When we talk about developing a website or a mobile application, the center of focus is always development in comparison to the design. Now, it is high time when we must consider app & web designing applications as these are also important in the success of a product. 

Every day, there are millions of people who post their edited pictures on different social media platforms, most of them belong to Gen Z and millennials among them. They use different editing and designing apps like Canva to make their pictures better. This graphic app has become a personal favorite of everyone including professional designers. 

With the growing demand for mobile application development services, these designing apps are also rising. Businesses are showing their keen interest in building apps like Canva, Luminar AI, Adobe InDesign, etc. but Canva is the most famous among them. If you are also looking to get a Canva clone app, then this article will help you to know each aspect of the app comprising the cost to build an app like Canvaits features, the development process, and many more. 

What is Canva- The Designing App?

The graphic designing app Canva can be used by beginners and professionals easily as it works with the help of a simple drag-and-drop tool. It is popularly known as a web-based on-demand designing tool providing access to use multiple design layouts to create posters social media graphics, presentations, posters, images, flyers, invitations, and others. This app also functions as an intuitive poster maker for simplifying the creation of eye-catching posters for any occasion. This app also provides a blank template or customizable design to businesses, professionals, or organizations so that they can use it accordingly. 

Canva is free to use for app users, unlike other web designing apps. It also permits users to design pleasant logos, pictures, posters, banners for personal & professional work, events, social media promotion, fests, etc. The app Canva was founded on January 1st, 2012, by Melanie Perkins, Cameron Adams, and Cliff Obrecht. Canva got popularity so fast and gained around $301.6 million in 12 times of venture capital funding.

What are the Reasons Behind the Popularity of Canva App?

Things that are popular around the world have something unique than others, that’s their reason to become people’s favorite. The same goes with the Canva app as it has some significant attributes that make the app shine out in the market. It delivers a lot of different web designing services such as image editing, graphic design, readymade templates, and many more. Below are more reasons that make sites like Canva a source of inspiration-

1. Create Pleasant Designs 

With the help of the Canva app, image editing, and designing have become a lot simpler for designers. Canva is a compelling tool for users to help them in creating amazing presentations, banners, wedding cards, social media graphics, menus, etc. without having any knowledge or skills of designing. Canva includes simple and customized templates that can be used by beginners and help experienced designers to produce better creations with innovative tools.    

2. The Cost of Using Canva

Unlike some other popular designing apps, Canva doesn’t charge anything to its users. Canva app Android and iOS users have a lucrative deal or offer with this application as they can have multiple designs and a single Canva template, all for free of cost. Users are charged only when they must use one or more of the premium pictures available by paying some money. Otherwise, the app doesn’t charge anything for free images.

3. A Large Pool of Images

The Canva app is useful for designers in various ways; it provides access to various designing services and a lot of images. These different services and amenities cause the increasing cost to develop an app like CanvaIt is the first picture editing app that has a collection of over 3 million images so that users can select and design with several aspects and fonts. Users can choose according to their needs and can share the image on the social media platform. 

4. Preferred by Everyone 

The Canva app is always preferred by every person, be it a newbie or an experienced. Anybody who wants to design the logo, edit the image, select templates, make presentations for any purpose can use the app. The Canva has a solution for every user’s problem, whether it is a non-profit organization, business owner, student, teacher, musician, manager, or anyone else.   

5. Share & Post

After the image editing, you can share them with your friends and acquaintances directly through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc. If any user is editing the image or converting the template for business purposes, they can share it via email, text, or any other way. The Canva app has made sharing and posting way easier.   

However, Canva is on the top in the list to take reference while building a designing app but there are some other apps as well that are preferred by the users. Businesses can take the assistance of any mobile application development company to create an app like Canva for Android and iPhone, this way the development process will take less time than expected. Have a look below at some of the well-known apps-

Must-have Features to Include in a Web Designing App

Features are the soul of any kind of application, therefore, while building an app, it is a must to integrate multiple features into it. This is a way to grab the attention of users by providing them with what they want. Following are some of the great features that will help you to make your app stand out from the crowd.

