We all have been hearing the phrase ‘health is wealth’ since ever but only some of us took it seriously. Nowadays, when maintaining health has also become a trend, a large population has adopted it and started to follow healthy diets and exercises to be in the shape. After COVID-19, people have agreed that it is necessary to go after a healthy routine to live a wholesome life without any disease.

Mobile applications have been a mainstream way for people to do anything, be it completing any house chore, going somewhere, or even leading to a healthy life. At present, With the increasing adoption of mobile app development services, there are available various kinds of health, nutrition, meditation, fitness, yoga, weight loss, and healthcare apps like Noom, FitBit, HeadSpace, etc used by people. These apps have been a convenient way to adhere to a healthy diet plan while coping with routine life. It is the reason why weight loss & health apps like Noom are famous among a large base of users worldwide.

Not only people, but the Noom app has also developed great interest among businesses as well. For a long time, Noom has been the most popular app to achieve required health and body goals with simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive features along with responsive UI. Thus, numerous ventures that are looking for a suitable opportunity are looking at this sector as a lucrative one. They have a desire to invest in the same and want to build an app like Noom. The below guide has the complete guide about weight loss and health app development including working, must-included features, monetization strategies, a similar app, development process, and involved Noom-like app development cost. Let’s go through all the mentioned points:

What is Noom App?

What is Noom App?

When you are going to make an app like Noom, first you should know what it is. In New York City, this app was founded by Saeju Jeong and Artem Petakov in 2008. Noom is widely known as a subscription-based health and weight loss management application that is one of the most installed health apps globally for both the platforms Android and iOS. It is a CDC-certified first virtual health provider & mobile diabetes prevention program.

The Noom contains psychology-based programs and courses intended to make users lose weight via smart food choices. It doesn’t make users starve, instead of that, the app provides them the knowledge about what should they eat and what shouldn’t.

The Noom app is helpful for users to track their weight continuously, observe what they eat, and link the users with like-minded people so that they can get motivation for weight loss. The app works on the core base of nutritional philosophy that doesn’t go with the strict diet or food abandonment it ensures that app users stick to the process of eating nutritious food. The main aspect of the Noom app is ‘calories counting’ which helps users to reach their daily target via food logging.

How Noom App Works?

The app applies a behavioral approach directed to trick the user’s body into healthier food habits. Along with this, Noom involves a color-coded system to categorize the food. In this, green implies the food is best to eat, red implies the worst, and yellow depicts the middle. The green category contains food like vegetables, fruits, grains, etc., whereas the yellow category contains lean meat and beans. On the other hand, the red category consists of items like red meat & all the processed food containing calories. As a Noom user or a Noomer, the app will motivate you to intake healthy food only and do the required exercise via the app.

Below we have defined the working of the Noom app, have a look-

  • After registering the app, the user takes a quiz to decide the ideal Noom plan. The test takes all the information such as the user’s age, height, current weight, family’s health history, user’s past health history, and so on.
  • After taking this 60-second quiz, users will get a specific date when they accomplish their desired weight target. It will come with a diet plan as well.
  • The app will also connect you with a coach who will help you with exercise and diet plans.
  • Users must follow the exact plan to lose weight along with counting the daily calories to stay fit and not gain more weight.  

Check Out the Reason Behind the Popularity of the Noom App

Businesses want to develop weight loss apps like Noom as it is much popular among audiences. The reason behind its popularity is that it contains simple weight loss methods and healthy exercises that help users of all age groups to easily reduce their weight. There are several themes containing healthy eating with weight loss psychology, hunger kinds, metabolic science, self-care, and mental wellness. The app is also linked with multiple expert physicians, nutritionists, psychologists, and health professionals so that users can get the right guidance about their health, meal plans, and consumable calories.

