Hey! Are you aware of the news about iOS 16 beta 2? This new update of iOS is now available to install and use by developers. Being in the developers’ community, it is necessary to be informed about the latest technological updates. Surely, these coming updates will have a strong impact on the mobile app development services. Therefore, in this article, we are going to provide you with an understanding of the latest update of iOS called iOS 16 beta 2.

What’s New in iOS 16 beta 2?

iOS 16 beta 2 Update

Every June, Apple declares and also demonstrates the next going-to-be released iOS version for the iPhone users at WWDC (worldwide developers conference). But they don’t launch the updates until the fall comes which is usually around September. This year, on 22nd June 2022, Apple has revealed the launch of iOS 16 comprises new and advanced features such as redesigned lock screen, system video players’ new features, and so on.

While acquiring iOS app development services, the iOS 16 developer beta was helpful to give the apps a completely fair look at the main new iOS 16 features but the version was full of bugs and unrefined. Later, there were made some changes and tweaks to the existing ones. Let’s get to know what are the new changes and features brought by the newest released version iOS 16 beta 2 that make it completely fresh?

1. Remodeled Lock Screen

Now, the lock screen can be entirely customized in terms of fonts, colors, size, etc., and improved with the widgets to get informed about the activity logs, weather, or anything you require. In this, users can also have more than one lock screen, each with unique wallpaper and widget. With this, they can also switch between these lock screens. You can click here to see the different ways to customize the lock screen.

2. Focus

The choices made by users regarding the lock screen, notifications, and widget settings can be now strapped to the focus modes. Apple has come up with different lock screen options including a ‘data-rich lock screen option’ while choosing the work focus and a ‘photo lock screen option’ while choosing the personal focus. Users can choose the focus mode just by swiping up a specific lock screen.

3. Notifications

There has been added a tweak to the way notifications appear. These notifications now will be rolled in from the screen’ bottom which looks amazing and more logical. Alongside, Apple has also stated about Live Activities called a new approach to follow the updates about sports games, workouts, Uber journey progress, and others.

4. Messages

Now, the message features have three big changes comprising edit, unsend, and mark as unread. Users can get a lot of benefits from these updates and there are several visual elements to customize the Memoji comprising new headgear and hairstyles, poses, and nose & lips shapes.

5. Live Text & Visual Look Up

Now, there can be added live texts to videos and images. Whenever users will pause a video, the text will be live so that they can copy or translate it. Apple states that the live text will provide fast access to translation and tools related to currency conversion as well.

The feature Visual Look Up was launched with the iOS 15 including AI to examine animals, plants, and landmarks in images. With the latest update of iOS 16 beta 2, now it has been improved and recognized many more additional things and makes the user able to tap & hold to pick the object out of an image or from other apps like messages. For instance, if you have seen something good in a photo, pick it up and paste it into iMessage to let the others enjoy it as well. Get to know about it here!

6. Mail

 Various new tools are included in the iOS 16 beta 2 such as scheduled sends or to say the ability to recollect the sent texts. All the emails will be detected and inform users about their forgotten attachments, alongside, there are new ‘remind later’ & other follow-up features for prodding the user if there is any mail, a recipient has not responded to.    

7. Apple Pay

The latest update has got two new features including Apple Pay Later and Apple Pay Order Tracking. The Apple Pay Later is a way of doing payments in four equal payments over six weeks, initially, it is available in the USA only. While the second Apple Pay Order Tracking feature provides users with receipt & order tracking information in wallets for purchases done using Apple Pay.  

8. iCloud Shared Photo Library

iOS app development services now can integrate the best tactic to share pictures with your family. For this, users just have to set up the ‘shared library’ and then, everyone can see all the photos including captions, edits, and keywords. Here is also comprised of smart automation to share pictures depending on the place where they have been clicked or who they include or who’s nearby.

9. Wallet

To protect the users’ data who are over age 21, there is added an in-app ID verification feature. This feature needs identity and age verification from the users if they want to secure their information. Her, users can securely add their hotel, office, home, or car keys to the wallet via their WhatsApp, messaging apps, Mail, or more.

10. Safety Check

This safety feature is specially added for those who go through domestic violence or something like this so that they can give access to some people who can monitor them and help them whenever needed. It will help users to reset system app privacy permission while restricting texts and facetime to the device they are using at present.   

11. iCloud Backup Over LTE

Remember when iPhone users could back up their iPhone data to the cloud only when they have a Wi-Fi connection. With iOS 15, Apple came up with that now backup can be done over a 5G network. But now, iOS 16 beta 2 has added the ability to do so even over the LTE network.

Settings> users’ Apple ID> iCloud> iCloud Backup.

There has also been heard a piece of news that Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants is expecting Apple to have an LPTO display that decreases the refresh rate down to 1Hz when not in use. Here is a proof:

Get to Know About the Installation of iOS 16 Developer Beta 2

The iOS 16’s development cycle will have a huge impact on the iOS app development companies and developers first, and later, public beta testers. If you are here to know about how you can install the newest iOS 16 updated version, check out the following:

Firstly, you need to make sure if the device is compatible with the latest version or not? You can get the knowledge here.

Then, you must be an Apple developer to install the latest iOS version, if you are not, then you must have to deal with a lot of things that can go against Apple’s terms and conditions.

Key Takeaways!

Now, you have got all the details about the updates and latest features of the iOS 16 developer beta version. But initially, you must know which devices are compatible with this latest update. Apple says that iPhone 8 and newer than that will be the best fit for this recent version. There might be seen an upsurge in iOS app development services due to this updated version in the coming time. Till then, you can stay tuned or can contact SemiDot Infotech for guidance or assistance with mobile app development services.

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