Have you ever used virtual reality? Some people have, some have never used such technology. 20 years back when the internet started taking the smooth entrance to people’s lives, it was an entirely different phenomenon, how users used to interact with over the virtual world. A 2D screen has its limitation, it can show the pictures give you emotion, and can engage you with the reel but, it cannot let you experience the embodiment. When you make video chat with your close friends, you feel warmth, join other friends to create a better experience but still, you cannot live the moments like real life. Here comes the Metaverse, an amazing technology with the vision to make this possible.

What may or may not be the actual picture of Metaverse is still a matter of talk and not absolutely clear. But, Metaverse is going to be revolutionary in terms of building the immersive digital experience.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the virtual world or we can say, the virtual universe, where people can do many things which they do in real life. Users would be able to work, enjoy, exercise, socialize and do many other things. In metaverse can set up their business, purchase lands, create some art and join concerts in the virtual environment.

The metaverse uses virtual reality and augmented reality technology for creating virtual spaces where users can live like real life. The metaverse could be the next place where you want to spend time, meet your friends or earn some money.  You can purchase clothes for your avatar, and gain an amazing experience with digital art in the virtual world. Non-fungible tokens are the primary medium of transaction.  NFT development for games is a secured way for ensuring the ownership of digital items. Obviously, you can always have a clone of a digital item, but not the original one. There comes, the role of NFT. You can know more about NFT here.

Famous social media platform Facebook changed its name to Meta, which further accelerated the popularity of Metaverse, which is already renowned. The term is not new and has been there since 1992. Author Stephenson coined the term first time ever in his fiction novel “snow crash”, where the author envisioned the avatars who can meet and talk in a virtual environment. Incorporating augmented reality, 3D avatars, and other communication mediums, Metaverse expands and offers you an alternative world to co-exist. Online games such as Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite are already there behind the rich VR experience.

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When Can We Expect to See Metaverse?

CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg which was formerly known as Facebook says, Metaverse could take 5-10 years to show its presentable growth. Currently what we have, are the few aspects of a metaverse. The virtual reality headsets, 24*7*365 online worlds, and ultra-fast internet speeds are up, but not accessible to everyone.

Realize the Potential of Metaverse for Gaming

Metaverse has immeasurable potential. You can recreate anything, event, NFT, or player support while increasing customer engagement.

Gaming goes hand in hand with Metaverse

In the Gaming industry, the metaverse is not a newly coined term. Few gamers are regularly using this term more or less in their gaming experience. The online free-to-play battle royal can be seen as the metaverse prototype. The gaming industry has shifted from the traditional version to the new world digital avatars and transactions powered by NFT or cryptocurrency. NFT gaming solutions are breaking the boundaries of the digital world, where gamers can own the virtual stuff and can rent out or lease them for specific cryptocurrencies. Powered by blockchain, in metaverse users need cryptocurrency for transactions and whenever they receive rewards.

Recent Growth

The lockdown during the pandemic made people realize the power of the gaming industry. Axie and Allen Wood reported the increase in the number of users, with 250000 active users and 90000 Ethereum traded on the marketplace.

Lockdown came with a lot of boredom; on the plus side, people realized the potential in the gaming industry. The crypto play-to-earn games, Axie and Alien Wood reported an increase in the number of users. Axie reported 250,000 active daily players and 90,000 ETH traded on its marketplace in both NFT and crypto format. NFT gaming development is a win-win opportunity for developers because whatever is transacted in Metaverse, is in Crypto-based or NFT format. Looking at the future, Sandbox shifted from the original traditional gaming to crypto-enabled gaming. The Gamemaker console by sandbox allows the user to create games from scratch, enjoy games, and buy digital property.

The online game industry is enough populated and has millions of regular gamers, who are enthusiastically attending the world-events and interacting with the brands using a digital embodiment. LeBron James and Jordan brand both have launched their digital avatars. 

