Online dating is not new. Many people in the world prefer finding partners over these online dating apps, especially the millennials. They find it really interesting to meet new people on these dating apps and then go on dates. The market for these online apps like Tinder is booming, and now there are several dating apps like Bumble, Happn, OkCupid, etc., in the market. This increased demand has paved way for online dating app development, and this is a business idea for those planning to invest in such an on-demand app development solution.

If you also have a keen interest to capitalize in this sector and want to know how to create a dating app, you must get through these below-mentioned details including a dating app overview, market growth, features, benefits, monetization model, development process, and involved cost. Keep Scrolling-

Overview of Dating Application

Overview of Dating Application

A dating app is being used by a large number of people to find a suitable match including their preferences about distance, age, height, profession, interests, etc. Isn’t it amazing to search matches online conveniently while sitting at home just by looking at their profile? People join dating apps for different purposes, some are there for casual dating, hookups, serious relationships, and others.

If you want to develop an app like Tinder, get to know it’s working here. The app provides sign-up and sign-in options for users. Users who already have the app can sign into the app and those who have downloaded it can register into the app. They must enter their information such as name, contact number, email, etc. to sign up. After that, they can create an app profile including their interests and choices. Swipe right and left, both the options are given to users so that they can like or dislike a person’s profile. If they swipe their profile right, it means they have liked them, and a swipe left means they have rejected their profile.

To get a suitable partner, one needs to match all their preferences with the other person. The more parameters they match, the more suitable they will be for you. Some dating apps offer to fill in massive forms to ensure finding you a better match or this can be done by applying filters as well.

Market Insights and Growth of Dating Mobile Apps

According to the data shared by, in the year 2021, the global market share for online dating apps has increased to $3.33 billion from $3.08 billion, which was in 2020. Also, this global market is expected to escalate to $5.71 billion by the year 2025, which is nearly 65% from today. By looking at the benefits, businesses have started to show their interest in knowing how to create dating apps like tinder as investing in a good dating mobile app solution can be a wonderful opportunity. The market size for these apps is great. These apps are quite high revenue generating. Since dating apps like Bumble and Tinder attracts a lot of users, they are great for generating revenue. Also, these apps are a colossal hit among Gen Z and Gen Y.

Out of all the dating apps available in the market, Tinder is the most popular with the maximum market capture all over the world, especially in North America and Europe. However, Bumble, POF,, and OkCupid are some of its biggest competitors. Here is a graph depicting some of the most popular online dating apps based on the number of users they have.

Now that you have decided, there are a few things you must know. Dating app development is difficult. There are nearly 8000 dating apps, and not all of them are a success. There is a lot that goes behind, even before the mobile app development process begins. Let us have a look at them.

Types of Dating Apps

Before getting to know about how to develop a dating app, it would be better to understand what types of apps already exist in the market. Every app is different, and it is always better to know who your competitors are. But even before finding the competitors, know your niche. There are multiple types of dating apps that are there, and you will not have to compete with all of them.

To make things clearer, here are a few types you can opt for.

1. Geographic Proximity Dating App

If you have an idea for your app that works on the principle of finding matches based on the geographical location or people who are closed by, your app falls under this category. By utilizing the navigation services, users can easily find the people nearby and can send interests. Happn, a popular dating app, works like this. It shows the profile of people who crossed paths and will suggest the nearby profiles to users. There are tremendous competition here as most popular apps like Happn, Tinder, and OkCupid work in the same manner.

2. Concept-Based Dating Apps

Many dating apps are based on a specific concept. Though there are very few of them in the market, but the trend and demand for these apps are increasing. Targeting a specific niche will make your way easier, as you will know whom to target. Apps like these work on connecting people with common interests. There is an app called DateMyPet which allows people with a common interest in pets to meet and talk.

3. Algorithm-Based Dating Apps

This is another way how you could proceed with the mobile app development solution for your dating app. These algorithm-based apps find the best match for users after searching thousands of profiles stored in their database These algorithms are simply based on finding something common like common interest, maybe location, number of likes, attractiveness score, etc. Users love using such types of dating apps as finding a perfect match here is still easier.

