Today, every business is relying on the internet and media. Social media has made the online business an easy medium for promoting and reminding customers about your prospective services. People invest overlooks always. Dressing in a particular manner and putting up for trying accessories is new common over the internet. Social media is nothing new to people and business owners have adopted this trend in the salon market with the on-demand beauty salon app development service initiative.

On-demand beauty salon apps are popular among millennials as these leverage the users to select and call any particular type of beauty service at home. People, who feel it is time-taking to step out of the home to take services, prefer on-demand apps mostly. If you are a startup and looking for on-demand beauty parlor app development services, there are many crucial points you should know about. New startups tie up with the stylists and professionals for rendering their home services and take out the commission for providing the platform. 

Such platforms are listed with the world of reliable beauty services with a vast number of features. Business owners meet out the customers whereas the customers get the appropriate service from a professional stylist. They can compare the rates and choose another stylist over the one. Mobile app development companies are looking at this market with great hope and in fact, this is a huge market to take benefit from. 

Few advanced apps also use AI and ML tools for recognizing the custom requirements and give them the option to choose a hairstyle as per their face type. Users can get attracted to this latest feature while tracking the service reaching time, customer feedback, and others. Here in this article, we will discuss the growth of such app, market response, features of on-demand Beauty parlor app development, and try to assess the on-demand salon app development cost. Also, you will understand why you should hire a mobile app developer? 

Industry Statistics

According to the statistics assessed, the global spa/beauty salon market reached more than $128.59 billion in the year 2017. The global market is expected to jump higher and rising to cross $190 billion by 2024.

The global wellness and beauty industry is rising at 5%, where the Asian market alone has minted $6.6 billion from 2016 to 2021. According to the survey for average expenses over beauty services, females generally spend around $3756 in a year for their choice of beauty services. 

With the increase in the trend of calling services at home, the increasing demand and supply chain of on-demand apps has given huge business to On-demand beauty Salon App Development Companies, makeup artists, and beauticians. The greatest role of on-demand mobile apps is creating independent contractors and freelance stylists, hairdressers, and cosmetologists. Such parties are investing enthusiastically without looking at the cost to develop a salon booking app.

Between 2018 and 2024, the global hair spa market has risen at a CAGR above 5.80%.

The market share of Beauty industry segments:

Here are some more statistics to know about the salon industry-

  • Hairdressers and cosmetologists: 656000 employments in 2014 and 10 percent growth is expected by 2024. 
  • Manicurist and pedicurist: In 2014 the figures were 113600, which are expected to grow by 10 percent by 2024. 
  • Skincare: In 2014, there were 55000 employments generated, where figures are expected to increase by 12 percent by 2024.
  • Masseur: In 2014, 168800 were employed, which were expected to grow by 22 percent by 2024. 

Mobile app development services worked yet for the salon industry has gained momentum year by year. Undoubtedly, the app market is flourishing in the salon industry where apps are now a new component of marketing.

How Does Salon App Work?

On-demand beauty salon app development has given individual hairdressers, stylists, and makeup artists a huge opportunity. It has become the source of employment in the private service areas and therefore, there is a strong expectation from the on-demand industry. The beauty salon industry is on rising and here are some prominent stats relevant to growth and employments generated by the salon industry. Salon appointment app development has become a new necessity for availing services. 

When a user downloads a salon app, he/she can book any of the stylists available on the app. Users can also search for the beautician or stylist of their choice by entering their name in the search bar. Once their booking gets confirmed, they can choose a time & date as per their convenience, if it is available. Users can look at the mentioned services and can pick among them. In short, the main motive of on-demand salon apps is to enable users to get beauty services and treatments by sitting at home as per their flexibility.  

Why Beauty Salon App is a Great Investment?

Building a complete online solution as an alternative to a beauty parlor and pushing it with many features, helps in increasing the sale. Mobile App development companies approach salon owners and offer them salon app development services. It is good to know that there is so much demand for online salon app development. 

These apps can also be a good platform for the community to grow and offer services; therefore it is high in trend by beauty salon app development companies. There can be competition in the market, but the user also gets the right to seek the best service providers using reliable salon app services. The cost to develop a salon booking app has become irrelevant due to huge support for the app. 

Why Beauty Salon App is a Great Investment

There are many reasons why an on-demand beauty salon app development can be a success for local salons.

1. Easy Schedule and Appointments

Customers can search for the service and book appointments over the app. You can find the salon, along with the choice of date and time. You can talk to the salon or a stylist to get the appointment scheduled

2. Explore the Nearest Salon

The nearest salon can be found over the app and primarily all the salons which are authentic are registered within the app. Customers can find salons wherever they stay and find from the list of top-rated salons for leveraging the best service with great rates. 

3. Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are made available to the application for leveraging the smooth transaction. The payments can be made whilst booking or later using the app. The customer can get the most secure way of payments and check the rates over other places. 

4. Client and Customer Management

It is easier to manage the clients and retrieving the information through the app. Clients add informative details to their profiles. Service providers can keep their records maintained with the invoice summary and earlier booking by customers. Huge salon brands opt to hire mobile app developers to build dedicated apps.