Roblox took the efforts further up, with its online game creation and gaming platform. Roblox allows the users to create their own world using metaverse. The company is partnering with big names including Sony, Nerf, and Hot Wheels for creating an immersive universe for connecting the customers.  Gamers are finding, metaverse interesting and make a fine investment over the gaming avatars, skins, and events. The trends are really amazing with the currency purchase in Roblox rising to $652.3 million. Gaming experience in the metaverse is also promoting people to use Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and develop their digital identity, where Roblox like platforms could be the home for the community.

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Let’s See a Few Examples of Metaverse

There is a lot happening in the world that can give metaverse a certain future. Who does not want to live in the parallel digital universe? Let’s take a few examples which are changing the world:

  • Meta

The most vibrant name behind the sudden eye-shocking trend for metaverse is, ‘Meta’ the name which Mark Zuckerberg chose for replacing Facebook. The IT giant made a fat investment in the field of virtual reality, whereas it acquired Oculus in 2014. Meta visualizes a virtual world where digital skins can be worn, avatars can meet, travel, and connect using Virtual Reality headsets. Zuckerberg believes that metaverse can replace what we see today over the internet.

The digital transfers will be done in cryptocurrencies whereas artwork creators can mint out the money by leasing the digital items. NFT is a great tool for creating a unique copyrighted digital item, which can be leveraged by the NFT game development in the metaverse. Today’s internet can make it immersive and avails embodiment for the realistic feel. We call this Metaverse similar to the digital Universe. You can watch the full video by Meta here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvufun6xer8

  • Microsoft

Microsoft is a pioneering IT company and when Microsoft says anything, you can envision it to be the future.  The company is working over the mixed and XR (extended reality) apps. Its Mesh platform combines the real world with VR and AR.  Microsoft is working with the US army over an AR (augmented reality) headset Hololens2, for training, and rehearsing the soldiers. Xbox Live is also connecting millions of gamers worldwide.

  • Epic Games

The CEO of Fortnite, Time Sweeney, stated that Epic is actively investing in building the metaverse.  It is engaged in developing the photorealistic digital human using MetaHuman Creator. You can create and customize your virtual doppelgangers in future virtual world games. Fortnite works with Balenciaga for developing digital avatars and skins.

  • Roblox

Roblox is a famous platform developed in 2004. Roblox houses numerous user-generated games, such as role-playing games such as Brookhaven and Bloxburg, where users can create homes, work, and play out. The company is now valued at $45 billion this year after its IPO opened in March. The founder David Baszucki tweets a great thanks to all who helped to bring the platform one step closer to fulfilling the vision of “Metaverse”.  Since March, Roblox is associated with Vans, a skateboard show company for creating the digitized skateboarding park, Vans World, where players can wear Vans gear. Also, the company opened a limited Gucci Garden. Here, users can try and purchase clothing and accessories for their virtual avatar.

  • Minecraft

Minecraft is a virtual universe, which is most liked by kids. Minecraft is the digitized version of Legos, where players can build their avatar and play out as they want.  Minecraft boasts more than 140 million active users by end of August. The outbreak of pandemic exploded the popularity among kids who turned heavily towards virtual connection, due to lockdown.

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Future Possibilities of Metaverse Gaming

Now, when you hire NFT developers you can really envision the NFT enabled gaming world with so many possibilities. Imagine a world where you can study, interact, work, earn money and even enjoy concerts.   It is possible that Metaverse can provide ease of attending business meetings, online concerts, and playing games in the digital world, which is an extension of the physical world.

With so much popularity of blockchain development services, it is most likely that you can see all your online activities inside the metaverse. Let’s understand the consideration if you are an IT company investing in Metaverse:

  • Lead with the Brand

Understand your gaming DNA and make your authentic presence. It is great to have a presence on Animal Crossing. With all mediums, you need to understand why you are there and the purpose.

  • Start small

It is always good to start small. The metaverse is overwhelming, you need to start with a proper strategy in mind. You can create your own immersive world and provide an amazing gaming experience.

  • Keep it fun

Always keep in mind, majority of the users don’t understand the technicalities behind the metaverse.  You need to offer what users actually want. People show up for fun in the metaverse and sometimes, they could be earners for NFT gaming platform development.

Alongside, there are security concerns with metaverse. There could be data breaches, malware attacks, and fraud activities. NFT game development services need to ensure the maximum security of the network.

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