the wrong direction.

Let us begin with the top 5 technological trends, to up your enterprise mobile app game.

1. AR/VR

Monitoring digital workspace, along with the greatest meetings your employees would have ever had, you can have it all with AR/VR. Augmented reality is as we know it, filling our world with animated objects. Virtual reality takes over our eyes and ears to create another (virtual) reality for us. With these technologies together, you can find a balance that helps you achieve the perfect sync between your employees.

The world of AR/VR has been pretty set back since it found most of its uses in games and practically nothing more than that. But there is so much more if you are ready to take the leap, you can use them for everywhere ‘interaction’ fits in your enterprise. But it’s in no way limited to just interaction, it can find itself fit in areas like training (both soft and tech skills), monitoring digital workplaces, creating expansive workplaces, and so much more.

It’s like you could be in virtual reality, and that could literally be your actual workplace, laying on your bed or chilling on your rocking chair, work from home taken too seriously we guess (pun intended). Let’s not fantasize about all that, it will certainly find more uses for meetings than for complete workplaces in the first place.

2. Mobile bots

They have only been seen as nefarious till now, to point out the least. But people often do tend to ignore applications with such greatness as an enterprise solution. Mobile bots actually have vast possible implementations when it comes to a huge number of devices. They can be used for millions of mobile devices and could be used as an actual custom bot for all those devices.

AI for mobile bots isn’t in a position to handle it all yet, it’s actually pretty far from its true potential right now. In the future, mobile bots will be using AI and blockchain extensively for a full portrayal of their greatness. Both these technologies are just emerging right now, with no one knowing how far it will go from here and now. Mobile bots need a decentralized network to build trust, and to maintain consistency, and blockchain could do wonders for it.

The main uses will be found as a mobile workplace, as personal work devices that will ease a lot of things, and much more on the portability part. Mobile bots will find uses at multiple places, and enterprises will definitely need them for progressing ahead in enterprise mobile apps. And, until we have a compatible new platform, mobile bots will only be able to help with enterprise solutions that have a compatible enterprise mobile app.

Enterprise Mobile App Trends to look out for in 2020

3. Blockchain

Most enterprises don’t allow you to work on your own devices, for safety and privacy concerns. How are they supposedly going to manage enterprise mobile apps which run on unknown devices? Through implementing it on Blockchain, of course. An incorruptible digital ledger is all we need to embed, for enterprise mobile apps to be more trustworthy.

The unbending need for trust between employees, and the employer and the employees, makes it absolutely necessary to be used in enterprise mobile apps. Blockchain isn’t essentially the best solution for mobile devices, and something which is less power-hungry would be needed. Many data structures are being tested to create chains or ledgers that are decentralized for mobile apps.

Know that decentralization has just begun, by the time it is set to be the greatest break in the enterprise world, enterprise mobile apps would be the first to implement it within. The main reason why decentralization will work is, is because managing enterprise solutions is impossible if you place someone in the middle.

4. IoT

Bring your own devices and wear your own devices to work isn’t a very new concept. Simply because the internet of things has been around for a while now. Many smart devices and wearable devices are used widely across different domains and enterprises. But the internet of things is much more than just connected devices, with the use of AI, it can essentially control these devices autonomously.

In the case of enterprise mobile apps, the internet of things can work wonders for some industries and may just remain a feel-good factor for some. But it the end it doesn’t really matter to some industries after all, and for some, it is an absolute necessity. Enterprise mobile apps are mostly for bettering the life of employees and the company’s structure, some industries need to change, while some can manage without it too.

Implementing Internet of things will bridge the gap and take mobility one step further. With wearable devices being used for enterprise solutions, we know what to expect in the future. And with these enterprise mobile apps checking out most boxes of making things easier and fun for employees, why not? Everyone deserves things they have only seen in science fiction movies. Security, however, will depend on how well we advance in the decentralized department, but things are going full swing, so let’s hope for the best.

5. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can work with everything we could imagine working with. But there is a huge problem for us as humans, AI will be the closest-ever when it comes to commanding machines, unlike us who need high-level languages and translators. And how does it concern enterprise mobile apps? It is going to be their brains. AI will probably be able to control and manage enterprise mobile apps on a full scale.

It’s not just controlling, AI can essentially change and scale such apps according to the need of the enterprise. Artificial intelligence will also be needed to complement the technologies we mentioned above. If there is one aid that could actually help us loosen our stress, it’s AI. It will replace our stress and do things on its own, we can train the program to do anything we wish for.

AI is also finding wide uses in operations and manufacturing, so why step back for enterprise solutions? AI will be the greatest influence on enterprise mobile apps and to all the emerging technologies out there. There are some controversies that AI is facing around the world like, AI could take over the world, obliterate humans, and all that. It may be true, but it will only happen if we could ever make it that far, which just seems impossible for now.


Technologies of the future are usually looked down at, but we don’t think that’s the case anymore. As a top mobile app development company, we think the world is changing fast, and amending for past mistakes. Enterprise mobile apps may seem scary to the orthodox, but it’s simply something we as human demand. Who in the world wouldn’t love the portability? We have seen it in our entertainment, and we are ready for it as enterprise solutions too.

We know the concept too might seem a farfetched for now, but we are certain that things are only going the portable way. Both iOS and Android are moving ahead towards optimization, the same would be the case with enterprise mobile apps. We believe both OSs are extremely capable of handling enterprise mobile apps, and we think the future is really bright for it. The emerging technologies are evolving, we hope all of them and enterprise mobile apps go hand in hand.

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