People have become so addicted to technology these days that they also expect everything around them to become advanced. With digitization, people want things to work fast and not to take a lot of time so that they don’t have to wait for even a single minute. We can take the example of the event ticket booking app development services that are in high demand. The event booking app has brought noticeable changes in the ticket booking industry as it helps simplify their processes by booking tickets online.

Due to this demand, event booking apps are also catching up the attention of entrepreneurs who are looking for a lucrative sector to invest their hard-earned money and resources. But before having these on-demand app development solutions, they must know about the event ticket booking mobile app development cost & features. Here, in this article, we are providing a complete guide about the event ticket booking app development process to give you an idea, have a look.

Introduction to Event Ticket Booking Apps

Event ticket booking apps like Cvent, Eventbrite, and many more are preferred by users these days to book tickets online for various events, movies, concerts, shows, or clubs. These types of event apps are a one-stop solution to make the monotonous process of booking tickets interesting and reducing the time of standing in a long queue for hours.

As per the people’s demand to want everything on their finger’s tips, the event booking app is fulfilling that. Through these apps, people can easily register and can save the specific event or show on their app to check the tickets, available different seats, and booking the tickets, Event booking mobile apps have made it so easy for users to book tickets without any kind of hassle. It has made it easy for event organizers, as well as they, can now manage the crowd swiftly.

Working Process of Event Booking App

When you are going to get event booking app development services, it is important to know how the app works? Look at the following to understand the process:

  • Once the users get registered to the app, they can find out all the events as per their interest. If you are not aware of any of the place that has some event, it will let you know about everything about that such as event details, timing, ticket price, availability, and so on.
  • These apps are helpful to spread awareness about various shows, festivals, & events as people can easily go there by booking tickets in advance. It allows a lot of people to book the tickets simultaneously and make reservations remotely.
  • Not only users, but event organizers also get a sigh of relief through the app as they don’t have to manage an out of the control crowd and can deal with each user differently.
  • Organizers can keep the check on the sold and remaining event tickets as these are marked with different colors. These apps provide full transparency in the online booking system and help to record and get real-time data & insights via the app.
  • Users can choose the event from the event category and can book tickets from there for the number of persons they want to go with according to the seat availability. They must do online payment for those tickets and, they can choose one of the secure payment modes offered by the app.

Significance of Event Ticket Booking App Development 

The online event management app development market is growing at a fast speed like no other industry and people also seem much interested in using event booking apps. According to reports, the market size of online event ticketing was valued at $46.59 billion in 2017 and was forecasted to evolve at a 4.8% CAGR.

The increasing spread of the internet and the ongoing interest of users in mobile apps are the main reason for the expectation in the growth of online ticket booking for sports events, movies, live events, and shows. Look at below to know about the market size growth between 2014 to 2025.

The event ticket booking industry was expected to reach $73424 million in 2019 and still, it has high adoption rates. Between the years 2019 to 2023 with a 9.4% CAGR, the industry is forecasted to have a market volume of $105,359 million. Some of the popular event planning apps like Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, and others are the few market players that are leading in terms of both customers and revenue growth in the industry.

Top Event Planning and Ticket Booking Apps

Nowadays, everybody is aware of the event planning & ticket booking apps as these have become immensely popular among users worldwide. Even several event app developers from leading mobile app development companies refer to these established platforms. Here are some top event app names are given:

Top Event Ticket Apps

The entire event industry is growing year by year and with this growth, ticket booking app solutions are also providing several options for popular categories. Businesses can choose among them according to their requirements.

There is a lot to explore under the event category, check out below:

Sports Events 

It is one of the event industries that is never going to fade in terms of revenue and popularity. There are a lot of events or sports such as baseball, football, cricket, hockey, basketball, and more. People who are sports fans are crazy behind them and always book online tickets as it is not possible for them to get event tickets on the spot.

Movie Shows

Sometimes, when people get late for a specific show or movie, they prefer to use mobile app development solutions like Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, and others to book online tickets. Users can also see ratings and reviews of the movies they want to watch via the app and can select accordingly.

Musical Shows

A lot of people are fond of different kinds of music and singers, and they can’t leave a single musical show to attend. It is a good way to promote and showcase the real talent of musicians and singers. You can get all the details about the timings of stage performances and live to perform actors through the event booking app.

Cultural Events 

There are a lot of activities and events that lie under the regional and cultural categories. Apart from that, it includes sports events, picnic camping, parties, social banquets, art & craft events, and bag packing activities. These all are managed by councils and local communities.

Conferences & Seminars

Businesses also go for this category while having Ticket booking app development services as various people have an interest in these kinds of events. People book online event tickets to discuss a different topic and this category involves maximum businesspersons or college students.