5. Management of Employees

Employee management involves the maintenance of records related to the details of employees, their previous work, and performance records. It also lets you record the leaves of employees and comes out in handy when there is more than one store. Employees are managed salon-wise and it can give help while shuffling the staff and it is a strong reason for salon appointment app development. 

6. Attract Customers

With an online app, your market is not just limited to local. Instead, you can expand the business over the states and let tourists know, the best of your services. The targeted audiences can contact you via the app and might give online registration under the application. 

7. Reviews

Let people know the quality of services you are offering and how you make difference. If there are some negative reviews, you can answer them and work over them for the betterment of the quality. Ratings and testimonials are best to know about the services and it works as an organic marketing tool for increasing the customer base.

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Types of Beauty Salon Apps You Must Look Upon in 2021

No one size fits all. There are different types of salons available, where one can get customized services. For building a salon app or for choosing among salon app development services, it is required to know the types of salon apps. Here is a list of different types of salons: 

1. Booth Rental Hair Salon App

It is an amazing hair salon app type, where the stylist rent out the station or space for providing salon services to clients. It can increase the customer base and can give a boss feel to individual stylists. 

2. Salon and Spa App

Salon and spa is the upscale service provider where is a long list of services available. These are best for clients who need extra pampering. 

3. Commission-based Salon App

Here the standard pay of the salon is decided by commission or per hour services. The standard commission is sometimes pushed by product selling. 

4. Specialty Salon App

These salons operate over some specific services. If one wants to have a particular service only, he can find a stylist specialized here. 

5. Boutique Salon App

The boutique salon is not just limited to nail, hair, and skincare services. This salon provides retail items too such as a handbag, jewelry, clothes, and many more. The salon is set up as a retail store cum barbershop. 

6. Retail Outlet Hair Salon App

These are generally Supercuts and hair clips salons, where the major service is related to haircuts. These are franchise outlets where setup demands royalty services. 

7. In-home Salon App

Home salons are set up inside homes by specialists who have cosmetologists’ license.

8. Upscale Hair Salon App

These are high-end salons, where the services are offered at a higher cost. These are managed with huge capital and generate employment for expert professionals. These stores are best to approach because they need high-end clients and care less about on-demand salon app development costs.

9. Mobile Salon App

Mobile salons are individual stylists who offer services at their end. The stylist may carry the salon station in a vehicle or may carry the service apparel to home for providing haircut and salon service. 

Salon App Development Services

Business Models for On-Demand Salon App 

Here, we would discuss the available business models for on-demand beauty salon app that help them with the vast monetization opportunities, planning market strategies, and so on.  

A) Dedicated App

Businesses can get dedicated apps via having iOS or Android app development services which are made for promoting the local brand or salon. Users can expand their market locally or out of town. These Android & iOS app development services can provide potential clients through the online presence. If an inquiry comes, it is directly routed to the spa customer desk for scheduling the appointment. The salon can allocate professionals for providing the service extension. Such on-demand salon app development cost is low. 

B) Aggregator Service App

Aggregator app is built by beauty salon app development companies and offers services to customers which can be captured by any local salon owner. Here all the salons are listed with the number of services they provide. Customers can open the app and check for makeup artists, beauticians, hairstylists, and other services. These apps partner with salon owners in all the working localities where there is demand for salon appointment app development. The revenue for the app is generated with the commission over transactions. 

On-demand Beauty Salon App Features

The on-demand app beauty parlor app development team completes the application for different phases. The on-demand app is used by multiple parties, including owners, customers, individual stylists, and admin. The stylist needs to integrate the features for all parties involved. This way all users can interact with the app in a better way.

Here, let’s discuss what are the features you need to look upon for your on demand app:

User Panel Features

The user panel is given the most attention and it is designed first in any beauty parlor app development project. The end-users see the user panel and it is the way to attract them to the app. An interactive user panel gives success to the app, by making it usable and engaging for the market.

Here are few features associated with any user panel development: 

  • Register

User can register for the app and give the details for their profile.

  • Choose service

User can choose their desired salon and can take services they want to avail. They can only pick services that are listed by salon owners within the app. 

  • View Profile

Once the user selects the salon or any individual beautician, he can view their profile including all the services they deliver, contact details, service prices, ratings & reviews, and others.

  • Appointment

Users can send requests to selected parties and book the appointment after communicating with the owner or service provider, which is why salon app development services are actually focused. 

  • Payment Gateway Integration

Users can pay securely through the payment gateway integrated into the app. The salon owner can take payment through Net banking, Debit card or Credit card, or any wallet if preferred.

  • Review

Users can give reviews on the quality of service. User is free to give positive and negative both type of feedback which stays there to be viewed by other users.

  • Check Previous Schedules

The user can check the previous services taken over the app and schedule the future date. 

  • View the Subscription Packages

For promotional packages, a user can view the packages for different services. Users can book a service with a single click. Every salon starts offer and gives customers a great discount every now and then.

  • Chat

The user can discuss to the stylist about any specific issue or the problem they have.  