Top Dating Apps to Help You Find Your Match!

Looking for tips on how to make a dating app? It is easy to develop a dating app when you look at existing successful apps for reference. Several such apps have got popularity worldwide with a large user base. Get to know about them below:

  • Tinder

Tinder app logo

Till now, Tinder has maintained its craze among users, and it seems to increase with time while not having any chance to be dethroned. This app is getting highly popular because of its amazing features such as easy-to-use, swiping left or right, in-app messaging & video calls, etc. with an in-app gamified experience. Users can get the app’s access by signing up for it and creating a profile including their personal details and partner’s preferences. It has both free and paid features for users along with suggesting potential matches. Users have the option to upgrade the app with a Plus or Gold membership to use advanced functions of the app.  

  • Bumble

Bumble app logo

Bumble is the second largest dating mobile app after Tinder. It has all the similar features like Tinder but the only difference between both is that it lets the woman initiates first. With Bumble, male users can’t send a message first to a female user. The first message will be commenced by the female user only. Bumble asks users for their details such as image, name, age, etc. along with their preferences for partners if they are looking for a date, a friend, or just a network. This app also has gender options for users including male, female, LGBTQ, etc. 

  • Grindr

Grindr app logo

Dating app like Grindr was mainly launched for bisexual or gay men to help them find a suitable match based on their location freely. It was created in 2009 and since then, it has gained quite an impressive user base worldwide. While thinking about how to build a dating app, you must go with a unique idea and Grindr is a perfect example of it. Here users can chat or meet up with other people who have the same interests. It is popularly known for its modern initiative to help the LGBT community to get their perfect match.    

  • Her

Her app logo

Join the most loved and secure app that helps the LGBTQ community in searching for suitable matches for hanging out, long-lasting relationships, and hookups. It provides all its core features free of cost. We can call it a geosocial networking app mostly pitched towards female-identified, non-binary-gendered, transgender, or queer people. Her app currently has 4.5 million registered users.  

  • Match

Match app logo

If you want to create your own dating app like Tinder, go for ‘Match’. This Tinder-like app will help you find your match by showing you one profile at a time so that you can choose or skip them. Match provides more information about a person in comparison to Tinder. When it comes to dating like an adult, right from matching to meeting the person in real, the ‘Match’ app is the most suitable option to go for.   

  • Hily

Hily app logo

Hily is a free-to-use app with the purpose of helping people to find their love in nearby places or beyond the boundaries of their country. Here users can start casual dating or can be in a serious relationship with someone compatible. The Hily app uses machine learning technology to find potential matches for app users. The app helps people by enabling them to browse short user videos instead of swiping the profiles like Tinder.

Benefits Offered by Dating Mobile Applications

Every business focuses on linked benefits or advantages before stepping into any sector. Talking about the same, there are numerous benefits included with dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Match, etc. Business owners who are looking for how to make a dating app can have a look at these benefits before investing in dating app development. They are:

1. Large Base of Audiences

People are always in search of a suitable app that can help them to find an appropriate partner according to their tendencies. Hence, they prefer to use feature-rich dating mobile apps. This way, businesses can have an extensive base of users if they provide them with the platform they want.       

2. High Revenue and Profit

There are various ways through which businesses can maximize their profile and revenue. Effective monetization techniques can be applied to dating apps to earn money. On the other hand, the dating app market is also having exponential growth and there is expected to reach its global revenue of $5.71 billion by 2025.

3. Safety and Protection

Nowadays, people are mainly concerned about their data safety and security. With the help of modern-edge technologies, businesses can provide utmost security and protection to their users. It will give users a reason to join your application.

4. Promising Sector

Businesses are never going to regret investing in dating apps as this sector is one of the lucrative domains. Seeing the popularity and earned profits worldwide, enterprises are not wrong if they are planning how to create a dating app.