Benefits Provided by Event Ticket Booking Mobile Apps

Right from handling the entire business procedure to improve the user convenience and experience, event booking apps are having good control over the industry. Not only users, even it seems beneficial for event organizers as well.

Above, we have already provided the stats that show the increasing popularity of event booking apps and how fast businesses are adopting these mobile app solutions for their users. Let’s have a look at the benefits offered by ticket booking apps:

Benefits for Event Organizers 

Here are the benefits given to the event organizers through event management and ticket booking app, have a look:

More Audiences

Gone are the days when auditoriums used to be empty and quiet. If users have booked tickets through the app, they will come for sure. And even if they don’t, then there will be applied cancellation fee on them, and event organizers still would get benefits through it as they can open the seat for other users to book.

24*7 Services

Even if your business has opening and closing times, it doesn’t matter if you have a mobile solution as users can use the app anywhere anytime to book tickets. Users can also get event details and timings just by few clicks that refer that your business is active day and night.

No Occupancy on Phone

Although, the whole process will be done on the phone, from the user’s side that too just for 2-3 minutes. Here, the occupancy of the organizer on the phone is ended. They don’t have to tell everything on the phone to customers as they can update all things on the app and users can book the tickets via the app as well rather than calling the organizer.

Fast Payment Processing

Integrate third-party payment modes into your ticket booking app development services to get paid online from customers. Getting advanced payment will help the organizers to have a large base of audiences.

Easy Management 

Record of available & booked seats, reservations, and many more will help the event organizers to easily manage their calendar and booking dates. They can also check the venue availability and can schedule the other tasks based on this.

Real-time Business Insights

Every booking, payment, event, or show, everything that will be on the event mobile app will help in having a better perspective towards the user’s preferences. The organizer can also have better ideas through it.

Benefits for App Users

Below, we have also provided some of the benefits held by users of the event ticket booking mobile app. Get to know about them:

Event Details

Customers don’t have to bother the event organizers repeatedly to know about the event details such as event timings, event date, event place, and more. They can know all these with just a few clicks on the app.

Flexible Services

Neither organizers nor users must stick to the phone for knowing the event details or booking the tickets for the events. The Event management app development company you will hire will provide you with a mobile app solution that can offer flexible services to your users and will be convenient for the organizers as well.

Reduced Pricing 

It has less pricing to book tickets online rather than buying them offline, be it any sports event, movie show, entertaining show, or others. Users can get a discount if they are new to the app or have a discount coupon code. They can also save their money by reserving the seats at the cheapest prices.

Easy Payment 

Users don’t have to carry cash with them as they can do the payment fast and easily via the app. They can use any third-party payment system integrated with the app or any other payment app they are comfortable with. It will also save the time of users.

How to Monetize Event Ticket Booking Apps?

Event App Monetization

Businesses prepare the revenue model or monetization strategies earlier before developing the mobile solution. The below points will help you to know about the monetization strategies applied by event booking apps, check them:

Third-Party Ads

Showing or displaying the ads of another business is the most popular way of earning money by mobile app solutions. These ads are paid and help to increase the event booking app revenue.

Special Screening

Some Ticket booking app solutions also have the option of special screening for their users, but they must pay additional charges for this. It has become a huge source of revenue for event apps.

Amount Per Ticket

The more tickets will be booked by users, the more profit event organizers will earn. A fixed amount is charged and given to the event organizers whenever a ticket is booked or reserved.

Feature Coverage 

Event booking apps also allow specific events to feature on the top of their homepage by paying a certain amount. These charges are high and a good way to earn extra revenue.

Impressive Features to Add in Event Ticket Booking Apps

Like other on-demand solutions, event ticket mobile apps also integrate such salient features that can grab the customer’s attention. All you need to do is to hire mobile app developers who are proficient and experienced in app development. Following are the app features to add:

User Panel Features

Event App User Panel

Consider these below features for the user panel to have a large customer base and provide them convenience while using the app.

Sign-up & Log-in

People must register for the app before using it. They can either register via entering their details such as name, number, email, etc., or can use their social media accounts. 

App Filters

Through applying filters, users can search for what they exactly want. There are various types of filters like time, place, reviews, and others that must be in the app.


The location feature is necessary for users as they can find out the place, they must go to attend the event. This GPS technology integration with the app help users to know about the events or shows held nearby their location. 

Event Lists

The home screen of the app will display all the list of events as per the different categories like sports, culture, science, movies, and many more. Users can choose among them, and it will show the full details to them. 

Ticket Booking

Whatever event or show or movie users like, they can book the seats for them as per the availability following by the date and time. After booking, they will get their mTicket or eTicket via email.

Booking History

Customers can see their history via this option. They can check how many tickets they have booked as per the month, or week along with their price, event name, and place. 

Event Organizer

Event App Organizer App

Like customers and admin panel, this panel also integrates some of the features that help them working while using the app. Get their details-

Attendees’ Details

This feature provides help to organizers to get details of the attendees who have purchased tickets for the events.

