Python is one of the most used and popular programming languages in the world, the only ones that surpass it are Java Script and C. This language is more than a tool used for software development, it has many benefits throughout your business’ needs long after the development process is completed. Python is used in everyday processes like analytics, machine learning, and design.

Companies prefer to hire Python developers to utilize the benefits of its versatile programming, straightforward syntax, simplicity of use, and support community. In between accentuated supported community and relevance to the current development, Python cements its place.

However, the article that steers many organizations to use Python to customize their software needs is the cost to use python app development services that can be more user-friendly.  Developing a web application with Python can be costly, however, once the app is completed, the investment appears to be beneficially sound. In this segment, we will review the factors that make up the cost to develop a python web app the overall cost to develop a Python web application, and the crucial points to consider while determining the development cost.

Before we dive into the development cost of Python let’s review what Python is and the benefits it will bring to your organization.

What is Python?

Python is a high-level programming language that was developed by Guido Van Russom in 1991. He created this language to be object-oriented with built-in data structures which makes it much easier for many web development services to customize for your particular requests. 

Python is designed to be simple and easy to learn, minimizes maintenance costs. It supports packages and modules that reassure code reuse and program modularity. 

Benefits of Developing with Python

Python is known for its simplicity and is one of the most accessible languages offered by developers. Because of Python’s uncomplicated nature, it holds more of a resemblance to natural languages. Its simple learning curve allows python developers to easily write, update and execute code faster than other languages. 

Now, let’s review the benefits of the Python language:

1. The Support of Third-Party Modules

There are many modules Python has been adapted to work well with, this ensures the language is able to adapt and interact with the other platforms and languages in their data pool.

2. Open-Source Programming Language

Open-source language is used to define one that is written in compliance with the open-source protocol. Being an open-source license, it allows almost any python development company to access the language. 

The language is not barred to one company, it can be built upon and modified by almost anyone by being open to the public. This licensing gives it the capability to be shared and used across various platforms for different purposes.

3. Python Supports Automation

Having so many different third-party modules in their pool, Python can easily automate tasks. This language offers functional coding that minimizes complications which saves both time and effort for the python app development company.

This not only simplifies the work of the developer but also allows you to easily implement tedious tasks without breaking a sweat. The automation feature can boost your organization’s personal productivity and ultimately your revenue.

4. Dedicated Python Developers

If you need a service complete, there are a lot of Python developers who can debug or provide updates quickly. Businesses go for Python web development services because implementing changes and modifications within the code is easier due to its simple nature. 

5. Increase in Productivity

Since Python has an object-oriented design, includes a unit testing framework, and expediates process control capabilities, it is known to be extremely useful to both developers and users alike. It is capable of handling more complex multi-protocol applications and its third-party capabilities allow it to be connected to almost any database for various functions and purposes.

6. Multiple Use Flexible Purposes

One of the main reasons why Python web app development is so popular is because it is not complex and not limited to certain types of system requirements. You can utilize the Python programming language for game development, machine learning, and data analysis.

With so many flexible options, whatever your business requires the versatile but simple custom software development system Python is known for, can be implemented in your organization.

7. The Libraries of Support

Python, being simple to develop for many, allows more libraries and frameworks to be utilized to work hand-in-hand with this programming language. If Python is the route you choose to take, hire Python developers who use Flask or Django. 

These are two of the most popular frameworks that are known for increasing the speed of the development process for more rapidly approaching deadlines. Software like this will increase the developers’ productivity.

8. Simple Learning Curve

One of the best parts about Python is the ease of use which comes with a simplified learning curve for all those who are unfamiliar with this language. Because of the simplified syntax, you can acquire a well-developed application or website while utilizing your python app development services.

Now we have touched on some of the advantages of utilizing Python as a language for your web development services, but we have only touched the surface. However, there are many more things you will need to consider verifying Python is the best suited for your company’s requirements.

Considerable Factors to Assess the Python App Development Cost

With so many things to consider finding an estimated value can be daunting, however with these major factors to consider your approximate calculations will appear more accurate.

The cost to build a python app varies due to 10 major factors:

  1. Features and Functions
  2. The Budget
  3. Location of Your Agency
  4. Time to Market Deadline 
  5. Enhanced Security
  6. Total Design Cost
  7. Python App Development Cost
  8. Scalability of Product 
  9. Front-End & Back-End
  10. App Maintenance Required
  • Features and Functions

All web applications have various features and functions depending on their purpose. For example, an app like Snapchat uses facial recognition software, but that feature isn’t necessary for other applications’ success like Instagram.

It all depends on your vision for your organization’s project. If your project requires the use of graphics, miscellaneous connectivity, and functions are a few features that Python web development services implement that can increase your cost.

If the application is developed with complex or elaborate features, its cost will be higher. Customized features will raise the cost but ultimately make you stand out from competitors. Keep in mind, these features will need to be known from the beginning of the development in order to minimize cost expenditures.

  • The Budget

One of the biggest factors in accumulating the cost is your budget. It is a good rule of thumb to hire Python developers who give you a quote under budget rather than being right on or slightly above.  This is because the application itself will have some unexpected expenditures. 