Features To Include in A Dating App

The success of an app majorly depends on its feature, and hence, it is very important to integrate everything that a user may need while using your app. Talking about dating mobile app development, two panels need to be created: one for the users and another one for the admin. Let us see the features that one must include in each panel:

User Panel

You must hire mobile app developers who have sufficient knowledge of developing dating app solutions as they can help you to get the required feature to make the app successful and attract a large base of audiences. Get to know below about these features-

  • Easy Sign-Up or Register

No users like to fill in the details to get registered within the app. hence, this feature helps them to sign-up for the app via any other social media account. It makes the registration process easy and a lot simple. The form-filling process is also skipped as the app retrieves the data from the added other social media account.

  • Profile Management & Editing

Users have all the access and rights to their profiles. They can add information to their account as they want, and it will be visible to their connections. They can also add pictures as they want. It includes a lot of things such as the list of friends, age, location, distance, interests, and a short bio.

  • Adding Interests

Users can add their interests to the app profile so that they can find a partner with the same interest. Other users will approach you if they find your interests comfortable or suitable as per their preferences.

  • Social Media Integration

Despite the time of app registration, you can also add your other social media accounts to your profile so that it will be easy for your connections to find out about you on other platforms as well.

  • Geolocation

Geolocation is one of the essential features that impact the cost to make a dating app. Users can add their location to find out their nearby person that is available in less than a Kilometre area. You can also see the location of other users added to their profiles.

  • Swipe The Match

Dating apps like Tinder comprises this feature, in which users can right swipe the person’s profile they like or find interesting. If they don’t like any person, they can swipe left their profile so that they will not show in your suggestions. It makes the dating process fascinating.

  • Respond to Requests

Like you swipe someone’s profile right, someone can also right-swipe your profile. You will get notified about it, now accepting their request will depend on you completely. You can accept or reject their requests according to your interest.

  • In-App Messages

It is one of the factors that affect dating app development costs. After getting matched with each other, they can message to know each other better. They can exchange information about their likes and dislikes, and send emojis, stickers, & GIFs to make the chat exciting profoundly. They can also change the chat theme if they want.

  • In-App Call

If you are not a chat person, then this feature is for you. Users can have a call with the other person without sharing their numbers as it will be an in-app call. With the other person’s consent and availability, you can have this online call without paying anything.

  • User Blocking

If anyone in your connection list on the app is bothering you by doing anything unwanted such as sending messages whether you like it or not, inappropriate comments, etc. you have the option to block the user immediately.

  • Real-Time Notifications

This feature is about sending the alert or notifying the users about any new connection or match on their profile, they got swipe right or message, someone has liked any of their pic on the newsfeed, etc.

Admin Panel

Be attentive while integrating features into the admin panel of an online dating app. These features can be anything but keep them unique and innovative that can be helpful to manage the app properly- 

  • User Management

Admin can add, edit, or delete any user on the app. Photos uploaded by the users can be also accessed by the admin and he/she can choose what kind of photos should be posted or what not. Admin can also view all the app users.

  • Swipe Management

Admin has all the rights to manage the swipe action that includes adding, editing, or removing this action. It is a must-have feature to create an app like Tinder.

  • Subscription Management

The entire revenue chart will be managed by the admin. He will also own the list of all the paid subscribers of the app. It is related to the procedure of managing the customers only who have app subscriptions.

  • User Reports

Admin can view and edit the user reports. It involves a huge collection of information and operational data that help in improving decision-making.

  • Authentication

This feature includes the login, register, and log-out process done by the users. Admin also does a verification process here to verify the new users so that they can prevent any kind of fraudsters and spammers.

  • Chat Support

Here admin provides chat support to users in case they are having any issues or problems related to the app.

  • Push Notification

What kind of notifications and emails will be sent to the app users, is decided by the admin. He manages this entire process of providing updates to users.

Advanced Features

Now that we have seen the features to include in the panels, here are a few advanced features that one must plan to include in your dating app for an enhanced user experience.

  • GPS Integration

GPS integration is one of the key features to include in your dating app. Apps like Bumble and Tinder work on the principle of finding nearby matches and to implement this, GPS integration is a must-have.

  • Security

Creating a secure app is the biggest challenge. But to gain users’ attention and confidence, this feature is very important. If your app does not offer utmost security, users might not want to use it, resulting in the loss of both time and money. Although, it will increase the cost to build a dating app, but it is totally worth it.

