At present, every business is having a keen interest to try their hands on the latest technologies. Due to this, the mobile industry is seeing quite a boom. Though, both Android and iOS app development services are having their own importance when businesses get to choose among them but there is seen higher adoption of iOS apps than Android. As we all know that iOS mobile app industry has always made people stunned by providing new and advanced features over time.

Nowadays, there are several iOS app development trends in 2022 followed by development companies to provide enterprises with a suitable solution they want. Developers prefer the iOS platform as it is more adaptable and lets them integrate all the modern-edge tools and technologies efficiently. These innovative technologies include artificial intelligence, wearable devices, machine learning, VR, AR, and many more.    

To make all things easier and understandable to you, we have penned down the latest iOS mobile app development trends below. Businesses can follow these to outperform in the competitive market. Before navigating to the next, let’s get to know about why one should choose iOS app development for their enterprise:

Why Choose iOS Mobile App Development: Market Growth and Statistics

There has been a consistent deployment of the latest iOS technologies emphasizing enterprise owners to hire a leading iOS app development company to obtain a feature-rich & scalable mobile application. iOS mobile apps hold a lot of benefits such as a particular user base, high-quality standards, augmented user experience, tech-savvy audiences, and so on have played their part to increase the iOS apps’ popularity.

According to the below graph, here we have presented the market share of mobile operating systems in the USA from June 2021 to June 2022. iOS is having 56.69%, whereas, Android is having 43.02% of the market share followed by Samsung, Windows, KaiOS, etc.  

In the below representation, we have shown the global market share of the mobile operating system from January 2012 to January 2022.  Here Android has been in the first position being the leading mobile operating system globally including 70% market share, while iOS has covered 25% market share.

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Get to Know about Consumer Spending on Mobile Apps Worldwide

Now, we will get an understanding of consumers’ spending on mobile apps across the globe. As per the below graph, consumers are forecasted to spend around $161 billion on iOS mobile applications. Including both Android and iOS consumer spending is projected to be at $233 billion by 2026. It represents an increase of more than 76% in comparison to the overall consumer spending noted in 2021 across the two main app distributors.   

iOS covers a significant portion of the mobile app development market. Despite the competition, it has maintained its position in the market. Various businesses also take help from iOS app development firms to accomplish their goals such as branding, marketing, and better user engagement. A user-friendly iOS application is all they are looking for!

To fulfill their requirements, it is seen that iOS developers are preferring to follow the newest iOS trends. Let’s get to know what are the top iOS trends to consider:

  • Augmented Reality and ARKit

Augmented reality integration has got quite a thrive when it comes to mobile app development after the success of apps like Pokémon Go and Snapchat. AR technology has made a large population use interesting stickers and animated masks on Instagram. To compete, Apple has also joined the race and offers ARKit 3 known as a handy tool to provide users with an amazing AR experience. AR apps are beneficial when it comes to energy consumption and these also support iPhone models from XR and XS to new ones. Not only this, but Apple has also launched an AR editor called Reality Composer that helps in creating apps without 3D design experience. Other than that, RealityKit is also there to help in virtual objects’ integration into the real world.  

AR is beneficial for improving the device capabilities as well as ARKit 3 permits you to use both front and back cameras. AR also provides better illusion-performing finer placement of virtual aspects. The current AR updates also enable users to save and use the AR world map on different devices and have a multi-user experience.   

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are technologies that have been around for a long time. These both have grown at a rapid pace and nowadays, AI development services are adopted by various industries. AI & machine learning are used by social media giants such as Netflix and Meta to monitor the users’ behavior and provide them exactly the suggestions they want.

AI and ML have helped in speech recognition as well to help the users in learning other languages. Siri has also involved AI to improve its algorithm along with getting exact and trusted answers. It has enabled users to easily interact with devices via voice commands and other inputs. Machine learning development companies are trusting AI-powered machine learning and integrating it into the solutions to help the businesses in properly identify the users’ behavior. This technology also improves search suggestions for users.      

  • Internet of Things

The Internet of things has highly affected our routine tasks and occurring as one of the most useful iOS app development trends. It enables linking different devices and transmitting the data. IoT market growth is expected to be at $1.6 trillion by 2025. It has become quite an essential trend to have internet connectivity, all credit goes to existing smart devices. There are a lot of industries such as agriculture, smart city systems, logistics, and healthcare that are getting advantages from this technology.

IoT development services help enterprises get proficient solutions so that they can gather the information to analyze and use it for the betterment of human life. Various medical apps use it to examine the vital signs of patients while visiting them virtually.         

  • Swift 6

Businesses must hire iOS developers who have great knowledge and experience. They must know how to use Swift more beneficially. There have always come better versions of every programming language, here we have got Swift 6 after using Swift 5 and Swift 5.1. as we know Swift is a widely used language to develop iOS apps in small- and large-scale companies. These firms are consisting of Apple, LinkedIn, Slack, and SkyGuide.

The reason behind Swift’s popularity is the features it provides, these are higher compatibility, API & module stability, and more that helps iOS developer with logic and code quality.     