Owner Panel Features

Salon App Owner Panel

Service providers or salon owners are an important part of the app. An app must be satisfactory to the salon owners and all the terms must be clear. An on-demand salon app includes features for owners, which make it easier to confirm orders, make promotions, and launch offers. 

  • Register

It stays similar to the user panel, where the owner can register the salon and its services over the salon appointment app.

  • Manage Catalog

Salon owners need to upload the details of the service they provide. 

  • View User Request

The salon owner can handle the request directly from the app. They can confirm or decline the request. The owner can also assign any nearest salon for request from a particular area.

  • Manage Your Services

Owners can increase or decrease the services depending upon the requirement of users and the unavailability of stylists. 

  • Appoint the Professional

Under this app, the salon can check for the appointments and schedule an appointment with a stylist. The owner can assign the request. 

  • Service History

Salon owners are also able to keep track of their delivered services including the date, price, and customer’s name.  

  • Offers and Rewards

Owners can market their services with the offers run over the app. Users can get discounts and owners can give rewards upon availing of the service. 

Admin Panel Features

Any Top-notch Cross-platform app Development Company builds apps that have an admin panel with catchy features which give complete control over the application. Admin can work over the backend of the application for managing salon profiles and user requests. All the information stored over the app can be seen by the admin.

  • User/Salon/Stylist Management

All parties partnered with the app can be viewed and managed by the admin. If an admin finds any infringement over the profile. He can send a request to correct the information or remove the information. 

  • Approve/Disapprove Registration

Admin can reject or accept the registration of salon or stylist depending upon the authenticity. 

  • Payment Management

For the aggregator app, the app owner charges some part of the commission. The payment information and transaction issues are managed by the admin. If any discrepancy occurs, the app admin is responsible to sort this out. 

  • Monetization

The banners, advertisement, and promotional content are monitored by the admin. 

Other than these, there are many features associated with each panel, in which some are real USPs to attract the client and make the app unique. An app is recognized by the crowd of salons and stylists, it is associated with.

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Advanced Features

Every app needs to have some unique features for building a strong entrance in the market. A user can view the app but he gets engaged with the app if it contains all the quality service and quick response. Estimating the number of features is hard, but there are some advanced features that can’t be ignored in an on-demand app development solution.

Let’s take a look at some cool features: 

  • Live Styling and AI

New apps need to have some prevalent AI features. With the AI you can keep the app interactive and bring life to the app. With the live-facing feature, users can try some hairstyles over his/face and get new apprehensions about the different looks.

  • Make an Alert for Availability

Users can make alerts for a particular stylist, whenever he or she is free. If the stylist is not available, then the user doesn’t need to waste time over searching. Users can track some salons in the area for setting the reminder and utilize the time over some important stuff. Also, professionals can take their time to avail the service by toggling availability on or off.

  • Dashboard Management

The dashboard is helpful to manage all the operations such as all the bookings that are made by customers, slot availability, payment transactions, visitor’s details, history, products tracking, and many others. 

  • Social Media

The on-demand app can be shared over social media through reviews. Users love to share feedback; they can share time with their stylists and upload that over social media.

  • Boutique Salon

You can convert your salon to a boutique salon and explore some selling features. Users can view the products and order them just like an eCommerce app. 

  • Push Notification

Users can get updates for different hair care tips, skincare remedies, and other remedies. Salon owners get the update and notifications for payment, scheduling, and customer request. 

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Technology Stack

There are many advanced features that can be updated to make the on-demand app development solution successful. The cutting-edge technology lets us do whatever we wish to. Next, let’s know about the technology stack behind the app. 

For delivering the best, you may not know the technology list. But what you can do is to hire Android app developer or hire iOS app developer for building the best app of the time. 

Push Notifications: APNS
SMS or Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo
Data Management: Datastax
Payment: PayPal
OS: Debian, Ubuntu
Database: MongoDB, Cassandra
Cloud: AWS, Google
Real-time Analytics: Hadoop, Big data, IBM

Such advanced technologies make the application unique and interesting if your app idea is unique. You need to research the market and understand, what is not included in other apps. 

Cost To Develop On-demand Beauty Salon App

The final price of any app depends on the size, functionality, and rates of the app components. The rates of developers working over the app also make difference. We can obviously analyze quickly, what could be the reliable estimate for the on-demand salon app. Therefore, a basic on-demand beauty salon app development costs will be around $10,000 to $25,000, and for an app with advanced features may range over $25,000.

An app with some ML and AI features can cost higher, depending upon the cost of developers and the number of features. Also, the choice of technology affects the beauty salon app development cost. If you choose salon iOS app development, the integration of the native features can cost higher. 


Due to the highest demand for beauty salon apps, business owners are in constant search of a top-notch mobile app Development Company to get advantageous mobility solutions. They also hire a salon app developer to have a convenient salon app for better reach to the users and solve various issues of customers. Having a beauty salon app for your business is an amazing idea for faster growth and with the help of the right firm, you can get proper guidance.

In this article, we have described salon app development cost estimation along with the essential features for different panels. Including all these, the actual cost can go higher with the associated marketing. Hire the best developers to save from real-world problems. An app built rightly can go smoothly to success.

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