  • Advanced Filters

Giving options for users to find profiles based on the various filters is a great option. This way they can easily eliminate the profiles they are not much interested in.

  • Chat only with a Match

This is a prominent feature to offer, as users can only chat or call their match. A person who is not a match cannot start a discussion with them. Many apps allow only girls to start a conversation.

  • In-App Video Call

Once users get comfortable with their match, they can chat with them or even make a video call via the apps to have a better understanding of each other.

  • Push Notifications

A common but important feature to offer. This way it will notify users using the app with everything like nearby matches, crush, interest accepted or declined, and many more.

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How Do Apps like Tinder Make Money?

“How to build an app like Tinder?” is the most important question as it determines the mobile app development cost including what you plan to integrate, and hence, having a proper monetization strategy will help you keep your app up and running in the long run. Once you are sure of the type of dating app you want to get developed, the next step is to understand how you will make money from such apps.

First, decide how you want to launch your app on the app store. You can either make your app free or paid to download it. Asking money from the user while downloading the app has its own advantage and disadvantage. You may get enough money at the beginning itself, but there are high chances that users may not want to download the app at all as there are many free apps available. Another way of launching your app is by making it free to download and then asking for money for the premium features.

Also, if you have decided to launch your app for free, here are a few ways how to make money from the free apps:

1. Advertisements

This is one of the most common ways how free apps make money. You can advertise your other products or even promote relevant products of other companies and ask for money from them. Many apps also sell their white space and show ads on other websites. There are various types of advertisements like video, display ads, etc. which you may go for.

2. Premium Features

As discussed above, you can make the app download free and allow users to access some basic features. But if they want to access premium features like in-app calling or chat, you can charge them.

3. In-app Purchases

Another popular strategy for making money is in-app purchases. Many gaming apps do so. Users have to pay for extra lives or even extra coins there. Similarly, you can ask your dating app developers to integrate this feature were for extra swipes or even to chat they have to buy extra points. A popular app, Happn, makes money this way.

4. Selling Merchandise

You can simply integrate various eCommerce stores like the ones selling gifts, chocolates, flowers, etc. so that users can easily send gifts if they want. This is a great way for earning money.

Considerable Aspects to have Better Dating App Functionality

The app functionality is the most considerable thing while discussing Tinder like app development cost. A dating app must be supportable to human collaboration and should cater to the specific needs of the app users.

Dating App Functionality

The addition of particular features and concepts ensures that the app is producing desirable results. Get to know about them here:

  • Start with the App’s Introduction

It would be great to introduce the app’s functionality to the users in the first place. Almost every popular dating app is aware of the importance of the first impression of the app on the users’ minds. Therefore, they lead users to the app’s main functionality and describe the proper functioning of the app. If your dating app has got any X factor or something more attractive than other apps, then users will like it at first sight. Businesses can use attractive and advanced app features to steal the attention of audiences here.

  • The App’s Algorithms

Businesses must pay attention to the app’s algorithms while initiating how to create an online dating app. Match and its accuracy are two main aspects of a dating app. The level of these two aspects determines how long a user will stay on your app. The first aspect ‘match’ is supposed to find a suitable partner for people and there can be used other techniques as well. These techniques include-

  • Chosen Location

If you get succeed to find a suitable partner in your nearby location, nothing can be better than this. Thus, these dating apps are likely to integrate GPS elements with their matching algorithms. This algorithm works by suggesting to users a list of suitable matches who live nearby along with their information. Now, it depends on you who you like and wants to talk to. If the algorithm is working right, you will get more people within your preferred location, not from other countries.

  • Matching Algorithm Based on the Behaviour

Integration of this advanced algorithm may enhance your pre-determined cost to develop an app like Tinder, but it will be worth taking a chance. This algorithm comes into the role when a user enters incorrect data about themselves. Behavior-based matching algorithms are more complex as they work with data collected from separate sources including social media profiles, groups, music apps, etc.   

