Software development would really be tough, if SDKs had not been there, in this era of complex digitization. Software development kit (SDK) has got a special place in the app development industry. These tools have made it easy for developers to create applications, software, and websites. Surprisingly, they are constantly innovating. One such UI SDK that is used extensively in the market is Flutter.

Flutter is an open-source UI SDK, evolved by Google. It is used for developing cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, Linux, and Mac, with the help of a single codebase. It is a feasible toolkit for high-quality apps working with the latest technologies and cutting-edge functionalities. Flutter has become the first choice for a lot of developers around the world and the flutter community is also increasing with the time along with its quality and usability.

Now, we can imagine how important it is to describe, where it is used and how it helps? This article covers the same. The article also discusses the cost that a company has to incur when they are getting an app developed with the help of this app development toolkit. Flutter kit is now applauded for being one of the best development kits while being fully featured and easy to use. The upscaling graph is also becoming a compelling reason for the huge demand to hire Flutter app developers for every level of the project.

Let’s discuss a brief for flutter mobile app development services and then, we will move onto its details and cost of the flutter enabled app.

What is Flutter?

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Flutter is a free mobile app UI creator kit that is open-source, and allows developers to develop hybrid apps easily. The increasing diversity of the market and user tendencies are pushing the business owners to spend some extra bucks and build an app for both prominent mobile-based platforms. Android and iOS apps are possible to make with the flutter toolkit. No other reason is required for such speedy growth of Flutter app development services.

Flutter allows you to create an attractive and well-performing application using just a single code base and deploy it over multiple platforms with slight changes. It saves your time and money as you don’t need to develop dual versions of a single app. You don’t only save money but also, have more customers by launching the app faster on app stores. The market does not wait for anyone and there is fierce competition in the market. This way Flutter SDKs save you from the fear of losing customers.  

What is SDKs?

These are a bunch of tools collected together. SDKs can help the developers to create an application when all of the tools are collected in a way that they can be used with one another.

Flutter was created by the search engine giant, Google. Flutter offers a programming language known as Dart used by developers to develop in Flutter. The language evolved a lot in the initial 3 years and was just concerned about the front-end development of the apps. It was used to create both web and mobile applications. The syntax of the Dart might seem like JavaScript. If you already have learned a bit of programming in JavaScript, it will not be too difficult to catch up to and amateur developers too can learn the language swiftly.

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What Can Be Done with Flutter?

Flutter is a well-known cross-platform app development toolkit that is now being used widely by IT companies, freelance software developers, and every scale of mobile app development companies. Backed by Google, Flutter is a reliable SDK for developers, freelancers, small and large companies, and everyone who wants to develop a cross-platform app.

When a business wants a hybrid/cross-platform application that can be as efficient and fast as the native app, that is the time when Flutter comes into play. Many technologies can be used at the time of application development but hardly any of them works like Flutter. It is easy to use and doesn’t have too many complex features or functionality.

That is why it is used by so many people and companies. When it comes to profit, it supports both the agencies and the company who want the solution. It saves money for both parties and at the same time also provides good benefits to the company that will be using the app after the deployment.

Some Top Apps Made With Flutter

Many apps are developed with the help of Flutter. Let’s have a look at the list of such apps-

Top Apps Built Using Flutter

You might have heard about the majority of the above listed. Flutters are featured enough to create powerful apps. You should know that all the apps mentioned above are very popular in their industries. eBay in itself is a very huge brand and having created their Motors app with the help of Flutter says a lot about its quality and usefulness.

Although Flutter is relatively new in the market, there is nothing that proves Flutter to be any less than the old players. Flutter has been able to replace some of the old players even when they were at their peak.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Flutter

So far, we have discussed what Flutter is, what it is used for, and why it is preferred by the developers? Now, it is the time we talk about the reasons why your business should choose Flutter for the next project considering the development costs. Flutter is easy, fast, and has cross-platform development ability. Let’s know more about its advantages:

1. Budget-Friendly

Flutter is one of the few app development kits that can do the job for free. It is one of the reasons why it is considered to be budget-friendly. Another reason is fast development and because of that a lot of money is saved by the developers. They make sure that they complete everything perfectly in the given time at the cost that they deserve.

The cost would not seem so huge when you compare the charges of Flutter developers with other developers. Many freelance developers charge by the hour, but when software is developed in less time than expected, you know they were working with Flutter.

The cost of developing the cross-platform applications is already very less as compared to the native applications. When you try to develop an application that goes on to all platforms and you do it with a Flutter app builder, you can save a huge amount of money from your budget. It is because a big part of the code can be reused. You just have to change or modify the native functionality in the code, and that is something that takes way less effort and time than developing separate native apps for each platform.

2. Quick Performance

A mobile app development company and developers need greater resources for developing native apps for particular platforms. Even though the app will be identical on either platform, because they have to be built on the native app builder platform, it would take a lot of hard work and time from the developer’s end. On the other hand, Flutter supports cross-platform app development and these applications might have similar codes, and they perform and behave exactly like a native application.