The app has got millions of users worldwide who want to get the desired body type. Due to this, the demand for weight loss mobile app development services has increased. In the below graph, we can see the market of health and fitness apps that are expanding with time and having great revenue. As per the reports, in 2021, the fitness app market worldwide was priced at $1.1 billion and is forecasted to grow at a 17.6% CAGR from the year 2022 to 2030. The fast-spreading of COVID-19 has played a prime role in increasing the number of downloads due to health awareness in people. According to the reports of ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), fitness apps have been number 13 in the 2019 fitness trends.                       

Not only Noom but there are also available a lot of alternatives for people who are serious about their health and fitness. These healthcare app solutions have got some unique features & functionality and can be proved great when it comes to analyzing them for developing next-gen health applications. These are:

Popular Weight Loss and Healthcare App

Features to Include in a Health and Nutrition App Like Noom

While talking about how to develop an app like Noom, discussing the necessary features becomes a crucial part of the process. There must be enough significant features to attract an extensive user base. Along with the core ones, it is essential to add advanced features as well to make the app shine out from existing apps in the market.

Health and Nutrition App Features

Go & check out these below-mentioned features-

  • App Registration

Users’ app onboarding must be smooth and without hassle to provide them with a good experience. The app should be linked with different platforms such as Meta, Apple ID, or Google account to help users sign up with one of these existing accounts. After that, they can log in to the app with the provided credentials or any other social media accounts.  

  • Calorie Tracking Dashboard

The app must contain an intuitive calorie tracking dashboard along with food logging that will provide users with reports to show their progress. There can be different metrics to display different aspects of users’ health. Through it, they will get a consistent observation of how they are performing.

  • Tailored Questions

The Noom contains an array of necessary questions that will be customized based on the gathered data about the specific user. Users’ personal data is an important factor when we are talking about an app like Noom. These questions help the app to suggest suitable exercises and meal plans to users according to their preferences.  

  • Meal Planning

While getting weight loss app development services, the ‘meal planning’ feature is important to include. It helps to suggest to users’ healthier food choices and versatile & low-calorie recipes with fine ingredients. It also enables users to do weekly food planning.

  • Recipes

Healthcare app developers always consider this feature to include in a weight loss app. The in-app recipe feature will be proved the best idea and a new approach to fitness apps. It will include voice instructions along with proper details and will also have an option to repeat the commands if necessary.   

  • Health Analytics

The market is filled with apps that only exist to track health-related metrics but what if there is an app that includes other features as well. Noom observes all the health-relevant aspects and displays information via health graphs, bar graphs, progress bars, etc. including goals achieved by users.

  • Smart Weight Loss Plan

A weight-loss app like Noom includes a series of questions that helps to create an appropriate weight loss plan for users with the right food habits. Users will get a proper meal plan considering their health, related issues, current weight, desired goal, eating habits, preferences, and so on.

  • In-App Chat

Be it health, weight loss, or fitness app development solution, including the in-app feature has been an essential step to take. It enables users to connect with the support team instantly in case of a query. Users can also consult with health experts to change their exercise routine or diet plan.

  • Push Notifications

It is helpful to alert app users about any new plan or recipe, it also pushes them to get their goals. The best use of these push notifications is to remind the users about their sessions or highly consumed calories so that they can limit their food habits. 

  • Health Experts’ Guidance

Nowadays, businesses that get healthcare app development services understand the importance of healthcare experts’ guidance. Hence, they prefer apps that are associated with healthcare professionals, dietician coaches, and experts. These help users to follow a proper meal plan combined with the right exercises and stop them from taking unhealthy food.

Monetization Model Strategies Applied by Noom App

Noom App Monetization Model

While asking how to make a diet app, another question also comes along about how these apps make money. Thus, here we have come up with the money-making ways applied by a lot of weight loss apps like Noom. Various monetization strategies can be chosen by businesses. Check out them below: 

1. App Subscription

It would be beneficial for your weight loss app to use this money-making strategy. But first, you must apply a freemium approach to show the users what your app is able to do, and then, you can simply ask to buy the app subscription. This way, users would get more convinced to pay the charges rather than paying for the app initially without using it.   