  • Applying Mathematical Algorithm

Mathematical algorithms tend to link app users based on their interests and similarities. To know these similarities, users are given a questionnaire to answer. This algorithm works on how much compatible the given answers are. If we take an instance of the OkCupid app, the compatibility rate is defined by not only looking at the answers but also how significant the question is and how you want someone else to answer it.

  • Advanced Matching Approaches

All the technologies such as AI, ML, AR, VR, etc. have a huge impact on the growth of dating apps. Among all, only machine learning technology can be used by dating apps. Popular apps such as Amazon and Netflix also use it for personalized recommendations. All the data present in social media channels are being identified, wrapped, and organized thoroughly that ensure not only perfect matches but also accurate predictions. AI supports aspects like GPS, facial recognition, and biological data to accelerate the matching algorithms and link people differently.

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Tips to Choose A Dating App Structure?

Are you thinking about how to create a dating app? Then, it is essential to get an understanding of considerable things and elements helpful for building a dating app structure. Let’s read it out-

1. Pay Attention to a Captivating Name 

The name of a dating app is the first thing a user will get attracted to. It should be unique, attractive, and catchy enough to grab the audience’s consideration. After hearing the name, it should remain in people’s minds for a long time. Keep it short and appropriate so that users can remember it forever.   

2. Who are Your Target Audiences?

Determining the target audiences will help you in so many ways. After that, you can think of how to create a dating app that can meet and cater to the requirements of your targeted audiences. It will help you to choose the features required to add to the app. Not only features, but you can also determine other aspects if you have determined audience base, a particular region, and all of that.

3. Get an Attractive UI/UX Design

If the dating app is easy-to-use, to navigate, and provides users with an amazing experience, then they will definitely admire it and use it for a long time. Hence, it is significant for an app to have an interactive and responsive user interface with an appropriate UX. Make sure the dating app has bright colors, good graphic elements, etc., but try not to make all the things complicated for users.

4. Have an Effective Marketing Plan

Now, when you are aware of how to build a dating app, you should also know about the importance of app marketing and promotion. Brand promotion should be done by applying effective market strategies and campaigns so that a large segment of people can get to know about your dating app. You must consider all the things such as user engagement, profit, users’ loyalty, etc. while forming a marketing plan. The plan can include these below things:

  • Create a buzz or brand awareness among users via social media accounts or campaigns
  • Go for paid promotion at the initial level to boost the user engagement
  • Always consider the market and SEO optimization of the App Store and Google Play Store
  • Write some catchy content for social media profiles to grab the attention

Technology Stack

Using the right technology stack is important, as it will determine how your app will perform after the launch. If you are wondering how to make a dating app, this section will clear your doubts. Now based on your app requirements and the dating app development company you choose; the technology stack will differ. However, most dating site developers rely on the below-appended technology stack to create scalable and robust applications for all types of platforms.

  • Android app development: Kotlin, Java
  • iOS app development: Swift, Objective-C
  • Database: Cassandra and MongoDB
  • Cloud Storage: AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • Web Servers: Nginx
  • Payment Integration: PayPal, eWallets, Stripe, Netbanking
  • Video Call API: Twilio
  • Backend Panel: MySQL, PHP

How to Create a Dating App like Tinder: Step-by-Step Process

Dating App Development Process

If you have a unique idea that can be turned into reality, then you must follow a proper development solution to build a scalable dating mobile app. The development process highly affects the dating app development cost; thus, it should be well-observed and followed properly. Keep in mind the below-mentioned development process to create a feature-rich dating app.

Step 1: Market Analysis & Research

In-depth research and analysis of the related market, niche, and targeted audiences is necessary as it allows businesses to have better ideas for mobile app development. This stage is essential while making decisions about alleviating the pain points, depending on that you can successfully develop a robust product. All the gathered information will also you to know how much does dating app development cost.

Step 2: Responsive UI/UX App Design

A well-thought-out, easy-to-use, and responsive interface guarantee the attention of customers for the long term. It must function in a way that users can get comfortable with the app navigation while using the app while having an amazing experience. This way you can engage the masses with your application.