Your Python app development company can go anywhere from 1.2 to 1.5 times the estimated budget and this would be considered completely standard. This additional cost is derived from the number of hours taken to complete the design and development stages and how complex the application is.

  • Location of Your Agency

One of the biggest factors in determining the cost of Python web app development is the location of your development team.

The hourly and project rates will vary depending on if your team is based onshore, nearshore, or offshore for developing your app. For example, the cost per hour in an offshore country like India is much less compared to an onshore development company based in the US.

This is simply because the currency in first-world countries like the US and Canada is much stronger than the Indian rupee. All options can provide high-quality Python app development services and ultimately your project outcomes.

Let’s look into each option in a little more detail.

i) OnShore 

Your onshore development company is located in a first-world country like the US, Canada, or the UK. These companies give a great quality of service because they are educated in ways to do so, however, with a stronger currency you can expect to pay 3 times the amount than you would if you were to go with an offshore development company. 

ii) NearShore

Your web development services that are located nearshore offer a wide range of benefits for your project. One of the major conveniences is if a nearshore development service is working with an onshore organization is the ease of communicating due to being in the same or similar time zone. 

With the nearshore option, you can find highly qualified developers with miscellaneous skills that will give you great value for your investment.

iii) OffShore

The biggest bargain would come from an offshore development company, however, working with dedicated Python developers offshore does come with disadvantages as well. These companies you must ensure the developer you choose can easily communicate with you, with the ability to understand and execute your vision with minimal communications. 

It is advised to pre-schedule times where you can meet with your development team or manager because of the drastic time difference. It could be a lengthier search process, but finding a high-quality Python development company is possible when looking in a third-world country.

No matter what route you choose, onshore, nearshore, or offshore, you have the opportunity to hire the perfect development team for your project.

  • Time to Market Deadline

The time is dependent on many issues within the custom software development process. If your project is simple with a short deadline the cost will not be as high as an application with complex features and a rapidly approaching deadline due to their ease of execution. 

The more complex applications require more amount of data science and artificial intelligence to execute the app flawlessly. This includes design, development, testing, etc. The applications with higher complexities will have a higher cost to develop Python web apps by themselves but added in a shorter deadline and your expense can skyrocket. 

  • Enhanced Security

With Python being open source, which allows almost any developer access to it, this will mean you should consider adding additional securities to protect the information of your users.

Systematic securities can add additional costs for the development of your Python-based app. This is because the security will go far beyond customer passwords, CSRF indications, authentications and permissions modules, and script checking with security listings. 

Talking to the Python development services you partner with will ensure they make your user’s security a top priority for an additional cost.

  • Total Design Cost

When your organization hires a Python developer, your team will be required to purchase a domain name on behalf of you, their client. A factor for the Python web application development cost is dependent on this because a lot of vital information needs to be stored on the domain’s hosting site, which again is an investment. 

Once you have the domain name and the host, your application is required to have a design that you and the design team collaborate on implementing. From the overall look to functionality, these all are components that will require a fluctuation in cost for your Python web development services. You are going to want a design that will execute all the features your business requires. 

  • Python App Development Cost

The cost of Python development is the biggest expenditure you will encounter while creating this application. This section of your project includes various teams like the front-end designers, the back-end coders, and the internal and external testers. 

On average a Python app development will be cost around $10,000 to $30,000. You need to choose a top-notch python development company for this because you will have an entire team working on your project and a company to rely on for post-development maintenance requirements.

However, you have more options than that, but just as with any option, there are pros and cons.

An alternative that is more budget-friendly would be to hire python developers who work on a freelance basis. These are individuals who will do your project at a cheaper rate but will not have all the perks a company has like post-development services or the ability to handle larger workloads on a tight deadline.

  • Scalability of Product

The scalability of your product refers to the increased post-production cost of Python web app development requires adding updates to existing features of your app. Once the application is complete the development team gets feedback, whether positive or negative the team is to implement adjustments to make the application more user-friendly.

  • Front-End & Back End

Python is a language on the back end. Python app development services can’t utilize the language for the development of web pages. This means your project will require not only the backend development but also a front-end developer as well. 

Therefore, this leads to another increase in cost due to using another script for front-end purposes. 

  • App Maintenance Required

Your web development services costs are not completely covered during the initial development of your application. After launch, your application will encounter some inevitable bugs and maintenance requirements that need to be taken care of. 

Although this cost is optional, it is highly recommended to budget for. This will account for any upgrades or modifications your app requires., Regular maintenance based on user feedback will ensure your UX is high and being adapted to your user’s requirements.


Overall, predicting the cost to develop a Python web app is not straightforward due to the many changeable factors involved. The main cost influences have been outlined and addressed in this segment. With the consistent development in working methodology, the importance of using python for app development would be nurtured.

Python is a great user-friendly custom software development solution providing option that will allow you to customize your app development to suit your organization’s needs and requirements. The recommended path is to calculate every estimate through each given step, and you will be able to come up with a rough figure on which to base your development budget.

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