  • Canva Live for Presentation

It is a must-have feature for a designing app to run live sessions. If audiences find these live sessions interesting, they can join them and share their feedback, review, and can participate in the interaction. It will be a great tactic to enhance users’ engagement with the app.

  • PDF Editor

It would be great to hire web designers who can comprise this feature to the Canva clone app. It permits online editing of PDFs free of cost. You can also divide the PDF into segments to edit them swiftly. After editing, you can download all the files like PPT, SVG, or Print-ready PDF files. Share them with the people you want.

  • Curved Text

The curved text makes a logo or quotes attractive, that’s why if there is any need for print-ready quotes or logo development, this feature is very useful. Apart from the text, curved text can also use to visualize the data. 

  • Dynamic Text Animations

Designing apps like Canva, Stencil, Snappa, Fotor, etc. use this feature to express several things through words. In this, a user can select any of the font styles they like. It works very well and can turn the general text into an appealing one. 

  • Team for a Single Design

When a single person can create a design that is good enough, then what if the whole team would work upon it? The entire team can go for a single design remotely, be it for preparing a PPT or a social media poster. The team works for the complete process like research, joining, and creating a method. These days, most of the apps have included this feature. 

  • Image Textures

A simple flat-colored image is not enough attractive in comparison to an image with amazing texture. By taking the help of an app like Canva, users can apply textures to the images and can include different image filters to the photos.

  • Storytelling Boxes

Caption boxes, speech bubbles, and bold and enticing sound effects are some things that convey the expressions in the form of messages. This feature is used for storytelling via short articles & news, and it is a great way as it works well. It is the reason why Canva is well-known for content creators. 

  • Photo Cropper

Pictures are an essential part of a designer’s life, be it their personal or professional life. While taking a picture, we don’t consider from which angle they are being taken but later, we realize that a little bit of cropping would be helpful to make the picture better. Hence, the image cropping feature of Canva is always helpful in this order as it is a great tool.

  • Image Effects

Canva provides different image effects and a lot of trendy filters, therefore, you must hire mobile app developers who can understand the need and can provide you with similar or more advanced effects to make the clicked photos more wonderful. It doesn’t matter, you want a designing app like Canva for iPhone or Android to use the Canva website, this platform is always great to use.

  • Add Text to the Images

Almost all the social media platforms go through a large volume of images, memes, and other stuff. To add some text to these images, you need to integrate this feature into the graphic designing app. It permits the users to write the text to the posted or customized photos.

Different Money-Making Ways Applied by Canva

The goal to develop an app is to make money and lots of profit from it. A similar thing goes with the Canva app and enterprises are seeing it as a profitable venture, that’s why they are doing deep research about “how to build an app like Canva” and how can they make money from the designing app in different ways? Let’s get into it-

  • Canva for Enterprise

Basically, it is a huge platform used by the teams to accomplish the requirements of their professional design. In this, there will be charged a fee monthly and it will be $30 per user.

  • Canva Pro

Canva pro is a premium subscription plan comprising some extra features that are not presented in the free version. This monetization way also offers a free trial for 30 days to the users so that they can try all the premium features before buying.

  • Canva Print

It helps the users print out their designs on tangible objects like business cards, t-shirts, invitations, flyers, banners, and others. There are charges for the users as per the article, the territory of residence, order volumes, etc. they select.

  • Offer Courses

Not everybody will go for this model, but it is great to take offline and online courses from a website like Canva. These courses will provide knowledge about different aspects like social media, branding, and designing. Initially, users can get free online courses, but they must pay fees for offline courses. With time, users may pay for online courses as well.

Essential Team Structure & Tech Stack

Although, there are multiple things to consider while developing a designing app like Canva that affect the overall development cost simultaneously. Enterprises must join hands with a software development company with years of experience and a dedicated team structure. Along with the team size, it is essential to integrate the right technology stack. Let’s get to know more about these aspects-

1. Team Structure

Members included in a team will directly affect the entire cost of Canva app development. It is significant to have limited members as well as skilled and professional ones. Here is the ideal team structure to look at-

  • Project Manager
  • Requirement Analyst 
  • iOS and Android Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • UI/UX Designers 
  • Quality Testers 

