Mobile apps are an integral part of our daily lives.  The time we spend on mobile is majorly occurred by any type of app. The number of apps on our smartphones has made life amazingly easy.  Almost everything we need in life is accessible with the help of on-demand home services app development. Whether you want to order your dinner, or you want to buy a property, everything is available with a few taps. Owing to the huge popularity of the app, Mobile application development companies have flourished the market with on-demand apps and utility apps.

Last two decades have seen a great industry shift of the operation to the technical platform. The old-school marketing efforts are now mitigated and now happily thriving with the apps. The wide-scale digital spaces given by mobile apps have transformed the life pattern and made them manageable with few clicks.

Among the growing trends of shifting the market, importing the service orders to mobile apps, and transacting the payment and fees through payment gateways, Home services have become a prominent key player. Home service app development is more popular than ever after the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. The folks locked down to their home demanded some reliable point to demand the services. Alongside, the businesses were keen to render the service over different domains such as salon, electronic, cleaning, and many more.

Why Home Service App Development is Required?

The conventional home services are so hectic which demand a huge amount of time from your schedule to manage. These kind of services are disappointing for busy schedules. Owing to the miffed customers and innovative business owners, things got drastically changed and shifted to mobile spaces. The increased bandwidth of the services industry has enabled end-to-end service delivery.

Among the home services delivery apps, UrbanClap, now known as Urban Company is hugely popular and reliable. The company has now changed its name to Urban Company so; here we will be referring the company with its new name “Urban Company”.

What is Urban Company / UrbanClap? 

Urban Company is the on demand home service app, which has its presence over 6 countries including India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Sydney, Singapore, and Riyadh.

The company was founded by Raghav Chandra, Abhiraj Bhal and Varun Khaitan in 2014. The app serves as the best platform for the professionals to market their service and reach up to the prospective client directly. Alongside, folks can get the desired service right at their doorstep without even compensating the time for finding suitable, low cost, nearby and reliable service. Urban Company prevents users from boggling up with the search of directories for finding the nearby service.

The app is supported by 25000 qualified professionals and has its presence in over 36 cities, where it gets appreciation from more than 5 million customers. Urban Company has gained the trust of users, with its significantly different protocols of listing the service. The company’s policies are really strict which allows only one in ten registered service providers to list their service.

All professionals undergo training modules before being allowed to list the services. When the user book for the service, the match-making algorithm of the app identifies the service provider/professionals near your areas, and checks the availability for the request time and date.

Urban Company is one of the best profit-making apps. As an entrepreneur, you may be interested in knowing, how much it costs to start a handyman app development services like Urban Company.

Here in this article, we will be discussing:

  • What is Urban Company/UrbanClap?
  • What are the prominent features of Urban Company? 
  • What are the cost-determining factors of the app?
  • What is the estimated cost of home service app development like Urban Company? 
  • How does the app make money? 

The app has become a huge hit in the tier1 cities, whereas it has given a magnificent change in the mindset of the tier 2 city crowd. Many android app development services providers have started offering similar app for grabbing the market share. This has increased the competition but relaxed the customer for the app.

Statistics of App Popularity

  • UrbanClap is used by more than 5 million users
  • The app is now more popular with a gift card for making lives more beautiful for your loved ones.
  • The app closes more than 0.45 million home service requests daily. 
  • The app gives space to more than 0.2 million service providers.
  • The company has huge names for its backing such as Ratan Tata, Stead View Capital, VY Capital, Accel Partners, and several other reputations. 

Urban Company / UrbanClap working facets

1. User-end

User app allows users to order the specific service. Customers can download the Urban Company mobile app and choose the service. After choosing a service, a pop-up is shown with several packages. And then the user is prompted for the date and time. Users can also check the profiles where they can choose payment options either online or Cash on Delivery. Users can give ratings and feedback on the service. 

2. Service Provider

Urban Company has its different panel for service providers. Here, it is worth mentioning that the service provider has to go through the training, which maintains the quality of service provided by Urban Company. If a user orders a service, the concerned service provider of the area is notified.

The service provider can reject or accept the order, though service orders are hardly rejected and not appreciated over any profile. Once the service orders are accepted, the user and service provider receives a notification. If in case, the order is canceled, they are charged a penalty. 

Prominent features of the Urban Company / UrbanClap

If you too are looking for the on-demand home services app development, or to build a clone app of Urban Company, you must know the features. You may discard or add features as per your requirements. Let’s discuss the features for its difference: 

User App

  • Login/Register

For availing of the personalized experience, a user needs to register the account on the app. Users need to register with a mobile number, email id, or social media login credentials. The user allows the app to access the social media profile of the users. 

  • Dashboard

Once login, the app shows the dashboard with the interactive options to choose from. The dashboard offers the wide range of services listed, which users can choose depending upon the requirements. 

  • User Profile

The user profile is shown to users which comprises the preferable services, service history, profile settings, added gift cards, and many more.

  • In-app wallet

Users can add cash to their wallets. Users can use this amount of their wallets to pay for the service. The transactions of the app are carried out by a third party, which is entirely secure and safe. Alongside, users can make payments using COD (Cash on Delivery), PayPal, Debit cards, Credit cards, etc. 

  • Loyalty program

Users can earn a decent amount of revenue while using the Urban Company app. This kind of revenue option is too much popular in household services app development. Users can refer the app to their known and can earn reward points. This leads to a wider reach of the app, which makes the conversion of the prospective leads. 

The search bar allows searching through the services, using an intuitive search bar. For the development of an app like Urban Company, you need to give focus on every component of the app. An interactive search bar gives users direct reach to services.  

  • Booking details

Users can avail themselves of the details of previous service orders under a single menu.