2. The Weight Management Plan

To provide users with customized weight-management plans, the app takes all their details and asks them a series of questions that depicts their inclinations. Based on the data, the app provides them a trial for a few days including personalized coaching, support from the community, and extra benefits like meal plans. After the trial, users are asked to be continued by paying significant charges. If they had a good experience with the app, they would continue, otherwise not.  

3. Weight Management Add-ons

When discussing diet and nutrition app development, the app must include add-ons for customers who are interested and capable of buying them. These add-ons will comprise amazing fitness plans, customized food programs, weight loss DNA testing, and more. It is said that there are around 1/3 of the people who actually buy add-ons valued between $80 to $100.

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How to Develop an App Like Noom?

Steps to Develop an App Like Noom

Looking to hire a leading mobile app development company? But before that, you must get to know about the entire app development process. An app must be developed by following every essential step so that it can provide an amazing experience to users and can stand out among competitors. Have a look at the process:

Step 1: Market Research & Analysis

The initial stage of healthcare mobile app development includes proper market analysis and competitors’ identification to know about their strengths and weaknesses. It will help the development firms and businesses to get an understanding of the essentials that must be included in the app. After the complete analysis, there will be a discussion between the project manager and client about the initial details and further process of the project. 

Step 2: UI/UX Design

In this stage of on-demand app development, UI/UX designers build wireframes for each application screen to display how it is going to function. After the wireframes, designers will work on creating app mockups. These are consisting of objectives, needs, and the latest UI/UX technologies to give the weight loss app a unique & responsive design that will represent the future vision and corporate approach.  

Step 3: App Development

Here comes the prime stage of the app development process when an idea turns into a fine application. Businesses must have expert fitness app developers for this phase to write the code and include necessary features. The development phase can break into different iterations to fasten up the process. This part will decide the further app functionality, performance, and speed. The back-end development also includes databases, integration of APIs, logic, and others to create a well-functioning app. Here it is necessary to follow all the government rules and regulations regarding building a healthcare app such as HIPAA.

Step 4: QA Testing

After putting up the right logic and integration, it becomes significant to test the whole app. QA engineers will lead the process and will enable the app to go through different unit testing so that errors can be found. The app will be tested based on different parameters such as performance, speed, and logic errors. If there are any errors, they will be resolved fast.  

Step 5: Launch & Maintenance

Now, it is time for the beta release of the app to see the audiences’ reactions after using the application. But before release, there will be several preparations such as app polishing and complying with the chosen app platform’s policies. If everything is okay, then the app is ready to launch to get feedback as per the customers’ requirements.

The Cost Involved in Noom Like App Development

Now, you have got all the significant details about the weight loss mobile app development. Hence, it is the right time to talk about the cost to develop a weight loss app like Noom. There are numerous elements to consider while grasping knowledge about app development costs. The overall cost mostly depends on these factors, let’s get to know about them here:

  • The chosen platform for the app
  • Core and advanced features
  • Number of app screens
  • The app complexity
  • Experience and location of the firm
  • Add-ons and other integrations

Based on these above-mentioned factors, it is concluded that the estimated cost to develop an app like Noom would be around $15,000 to $30,000 with basic features and functionalities. If you want to get a perfect cost estimation, it would be better to consider the aspects that can affect the complete cost, hence you can make a strategy to control your budget after that.   

Last Words

To conclude, we can say that health is precious in all aspects, and to live a happy and healthy life, we must start to adopt these health and fitness apps. In our busy day-to-day lives, it is hard to maintain a balance between health and all the chores. These apps like MyFitnessPal, Noom, etc. help people to be on the track to living a healthy and nutritious life while providing support to lose weight.

In respective business, the health industry is thriving day by day and is forecasted to go ahead with the time. If you are wishing to enter the sector, you can hire mobile app developers from a leading healthcare app development company to get a feature-rich and fast-performing solution to attract audiences. Leverage the services of SemiDot Infotech to get developed an app like Noom under your name. Hurry up and get in touch!

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