  • Chatbots


It is one of the most popular iOS mobile app development trends for 2022. Chatbots are more beneficial for self-service and consume less time for clients. This is the reason why businesses hire chatbot developers as the technology helps in encouraging the interaction with users in a simple and natural language as if they are chatting with a human because Bot can also give a quick reply to users. Some of the examples of chatbots include the Lidl app, Starbucks app, etc. Basically, it assists businesses to improve their customer services.

Chatbot development companies develop effective solutions with services like better throughout, do-it-yourself service, 24*7 availability, and many more. These services will make businesses leave their influence on the customers which will help them to get more engagement.    

  • Apple Pay

Apple Pay is considered one of the best ways to pay when it comes to iOS. Apple pay is integrated with features like convenience, security, and one-click payment. It accepts payment with the NFC feature that comes with the device. Users don’t need to have their card details and it makes the transaction process faster than the usual procedure. With time, it has now become the most accepted contactless payment technology worldwide. It would be great for businesses and even iOS app developers that their created apps are able to support the service, whether the business is running in the UK, USA, or anywhere else.

i) Here are some of its strengths: Apple Pay is used to make physical purchases and can be used everywhere such as in clubs, shops, for donations, etc.

ii) It doesn’t save your card details which makes it robust and decreases the possibility of fraudulent activities.  

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  • The CloudKit

It is one of the most beneficial iOS development trends used in mobile app development services. Cloud-integrated iOS apps are much popular and assist in managing & collecting a lot of data. iOS apps incorporated with cloud technology have better productivity and effectiveness. It comprises more than 1PB of free storage that has the capability to gather data in iCloud supported by features like easy sharing, real-time syncing, and robust services such as server-side storage, scale, and authentication.

The CloudKit also got Swift 5.5 support helpful for the app programming interface (API) while making it configurable. Nowadays, several iOS developers are using iCloud for augmented performance which led to the security of users’ data and software being more lightweight. It has fewer prices, safety, and scalability as well. 

  • The iBeacon

iBeacon has been the most powerful technology when it comes to transferring Bluetooth signals among compact beacons. In this process, the beacons transfer Bluetooth signals to different devices such as phones, tablets, systems, etc. consistent with Bluetooth Low Energy at frequent intervals within the limited range. The iBeacon technology is useful for places that are always crowded such as museums, stadiums, exhibitions, and many more. Get to know where this technology is best suitable:Places with more people are adopting iBeacon to provide the visitors with proper information about the collection and exhibition.

i) It helps in improving sales and has become a crucial segment of modern-edge digital marketing and promotional campaigns.

ii) It is also beneficial to improve the brand image and increase brand awareness.  

  • Wearables

Wearables are not new in the market as they have been existing for a long time and people have been using it in the form of smartwatches, fitness bands, and trackers with modern market statistics. As per the stats, there are around 1 billion connected wearables in 2022 across the world. The popularity of wearables is an outcome of the accessibility provided by these gadgets. These are most suitable when it is about tracking health, fitness issues, heart rate, Blood pressure, completing regular tasks, and many more.

In this reference, the Apple watch of Series 8 has integrated Health Sensors comprising Temperature Sensors or Blood Sugar Detectors. Enterprises are choosing skilled wearable app developers to get full advantage of this technology along with its features like notification, display control, social media sharing, call management, and so on.

  • High-level Security

This may be the last iOS app development trend to adopt in 2022 but it contains a lot and has its own significance. Apple has a high-level security system due to occurred cybercrimes, breaches, frauds, scams, etc. At present, it is common to pay online via mobile apps and users always keep storing their personal data in those apps that need protection from hackers. Therefore, there are expert mobile app developers who pay much attention to this reference. There have been a lot of improvements and security opportunities after the launch of iOS 14.

From the beginning, Apple has always been considered a trusted app provider making it difficult to hack the users’ data. Now, iOS developers are integrating ATS (AppTransportSecurity) into their solutions for robust data protection, smooth user experience, and improved security. iOS mobile app development companies always put users’ data safety first and include features to provide high-level protection. ‘ColorSync’ is the new iOS security update that solves the issue of memory corruption. CrashReporter is the other security feature to sort the analytics problems with better verification. Model I/O, Kernel, etc. are other updates.    

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Final Words

In the above article, you have got all the information about the latest iOS app development trends in 2022. Though, these trends keep expanding with every iOS update that allows enterprises to grow and increase their customer base. Businesses that want to outdo their field and want to stay ahead of the competition must follow these above-mentioned iOS app trends. Always remember, that these trends may be differed or changed, but some aspects remain constant such as app security, performance, scalability, robustness, etc. Following these will never make your iOS app go out of trend.

From Blockchain to IoT to AI/ML, we have seen a lot of technological improvements, and technology has never failed to surprise us. These iOS trends have the power to take your business to the next level, thus you must go for it. Along with this, you must take help from a prominent or experienced company or can hire iPhone app developers with rich experience. In either case, SemiDot Infotech is here to help you from scratch. We have got the best development team with the right skills that will deliver you what you desire. Contact us for further guidance!

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