3. Fast Development

Mobile app design and development tasks take time for native apps. It is time-consuming to fit an app for every device and platform. But Flutter allows the developers to do the same task at a faster rate. One of the biggest reasons is that it allows them to reuse the codes and that the library has so many predefined statements that can be used for specific functions. If someone has command over the library, they would be able to complete the program in way less time than native app builders.


4. Easy to Learn and Use

The process of Flutter app design and development is really easy to do. As we discussed, Flutter uses the Dart programming language developed by Google. That language syntax is similar to Javascript and is also easy to work with. Hence, if you have ever studied even the programming syntax of JS or you are an expert Javascript developer, you will be able to get a hold of it

5. Low Compilation Time

When your compilation time decreases, you know that your productivity will increase. Often, other software takes a big part of the development duration in the compilation process. The process takes time and is important, thus, it can’t be skipped. But with Flutter, the compilation process occurs at a faster rate, and that is why the developers can complete the project in way less time.

6. Provides Good Documentation

Documentation is very important and is provided to you in a very detailed manner, when you develop your application with the help of Flutter. The documentation of the mobile app development process is made available to the developers and they can forward it to the development company or the client company.

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7. Compatible

The two biggest app development environments and tools- the VS studio and the Android Studio, support Flutter. It is one of the biggest reasons why people choose

Flutter app development in comparison to the others? They are supported by popular studios and that is why they can be trusted for the easy development of apps. Being truthful for its competitors, React native app development is also favored for its ease of use and is considered a real competitor.

8. Require Less Testing

Development is a complex task and then comes the testing. Mostly, testing consumes more time than development. Development can be completed in one-third part but the two-third includes testing, error finding, and bug fixing and then testing it again to see if there are more problems.

There are always chances that one error is fixed, it might generate more errors and that is why it might get stuck into an infinite loop. Luckily, the testing process in Flutter is not so rigorous. The codes are not very complex, and hence less testing is required. It does not affect the quality of the developed application.

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Factors Affecting the Flutter App Development Cost

Below we have listed down some of the factors that affect the cost of development and together make up for the total cost.

The Complexity of Features

The cost is dependent on a lot of features that you use and their complexity. If you are using high-end complex features, then you will have to incur more. The basic ones don’t cost much and that is why people who develop apps with basic features can bind it all up on a very low budget. The main reason is that most basic features are already developed and only need to be integrated into the apps.


The location where you are getting the app developed also has an impact on the cost. The development cost varies from country to country. If you are hiring a developer in India and the USA, you will notice that there is a big difference in the cost. Hence, the location plays an important role in deciding the final cost.

Hybrid or Native

The cost also depends on what kind of app you want to develop and what kind of experience you want to give to your customers? Native apps are mostly more expensive and cross-platform or hybrid ones are mostly within budget, the reason being that a large part of the code is reused.

App Deployment

When you have developed and decided what type of features you want, and tested the app for all the errors, you need to deploy the app. Most people forget that deployment is also a major part of calculating mobile app development costs. There are many technical as well as marketing activities that have to be done before and at the time of app launch. It has to reach the maximum number of people on the day when it is released. It highly affects the total cost.

Server Space

Server spaces have to be rented to access everything that the app needs. The data has to be stored, various components require to be on a server-side, and the app has to be connected to them. The cost to rent out the server space also impacts the total cost of development.

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Design (UX/UI)

Flutter is a UI toolkit backed by Google which also makes developers efficient for a great UI/UX development as well, but they can’t always do all the work, hence you might have to hire another developer for that which is a major cost-increasing factor.

Support and Maintenance

Any application requires continuous maintenance and support from the development team. It is not about the support for the customers, but the support for the clients who will be on the backend of the application. They have to make sure that they have expert support and maintenance available.

Maintenance cost is not a one-time cost but an important one that can’t be avoided. If you hire mobile app developers, you will have to give them a salary for support and maintenance tasks.

The Complete Flutter App Development Cost

As we have described in the above points, various factors are responsible to vary the overall Flutter app development cost. Although, an estimated development cost for a simple Flutter app would be around $20,000 to $40,000. But if you want to have an advanced Flutter app, then it would consume more time and incur high development costs that would be about $40,000 to $80,000.

Again, you must keep in mind that this cost is not a final one as the above-mentioned points and specific requirements by clients can differ it, for sure.

Final Few Words

In this article, we gave you an estimation about the cost of Flutter mobile app. You need to be aware that the cost can vary according to the factors that are mentioned above in the article. Also, the scope of the project, prospects, scaling opportunities, and many other things can affect the cost of development. Even then, there is a miscellaneous cost that can’t be estimated beforehand. Many things keep changing during the duration of the development, and thus, no exact cost can be decided until it binds up.

Still, when you know the average cost of making an application that is balanced with all the parts, you know if you can go with a scale up or down. It is why to make things easier, we tried to provide all the other information about Flutter as well.

You must always be aware of all the different aspects of the technology you have to work with. To make it all the more effortless, you can also hire a reliable Flutter app development company to do the work for you.

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