  • Review and rating

Users can give reviews and feedbacks to the service provider for accomplishing the task. Users can leave feedbacks and comments for bettering the services. The feedback not only helps the business owners to bridge the gap but also lets other users know the quality of services.

Customer App

  • Simple Registration
  • Social Media Login
  • Search Filter
  • Feedback Option
  • Quote history of services
  • Payment History for the bought services
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Data Safety and security

Vendor App

  • Login/Register

As a customer, vendors can also use login options and register their profile on the app using email, phone numbers of social media apps. 

  • Listing

The vendor can register the service for the app. They can upload the relevant service description, package, and applicable discounts to show. They can also define the location of the app. 

  • Payment details

The vendor needs to connect the app account with the relevant account details. Also, the vendor needs to enter the customer details, transaction date and transferred amount. 

  • Vendor app features

a) Quick login /registration
b) Profile analysis
c) Various plans
d) Customer feedback
e) Service updates
f) In-app cat customers
g) GPS location track

Admin App

Admin app possesses all the rights to edit, manage and view the data. Admin can check the canceled orders from the vendor and other statistics about the app activity. The main features of the admin app are: 

  • Content management
  • Vendor management 
  • Payment management
  • User management
  • Review management
  • Real-time reporting and data analytics
  • Control panel

Advantages of Admin app

  • Advance CMS and CRM system
  • Backup and restore 
  • Payment, service, and record history
  • Backend notification control
  • Access to all database
  • Map viewer
  • Plan and subscription features/cost management

Cost-deciding Factors

Key factors for determining the cost for on-demand home service app development like Urban Company:

1. App Platform

Android app has a huge market, whereas iOS has its loyal revenue-generating market. You can choose one or both for app development. App platform differentiates the cost of development.

2. Theme

There are many themes available on the internet. You must choose the theme which completely reflects the nature of your business. Choosing the appropriate UI builds compatibility for the device.

3. Content

Post-development, content marketing is a very much effective medium to grow the popularity of the app. You can add a variety of blogs, animation videos, and info graphs for marketing purposes.

4. App launch screen

Users have different devices of their choice. Your app needs to fit on every device irrespective of the platform.

5. Mobile App Development Company

Your app needs to be perfect and for the same, you need to collaborate with a reliable development partner. For household service app development, you can choose the team from Ukraine, which may come out costly, otherwise south East Asian country India has decent options for app development.

6. Advance factors

Other factors such as data synchronization, design disintegration, OTP verification, etc. increase the cost.

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Urban Company is one of the most enticing business models for entrepreneurs. It has a very simple but effective business model for monetizing the services. The app offers a win-win situation for both users and service providers.

The company also gets the appreciation for generating the daily employments for various components of the society such as tutors, fitness instructors, gardeners, electricians, house cleaners, wedding planners, and many more. The perfect matching algorithm of the app ensures the right request to the right service provider. 

Here are two revenue models associated with the app:

1. Commission

Urban Company charges no hidden cost for the app. It simply makes 85 percent of the earning through cutting the commission for providing the services. The company gets the charge of availing the market for services. 

Here, the professional service providers pay a certain amount of commission from the service cost they receive from customers. Urban Company works as a middle man and therefore it charges a decent rate of commission over the service. 

Users can find trained and reliable professional providers. The trust builds up with the strict joining policy for professionals and the rating and feedbacks given by other users. Users can read the reviews and get to know, what the quality of services being provided is. 

No, the same amount is charged over every service. Every service has its different fees. For saving the service provider from paying the excessive cost, the app charges a fixed rate. The more the work service provider does, the more the revenue is generated for both parties and the customer gets quality services. It is a matter of pure profit. 

2. Lead generation

Along with the commission charges over the services, the app also makes revenue with the help of lead generation methods. Users enquire about a particular service and the service request is forwarded to relevant providers. These service requests are called leads in business terms. Upon getting the leads from the Urban Company, Service providers are charged a specific amount.

Apart from the commission model, Urban Company also uses the Lead Generation model to generate a profit. In this model, professionals will be charged once they getting leads from Urban Company. Urban Company app demands the user to specify the special requirements. Either customer can contact the professionals directly with the help of Urban Company or professionals are provided the leads, for which professionals need to pay the app. 

Once the customer and professional agree to the service, the apps charge them a fixed amount of commission.  

Alongside, if you go for iOS app development services that too can give decent revenue for getting an appreciation, whereas android can give a large market.

Technology Stack

Applications and Data:

  • Python
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Nginx
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon EC2
  • React Native
  • Amazon Cloud Front
  • Kafka
  • Scala
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Ejabberd


  • Elasticsearch


  • Jenkins
  • Gitlab
  • Android Studio
  • Kibana
  • Grafana
  • Amazon EC2 Container Service
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancing
  • Amazon Cloud Watch
  • Logstash

Business Tools: 

  • Stack
  • Jira
  • G Suite
  • Confluence

Cost to Develop App Like UrbanClap

The cost to develop an app like UrbanClap will be around $15,000-$20,000 depends upon the number of features you want to include. The raw estimation of the app development mainly depends on mobile application development company. Though the cost rises and decreases as per the number of features and the app development platform.

The app development platform can give you an estimate for the time period of development. UrbanClap clone app development can take around 15 weeks of development. Hiring mobile app developers cannot reduce the time but can assure you of the perfect app development. Always focus on the quality of service over the price of service.

Final Words

Today, most people are engaged in mobile apps for every minor or major task. The apps like Urban Company allow folks to reach the service providers with several clicks or wipe on the smartphone screen. Many mobile application development companies are providing clone app services, but for minting the revenue or to generate a market share, it is important to focus on offering unique features.

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