Step 3: App Development Phase

This stage includes the code programming comprising the development of architecture and functionality of the dating mobile application as per the business requirements. For a dating app, you must integrate high-end app security, verification processes,  and data protection to boost the customers’ trust in your offered services.

Step 4: QA Testing

The next stage of the dating app development process is to examine or test the product internally based on different parameters such as performance, speed, etc. All the occurred bugs will be fixed in the given time and before the app goes live for the targeted audiences. Going for advanced testing can make a high impact on the cost of developing a tinder-like app but if needed, you must go for advanced testing tools.

Step 5: App Release

In the last phase, the app is ready to launch on the selected platforms after going through all the testing processes and getting approval. To promote the app, you must conduct an effective marketing campaign and social media strategies to get user acquisition.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Dating App like Tinder?

It is the most asked question by entrepreneurs, “How much does it cost to create an app like Bumble and Tinder”? The app development cost is not as simple to calculate as it depends upon multiple factors that can cause the fluctuation up or down. Below are some of the factors to consider:

  • App Type & Development Platform
  • Size of the App
  • App Features & Functionality
  • Location and Experience of the Company
  • Team Size & Technology Stack
  • Time Taken in App Development

Therefore, based on the above factors, cost to develop a dating app like Tinder will be around $10,000 to $25,000 with core features. On the other hand, if you want a custom dating app solution with multiple features and advanced technologies, then it would cost you higher in comparison to a simple app. It depends on your business requirements and what you prefer to include in the dating app, be it about features, technologies, platform, team members, or anything.

Wrapping Up

Online dating is quite popular among the crowd these days, especially after this pandemic. Most people are active on such dating apps either looking for a meaningful conversation or relationship. Investing in such on-demand app development solutions that are in trend is a great way of earning money via mobile apps. But all you need to take care of is the type of app and the features that you plan to integrate.

Choosing the right dating app development company and dating site developers is vital for the success of your app. Though there are a few challenges, like security and trust, that this market has, but the demand for these apps is continually increasing. If you can overcome these challenges, you are on the right track to getting a revenue-generating app developed.


Before getting a scalable and robust dating mobile app to get a competitive edge in the market, you must go through the below questionnaire to get appropriate knowledge.

  1. How to Create a Dating App?

    To develop a dating app, businesses must go through proper market research and competitor analysis to know about their strengths and weaknesses. Their chosen dating app development company can help them in the R & D process to determine the algorithms and must-added features into the application.

    After that, they must focus on UI/UX design and app prototypes for easy app navigation. Then, they should program the app functions and must implement the features. There will be proper testing of these functions after the development process. If there are bugs, then they will be fixed before the app launch. And, if you get satisfactory QA results, just release the app.

  2. What features should be included in a dating app?

    Some core features are most considerable for a dating app while keeping the dating app development cost within budget. They are:

    • Profile creation
    • Swipe left/right
    • Geolocation
    • Uploading image
    • Age group match
    • Chat or call option
    • In-app games
    • Push notifications

  3. How do Dating Apps Make Money?

    There are several ways through which dating applications can earn huge profits and revenue. It consists of:

    • Paid subscription
    • Freemium
    • In-app advertising
    • In-app purchases
    • App membership

  4. How Much Does It Cost to Create a Dating App?

    The average cost of creating an app relies mainly on the app development process and included functionality. Including this, mobile app development company, UI/UX design, consumed time in development, testing tools, third-party APIs, features, etc. Based on these aspects, the overall cost can go up or down according to your requirements.

  5. What Programming Language Do Dating Apps Use?

    To deliver a feature-rich & competitive dating app, there must be used a blend of core and advanced technologies such as Swift, Java, Python, jQuery, React, Kotlin, MongoDB, MySQL, etc. With these languages, it will be easy for development companies to create a custom dating app.

  6. How Long Does It Take to Build a Dating App?

    Dating app development needs proper time as the process requires taking care of various things. If you want to develop a dating app from scratch, then, it will take around 8 to 12 months to build. And, if you are choosing a custom dating app, it will take around 6 to 8 months for the customization as per your requirements.

Build an app like Tinder
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