2. Technology Stack

Incorporating technologies into a mobile application or a web application is a crucial part of the development process. Comprising advanced technologies makes your app stand apart and provides a competitive advantage in the market. Following are the latest technologies to integrate into the Canva clone app-

  • Real-time Analytics– Google analytics, big data, Hadoop
  • Mobile SDK– iOS or Android
  • Payment Integration– E-banking, E-wallets, Stripe, PayPal, Net Banking, Braintree
  • Location Tracking– Apple Maps & Google Maps
  • Cloud Storage– Amazon & Google Cloud Storage
  • Push Notifications– Twilio, Push.IO, Map, Amazon SNS, AdPushup
  • Messaging– Firebase, Twilio
  • Database Storage– MySQL, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB
  • QR Code Scanning– ZBar Barcode Scanner

Things to Consider While Building a Designing App like Canva

Some of the primary factors are essential to mind while developing a Canva clone app. It is significant to pick up a web designing company for this to have an efficient and smooth development procedure.

The below-mentioned steps can be followed in order to have a fruitful outcome-

  • Mobile Platform

The complete cost of developing an on-demand designing app like Canva differs according to the chosen platform. If a business goes for a single platform, either it is iOS or Android, will have less development cost rather than having a hybrid app compatible with both iOS and Android. It must be chosen by the businesses according to their target audiences.

  • Development Team

Before starting the development process, it is crucial to hire a development team or a mobile app development company to have a swift process further. If you go with an experienced team of the company, it will lead you to dissatisfaction as well as cost you a lot higher.

  • Location of the Development Company

It is one of the essential factors to think about as it impacts the cost to build a designing app like Canva. Outsourcing the development services or having in-house services are both different with different costs. If you hire developers from European countries, it will cost you higher but if you take services from Asian countries, it may cost you fewer.

  • UI/UX App Design

When it is about developing a designing app, it must be attractive enough with user-friendly and striking UI/UX design, however, it completely depends upon the client’s requirements. The more complexity will be in UI/UX design, the more cost will be.

  • Technology Stack

To make your app compatible with the different devices and run the app smoothly, it should be comprised of the latest technologies. There can be some advanced technologies such as Chatbots, AI, ML, etc. as per the app requirements. It will also enhance the app development cost.

  • Third-party API Integration

The app development cost can get hike if there is integrated any third-party API, but it will provide an extra advantage to your users as well.

  • Testing

After building the app, there must be several testing factors to make the solution bug and error-free. In this way, businesses must have an experienced QA team to test the app correctly.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Canva?

While evaluating the cost to develop Canva clone app, certain aspects can have an impact on the overall mobile app development cost, which are as shown below-

  • Team Size & Tech Stack
  • Application Size 
  • App Features
  • Location & Experience of Developers
  • App Platform 
  • UI/UX Design 
  • App Testing 

Depending on all these mentioned aspects, the development cost can differ according to the client’s requirements. After knowing about all these elements, the total cost of a designing app like Canva would range between $10,000 to $25,000 with the required features. On the other hand, the cost to develop a website like Canva has less cost than the cost of mobile app development.

If any business wants something advanced according to their requirements or wants an app for both iOS and Android platforms, the entire cost will go higher for sure. Despite it, the time taken in the development process can also be the factor to vary the cost.

The EndNote

As we all know about the growing demand for graphics & visual content to make a business thriving. There is a large base of marketers who are favoring the visual asset or designing app development to be on the top. Hence, if any business is going for graphic designing app development services, it leads them to a lucrative way.

To conclude, undoubtedly, the Canva app is a great design app used by a lot of people including professionals and learners. The major reason behind it is the availability of this web app for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and Web. This app is not only for a general user but also for non-profit organizations and enterprises. And, after reading this guide, we hope you are now aware of all the steps of the Canva clone app development process.

If you also own a business such as a graphic designer or social media marketer, you must consider the development of a creative app like Canva as it can provide you numerous advantages and capabilities. If you need any assistance in this process, SemiDot InfoTech top rated website development company is always there to lend you the hand. We have knowledgeable and rich-experience professionals in our team who will spare no effort in accomplishing your requirements. Go ahead and have a wonderful graphic design mobile app like Canva right away!

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