Real-time Insights

Organizers can easily get real-time statistics through the number of sold tickets at the event via the mobile solution. 

Live Announcements

Event organizers can send the users to live updates via the app as they can make announcements for the important things. 

Ticket Bookings & Cancellations

Organizers can see the total number of booked and cancelled tickets by the users. It helps them to keep the data and records of everything. 

Add or Edit the Events

They have all the listed events under various categories, and they can edit them or can add new ones as well to the app.

Admin Panel

Event App Admin Panel

Don’t forget to add these amazing features while having Ticket booking app development services. Let’s have a look at below to easily handle the users and organizers as well:

Event Management

Admin can handle the entire app with the help of this feature and can also add or edit any of the events. These updated details will be shown to the users as well. Admin can inform the users easily about anything via the app.

Customized Dashboard

The dashboard is like a support system to the admin, from where he manages all his work and has complete control of the prime operations. From real-time analytics such as event genre, download rate, user’s behaviour, etc. to get details of the user’s review and likes, the admin can see everything through it. 

Content Management 

Efficient event app developers you chose to create the app, you can ask them to integrate this feature into the app. It helps in updating or removing any event detail that is not necessary.

Booking Manager

This feature helps the admin to stay updated with the booking details, along with timings of bookings for specific movies and events. 

Real-time Notifications

Admin can also send personalized notifications to users in case they have requested to send alerts about a specific event or show, or he can send them notifications regarding any particular discount or deal.

Advanced Features

Core features are the base of the app, but advanced feature integration into mobile app development solutions will make the app worth standing for long in the market. Let’s check out, what are those?

Booking Engines

This feature permits the users to book their desired seat via the app. They can choose among all the available seats that are marked with different colours and prices.

Home Screen

The event’s home screen helps the users getting the details about the events they are interested in. Users can also save the events to book them later.

Booking Confirmation

After booking the ticket by the user, the app shows them a booking confirmation screen to let them know they have booked their seats successfully. They can check all the things here before doing the final payment.     

Event Map

This event map has marked up all the events on it with the location so that users can stay updated and choose among them as per the location convenience. 

CRM System

To maintain a good relationship with customers, most businesses use this feature. It helps them keep in touch with the app users, and they can act as per their choice and queries to impress and attract them. 

Bar Code Scanner

After getting the ticket booking confirmation, the user will get a scanner that they must show while they enter the event venue. It will be their pass to enter the show.

In-app Chat Support

It supports users if they have any issues or queries regarding the app feature or functionality. They can ask or consult with the customer executive via chat as it is available 24*7 with multi-lingual support.

Booking Via WhatsApp

To provide ease to users, event booking apps are linked with WhatsApp so that they can send the booking details to users on their WhatsApp.

Event Ticket Booking App Team Structure & Tech Stack 

Not only core & advanced features and functionality but other things are equally essential to building an efficient app. Here, we are talking about the required team members and technology integration for the Ticket booking app solution:

Team structure

To develop a mobile app solution, you need to have dedicated and skilled team members who have such ability to create an app that brings your imagination to the real world. Who are these members? and the most needed ones:

Tech Stack

What are those technologies & tools that will help your event booking application cope up with the modern world? Check out below:

  • Content Delivery Network: Cloudflare/Amazon CloudFront
  • Hosting: Amazon EC2
  • Database Systems – MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Postgress
  • Cloud Environment – Google, AWS, Azure
  • Push Notifications –, Twilio, Firebase
  • Email – Mail Chimp Integration
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification –Twilio, Nexmo
  • Map Navigation – Google Map
  • Payment Services – Braintree & Stripe, PayPal, Net banking, eWallets
  • Real-time Analytics –Spark, Cisco, IBM, Hadoop, Apache Flink
  • UI– BootStrapJS, ReactJS

Cost Evaluation of Event Ticket Booking Mobile App

As an entrepreneur, it is important to know the complete mobile app development cost first to manage the overall budget. While talking about the app cost, consider the aspects such as app platforms, their complexity, custom, and advanced features, development time, location & experience of the chosen company, and others.

Considering all these factors, the estimated event ticket booking app development cost would be around $15,000 to $40,000 including core features. It is just an estimation as it can fluctuate based on the discussed factors. If you want a mobile app with advanced features compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, then it would cost you higher.

Bottom Line

In this above article, we have acknowledged you with all the insights about event ticket booking app development costs and features that are necessary if you are going to have ticket booking app development services. It is beneficial for businesses to invest in such an industry that is blooming with time and can only provide them numerous profits.

There is a lot of competition in this sector; hence all you must do is to enter with an appropriate and feature-rich app that can help you to earn a lot of revenue by making a huge space in the market among all the competitors.

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